‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Defends Her Husband David Eason’s Latest Transphobic Social Media Rant: “I Will Stand By My Husband Until the Day We Die”

Back with some more insight from The Land…

Jenelle Evans is vehemently defending her husband David Eason after a transphobic rant he posted to Facebook last weekend stirred up a heap ‘o’ controversy for her and her booted-from-Teen Mom 2 husband!

“I will stand by my husband until the day we die… #SorryNotSorry,” Jenelle declared proudly on Thursday, in response to those who criticized David for what he posted.

As Starcasm reported this week, David’s (most recent) hate-filled tirade sparked from a meme he posted to Facebook on September 29 criticizing transgender individuals using bathrooms of the gender in which they identify and oddly comparing the situation to sexual assault.

To no surprise, David’s post ignited a debate within the comment section of the post, which he joined in on (naturally), calling transgender individuals “perverts” more than once and making a slew of other transphobic statements, including the claim that the chances of sexual assault “double with sexual predators allowed in opposite restrooms.”

Our feelings exactly, Ensley…

“We are talking about trans people…Perverts,” David wrote in one comment.

When a person responded to that comment to offer up the idea that not all transgender people are perverts, David disagreed.

“Yes they are ALL perverts, do your research,” he told her. “Why do you think they change their whole life to meet their sexual preferences?”

“David Eason noone teaches their child to be transgender. How about you do your research before making such ignorant assumptions,” one Facebook user commented.

David replied to the individual by telling them that “only morons” teach their children it’s okay to be transgender.

“… Start teaching your kids right from wrong maybe,” he added.

Several days later, Jenelle attacked the site Starcasm on Twitter for writing about David’s rant. (Click to enlarge her tweet to see the original meme David posted.)

“Why the f**k does there have to be a label on everything?! Lmao I’m about to make up my own s**t,” Jenelle wrote when someone accused David’s post of being transphobic.

“I’m pointing out the article doesn’t even have the meme posted… of course everyone is offended By the meme… and? He doesn’t care. That’s HIS page. Just don’t follow,” she tweeted.

Of course, this isn’t the first time David has unleashed his homophobic and transphobic beliefs on social media or TV…

As The Ashley previously told you, last month David shared a different (yet equally offensive) meme touting his “straight pride” just days after Jenelle attempted to defend him for making similar comments on Twitter in February… the same comments that led MTV to kick him off of ’Teen Mom 2.’

Charming, as always.

David was also caught using a gay slur towards Dr. Drew during a reunion show taping in 2017 and has been accused in the past of making homophobic comments about Jenelle’s second baby daddy, Nathan Griffith.

After his homophobic social media rant in February, MTV issued a statement saying David that the network was ending its relationship with David, and that he would no longer appear on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

As The Ashley has told you, though, Jenelle (and David!) fought like hell to get David back on the show (despite their public declarations that David didn’t even want to be on the show). During a months-long contract dispute, Jenelle tried her best to get the network and the show’s producers to allow David to be part of the show, but failed to get the show’s higher-ups to change their mind. David will not appear in the upcoming Season 9.

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. Jenelle is such a chameleon. Get your own identity, hoe!! And the fact that David thinks people transition to suit their sexual preferences… I wonder where he does his research? Let me guess… extremist websites? Idiot.

  2. A few months ago on change.org there was a petition to fire Janelle. I signed it. I don’t know if it’s still there.

    1. Oh, my gosh! Sorry everyone. Sometimes, it’s easier to use my speaker, but it misspelled Jenelle’s name. OOPS! Oh, well.

  3. If she doesn’t come out against it, she clearly agrees and will be raising her brood of children with the same bullshit. How utterly sad.

  4. Uh can we get Jenelle kicked off too, then???? Why tf is she still filming after basically saying she supports and agrees with everything her psychopath swamp husband says? So sad and scared for their children. 🙁

  5. I’m a wheelchair user with a Male assistant and no one cares if he goes to the bathroom with me. No one cares if our special needs daughter goes to the men’s room with my husband either. People understand that we are there to do our business, not bother people. Why is it so scary for a transgender person to use the bathroom, but no one cares if we are in the opposite restroom?

  6. And I don’t understand why the penises would be seen in a women’s bathroom. David might not know this but we have stalls, with doors. Women don’t just go out in the open. If someone born with male body parts wishes to be more like a woman, I highly doubt they would be slinging it around for other girls to see.

  7. The fact that he keeps coming after the LGBTQ community, makes me think he’s trapped in the closet himself, and doesn’t know how to handle it…Jenelle is such an asshole. She wants everyone to praise her and David’s relationship like everyone does Chelsea and Coles, but shes to stupid to realize her and David are terrible people, and make a disgusting couple.

    First thing I thought when I saw that cake picture was “Eat the cake Anna Mae!”…David always gives me abusive Ike Turner vibes.

    1. Lmao! I literally commented this same thing a while ago! I couldn’t agree more! When you’re truly secure with your sexuality, you could care less what others are doing.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks her phrasing is strange: “…until the day WE die” Like who says you won’t outlive your husband (if you’re even together at that point) because it sounds like they are planning a double suicide (or murder and suicide) in the future……just me? It sounds like that and honestly I wouldn’t put it beneath David to make her kill herself with him.

    This marriage is so codependent it’s not even funny anymore…….it’s just sad and creepy.

  9. Does anyone else find it weird that she phrased it as “…until the day that *we* die”? Not ‘I’ or ‘he’, WE. As though it’s a foregone conclusion that she and Lurch will go down in the same fiery showdown on The Land.

  10. I dont even watch because of them anymore. Ratings are slipping on this show. Wonder who is gonna hire these 2 losers when the gravy train comes to a stop. Just keep digging your graves I’ll grab my popcorn. Disgusting trailer trash

  11. I don’t understand her whole, “I’ll stand by my husband no matter what!” If my husband said that shit, I would not stand by him and supporting him. He spreads hate speech, and by her, standing by him, she is in support of that speech. I hope none of her kids are gay.

  12. Everyone has moments of introspection in there lives, so when the haze of the meth/crack/heroin; whatever these two are smoking clears, it has to be tough on them to realize that they contribute nothing positive to society. That the glitz, glamour and false adulation heaped on them from mtv and the handlers that fall all over them is coming to and end. Janelle is a drama queen, that’s literally her profession and David was more than happy to hop on board that crazy train. Any grown man who literally has nothing to do all do but scratch his eczema and post diatribes on social media as his only method of human contact outside The Land has to inherently know that no one takes him or his garbage pail kid of a wife seriously.

  13. Why is David so obsessed with the LBT community? It’s rather suspicious. Also, I’m trying to wrap my head around his “facts” about sexual assault doubling. He’s rather uneducated. Remember these two are homeschooling Maryssa now 🙁 Poor girl!

  14. Hey The Ashley, Do you have any idea about how the custody case with Nathan is going?? I’m really curious if that’s still supposed to move forward or if it’s been dropped??

    1. I’ve been wondering that too. He’s not the smartest but he’s showing more concern and care for Kaiser than Jenelle ever will. I wish he’d really step it up. She’s pretty much in a contempt of court by violating their custody arrangement and I’m not sure about their state but in VA she can be slapped pretty hard and if she violated 3x she could get jail time. I find it sad that she claims the kid is sick when he’s supposed to see him but then runs off to Disney where he appeared fine, or driving thru murky flood waters and running around shirtless in a storm. It’s messed up that no matter what Jenelle does she is not dangerous enough in the eyes of the justice system and the crap David is writing will find its way to the kids eyes soon and can you imagine how scary that’s gonna be?

      1. I know. I keep hoping each generation will be MORE tolerant than the previous. David is determined to keep his kids in the dark ages. It’s very sad.

  15. This will bite them in the ass when they have to get actual jobs. You know aside from the mugshots and criminal records.

  16. David you’re a little to obsessed with the LGBT community….just stop denying it dude and come out already…it’s okay…we won’t be the a$$ you’ve been…

    1. Exactly my thought!!a man that is secure in his sexuality wouldnt be so threatened or disgusted by anyone else’s. I’m pretty sure he is gay. Jenelle is too stupid to see it tho.

  17. This is all coming from a man who beats up pregnant women and then marries his ex cell mates ex wife and abuses her children so the world should really listen to his words of wisdom.

  18. Jennell is a Wonderful And very proud person. And if wants to come back for season 9,she can she is an adult. Jennell l am very proud of you

  19. The thing I don’t get about people like David who are so bothered by trans people is…why do you care so much about something that has literally nothing to do with you to the point that you have to post memes and opinions on social media? The meme is idiotic because we don’t see anyone’s private parts when we go to the bathroom. So he, his wife, and their brood of children have likely used public restrooms at the same time as a trans person multiple times, not known about it, and survived.

    And to people who are saying “oh, he has a right to his opinion”…well…sure. You can have an opinion, but opinions can be wrong. Psychologically and scientifically speaking, being trans is a real thing. Sorry his litttle pea brain can’t wrap itself around the concept, but it is. If your opinion is that it’s a choice and it’s immoral, you’re wrong. Plain and simple. Why? Because science. If my opinion is that the earth is flat, I can have that opinion, but it’s wrong and I look like an idiot for having it. But then again, he probably doesn’t believe in evolution either.

    1. I honestly think he’s obsessed cause he has something to hide. Coming off of dealing with a person like that, he used to have the same complaints about transgenders in bathrooms being s danger to little girls only to find out that he was the pervert and is now locked up. If you have to complain so loudly as if to make sure people will think your the opposite of what your spouting your likely secretly harboring that thought obsessively for a reason.

    2. I think he’s bothered by if because he needs to find more reasons to keep him family on the land and away from the world.

  20. Her defense is just co-signing on his fked up beliefs. She needs to be removed from the show for her intolerance as well

  21. I don’t really care what two ignorant boneheads who live in a swamp think. They’ve both demonstrated that they never read a book after the third grade and they only talk to fellow swamp dwellers so ofcourse they don’t know anything of the real world.

    1. Thank you!!! I seriously cannot get my head around how she hasn’t been fired with the way she has been defending him! She is just as guilty of homophobia/transphobia. She needs to GO

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