Mike Sorrentino’s Lawyer Reveals When the ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Will Report to Prison, Marry Lauren Pesce & Appear on ‘Family Vacation’ Again

“Prison can’t stop The Sitch from gettin’ hitched!”

Mike Sorrentino may be going to prison, but he’s got a Wedding “Situation” to handle before checking into the Big House.

As The Ashley previously reported, the Jersey Shore star was sentenced to eight months in federal prison earlier today, stemming from the tax evasion charges he pleaded guilty to in January. Following the sentencing, Mike’s attorney, Henry Klingeman, revealed to reporters when Mike will be reporting to prison to begin his sentence, and confirmed that “The Sitch” would be marrying his fiance, Lauren Pesce, before heading to the clink.

Henry told reporters that Mike and Lauren have their wedding planned for early November.

“No matter what happens, he won’t be designated to begin his sentence until sometime after that wedding,” Mike’s attorney said.

According to Henry Klingeman, Mike has 30-60 days to surrender himself into prison, which leaves enough time for him to get married.

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Mike and Lauren have already confirmed that their wedding will be featured on Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2, which is currently airing. Mike’s attorney told reporters that he hopes the show’s producers will  “make arrangements to accommodate” Mike as ‘Family Vacation’ moves forward while he is in prison.

Henry Klingeman also offered his thoughts on how the ‘Jersey Shore’ star will fare in prison, and how serving his sentence will affect Mike’s sobriety.

“Mike Sorrentino has righted his life and is contributing significantly to not only his own wellbeing but that of his greater community. [When he goes to prison] that progress will be interrupted,” he said, adding that he and Mike were “disappointed” with Mike’s sentence.

“Let’s hope that prison, which is an antisocial environment under the best of circumstances, doesn’t set him back. I’m sure he’s got the resiliency and the strength and the will and support of his friends and family so that he’s going to make the best of this,” Mike’s attorney said.

He added that Mike will be happy to finally serve his time and move forward with his life.

“The good news is that after so many years of investigation and this case being prosecuted, he can see the light at the end of the tunnel and he can put this behind him. He’s got a new lease on life career-wise, he’s about to get married, and he’s an optimistic person, so it’s going be fine.”

It’s been four years since Mike and his brother, Marc, were originally indicted for tax offenses, and Mike’s legal battle has been going on ever since. His sentencing hearing was pushed back several times in order to accommodate his ‘Family Vacation’ filming schedule.

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Throughout most of the legal battle, Mike has remained positive, showing fans he’s a very different “Situation” than he was back in the early days of ‘Jersey Shore.’ He has maintained his sobriety for 34 months, which, according to his lawyer, was harder for Mike to do than go through his trial.

“I think to him, dealing with his addiction, as he just said to me in the courtroom, was far more difficult than dealing with the prospect of a prison sentence,” Henry Klingeman told reporters on Friday. “So as long as he sticks to his new principles and his new way of living, he’ll be fine. I think he’s totally prepared to do this.”

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13 Responses

    I can’t believe it. Never having known anyone personally to struggle with addiction, I had no idea that someone could be a totally different person sober. I never thought I would like Mike, and I am so happy he has turned his whole life around. It’s amazing, and I love watching the show. Wishing him & Laurens the best!

  2. That quote-off with Vinny was funny, but when you look at the things Mike was actually saying, I feel like he has thoughtfully examined the ideas behind them and realized the truth. You don’t know how strong you are until that strength is tested. Go Big Daddy Sitch, we are all rooting for you and Laurens.

  3. I really wish the best for him, he’s come a long way. He seems like a very good hearted person. I’m happy for him. Keep your head up!

  4. I love the new Mike! I couldn’t stand him before. I’m glad he cleaned his life up, regardless of why. I just wish he didn’t replace his drug/drinking addiction with a food addiction. But at least he’s not on drugs! It is heartbreaking he has to go to prison where I’m sure it’s going to be extremely hard on him, especially being “famous”, but it could be a lot worse and he is finally “paying” for his actions. I wish him nothing but the best in life, stay strong Mike, you got this!

    1. He’s doing amazing. Full stop. Leave it at that. If I knew I was going to jail I’d eat a lot of damn good food first, too.

  5. I really REALLY love this new Mike. So that means he won’t be filming after it? (Well, I’m sure he won’t during the sentence) Yeah, the show is done for me then, he is really the reason why I still tune in. (Imagine me saying that years ago-HA!) Getting married before he leaves is okay but wait for babies until AFTER you come back. I don’t think you want Lauren to experience pregnancy all by herself. (Btw, anyone knows when Deena is due? Is it December?)

    Be strong, Mike, just push this sentence through and then you can enjoy life with the love of your life. 🙂

  6. I think he ‘changed’ because he knew his behavior while waiting for sentencing, would be considered. He wasn’t going to drink and drug while awaiting a sentence. HE’s not THAT stupid. But who knows what he would have been like had the sentencing not been held over his head. He got sober AFTER he plead guilty, not before!

    1. The article says he’s been sober for 34 months (nearly 3 years) and he just plead guilty in January (9 months ago); he got sober long before he entered his plea.

  7. I really like mike when hes sober. Hes actually a really sweet person. His fiance is a really good match for him. Hopefully he does his time and can get back to filming!!! Jersey shore is my guilty pleasure lol.

  8. They were disappointed with an eight month sentence when he could’ve gotten anywhere up to 15 years??? Really????

  9. Mike seems like such a positive person now that he’s sober. Here’s hoping he can finally put this behind him after his sentence and continue maintaining his sobriety.

    1. It’s been almost 3 years, he knows when and why he got sober, we saw on the show there were SO MANY temptations (including his fiance drinking herself!) on Family Vacation and he didn’t bat an eye at the sight of alcohol. He is really changed and I’m positive it will stay that way.

      1. Sobriety will be a daily struggle/thought the rest of Mike’s life, just as any other addict. I personally know a couple addicts who are 15+ years sober; it doesn’t just go away.

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