EXCLUSIVE! Cops Called to Home of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Following Her Explosive Fight with David Eason

Things are not good on The Land.

Police and an ambulance were called to the home of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans on Saturday night, The Ashley has learned.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that two Columbus County deputies responded to a 911 call made from Jenelle’s home on October 13.

“It was called in as an assault,” The Chief of 911 Operations for Columbus County confirmed to The Ashley. (The Ashley was not able to confirm that it was Jenelle who made the call; however, it was confirmed to be a female caller.)

According to the Chief of 911 Operations, two officers responded to the 911 call on Saturday evening to investigate the alleged assault. An ambulance was also requested for Jenelle.

Online records confirmed this information, and that the emergency services were dispatched to the home Jenelle shares with her husband David Eason just before 10 p.m. The alleged assault came during a domestic dispute between Jenelle and David.

“The ambulance was called, and then cancelled,” the Chief of 911 Operations told The Ashley. “The female was transported to the hospital via private vehicle instead.”

Before Jenelle went to the hospital, though, she was told what her legal options were, according to the Operations Chief.

“The female was advised proper action,” the Operations Chief told The Ashley, citing the incident record. “[The officers] advised what legal action she could take.”

It appears that Jenelle did not take any legal action, though, as no police report was filed and David was not arrested.

The Ashley can confirm that MTV producers and crew were not at the house at the time of the 911 call. However, an MTV film crew arrived the next day and filmed with Jenelle and Barbara, a source told The Ashley.

“The MTV crew had no clue what had gone down the night before,” the source told The Ashley.

Last week, Jenelle had a surgery performed on her sinuses. That surgery happened before this (alleged) incident occurred and had nothing to do with it, just to clarify.

UPDATE! Jenelle has responded to The Ashley’s story. Click here to read the latest info!

UPDATE #2! Jenelle’s frantic 911 call from that night has been released. Click here to listen.

(Photo: MTV; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)


  1. Tmz has the audio from the 911 call Jenelle you can’t lie your way outta this one he beat you and you think he broke your collar bone… LEAVE HIM ALREADY! Your kids are more importat! Shame on you if you stay and keep covering it up…

  2. We all kinda knew this was coming, right? Guy is a psycho and somehow Jenelle never realized that. Ofc she won’t press charges, he prob was saying he will kill her kids (I’m sorry, “their” kids, he considers Kaiser to be his even if he isn’t fatherly to him) if she does that.

    This dude is all about possession. Possession of a person I mean.

  3. I want to say I’m surprised- but I’m not. I’m sitting here in suspense wondering what her “story” is about this

  4. And now, true to form, Jenelle has deactivated her Twitter so she doesn’t have to read people’s comments or face David’s wrath over the comments. She does this every time she’s been caught. She deactivated after the gun photo in February and after the road rage incident. She’ll reactivate in 29 days, just in time to save her precious verified status on Twitter. THAT is how I know this story is true. Jenelle verifies these stories whenever she goes ghost!

  5. Now the story is she had friends over for a bonfire and tripped and fell by or in the fire who knows but what a ridiculous cover up. Everyone knows David beats you Jenelle. Leave him already! I don’t even like you but come on your worth more then that psycho! Do it for your kids!

    1. So they called the cops and reported an assault, because someone was assaulted by a bonfire?? Bonfire’s are assaulting people now?? Those 2 are absolutely ridiculous.

    2. My guess is that they fought and someone else besides her called 911 which would be why they said what actually happened.

      1. The only other person in the house I could think that would be able to call 911 would be Marissa, because we all know Jenelle doesn’t have any friends…that’s why shes been throwing such a hissy fit about filming…she doesn’t have anyone else to film with besides Babs and the kids. David has secluded her on that land to the point she only has him, the kids, and Babs. She doesn’t have enough friends to come to a bonfire.

    1. This might sound awful but I’m praying when the inevitable happens it’s her and not kaiser or Ensley. I know Ensley is David’s daughter but so is Marissa and she looks downright terrified.

  6. Oh you silly gooses, they had a bonfire with friends! She fell by the fire! It’s all fine! Her rep said so!

    I also just rolled my eyes back so hard that I saw my brain.

    1. Oh Whatever! Why you would call and report an ASSAULT on a bonfire. Last I checked you can’t press assault charges against or call the cops on the earths elements…If anything David probably tried to throw her in the fire.

  7. And when have the fans ever been wrong about a guy on TM??? Ever? They knew Matt Baier was a douche from the get go. We knew David was the worst from minute 1. These girls need to wake the fuck up.

  8. Shocked, speechless, and stunned beyond recognition. Said no one ever.

    Now hopefully Jenelle will STOP posting “Look at how happy we are, y’all!” photos on Instagram, and admit that poor defenseless little Kaiser was telling the TRUTH when he told Doris and Nathan that David balled up his nasty, no good, drugged up fist and punched him in the head.

    If gun-toting, knife-wielding, psychopath David is using Jenelle as a punching bag, how much more a four-year-old baby who can’t even begin to fight back?
    And clearly, just for the records the very last thing THE LAND should have on it – is anything that even resembles a GUN.



  9. well my thing is be4 you put this shit out you shounld make sure what it is about because people take to be david has hurt her and you know thats what people are think get the fact first then put it out there.

    1. You’re kidding, right? This is a matter of public record and Ashley won’t publicize anything that she hasn’t verified first. I can’t believe you’d even try to defend Jenelle or David. I know this is true because Jenelle has deactivated her precious Twitter and she always does that when true stories about her hit the media. She can’t face the comments so she goes ghost.

  10. But she was quick to have Nathan arrested. David is going to hurt someone and it may not be her, what about the children and she is expecting? He is a jerk and this is her type of guy but she needs to get him out before someone is hurt. I am sure she loves his daughter and is staying partly because she will lose her as well. But I do not understand why the police didn’t arrest him with or without her if there were signs,

    1. Marilyn, she is NOT expecting. You have her confused with Catelynn on OG. Jenelle isn’t pregnant. She just had surgery on her sinuses.

  11. You can bet this isn’t the first time this happened either. Dolph opened a can of worms by telling David that he slept with Jenelle. He also reminded racist David that Jenelle used to have sex with Kieffer “who ain’t exactly white”. It was reported on Twitter that Jenelle & David had a screaming match outside Applebee’s over the weekend. I bet this was the same night of that altercation. Just wait. This relationship is going to end and when it does, Jenelle will be spilling all the details in an attempt to play victim. It’s her M-O. She can’t help herself.

    1. What has David done or said that’s racist? I know he has said homophobic things but I don’t recall him saying anything racist.

      1. A while ago he posted a meme of a sign that said something about shooting blacks if they enter his land. It was all over Twitter for a few days. He’s openly said he doesn’t approve of interracial marriage too. He’s a redneck goon white supremicist.

    1. She’s always the victim.
      If they ever seperate she’ll spill the beans on all his abusive ways and have crocodile tears and PTSD and want our sympathy.
      She’s ignored years of red flags and ‘in your face’ bruises on her child.
      She disgusts me. He even more so.

  12. wait for Jenelle to go on twitter to say this is a lie and to thank God for her husband and post more bs happy family pictures,they are both pieces of shit. someone get the kids out of the land of horrors

  13. When is CPS finally going to do something for those kids?
    Just because they have a nice room and swimming pool and grean beans to eat, doesn’t mean things are better.

    1. Neighbors 3 doors down literally smoke crack on their front porch, stinks up the whole block. 5 kids aged 2 to 12 live there. Cps been numerous times. Their response? “They have food, beds and go to school, nothing we can do”

  14. Goddamn! It should be illegal if someone has been charged with a felony to homeschool a child. These two are bat shit crazy and their children deserve to be able to get the hell away from them at minimum during the school day! My heart literally breaks for those kids who are exposed to the pure shit these two put them through!

    1. They took away that little girls only safe place. She must wake up and just feel so sad knowing she can’t go anywhere to get away

  15. In my state, if the cops are called out because of domestic violence or abuse, or assault, there is no choice to make. Someone is going to jail and charges are filed. The woman, or man, does not have a choice. That’s how it should be.

  16. This man is going to kill her one day!!! Or kill one of her children. I dont care how much I dislike Jenelle I would never wish her or her children harm. She needs help. Hopefully this is a wake up call. Please Jenelle leave him!!!

  17. David Eason and Jenelle Evans Eason were SEEN October 15th at about 3:47 HAVING AN ALL OUT SCREAMING FIGHT…in front of the Applebees-off ocean highway…calling her a “fing c–nt”. This can be confirmed on the twitter account kelvarnsen27

  18. And she has this violent and insane asshole around her kids 24/7…with guns in the house…She always has up this facade that everything’s so perfect on the land, but we all see through it. David is a psycho and she’s lucky he didn’t kill her or her kids.

  19. I cannot stand Jenelle in any way, shape, or form, (I would love to slap some sense into her) however it is really sad she is so determined to prove everyone wrong that she consciously puts her and her children’s safety in jeopardy. I cannot believe she would go back to a man that is clearly a menace to not only her and her kids but also to society. I hope her children learn from this horrible experience and choose to be the exact opposite.
    Someone needs to do something and get those kids out before it’s too late.

  20. What a sad life to be living. We all know she’ll excuse this behavior and stand behind (and below) her man. She’s an idiot, her kids will have no chance at normal and healthy lifestyles because of who their mother is…

  21. Not surprised. Now she will post all these wonderful soccer mom pics to distract. We arent stupid. But she obviously is. Bet it had something to do with David’s former friend saying he banged jenelle on Twitter. And I still dont buy the nose thing. Still say david did it

  22. Why didn’t she pull out her pistol? She a master when it comes to self-defense, right? #sarcasm

    All jokes aside, who didn’t see this coming?

  23. This girl is so determined to try and prove to people that she has grown up and her taste in men has improved that I don’t think she will ever press charges on him. The other side of that is Jenelle is VERY petite, and next to mountain man she has a very legitimate concern to be frightened for her safety. I genuinely feel bad for her.

    1. I agree, Mae.
      She needs to wake up before it’s too late!
      Also, I hope this helps Nathan and his Mom get Kaiser Away from The Land!!!!

  24. Am I the only one who read the article just to find out whether “Explosive Fight” meant “Fight with great energy and commotion” or “Fight using explosives as weapons?”

    I mean, with these two, it honestly could have gone either way.

  25. He might of really effed up her face since she was still recovery from surgery. I hope Barb was able to meet her at the hospital. Crazy to think that in only 6yrs, Jace will be old enough to drive to the hospital to help her when this cycle inevitably continues.

  26. I think the reason MTV hasn’t fired Jenelle is that they are actually afraid for her and are using this as an excuse to let her rebuild her relationship with her mom and also get her off the land and away from David for at least a couple hours and so eyes can still be on her.

    1. I really don’t think they care that much :/ Jenelle won’t be fired because she brings drama and ratings, not because they’re afraid for her (in my opinion, that is).

  27. Things are never good on “The Laaaaand™
    One of the kids is going to have to be physically injured until the spineless cps caseworkers will get them the hell out of that house of horror. We’ve seen how David acts on camera. I can’t imagine how bad he gets sans cameras.

  28. *Pretends to be shocked*
    Seriously David is a POS. He’s a controlling, abusive (mentally, physically), racist, homophobic, xenophobic, red neck asshole. Bye dude.

    1. Your comment reminds me of Romy and Michelle’s high school reunion “you were right, I was a brain dead red-neck asshole” lol

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