EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2′ Girls Being Urged By MTV to Talk On-Camera About Jenelle Evans’ Alleged Assault Incident

“Um, yeah… we’re not doing that.”

Jenelle Evans was willing to discuss her recent explosive fight with her husband David Eason while filming for the upcoming ninth season of Teen Mom 2… as long as her version of the story was told.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Jenelle did talk about her latest incident (which, as The Ashley told you, left Jenelle frantically calling 911 claiming David assaulted while their four children slept), but MTV producers weren’t buying the version of the story Jenelle told on-camera, so they’re reaching out to the other ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast members to discuss the incident during their own segments!

“Jenelle filmed about it with [her mother] Barbara and basically said they were both super drunk and she just tripped and fell into David and they both thought the other was attacking them, so that’s how it got blown out of proportion and why she called 911,” a behind-the-scenes source told The Ashley. “The story was really out there.”

The Ashley’s sources tell her that, because Jenelle’s version of events were not really adding up, producers are desperate to get the incident discussed more in-depth on the show, so they are trying to get Briana DeJesusKail LowryChelsea Houska and Leah Messer to talk about what happened and give their feelings on-camera about Jenelle and David’s relationship.

“Jenelle is not aware that the other girls were asked to do this, either, which is even more messed up,” a second source tells The Ashley.

The Ashley is not sure which of Jenelle’s cast mates, if any, agreed to discuss Jenelle’s incident on-camera. However, not everyone approved of the order, according to one of The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources.

“Once the crew members heard about it, a lot of them were talking about how wrong it was that the producers were being instructed to get their girls to discuss this just to make scenes out of it.”

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. I respectfully disagree… We all have pretty strong opinions about domestic violence, about David, about the incident, about the 911 call, about their relationship, and about the way that Jenelle is clearly covering up one lie with another, to spare David’s sorry ass. I’m sure the girls all have their own opinions too and they’re entitled to air those if they so choose. I mean, at this point, things have escalated quickly on the swamp and David clearly doesn’t need any sort of reason to lash out at anyone… He just does it anyhow. Nobody can make any kind of sense regarding the way he behaves, the way he treats those children, Jenelle, or even strangers. The comments he makes publicly tell us all we need to know about that piece of crap and his beliefs and if Jenelle wants to stay with somebody like that, then she will get the life she deserves. The only trouble is, so will those innocent babies.

    1. Sorry; I accidentally hit the thumb down instead of the thumbs up. I meant to upvote you …. Those little icons are so bloody small!

      1. Ha ha!! All good!! Just FYI though… You can undo a downvote by hitting the upvote button a couple of times. 😊

        1. Ooooooooohhhhh AWESOME 😊 Thanks for the tip. I’ve done it a few times…..and I’m like……..SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT. I don’t want people thinking that I’ve downvoted a comment that in actual fact I think is fantastic!.

    2. Yep, I agree with you. If the other girls want to talk then so be it ! But let’s be realistic here; Its Jennelle we’re talking about here! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE GIRLS would probably all come back with a different version of events…….
      I’m NOT in anyway saying the girls aren’t trustworthy, I’m just saying they have all probably been given different versions of the story.

  2. NC has gotta be the worst when it comes to crime and child abuse. I can’t figure out how Jace can say he’s scared of David and that Kaiser said David hit him and that Barbara said she was scared he’d kill her and we can all see how he talks to Nathan and Doris. We know that he beat his other baby mama and has a criminal record. There’s the pulling a gun in front of her kid as well. There have been numerous well checks by police and multiple visits from child services and not one thing is done when for once everything lines up. Drunken Abuse with children in the home and they let her go home to him and most likely left him drunk home with the kids? Like what?!

  3. I don’t blame jenelle for getting pissed if she does find out MTV did this. But at the same time she needs to be honest on what happened. David hit her point blank. Stop defending him stupid. He’s a piece of shit. Your own son even said that but he added u in that as well.

  4. I’m seriously thinking that TMOG has clearly jumped the shark, if they have NOTHING else to fill an hour episode than to take one of Jenelle’s bold face lies about her drunkenly stumbling into David to the point of him attempting to “break her collar bone” – and passing it around to the other cast members for their input.

    When I read this, my eyes rolled back so far in my head I almost thought I could see clear through to the roof of my skull.

    Jeez, MTV producers.

    Enough already.


  5. I’m honestly running out of sympathy. She had this perfect opportunity for everyone to support her leaving a toxic relationship for herself and the kids and she blew it. Now she’s writing like David telling people to “hate us if you will, that’s your choice #familyfirst” “Family first” my butt! More like David first, myself second and kids third. So crazy!

    1. My sympathy for Jenelle dissipated right back to when she had Jace ! That little boy deserved sympathy, NOT his drug fucked partying selfish mother …… If that’s what you could call her !

  6. I know! This morning I was pretty sure I was getting attacked then I realized it was just my daughter reaching for a spoon.

  7. Jenelle seriously needs to stop with these pitiful excuses. The man jumped on her, popped her collar bone, and scared the shit outta her….THAT TIME. We all knew he was a wife beater, it was just confirmed with that 911 call. David is a shitty human.

  8. Could it be? Could it be that MTV finally addresses something and actually cares about the cast and their viewers?

  9. I realize a lot of people think jenelle was in danger but after watching her crap for soooooo many sad depressing years it’s just attention seeking jenelle. She has had soooooo many of these manic calls. She is 100% little girl cry wolf because she didn’t like how something played our. Fantastic work MTV! You have made amazing images of how teen mom raise children… oh wait … total bullshit on my part. Everyone involved is fuc*ing goonies and beyond disgusting !

  10. I can tell you now that Chelsea and Cole won’t want to talk about it. They mind their own business and stay to themselves. Leah probably won’t say anything either. It’ll be big mouth Kail and Bri that day anything. Also, what would be the point in getting the other women to discuss it? Seems like mtv just wants to stir the pot.

    1. Chelsea already talked about it online, just like Randy.

      Bri is probably the one and maybe Kail cause she doesn’t want people to talk about her kids and private stuff (aka violence from her third baby daddy)

    2. I think they’ll be able to sucker Briana into talking about it…she’s not the brightest bulb in the shed…plus she posted and deleted some “Pray for Jenelle” meme thing on her IG. I don’t think the rest of the girls will say too much….if anything they’ll probably say something generic like “I hate that for her”…only because none of the girls really have a relationship with Jenelle other than Briana.

    3. I feel bad for Chelsea and Cole to be stuck with all those pigs. I miss them but couldn’t stomach the other pigs anymore just to see them. I no longer watch anything on MTV except Jersey Shore. Probably will only watch one more season of that.

  11. I hate it when my husband and I fall into each other and accidentally mistake it for us attacking each other.
    It’s the worst ?

  12. What are the other girls supposed to say? “I was hundreds of miles away, and I don’t talk to those people?” Is there anything they would know about it that we wouldn’t?

    1. They could speak about DV in general and MTV could put a nice sticker over it from an organisation victims can call when they need help. You know, actually do something for once. Address important issues besides teen pregnancies instead of ignoring all the abuse that they show.
      Let other victims know they are not alone, empower them, hope someone reaches out.
      So much better than showing people DV is normal and shouldn’t be addressed.

  13. Let’s pretend for a second we believe her version of events, is it really safe for her to have 4 kids in the house whilst the adults are ‘super drunk’ around a bonfire?!
    I’m not saying you can’t have a few beers when the kids are in bed (right Maci ?), but to be that out of control you don’t know if you are being attacked or not good parenting.

    1. As a person, who grew up in a coastal town and *bonfires* on the beach each weekend were life, I recall one my senior year in high school, where one of the popular guys knocked up his gf, it was end of the year/Prom weekend – so bonfire – dude proceeded to get wasted and tried to jump the pit… he barely cleared it, hitting the sand edge, then fell backwards into the huge fire. 3rd degree burns, gf had the baby a few months later – but we all judged him then. New baby? Don’t jump into a bonfire. But Jenelle’s story still doesn’t make sense

  14. I’m curious to know what Nathan thinks about this. This should help him with custody. Did anything happen regarding cps? Amber beat up Gary and it was handled with cps

  15. MTV needs to cut Janelle off! The more they give her money, the longer he will stay with her, and the longer she will allow him to abuse the children and herself. She needs to go.

  16. Just what those girls want–David coming after THEM! MTV has no sense of the LIABILITY this pile-on exposes them too!

  17. You don’t buy the story, MTV? You think David actually assaulted Jenelle? Then why don’t you actually try to help the woman and those kids by stop enabling the abuse for TV ratings????

  18. She didnt sound drunk? She was sober enough to lie to the 911 caller that she didnt know if her husband had weapons

    And why would anyone assume their husband is assaulting them unless they are or have done it before. If my husband took me to the ground, pushed me or whatever the lie is i would automatically assume its an accident because he never assaulted me or anyone else.

  19. Wow, she just proved how messed up her relationship is with a lie. Not a Normal reaction to be so defensive to a trip. To immediately attack each other. To assume your spouse is attacking???? Congratulations… You proved how frequent you have altercations.
    As for MTV, I really don’t care. Should have fired her.

  20. MTV needs to fired Jenelle. MTV is a sore spot for David and he will continue whooping up on her as long as she is the celebrity in the household. David would leave Jenelle so fast her head would spin if she list the MTV fame and money. That’s actually the safest thing for her and the kids at this point, however Jennelle would just find another loser bf and the cycle would repeat.

  21. Besides the fact that this is absolutely ridiculous of mtv to ask any of the other girls to do, the fact that Jenelles version of what “really” happened involves both of them falling, then they instantly assume the other was attacking them? Uh… I’m not sure about everyone else here, but if I fell with my significant other at the same time by any chance for any reason, we definitely would NOT be assuming that we were attacking each other by mistake? Hello… that doesn’t make it sound any better Jenelle… idiots.

  22. That’s super weird of them. I don’t think the other girls should comment. I think MTV should just play the 911 tape, have Dr. Drew talk to the camera by himself about what you should do if you or someone you know is in a DV situation, and then leave it at that. Maybe also offer her some free therapy…

    1. You’re absolutely right ! The other girls don’t really know what happened. What is wrong with MTV for asking the other girls to comment ! David will get mad and start trouble with them !

  23. MTV is beyond messed up. They know EXACTLY what happened and they know David is an angry and volatile POS. Egging the other girls into publicly calling him out is pretty sick. The only one that will pay the price are those kids and Jenelle. If everyone starts ganging up on him, he will lash out.

    Should they cater to Jenelle’s request to lie about what happened? No. But should they throw kerosene on the dumpster fire? Hell no. Maybe, Morgan J. Freeman could become a decent person and start advocating for those poor little kids stuck on the swamp. Helping Doris and Barb get the boys away by writing an affidavit on their behalf would a good start.

  24. Maybe if the other girls were to talk about their own experiences with DV, Jenelle might see that she’s really not alone and get help.

    1. They’re not going to be asked about their own experiences. MTV wants them to talk about J and D’s relationship (i.e. come out and say they think David is abusive and the relationship is volatile). That could be really dangerous.

  25. how on earth is this appropriate? if any of those girls have one ounce of understanding of DV they will refuse mtv’s request

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