Former “90 Day Fiance” Star Luis Mendez Remarries Just Months After His Divorce From Molly Hopkins: See How Molly Reacted to the News

“He’s all yours, honey! Enjoy!”

Luis Mendez wasted no time in getting married again following his divorce from Molly Hopkins. In fact, the former star of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recently revealed that he got hitched to another women last month!

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, Luis— whose relationship with Molly was documented on the 90 Day Fiance Season 5— talked about his newest bride, whom he married on September 19. (His divorce from Molly was finalized five months before.)

“I love this girl so much. She is so amazing,” Luis said of his new wife, whom appeared in a wedding video that Luis posted to his Instagram account. “The most amazing part was meeting her because she changed all life to happiness.”

Fans watched as Molly’s marriage to Luis (whom she met while on a trip to his home country, the Dominican Republic), fell apart during the third season of “Happily Ever After?” After Molly kicked Luis out of her house, the couple had little contact with each other.

It appears that Molly found out about Luis’ latest marriage via social media. She took to Instagram to give fans her thoughts on Luis getting remarried.

“Oh yeah for all of you who care, or who wanted to talk junk about me, I totally got used but it’s all good,” Molly said on Instagram Live. “Luis got married to a Dominican lady in Jersey, best I can tell — I saw pictures…

“Yeah, he’s married to someone else. She looks older than me, from the Dominican Republic,” Molly added. “So all the people who thought I was crazy — his situation was pretty lovely. I mean, we were together for two years so it’s all good. I feel like I need to redeem myself… ”

Molly married Luis on July 20, 2017, and that they officially separated on January 5, 2018. Molly filed for divorce on January 23. A month later, Luis accused her of committing domestic violence against him.

When fans asked Molly if it hurt to see her ex-husband with someone else, Molly was adamant that she is not pining over Luis.

“Oh God, it doesn’t hurt at all. I’m good,” she said. “I’m so good.”

Luis told In Touch that, these days, he has nothing to do with Molly.

“I have no contact with her,” he told the magazine. “I just want to be happy. I don’t want to know nothing about [Molly]. But if she wants to congratulate me, it’s okay.”

Don’t hold your breath, Luis!

Check out footage from Luis latest wedding in the Instagram video below!

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  1. As long as this new lady doesn’t have any kids, or any kids in the house, I think Luis might actually stay married to her for more than 6 months. He HATED Molly’s kids…he use to always say the youngest one was too wild, and the poor girl literally would do nothing but sit there and watch TV LOL.

  2. Well, Molly does indeed seem *bothered* by the marriage, IMO by her video and even bothering to comment. Never watched the show, just kept up by recaps through various media outlets – and most comments steered towards Molly wanting a live-in hot bartender/babysister/housekeeper – and Luis wasn’t really ok with that once he arrived in the states. I think she eventually kicked him out and started losing weight, seemed like a healthy decision. Not really sure what happened to Luis, I guess he found some Jersey girl who ate up his “unfairly edited” portrayel. Hope Molly learns and moves in a positive direction, and new Ms Luis, hope you watch the actual show for video evidence of what you married – “bad edit” or backup for divorce court

    1. Why do you feel the need to say this? What do you know about his new wife? Why would Louis living there affect you? He doesn’t have a criminal record or anything that should concern you unless you plan to become his next wife.
      How many Dominicans do you actually know in Jersey? You only heard about a few rotten apples? Do you know the rest of the basket?
      And what is your comment going to contribute to solving the issues with the rotten apples?

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