Here They Go Again! ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Blames Black Eye on Jen Harley, She Responds By Calling Him a Drug Addict

Ron vs. Jen: Round 258!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation‘s most tumultuous couple seems to be at each other’s throats…again.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his baby mama/on-and-off-girlfriend Jen Harley are known for their knock-out, drag out (literally) fights, although in recent weeks the couple seemed to be getting along well…until now.

On Wednesday, Ronnie posted a photo to Instagram stories showing his bruised and swollen eye. He seemed to be implying that the wounds were courtesy of Jen (being that he tagged the pic “@JenX Kidddddd,” even thought that’s not Jen’s Instagram handle.)

He captioned the pic, “Sorry for lying to my friends and family. Sometimes u love people so much [you’re] willing to lie and the hurt the people that love u the most to protect.”

Ronnie didn’t reveal if his injuries were new, or if the pics were old. (He also hasn’t officially stated that the injuries came from Jen.) However, one day earlier, he hinted that he and Jen had split again.

”Closure is a scam. Don’t text, don’t care. Just move on,” Ronnie wrote.

On her own Instagram, Jen defended herself in the comment section of one of her posts.

“He’s lying,” Jen wrote when someone mentioned Ronnie’s black eye post. “I’ll prove it again, along with the car thing. I can’t deal with a drug addict anymore. It’s getting so out of control.”

She later told a follower that she’s planning to tell her story “in court not on Instagram” like Ronnie does.

As The Ashley has previously reported, Ronnie and Jen (who share daughter Ariana) have had several of their fights escalate to physical violence this year .

In June, Jen was arrested on charges of domestic violence after she allegedly dragged Ronnie with her car as he was trying to exit her vehicle during a fight. That same month, cops were called on Jen while Ron was filming for ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ in Vegas after Jen showed up unannounced and allegedly got physical with Ronnie.

In April, the couple got into a physical altercation during a breakup. That fight was broadcast on Instagram Live.

Despite the fights and breakups, Ronnie and Jen have continued to get back together. In fact, just a few weeks ago, the couple was posting loving comments about each other on social media.

Jen posted this during happier times, earlier this month…

“How we are all the time,” Jen captioned a photo of her embracing Ronnie on October 5. “We went through a rough time but we are strong and the best we’ve ever been. I love you and have your back always.”

Ronnie’s ‘Jersey Shore’ cast mates have advised him on-camera to end things with Jen, so it’s possible that he was apologizing to them in his “black eye” post.

Ronnie and Jen have removed all of the photos of each other from their Instagram accounts. However, on Wednesday, Ronnie left a comment on the official ‘Jersey Shore’ Instagram account’s post about Jen that let fans know how he feels about his baby mama.

The comment was left by Ronnie’s verified Instagram account…

“Abusive ass life!” Ronnie wrote.

The Ashley will update this post when more information is available!

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. I think Mike suspected or knew that Ron had a drug problem and tried to help him before and during Miami. He would know the signs very well. Of course, the person has to want help. God help those poor kids.

    1. I think something was mentioned about that … that Ron asked for help and Mike told one of the housemates. It was one of their (many) fights, if I remember

  2. He’s not in love with her and never was. He’s just stuck in a psychotic co-dependent hell. He’ll never get better until he gets away from her and everyone knows it.

    1. Jen was his rebound who he got pregnant. This never ends well. Meanwhile Sam is perfectly happy with her man and moved on.

    1. Agreed, he has scary anger management problems. Also, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard Ron has some drug problems.

      1. He has long been rumored to have a raging cocaine problem. Also, he has been rumored to be quite abusive himself, which is one of the reasons attributed to his breakups with Sammi (and why she didn’t want to return) and Malika.

        Either way, I feel bad for the kids involved.

  3. So when he said they were “stronger than ever” a few weeks ago (and nothing says “healthy relationship to bring a child into” than the phrase “they seemed to be getting along in recent weeks”), he must’ve just meant her right hook. *rim shot*

    P.S. Girl, anyone who watched Jersey Shore in 2010 knew he was a drug addict back then. You knowingly got yourself into this mess. Take a seat.

  4. I hope one of their mother’s take that baby ASAP and don’t give her back until anger management AND parenting classes are taken and passed. You cannot put a child in the middle of that chaos.

  5. He is such a f##### drama queen. Quit being so messy and get out of the relationship, most importantly quit drinking.

    You couldn’t handle then and especially not now. Stop blaming all the women you’ve been in a relationship with. He keeps the same toxic relationship pattern, except Jen is the most psycho out of all of them.

    1. I am in no way defending Ron, but Jen has a record for domestic violence from before she dated Ron, and she was the aggressor.

    2. Yes.
      Also did he ever love this chick? I don’t think so.
      I can’t stand it when toxic couples try to “stay together” for the kid. As though the kid is going to benefit greatly from being in this situation? The kid will grow up with a terrible idea of what a relationship should be like.

      1. Exactly! Even if it “happens” (I hate that excuse tbh) and she gets pregnant, you don’t need to STAY with that person if he/she is bad for you! Kids benefit more from happy parents on both sides moving on WHILE still perfectly parenting their child. I know of a woman who broke up with her man but he is still a great dad and sees his daughter frequently. Their broken relationship shouldn’t affect the child at all.

        Although I think we know why Ron is staying. If they break up for good, she won’t let him see his kid. She is THAT vengeful!

  6. I believe both of their stories. I believe she is crazy and violent, and I believe that he’s a drug addict.

    I also believe that they should probably be legally barred from contact with each other or their children.

  7. She is absolutely crazy pants!!!!!! But I do think ronnie has a coke problem. I can tell when hes on it on the show. He needs to get clean and get his life in control for that little girl. This relationship is so toxic. She is gonna try to ruin his life.

  8. The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This relationship is clearly insane! They are both crazy!

    1. But this time it will be different.
      They need to try & make it work for the baby.

      Yes try to make it work for the baby, things always end up perfect when they say that. The kid will be so much better off with 1 parent in jail for domestic violence & the other parent in the hospital or dead.

      She seems like tbe aggressor but 1 day she will push him to far & he will hit her & end up in jail for it, but could you blame him?
      She deserves a slap

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