Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason Threatens Chelsea Houska’s Father Randy In Creepy Video: “I Can Realign Your Jaw!”

“How many miles is it from South Dakota to The Land?!”

Just in time for Halloween, Jenelle Evans‘ husband David Eason has posted a creepy video threatening his former Teen Mom 2 co-star Randy Houska!

In the video, which was posted to David’s Instagram on Wednesday, David (shown in extreme close-up) talks directly to Randy and offers to realign his jaw and pull his teeth out.

“So Mr. Randy. Let me ask you a question, punk,” David says. “When’s the last time you had your jaw realigned? You need to get it straightened up? I’ll do it for ya, free of charge. Come on down to my dentist office, bud. I can even pull teeth. I can realign your jaw!”

The post has since been deleted from David’s Isntagram account; however a Twitter user captured the video in full. (Be aware that the video does contain naughty language.)

On his Instagram stories, David posted a screenshot of a tweet Randy posted on Tuesday, answering fans’ questions about Jenelle’s recent admission that she’s having her jaw realigned. Randy, who is a dentist, was asked if the procedure Jenelle describes sounded feasible. (Many fans have speculated that Jenelle’s jaw was injured by David during the domestic violence incident that occurred between the Easons earlier this month.)

Randy stated that, “Jaws are ‘re-aligned’ after they have been ‘unaligned,'” essentially saying that he, too, believes something happened to Jenelle that made her need to repair her jaw.

That didn’t set well with David. He captioned the screenshot, “Someone take this mans dental license away!”

David posted this to his Instagram stories on Wednesday….

In a second video, David asks Randy why he has to keep “talking s**t” about him. He then growls, “I’ve got guns. Don’t f**k with me.”

David is most likely mad because Randy called him on Twitter out after The Ashley broke the news that a domestic violence incident had occurred on The Land on October 13.

David is no longer allowed to appear on ‘Teen Mom 2’ or participate in the filming of the show in any way, due to a homophobic rant he posted to Twitter in February. While he has attacked several of his wife’s co-stars on social media in the past (most recently Kail Lowry, whom he attacked via Instagram comments earlier this week), this marks the first time that David has ever actually threatened physical violence toward any of them.

After fans brought the video to Randy’s attention, he joked that “maybe I should send a cease and desist.” (As The Ashley previously told you, last year Jenelle hired a random lawyer to send out cease and desist letters to her co-stars and various media outlets who write stories about her. Randy received one of the letters, so Randy’s comment is obviously a nod to that ridiculousness.)

Fans advised Randy on Twitter to take out a restraining order on David, or to call the police. Randy has not yet stated publicly if he plans to do anything about David’s threat.

At press time, Chelsea had not yet commented on the video.

“I hope Chelsea refuses to film unless Jenelle is fired after this… Sorry honey, you can’t keep your man from making public threats, gone,” on person wrote in the comment section of David’s post. “We all know they ain’t choosing Jenelle over Chelsea.”

Stay tuned; The Ashley will update this story when more information is available.

(Photos: Instagram, MTV, Twitter)

66 Responses

  1. For everyone telling randy to get a restraining order, you do realize they live about 3,000 miles apart lol!

  2. David Eason isn’t even qualified to hold a cardboard sign by the side of the road advertising Dr. Randy’s dental practice.
    And he never will be.

  3. I wouldn’t doubt Randy’s exploring his legal options. He didn’t even say anything bad, just offered a professional opinion regarding a question he was asked. It’s honestly a matter of time before David’s back in jail due to his instability. I truly hope none of the kids get hurt any worse than they already have! CPS is so useless.

    Still waiting to hear news about Nathan’s custody battle. He really needs custody of Kaiser.

  4. Jesus God Leah, this guy is psychotic. Randy needs to take action. Jenelle is probably terrified if David, this video made me terrified of him!

  5. Seriously, what is going to take for Teen Mom producers to get rid of Jenelle once and for all! As long as she stays with that loser, he is going to cost her everything, hopefully not her life!

  6. Come on Randy, take those talkin’ words as fightin’ words and go to the police about the threats he has made against you!

  7. Holy. Shit. Legit off the rails, batshit crazy. He reminds me of Negan from TWD, and he portrays a true psychopath. ?

  8. David is a sorry excuse for a man. He forgets that one day he’s going to wake up old, fragile and useless… Shitting and pissing on himself, waiting on someone to help clean him up because he won’t be able to do it himself… And nobody will want anything to do with him because they will remember how disgusting and vile he is at this point of his life… Not even his kids will be proud of him. Jenelle won’t be there to wipe his ass either Cuz she’ll probably have grown some balls and moved on with someone who actually makes her see what she’s missing.

  9. Dude is seriously losing it. I predict s murder/suicide or killed by cops after a standoff at The Land within 12 months.

  10. The big problem with Kaiser is that Nathan is not okay enough to take on full custody but he’s not so messed up that Doris can sue for custody directly. Even if he sued for custody, won, and then informally placed Kaiser with his mom, Janelle would be able to use that to fight for full custody.

  11. So He’s trying to defend himself against claims of physically assaulting his wife by… threatening to physically assault someone? Smart man…

  12. First of all, he is disgusting. Second of all, he is high a freakin kite. Thirdly, that flag does not mean he has guns. He is unhinged. I am a legal gun owner and I fully support his right to bear arms be TAKEN AWAY. I don’t understand how someone who is a CONVICT, domestic abuser and drug user has access to firearms?!? When you THREATEN AND ABUSE PEOPLE YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE ACCESS TO GUNS! He is the type of crackpot who makes legal gun owners like myself have a hard time defending our rights. He seems so close to the edge right now, I fear for those children.

  13. Nathan and his mom seem to be silent right now. I am hoping it’s because they are preparing a kick ass legal strategy to get poor kaiser away from this monster. I know Nathan might not be everyone’s favorite dad/human being BUT he seems to genuinely love his son. Also Marissa’s mom needs to get her crap together and take her back too. Especially since she’s the only kid that never gets to leave the land. The little ones go to daycare at least. So marissas mom see if you can get a scholarship to enter the program with butch and get clean to save your daughter.

  14. Hey David!! If you don’t want people commenting on your life get your wife the f**k off tv!! Mtv you need to fire Jenelle. At this point it would seem she’s more trouble than she’s worth. Let those two low lifes get real jobs.

  15. I think that Jenelle is afraid to get a divorce from him. I couldn’t imagine what he would do to her if she filed. He would probably put her in the hospital or even worse if she said she wanted a divorce.

  16. The sad part of all this, is that it appears Barbara is now as brainwashed as Jenelle when it comes to this psychotic meat head. Wasn’t the whole purpose of keeping primary custody of Jace about PROTECTING him?

    Then how on Earth does she allow Jace to go into such a violent household where holes are punched in walls and where BOTH Kaiser and Jenelle have now said that David physically abused them? Even Jace himself has clearly told Barbara in past episodes how “horrible” his visits are to THE LAND.

    So if it were me, I’d be on the court’s doorsteps day and night pressing for “supervised” visits only at that crazy-ass “house of horrors.” Where my other grandson has been punched in the head by this overgrown, cowardly oaf and my daughter placed a 911 call screaming about how her collar bone was almost broken.

    Therefore, needless to say — I’m really surprised at how numb, accepting, and seemingly flat-out docile Barbara has suddenly become to all this.


  17. Just say no
    People do & say things they regret when on drugs. Obviously he regrets it or he wouldnt have deleted it immediately.

    1. I’m not one to judge people for responsible recreational drug use, including alcohol. However, once you know a drug causes you to act in ways you regret, that it turns you into someone you don’t want to be, the responsible thing to do is to stop taking it. If you keep talking it knowing you won’t like the consequences, that means you have a problem.

  18. Eason is a freak. There is seriously something wrong with him. Even if he posts his ignorant comments for attention. This man-child is a bully, and he’s so disgusting. Get janelle off the show. I don’t want to watch the poor kids in this abusive household any longer.

  19. Give it a few more months…this crackhead is about to do something way worse than break a collar bone. The POS is clearly on something, and you can tell it’s way more potent than alcohol.

  20. This is just way too much. He is actually a psychopath. Honestly at this point, any threat he dishes out, I would be taking seriously and taking some kind of legal action against him. He’s obviously the kind of idiot to try and act on things like this. I hope they fire Jenelle, I really do. Everything has gone way too far and it feels like a terrible build up to something awful happening to Jenelle and her kids, let alone other people in the franchise. That guy has serious problems, and if he’s this frightening over camera, I can only imagine how terrifying he is to those little babies in real life.

  21. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS MAN?! High as a kite and obv mentally unstable. An abuser, a racist, a jerk, you name it, he prob is that.

    I am scared for all the other Teen Mom cast now, no one can predict his next move.

    MTV, WHY AREN’T YOU TAKING ACTION AGAINST HIM?! Firing obv wasn’t enough, he needs to get arrested and sent to jail. (again)

  22. I don’t know, Jenelle claims Babs was on her side when Nathan refused to return Kaiser because he had been abused by David.
    Babs didn’t take Jenelle to court but agreed to official visitation outside the courtroom.
    Jenelle manipulates Babs, when Babs behaves, she can see Jenelle and her grandchildren. And now David is also manipulating Babs and trying to isolate Babs (by insinuating to Kail Babs dispises her, said she slept around with everyone or something like that)

  23. Let’s see….Randy is a highly educated white-collar professional with a medical degree. A dentist. Wealthy, settled, with a good solid family, lots of friends, a beautiful home and a cabin getaway. Very well respected in his field. Sponsors little leagues and such, enjoys his hobbies. Spends holidays & vacations with his wife, kids, grandkids, and friends. Can retire whenever he desires and celebrate an accomplished life.

    David is an uneducated hick who is only getting by because he hitched himself to a girl with MTV money. No job, no skills, no aspirations, no education. Drugs, guns, prison, felonies, police knocking at the door a couple times a week. CPS investigations. 911 calls. Never talks to anyone including his wife and kids without threatening them using his neanderthal size. Posts his backwoods thoughts online to get attention, regardless of if it might mean the family income is suddenly gone.

    Yeah big bad David is the real man here folks. He’s so tough I’m in awe of his manliness.

  24. Oh, and another thing. He pulled that video off of his account because it comes off as a threat towards Randy which means legal action can be taken.

    Too bad David wasn’t fast enough to delete it before someone on twitter posted it. LOL

  25. Forget dental licenses…..someone needs to take away David’s gun license.

    Now we know why Janelle’s teeth looked the way they did in her video that she posted. Dentist David must have pulled them out.

  26. Holy shit. What more do these nutcases have do before the law actually does their job and remove these poor kids from this home? This is insane.

  27. I have watched this show since the beginning but this video disturbed me so much that I am absolutely never watching another episode until those children are removed from the home. This is disgusting. This monster isn’t fit to be around armed adults let alone small children. MTV can show all the little ads they want about abuse but this man is threatening people with guns and they pay his wife therefore they pay him. I’m done I’m a mother. I’ve always thought the drama was crazy and wanted to follow it but I can’t follow it anymore. Cps in their state is a poor excuse flr a group meant to protect children.

    1. Honestly, I was thinking the same thing…like did I really just waste nearly 2 minutes of my life watching this loser make moaning noises and threats about guns and realigning jaws…

  28. David is out of control.
    I,hope Randy gets a restraining order on that lunatic and I hope MTV finally fires Jenelle.
    I,don’t know about the rest of you but I am sick of Jenelle and her shady life. I foresee real tragedy in the near future. Jenelle and David are not going to end well.

  29. Randy, please do whatever you can legally do to keep this monster away from your family. He is truly evil and disturbed.

  30. So they kicked Farrah off the show (I cant stand her but she was an adult) but these idiots get to abuse children, pull guns on people for no reason (and have them loaded, unlocked and accessible to children), move on to abusing his wife and now threatening other people!?

  31. It’s like watching a train wreck! I don’t like this at all. Papa Randy is a slick talker, but he never means any harm and when he does speak the truth, he only says what everyone is thinking! I hope Chelsea chooses not to film until Jenelle’s ass is fired!!!! No more platform for her! And I hope David catches charges for the threats. I like the DeBoers, but I love me some Papa Randy and David is a true ass. He gets worse and worse.

  32. Legit scary – this swamp monster reproduced (and will probably continue to reproduce) AND he’s constantly around his step-kids. Based on his past domestic violence arrests he was always probably violent and unhinged, but perhaps the TM2 spotlight plus being around Janelle in general brought him to the point of insanity.

    Come on team Dorris / Nathan / Babs – this insane threatening ramble should help your custody cases even more.

    Janelle has proven time and time again that she has bad taste in men, but David is a huge step down from any of the other losers. And in the end it’s the kids who suffer from their idiotic mother’s piss-poor decisions

    1. I think Babs knows that shit is getting bad on The Land and that’s probably why her and Jenelle are getting along now…so she can get those kids out of there….or at least that’s what I hope.

  33. David seems to be getting better in my opinion. At least he’s threatening a grown man not a woman or a child. LoL

  34. David is unhinged for sure, but Randy should keep his mouth shut. Its one thing to express his opinion but the way he does it invites trouble.

    1. When you put your life on reality tv you invite comments into your life. If David doesn’t like it he should tell Jenelle to quit.

  35. David seems to becoming more and more unhinged by the day. It is only a matter of time until someone gets hurt. I am genuinely scared for everyone who comes into contact with this lunatic.

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