‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Kayla Sessler Details Domestic Abuse Incident To Viewers

Drama, drama, drama…

After filing an order of protection against abuse against her baby daddy in May, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star Kayla Sessler shared the details of what really went down between herself and Stephan Alexander during Monday’s episode.

While Kayla revealed to Radar Online earlier this month that she filed the order against her ex Stephan (with whom she shares son Izaiah) following a domestic abuse incident, we now know the whole incident stemmed from Stephan taking her debit card.

According to Starcasm, when Kayla went to confront Stephan about her missing card, the two began arguing and things turned physical.

Kayla and Stephan when times were simpler and police weren’t involved.

“The argument resulted in him pulling me out of the car and throwing me on the ground,” Kayla said during the episode. “He started hitting and kicking me. And [my friend] Annabelle called the police.”

During the 911 call, Annabelle can be heard telling the operator that her friend’s ex “kicked her and hit her.”

After police arrived, a domestic violence report was filed, though Kayla did not wish to give her statement in front of Stephan. Instead, she did so the following day at the police station, where she was told by an officer that pressing domestic charges would be difficult.

“He ended up not getting arrested because police said they did not have enough evidence even though I had bruises on me,” she told Radar Online.

(Viewers got to see said bruises during Monday’s episode as Kayla’s mom took pictures for evidence.)

Kayla ultimately filed an emergency order of protection that was approved by a judge for a two-week term. As Starcasm previously reported, Kayla had the option to renew the order for a two-year period, though she did not show up for the renewal hearing, resulting in the order being lifted in June.

Prior to Monday’s episode, Kayla reminded her followers to tune in to the show that night, adding, “My son’s safety always comes first.” Following the episode, MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ Twitter account released a statement regarding domestic violence, which Kayla herself retweeted.

Kayla has since moved on from Stephan and has been dating her friend Luke Davis for a couple of months… and apparently, he’s already gotten Izaiah’s approval.

“You do have your own debit card, right?”

“He’s a great guy,” Kayla said. “Izaiah adores him. He’s not trying to take Stephan’s place, but he’s going to step up where Stephan isn’t.”

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. KAYLA is enabling Stephan! SHE didn’t even give a statement because she did not want him arrested!Girl you are sooooo dumb! Get a permanent P.O . Wake up!Stop using the baby as a poor excuse.

  2. Stephan is just a little bitch..hes never going to be anything more but yet this chick is dum as fuk to keep dealing with him.. kid or no kid hes a POS

  3. Stephan is such a loser and has absolutely zero redeeming qualities. No respect for anyone. He also has this weird complex where he thinks he’s superior, but does absolutely nothing with his life. The amount he’s supposed to pay in child support that he has the nerve to complain about is ridiculous! He obviously has no idea how much that child costs, but Stephan only ever seems to think about himself though..no surprise.

  4. In my state even if decline to press charges the city is obligated to press charges and presue them. Disgusting a office would try to dissuade someone from filing a report.

    My state still has the highest rates of DV in the country but at least we require the law to do something!

  5. Stephan needs his arse beat. No therapy. No anger management. He needs to catch a 2 piece, extra crispy.

  6. This guy is such a loser. Get a damn job! Wasn’t he ordered to pay like less that $200 a month for child support? He wants to do adult things like make a child but then wants to act like a 12 year old playing basketball all day and refusing to get a job. What will he say to his son when he grows up and sees this episode with all those bruises on his mother. What an example he is for his kid, beating women and stealing debit cards. Also, not sure why the domestic violence is difficult to prove when there was a 911 call and bruises all over her. In the state where I live he would have been arrested at the time of the incident.

    1. LESS than that! I think he was ordered to pay $120 and he kept whining about how much that was and that he was being swindled or whatever youth term he was using which I forget at the moment.
      What a piece of shit.

      1. $120 X 12 months = $1,440.

        $1,440 X 18 years = $25,920.

        He’ll pay less in 18 years to support his child than most people pay for a car.

  7. What is with this dude and taking debit cards?

    Maybe get a job, even if it is at a fast food restaurant and then you won’t have to try to take other people’s money AND you’ll be able to pay child support for your son. You should want your son to be able to have the things that he NEEDS and that things that he wants too.

    1. Exactly! Fast food? So what?!!
      It’s a hell of a lot better than stealing money from friends and family or begging! Earn your damn dollar! Ugh, he’s disgusting!

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