Jax Taylor Is Reportedly the Highest Paid Cast Member On ‘Vanderpump Rules’

“See what having no shame or self control gets you?!”

Whoever said “it pays to be good” obviously never worked in reality TV…

Celebrity Insider reports that Vanderpump Rules star/resident bad boy Jax Taylor is pulling in around $25,000 per episode of the hit Bravo show, making him the highest paid cast member (not including Lisa Vanderpump, of course).

Jax’s tendency to make poor decisions was highlighted repeatedly over the show’s first six seasons, bringing in plenty of drama, second-hand embarrassment and most importantly: viewers.

“Does this mean he can pay me back for all the silverware and bottles of vodka he stole?”

Although the former model appears to have cleaned up his act in the show’s current season, it’s hard to forget the dirty deeds he SURved up in the past…

Jax’s resume includes having sex in the SUR bathroom with a co-worker, allegedly knocking up a stripper in Vegas, cheating on his girlfriend with her best friend, breaking up with a girl moments after accompanying her to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting—and this was just in Season 1.

“I like my pockets how I like my v-necks: deep.”

Jax may be pulling in the biggest bucks among the ‘Pump Rules’ posse, but his co-stars aren’t doing too bad for themselves, either.

Cheat Sheet reports that former SURvers Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute each earn $15,000 per episode, as does bartender-turned-Tom Tom-businessman Tom Sandoval.

According to Radar Online, a lawsuit that was filed in 2016 against Sandoval by his former talent agency revealed that the bartender only took home $12,000 for Season 1 of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ and $25,900 for Season 2.

Sandoval deserved a bonus for this scene alone.

The suit came after Sandoval terminated his contract with his manager during Season 3 negotiations and the case was settled in December of that year. Sandoval reportedly began making “upwards of $15,000” per episode from Season 3 and on.

Despite being with the show since its 2013 debut, Scheana Shay earns just $10,000 per episode, which will buy you 909 orders of SUR’s fried goat cheese balls… just in case you were wondering.

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(Photos: Bravo)


  1. Gross. And disappointing. But not surprising. I don’t even find him to make good TV, although I’m sure many other do which is the reason behind his salary. And this “change” in him is temporary. He’s too pathological at this point.

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