Justin Bobby Dishes On Reuniting with Audrina Patridge & How He Really Feels About Mischa Barton Joining Cast of ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’

“Don’t stand next to me, Audrina, or everyone will think that we’re back together!”

The Hills star Justin Bobby Brescia recently gave fans the scoop on the upcoming new episodes of the show, as well as the status of his relationship with Audrina Patridge.

(Strangely, we could have written that exact opening paragraph in 2008 and it would have been applicable…)

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Justin Bobby talked about the status of his relationship with Audrina, who is appearing on the upcoming ‘Hills’ reboot, The Hills: New Beginnings, with him and (most) of the original cast.

Currently, the exes are both single, but according to Justin Bobby, they aren’t ready to mingle… at least, not with each other, anyway.

He told Entertainment Tonight that a possible relationship with his ex-girlfriend was “not gonna happen.”

“[That’s] old school, new beginnings not for that, though,” he said.

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Justin Bobby may have grown older, but we’re not too sure he’s matured in the time since he last graced our television screens.

“[You] might [see me] meet a few ladies, but I’m so busy and fast. I’m too quick for love,” he said.


Justin Bobby was also asked for his thoughts on the new addition to the show, Mischa Barton. The actress joined the cast this summer, despite never having been on the original ‘Hills’ show.

“She’s pretty quiet. She’s a really quiet being, so nobody’s really cracked her code yet, but we’re getting to know her,” Justin Bobby said, adding that he’s looking forward to this show being less dramatic than it’s predecessor.

“Everybody’s not taking it as seriously as we used to,” he said. “We’re having fun. I have more fun with comedy than I do with drama, at least, I handle it better.”

“Quiet being” Mischa must be filling the hole left by some of the original cast members, such as Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari, who won’t be appearing on ‘New Beginnings.’

“We’re not missing anybody,” he said. “Anybody who’s not there, we’re not missing anybody.”

Back in August, Justin Bobby was less tactful (go figure!) while discussing Lauren & Co.’s absences on the new series.

“It’s a good cast. We’ve got all the good people left,” Justin said in an interview the day MTV announced that it was rebooting ‘The Hills.’ “It’s gonna be good. Everybody’s happy. There are good vibes. When you’ve got s**tty people running around, it creates this ambiance you don’t need.”

‘Hills’ cast members who are slated to appear in ‘New Beginnings’ with Justin Bobby and Audrina include Heidi MontagSpencer Pratt, Justin Bobby BresciaStephanie PrattFrankie DelgadoWhitney Port, Brody Jenner and Jason WahlerBrandon Lee— the son of actress Pamela Anderson and drummer Tommy Lee— has also been added to the cast.

‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ will premiere in early 2019 on MTV.

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21 Responses

      1. Shut.


        The only options, IIRC, were Pratt sis or Mischa…the red woman doesn’t resemble either, I swear to fkin god it’s some rando RealHousewife ™️

  1. Honestly, I didn’t really like Lauren either. I didn’t hate her- she didn’t have enough of a personality to hate. I liked Laguna and the Hills with Kristin more than I did Lauren, because at least she was more interesting. I also just liked her more than Lauren.

    That being said, a Hills reboot with no Lauren OR Kristin? Hard pass.

  2. I can’t believe Whitney Port is going to be on this. I really liked her and always thought she seemed really normal. Now I question everything!

    1. Whitney Port is doing it for exposure, obviously she wasn’t as successful in the fashion industry as she wanted to be.

      Spencer and Heidi are doing it for redemption–they want to show they’ve matured and aren’t the bad guys. Also, more money and fame.

      Frankie, Audrina, Brandon Lee, and Justin Bobby are doing it for money and exposure. Frankie and Justin are both singers. Audrina just wants to build a brand like Lauren did. She was unsuccessful in her own reality show with her family. Audrina also needs money to live off of (she has no degree or skills, she was a receptionist prior to going on “the Hills”) and for her custody battle over her divorce and daughter.

      Stephanie Pratt also has nothing going for her, if she had a stable job that she loved doing she wouldn’t have wanted to go on the show. She wants exposure and money.

      Mischa Barton is going on for redemption (she had some mental health and/or addiction issues in the past). She wants to restart her Hollywood career.

      Jason Wahler is also going on for redemption. He has a wife and is sober now, so he wants to show everyone he’s a good person. He’s also going on for money.

      1. Seriously….everyone that didn’t come back (except Lo, who I really couldn’t stand anyway), are too good to come back…they don’t NEED to come back for a paycheck.

  3. They’re all douches, everyone one of em. The show sucked after Lauren left and that left all the crappy ones IMO. And I thought he hated the cameras

  4. I don’t understand the hatred they have for Lauren. They blame Lauren for everything. They act like Lauren was the CEO of MTV and blacklisted them.

    1. Because she didn’t like them, any of them. And as viewers, most of us preferred her over them. And when she had enough and walked away (on her own terms), she did just fine in life. Of course they hate her.

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