New Boyfriends & Old Family Drama: Watch the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9 Trailer & Get EXCLUSIVE Details of the New Season!

This season on ‘Almost-Middle-Aged Mom’…

Well Juh-nelle, I see ya on anotha season of Teen Mom 2… and ya brought all ya drama-causin’ co-stars with ya!

That’s right kids, Jenelle and the rest of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ gang is back next month, when the ninth season of the MTV reality show premieres. (Let’s all take a moment to mourn all the time we’ve lost watching this dumpster fire of a TV show over nine seasons. Sigh.)

Anyway, on Monday, MTV released the first trailer for Season 9, and, as per usual, the season is going to be full of drama. This time, however, they are really reaching for storylines by bringing back a few of our favorite long-lost cast members (just as The Ashley told you this summer they would!)

“It was either go dig up Andrew or head to prison and film through the visitation room glass with Kieffer!”

Back in August, The Ashley told you that MTV was scrambling to come up with story lines for Jenelle, since her husband David Eason was not allowed to be filmed, and Jenelle had been refusing to film with her at-the-time estranged mother Barbara Evans. (The pair has since reconciled…at least for now…)

Anyway, the show’s producers came up with the story line to get in contact with Jenelle’s long-lost first baby daddy, Andrew Lewis, who is the father of her son Jace.

“Since there is a lot of stuff that is off-limits to film, either at Jenelle’s request or because it has to do with David and MTV won’t film him, the producers had to come up with new subjects to include in Jenelle’s story,” The Ashley’s source told her back in August. “They are going to be revisiting with Jace’s father Andrew this season.

“Not sure if he will actually appear but he has been contacted to be part of Jenelle’s story line this season.”

In the trailer, we see Jenelle’s producer Kristen tell Jenelle that Andrew had been in contact with her. The Ashley’s source tells her that is not how things actually went down. The folks from the show contacted Andrew, not the other way around.

“They were desperate because at the time they literally had no one to film Jenelle with. She wasn’t speaking to any of her family, they couldn’t film David and she has no friends around to film with. They had to come up with something.”

Another source recently told The Ashley that, at points in Season 9, we will see Jenelle  heart-to-heart talks those working for MTV.

“There was literally no one else for her to talk on-camera with,” the source added.

Barb even chats with a security guard hired to protect the set!

And, of course, we will see Jenelle’s frantic 911 call from October covered on the new season.

“Maybe she needs to lose everything,” a tearful Barbara says about Jenelle.

(Click here to find out how MTV covered that incident during filming and how Jenelle reacted.)

“This beats another season of me screaming at my ex’s flavor of the month, right?!”

As for the other girls’ storylines, Kail Lowry goes in search of her long-lost mother, Suzi Lowry. Back in August, Kail expressed her desire to find out where her mother has been for the last few years. During an episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail stated that she was not even sure if her mother, who has struggled with alcohol abuse in the past, is still alive.

(For the record, after that podcast episode aired, The Ashley decided to play “Where In The World is Smirnoff Suzi?” The Ashley located her, alive and well, working about two hours away from Kail’s Delaware home.)

“Again, that whole plotline was just [MTV] trying to come up with something to film Kail about that didn’t have to do with one of her exes,” the source tells The Ashley.

“My next storyline is crowning!”

As for Chelsea Houska, it appears that her Season 9 story lines will be about her first baby daddy, Adam Lind, and his downward spiral. We hear Chelsea and Adam’s daughter, Aubree, asking her mom, “So the whole visitation is just cancelled?” (We can assume Aubree’s talking about her visitation with Adam.)

“I don’t have any words,” Chelsea sadly tells her daughter.

We also see a happy moment in the lives of Chelsea in her family: the birth of her third child, daughter Layne. (The footage of Layne’s birth appears to have been filmed on a personal hand-held camera.)

“Can you believe I used to fight Kail over JAVI!?”

The story lines of Leah Messer and Briana DeJesus appear to be centered around– what else?— the new guys in their lives. Both Leah and Briana have boyfriends (although Leah had a brief split with her man, Jason Jordan, this fall), and both men will be shown on-camera this season.

For more of the latest ‘Teen Mom 2’ news, click here!

Watch the Season 9 trailer below!

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23 Responses

  1. Andrew consciously decided not to be in Jace’s life. It’s not like he was lost. It’s a stupid storyline.

    Didn’t Kail say she hates her mother?! Again they are looking for a storyline while there’s none.

    Chelsea’s is the most interesting one. Layne is adorable!

    Ofc they will make Leah’s and Briana’s storyline around their new men. Because it’s weird for a woman to be single, am I right?!

    1. Ok, I love Chelsea too but she isn’t the most interesting(at least not in a drama way). She’s a married lady who is stable and talks about having more kids with her husband. That’s boring lol. She’s great! But not for trash TV.

  2. Jenelle throws this same tantrum all the time – “I’M the Teen Mom, it’s MY show, not hers!” She’s so jealous because people love Barb. She needs to accept that bottom line, MTV is a business. It’s literally their #1 job to make as much money as possible. If people love Barb and she brings in the ratings and the viewers, then duh Jenelle, they’re gonna show Barb.

    1. Jenelle needs to grow the fuck up already. She acts like a spoiled child. That’s why she has no business raising children.

  3. Chelsea is my all time fave teen mom! Aside from the weird baby voices, she is the only “normal” one. She’s a good role model, as she worked prior to having Watson and Layne, and always put Aubree at the centre of everything. She didn’t jump on the first guy who showed her attention and instantly get pregnant again. The whole concept of the show was to show the reality of teen pregnancy, and hers seemed the most real. Despite Adam being a complete prat, she stil saw the importance of trying to get him to maintain a relationship with Aubree, even if it fell on deaf ears. The rest seem to be living off teen mom money, with houses, cars etc. Look at Caitlin and Tyler, they selflessly gave Carly for adoption, as they felt they couldn’t provide the life she needed. I’m sure they both said they would go to university, with Caitlin wanting to be a teacher. Whilst I appreciate plans change, their clothing line alone wouldn’t have been enough to afford their house. If teens watch, the glamorous lives most portray, look appealing! I do have admiration for Kail, I think she has her head screwed on (apart from when it comes to relationships!) Jenelle- I honestly can see something bad happening to her or her family. Leah has grown a lot, but she’s another who doesn’t work. You can’t include motivational speaking as she’s not the most inspirational… I’m undecided on Brianna. I like how her journey shows how much of a role families play in raising a child, but then there’s the plastic vagina, Javi, two kids with different dads… If teen mom ended, and we fast forwarded 30 years, I bet a lot would be grandparents at an early age. I can imagine Chelsea and Cole, surrounded by a bunch of kids, all happy, and still very much in love xxx

  4. Has anyone seen Jenelle’s creepy Instagram ranting? First she showed David pouring water over her in the tub then proceeded to show old pics to show they do have friends and family. Then she attacks David’s sister and then says her relationship with her mom is ruined over what she says is mtv’s edits making the whole show around Barbara so she doesn’t trust anyone anymore.

    1. Ugh yes, she’s trying to prove something. And Jenelle, YOU ruined your relationship with your mom, along with anyone in your life

    2. Jenelle throws this same tantrum all the time – “I’M the Teen Mom, it’s MY show, not hers!” She’s so jealous because people love Barb. She needs to accept that bottom line, MTV is a business. It’s literally their #1 job to make as much money as possible. If people love Barb and she brings in the ratings and the viewers, then duh Jenelle, they’re gonna show Barb.

  5. Poor Aubree. Shes experienced so much disappointment at such a young age. Adumb is such a shitty person….at least she has Cole, but you can still tell she loves her POS sperm donor very much.

  6. If it’s so boring and you hate it…why are you reading and posting about it before it’s even on!? ? Bye girls!?

  7. “Maybe she needs to lose everything,” a tearful Barbara says about Jenelle.

    Yeah, first her kids and than her life.

    1. You would think that would be a wake up call for her to maybe reassess her life and change her shitty attitude…but the girl has shit for brains, and thinks everyone else is the problem.

    2. It’s actually a rather alarming degree of social isolation, given the context. She doesn’t appear to work outside the home, her children are homeschooled(!), the entire family just seems folded in around this one volatile hermit.

    1. I agree! First of all, they’re all damn near 30 years old! There is nothing “teen” about their situations anymore. Second, they all make over 6 figures per year. They don’t even personify the true struggles as a result of being a pregnant teen. Third, reasons 1 and 2 just make this show boring. Like, we all sing the praises of Chelsea, but, she’s boring. She’s now just a married lady who talks about having more kids with her husband.

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