Take The Ashley’s “Best of 2018 Reality TV” Survey!

It’s almost time to bid 2018 farewell, which means it’s also time to vote for The Ashley’s annual “Best of Reality TV” survey!

This year has been pretty exciting in the world of reality TV. We’ve watched people get arrested, break up, get engaged and get trashed and now it’s time to vote for your favorite and least favorite people, moments and shows!

As always, the survey will close in the early hours of December 31 and the results will be announced later that day!

Take the 2018 “Best of Reality TV” survey below!

(Be sure to use the survey’s scroller to scroll down and not the regular “page down” scroller!)


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    I’m surprised Kortni Gilson wasn’t on the villain list ! She’s the worst ……take her off the show. I also don’t see Amy as a train wreck at all

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    I love jersey shore family vacay & floribama shore & almost all teen moms .. but CANNOT STAND FARRAH! or JENELLE! 🤮

    1. Yeses! Catelyn and that trauma talk is exhausting. What trauma Catelyn? If it was so bad why is she leaving Nova with April and Butch all the time?

  3. Other than not watching the Mama June and The Propsal I’m not embarrassed to admit I watched the other shows on the list. I love them!

  4. Most Shocking Reality TV Scandal of 2018?
    I assume that means that we are “shocked” / surprised it happened.

    How can anyone choose Jenelle, everyone had to know that David (who was in jail for domestic violence against his then pregnant girlfriend) would go after Jenelle

    1. that’s exactly what I was thinking! shocked? hell no that’s her thing, make a claim or do something with witnesses then flat out deny, deny, deny! And yes I said that in Babs high! tone lol

  5. Janelle pulling the gun with Jace in the car is hands down the most terrifying thing I have ever seen.

    I can’t even be snarky about it. It was just too much for the poor kid to have to be put through that.

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