EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2′ Crew Members Are Refusing to Work on Jenelle Evans’ Shoots Because They’re Afraid of Her Husband David Eason

“I ain’t scary DAMMIT!”

Jenelle Evans‘ husband David Eason may not be allowed on Teen Mom 2 anymore, but he’s still causing major problems for MTV and the producers of the show!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that several of the show’s rotating crew members are refusing to work on Jenelle’s shoots at all in 2019, due to what they fear David may do. The Ashley’s sources tell her that at least three different crew members have gone to the show’s higher-ups over the last month or so and demanded to be taken off of Jenelle’s shoots.

“There are a lot of crew members who work on multiple girls’ shoots—or all of the girls’ shoots–during the season,” one of The Ashley’s sources explained. “After the first video [of David threatening to shoot trespassers who came on The Land] incident, several of them said they will no longer accept shoots with Jenelle, because they are downright scared to go anywhere near her, out of fear of what David may do.”

A second source confirmed the first source’s story, adding that David is always a presence during the filming of Jenelle’s scenes, even though he’s not on-set.

“They no longer feel comfortable working on Jenelle,” the second source told The Ashley. “There are some people who no longer feel safe going down there anymore because David has made it clear that he does not like the people from MTV, and that he has a ton of weapons. There have been multiple discussions among various crew member groups about the possibility of him coming to a location where we’re filming and opening fire if he’s in a bad mood or something, even if it’s just to scare us.

“His videos and [recent] actions make people think he’s erratic and unpredictable,” the source added. “Some of the people who used to work Jenelle’s shoots don’t want to risk being anywhere near David.”

Both sources tell The Ashley that this has never happened in the history of ‘Teen Mom.’

“Over the years, certain girls and certain crew members have had spats and stopped working together,” one source says. “[A crew member] can request to be taken off a girl’s shoots. That’s happened before with Farrah and Amber, etc. But I think this is the first time people are refusing to do shoots out of safety concerns. Each shoot has security guards, but that hasn’t helped anyone feel safer.”

“It definetly puts the [higher-ups] in an uncomfortable spot,” the first source tells The Ashley. “They can not force anyone to work with Jenelle. The producers and certain others are employees but most of the crew and other people who work on the shoots are all freelancers. They get calls asking them to cover a certain girl’s shoot at a certain time, and lately, a lot of people are turning down the Jenelle shoots. They feel it’s just not worth the risk to be there if something goes down.”

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This is putting the show’s production higher-ups in a hard position. As The Ashley has previously told you, each person who works on any ‘Teen Mom’ show has to pass a series of background checks and go through an approval process, since they are working directly with the children who star on the shows.

“We can’t just go on the [entertainment crew] job boards and hire random people,” the source said. “Everyone has to be cleared and go through a process. So with a lot of the cleared people saying no to Jenelle’s shoots, they may have to start running skeleton crews.”

UPDATE! Jenelle’s co-star Kail Lowry responded to The Ashley’s story after it was posted on Twitter.

“I will not be attending any type of reunion on the same day or weekend as Jenelle & David for the same reasons,” Kail tweeted on Wednesday.

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  1. why don’t they get Janelle ass off the show why do you have to keep sacrificing for her because of that stupid idiot husband of hers she is just one person who no one cares about so just kick her off.problem solved.dr drew is stupid to let this shit keep playing out .mtv is headed for a law suit.with these no name brand idiots.

  2. So grown-ass MTV crew members are afraid of this maniac and have been granted permission to avoid the land, but those defenseless kids are stuck!? I just hope Dorris and Nathan’s lawyers along with NC child protective services are using this latest example to build their case.

  3. I’m over this. I can’t with any of them. Their own crew is scared for themselves, cast members have all expressed the same. They have already threatened cast members so despite a Kail needing to learn she doesn’t need to always open her mouth she had valid reasons to be scared of David. The stuff they’ve been spewing for weeks is continuing to dig a grave for themselves and for the future with their kids. Those kids will read how they treated people and be embarrassed if they aren’t all ready. I just read that not only just body shamed Kail but also remarked that she’s not worth it to even her own mother which is such a low blow. Then I also heard off Starcasm David is once again pulling out that race card on Bird box. Like really?! I just can’t fathom how with the online threats and the guns and secret service and nobody can get those kids out of house. I just don’t understand why those kids aren’t protected.

  4. Get those two off the show. All they do is cause problems with everybody. They’re full of drama n get on everyone’s nerves. They’re f*****g stupid. She doesn’t even love her kids. She’s only worried about being up every guys ass that she’s with.

  5. Wonder how they will make a living with out mtv money? You know David is not going to work because no one will give him a job because he crazy. If jenelle can’t get away from him the someone need to take her kids. I like jenelle but she has let him take over her life. It’s going to take something bad happen to her or her kids before she gets away from him

  6. Why is nobody concerned about Jenelle? She already pulled a gun on someone and denied it later while she freakin knew it was filmed!
    She is just as crazy and dangerous as he is. He didn’t pull a gun on the FBI or the tresspasser/ deer dumper, so maybe she’s even worse and more disturbed.
    Stop pretending she us the victim, David wasn’t there when she pulled her gun or followed that guy, he was sane enough to tell her she shouldn’t have.

  7. I do not blame a single one of that crew for refusing to return there. MTV is partly to blame as they have kept writing checks which supports those two. I’d say get them both off the show or cancel it all together. The fact remains the crazy will still continue as long as they have social media access and sites like this that report on them. I feel for those kids. They are the real innocents in all of it.

  8. Isn’t he a felon? How can he own guns? Also I think this is a reasonable and responsibile response to truly disturbing behavior. I think this will be Jenelle’s last season. I really do hope she doesn’t get murdered by him. I think if she ever really tries to leave him, her life will be in danger.

  9. If you ever watch Intervention, the most common and most abetting problem that needs to stop in order for the addict to get help is enabling. If the addict retains the enabler-9.5/10 times, the addict will remain the addict. But if you can stop the enabling, then it gives the addict no alternative. They might say no to help right away, but an extreme few completely say no.
    MTV is the enabler, Jenelle is the addict, and David is the drug. Someone stated an excellent fact: their drama plays out on social media anyway.

    If MTV continues with Jenelle and ANYONE gets shot by him -MTV employed or not- MTV will definitely be blamed. Why can’t they see that?

    What does it take for a court appointed psych eval, btw? He’s obviously showing the signs for one – one that could affect his legal rights to own guns right now.

    Time to starve the addict of her ability to remain the addict, and time to starve the fire of the oxygen feeding his crazed antics. (proverbiallly)

  10. I’m conservative and all about the second Amendment but this guy is scary and I would hate to be around him in any situation where he is angry or drunk . He doesn’t seem to think and just reacts and I could see him pulling a gun on a crew member for something silly as filming Janelle talking about them fighting or some crap

  11. I would go work on that crew. I’m not certain that David would do anything like open fire. I think he’s erratic for sure. But I don’t think he’s that erratic. If anything he’d threaten things. he would probably tow my car lol but I doubt he’d shoot people.

  12. What they need to do is bring a real man on set with them and put that punk in is place. He is nothing, but an attention seeking *****! It’s so obvious that he has brainwashed Jenelle and controls her. Keep waiting to see something really bad happen.

  13. Jenelle, we know you read these comments. So please pay attention – you’re a horrible mother, a grotesque parasite of a human being. Your children need to be rescued from YOU because you are exactly the type of mother that allows her kids to be abused and you look the other way because you prioritize men over them. You’re not about to lose that skin tag of a husband just because he abuses you and your kids. You have so little self esteem and respect that you think you’re loved by David. You’re simply a possession to him and you’re too stupid to realize the difference between being loved and being owned. Jace told it like it is, you and David are pieces of shit. No one fed him that line, no one coached him to say it. That is how your son feels about his mother. Hopefully those kids are taken away and you and David can proceed to smoke your minds away in your she shed aka meth mansion. Once MTV cans your trashy ass you’ll run through whatever money you have left, you’ll probably give your kids away since they no longer earn you a paycheck, and David will proceed to treat you worse and worse, beat you more and more until you both either OD or he kills you then kills himself. Either way, it won’t be a loss for society. The real tragedy will be the damage that’s been inflicted on those poor kids.

  14. Well, MTV. Surely, the conventional wisdom would be to FIRE JENELLE’S ASS. This way, there would be no issue in dealing with meth head David’s insane stupidity.

    Question: Is Jenelle’s dumpster fire “hot messy-ness” really worth having your employees now feeling endangered and threatened? Regarding production, is she not ALREADY causing huge insurance liability premiums for the TM franchise with her and David’s drugged up, high risk behavior?

    Just asking, is all.

  15. These two have more money in their mid-twenties than some make in their lifetime. If they had been smart, they could have set themselves up to live a very comfortable life. However, they are just two white-trash guttermuppets who hit the lottery and gave no thought to their future or how they could make the most of the opportunity they were given. When they eventually stop receiving those handsome sums of money from MTV, I give it 2 years before they lose the house. They would’ve been smart to keep their mouths shut, ride this MTV wave until it dies and then take off into the sunset and be set for life. Instead, they’ve most likely pissed through a good portion of the money, and now they’re on borrowed time with MTV and their hefty paychecks. It’s becoming harder and harder to keep Jenelle employed with MTV and pretty soon, MTV will be forced to cut their losses and Jenelle and David will be up shit’s creek without a paddle.

  16. If he’s this scary to ADULTS, can you imagine how terrifying it must be to be one of those poor children who live on The Land?

  17. I wouldn’t go to the Laaaaand for a job either. Good on the crew for standing up for themselves. Lurch is known to be violent, short tempered and armed. That’s a combo any rational person steers clear of.

    That alone should be reason for mtv and the the production company to cut her loose. If that’s not enough, there’s business justification as well. Her segments suck and her “best storylines” play out on social media and not on the show.

  18. Get rid of Jenelle and see how fast she dumps David for that paycheck! That’s why he acts like that he doesnt work and hes acting like that trying to get on another drama filled reunion show so Jenelle can be under his control and without MTV money. I was married to someone like him. Shes in danger and refuses to see it. I think she has battered womans syndrome. Shes used to awful men.

  19. Gosh, I wish Jenelle would just: 1. divorce this maniac and 2. get a restraining order against him! All of her exes were arrested for domestic violence and somehow with this one “it was just a misunderstanding”. Sure, Jen. Somehow I fell the crew being there protected her (although probably not) even if they were scared of him. And why doesn’t he go inside while she films outside or vice versa?! These two are way too possessive, he even more than her. Ugh, I hate when a man thinks he owns a woman esp if he is an asshole like this one! But sadly, I have a feeling Jenelle doesn’t think there is a way out. It’s a typical domestic violence situation and it makes me sad for her and the kids. This man should be jailed for life!

      1. Both are nuts but in this situation she is the one getting all the abuse and I believe even she doesn’t deserve it!

    1. I used to feel sorry for her cause I was in a similar situation but I lost sympathy after she aggressively sought out defending him. She was in a position to be supported and protected if she left and she jumped right back into it posting videos and picks of her acting just like him. I worry what the kids see if what we see is that scary.

  20. Lawd.
    We all know that Lurch is just waiting for the day that HE says that the MTV crew show up on the Laaaaand unexpectedly so that he can claim that they were trespassing and he’s “entitled” to defend his Laaaand.

    Blood is going to be shed eventually with this lunatic and it’ll all come back on MTVs ass.

    Just f-cking FIRE Jenelle already and be done with it. Cut off her and that flea she’s married to.. stop enabling the sh-t!

  21. Jenelle just really needs to be fired already. I am so glad that Jace is still with Barbara.i hope she never gets him back. Unstable Jenelle always putting her crazy men first. All her children should be taken away immediately. She can have her man.

  22. Once that MTV money dries up he’s going to have to sell his guns to pay taxes on the land, I hear he baled on a boxing match because he’s a coward, unless he’s behind a gun.

  23. They need to get rid of her, what is the deal? Do they want young impressionable girls to think they condone domestic violence?? Because by keeping her on the show, that is what they’re doing. SHame on you MTV.

  24. It is so sad that anyone would have to post “hate us if you want to” on what should be a sweet family photo. It’s no surprise that this is what Jenelle’s life has become as you could tell way back during her 16&P episode that drama is her lifeblood, but the fact that all these children are wrapped up in this craziness is very sad. That ogre said that he is armed at all times; what crew member in their right mind would want to be around that, but can you imagine what little Kaiser goes through. Seeing this enormous muskox that has abused you carrying a lethal weapon all day everyday as a warning to everyone around him not to get out of line, that poor little boy must be terrified and walking on eggshells all the time. Lurch is definitely a piece of s**t, but I actually think Jenelle is just as big of a piece, if not bigger for bringing a child into the world with this waste of skin, insisting her other children be around him and funding/co-singing his deviant, antichrist behavior.

  25. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Have you seen the shirts with the Confederate flags that they post on their Instagram stories? They look like lunatics. No wonder people don’t want to work with them.

      1. What’s even the point of that? He hasn’t been in Jace’s life since day one and now he wants to collect a paycheck? Janky AF

  26. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Maybe Janelle needs to not be on teen mom if it’s such a threat!! NOT WORTH IT!!

  27. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Cut her loose. Both her and David have nothing to offer. Once income is gone both of them will have to look at themselves and figure it out.

  28. Meh I dont buy it.
    It’s all a damn act bc these 2 are like a couple of 14yr old girls in belly shirts – bad attention is still attention

  29. How pathetic is it that Jenelle has all those kids and has hit the jackpot – she could easily send them all to the best schools, set them up for life….not only does she have MTV money just for filming but all the magazine shoots, interviews….on top of that free family vacations, companies sending her free stuff all the time………but she’s going to throw it all away to stand by this neanderthal.
    She’s a smart girl in some ways, like deep down she KNOWS that he’s controlling, abusive, unstable, homophobic, etc., but she’s so dang stubborn. She refuses to acknowledge any of that because she only cares about proving that she’s right and that she’s in a happy little family and that the only people that have a problem with them are “haters”. She’s been this way in every relationship. Her only goal is to make people think that she’s happy, when the goal should be actually BEING happy.
    He’s methodically destroying her life even further, this time financially. But she’ll insist she stands by him and that the MTV crew are just “haters”.
    She needs to BE A MOTHER for once, and be motivated to keep that job to provide for her kids and their educations and futures. She needs to tell David to chill TF out and let her ride the MTV money train for as long as it lasts. She already blew through her first round of MTV money – she needs to think back to how that felt and not do it again.

  30. He’s losing it because he’s realizing he might actually have to fight Cory now.

    I’m not a fan of Cheyenne, but I love me some Corey. How fulfilling would it be to see Cory lay the smack down? Sigh. One can hope. The reality is David only knows how to shoot a gun, not actually fight.

    1. He won’t fight Cory. The same guy who did the Farrah/hoops fight contacted him and he turned it down saying the boxing was a homosexual sport he doesn’t have time for. He talk a lot of talk.

  31. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    They need to fire Jenelle! Problem solved! David is going to do somthin crazy one of these days. That dude aint right in the head, seriously!

  32. Can somebody explain to me why the hell MTV will fire Farrah over a bad attitude and showing her vagina online but they will keep Jenelle with this kind of dangerous craziness to deal with? MTV is really making themselves look extremely foolish.

    1. Farrah actually chose to leave the show. She was given the option to film with MTV or pursue adult entertainment.

      1. Right. So to MTV, being in adult entertainment is a deal breaker where a whacko that’s making threats with guns isn’t. You see the problem here?

        1. It doesn’t really look like MTV has a lot of crew members wanting to film with Jenelle right now, does it? It’s looking like the end is closing in on Jenelle too. She is a big ratings draw for the network with her drama though. You can’t make her stories up.

      2. Obviously the point they were making is that Farrah was going to be fired for doing the poem thing, but they have her an out – in true Farrah form she flipped out and refused to stop the porn…. Point being apparently MTV finds doing porn a worse offense than the numerous horrific things jenelle has done. Thank you for clarifying that Farrah wasn’t actually “fired” tho.

        1. There are a ton of offenses that cast members of “Teen Mom 2 & OG” could have been fired from any regular job for but weren’t from MTV. It could have been the editing, but it sure looked like Farrah made a conscious choice to leave TM OG.

          I’m sure if Jenelle would be presented with similar circumstances regarding Lurch or the show, she would choose Lurch. Despite the fact that MTV has been paying Jenelle for close to a decade. Her medical assistant degree isn’t going to pay for her accustomed lifestyle.

          Jenelle and Farrah both hate admitting they are wrong.

    1. Yeah because the 30 days of filming a year protect them?
      Its obvious that David doesnt care if cameras or witnesses are there he will do what he wants when he wants

  33. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    What will it finally take mtv to get rid of her how dare u put any of your crew in harms way they need to go home to their families at the end of the day

  34. Here’s the thing. If MTV has half a brain between any of them, they can’t just stop filming or fire her on the spot. Just imagine the horror that would unfold with David’s artillery stash. Those poor babies would be in danger and in the line of fire.

    If they’re smart, they’re working behind the scenes to get rid of her safely. Making sure Maryssa, Jace, Kiser, and Ensley are taken by CPS to Nathan and Babs first of all. Then take a hefty police and SWAT team presence with them to The Land. (Let’s face it. If MTV showed up after the kids are removed, there’d be a massive blood bath with no survivors.) David needs to be arrested…and I’m conflicted on what should happen to Juhnelle. I feel like she needs to be sent to an intensive inpatient experience for drug use and being a victim of domestic violence. Have the courts mandate she stays in said program for a good year AND take parenting classes or be thrown in jail.

    Any other way is not going to end well and MTV will have literal blood on their hands.

    1. you cannot be serious mtv doesn’t care they have never stepped in before they won’t until some one gets hurt or killed ll mtv cares about are money and drama they have done nothing each and every time

    2. If they cared they would have never put this guy on in the first place.
      He has a known history of domestic violence.

    3. Girl, you’re living in a fantasy world. None of that is ever going to happen.

      #1. MTV cares about ratings. They don’t give a shit about any of these girls

      #2. MTV isn’t getting involved with CPS. The liability alone for that…

      #3. Domestic violence survivors can’t be mandated to do ANYTHING. They’re not criminals under the jurisdiction of any court.

      I hope you’re just fantasizing about what you’d like to see happen in a perfect world, not expecting anything of that stuff to happen because it’s not rooted in reality.

  35. Don’t blame them. It’s a matter of time till Jenelle’s house of cards falls down.

    MTV don’t act when they film questionable segments (drug driving, getting high, child abuse, domestic abuse), they’d likely film David’s mental breakdown and him (possibly) shooting MTV employees while the Execs rub their hands together in glee. No job’s worth putting up with that sh*t.

  36. I wonder what it would take for MTV to realize that Jenelle is too much of a liability and just fire her. The crew didn’t have to worry about their safety with Farrah. At least, not to a point where they feared being shot. Shoved, sure. Shot, no.

  37. I would have absolutely no problem kicking Jenelle and Remy from Higher Learning to the curb, except I think that Barbara and Jace could use and quite frankly deserve the money. Would there ANY way to get rid of Jenelle but keep Barbara and Jace on the show? With each passing day, David seems to be more unhinged and dangerous. That video with all the guns and ammo would certainly be enough for me if I was at MTV. The next time there is a school shooting, how can MTV in good conscience come out for sensible gun safety, when they have nuts like Jenelle on their channel?

  38. Their concerns are valid. MTV should have never negotiated to get her back when she was “threatening” to quit. MTV Should have permanently dropped her. He has been becoming increasingly erratic. They clearly love the negative attention and think they are above the law.
    But WE all wonder…what will it take? Abusing and Neglecting those kids should have been enough. But those kids are still in that dysfunctional house.
    MTV, needs to grow a pair and step in. Those kids need to come first. Get the kids out, and then Fire her ass.

    But nothing will happen..

    *Side note… I thought he wasn’t allowed to be around when they are filming?

    1. Oh,and David and Jenelle,
      You don’t have Haters. You have truth tellers.
      You can post on Social media, and down vote all you want.
      Reputation is everything… because of your love of attention and SM. You will forever be known as a Unhinged, Revenge seeking Homophobic, racist, ABUSER.
      I guess that’s your Karma. ?

  39. Adults are too afraid to go but no one from
    MTV bother to call cps because I’m sure those kids are all just fine.

    1. CPS has been called & showed up numerous times
      They wont do anything
      If anything happens to those kids it will be CPS & Jenelles fault for letting it happen

  40. David’s going to end up being the thing that gets Jenelle fired, and I cannot wait for the day that happens.

  41. I wondered if this crazy behavior was a way for Jenelle and David to get out of her contract with MTV so that they can do other things (hahaha) but after seeing the tow video that David posted, they are too stupid to be that clever to get out of a contract.

  42. I don’t blame them. David is a ticking time bomb and it is only a matter of time until someone gets hurt. No job or amount of money is worth possibly losing your life.

  43. SooOoOOooooo can MTV just FIRE her already? This is ridiculous. I don’t know a single person who finds her segments in any way entertaining or worth watching (other than to satisfy themselves that her children aren’t dead yet).

  44. OR they could just fire her? They are so unstable, MTV clearly wants blood on their hands at this point, as long as it’s recorded!

  45. Or, another, better option is to FIRE JENELLE. I think the vast majority of viewers are at the point where they no longer want to see her on tv and would be more than happy to be rid of her and her psychotic husband.

  46. When will it be enough? When he finally kills someone?
    Hey Morgan have you ever heard of a Mass shooting?

  47. No one should have to put their life in danger to film Jenelle. Her segments aren’t worth it. MTV needs to DROP HER!!!!

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