Jen Harley Accuses ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro of Ransacking Her Home After New Year’s Eve Fight

Ron vs. Jen: Round 258!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation couple Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley wasted no time bringing their relationship drama into 2019!

The volatile on- and off-again couple reportedly broke up (again) on New Year’s Eve, around 2 a.m., when Jen reportedly dropped a drink (RonRon Juice, perhaps?) on Ronnie’s precious shoes. Ron left the club party the couple was attending in a huff.

According to TMZ, about an hour after Jen and Ron’s fight, Jen says she came home to find her home ransacked and called the cops. TMZ reports that “someone smashed a flat-screen TV, a vase, pictures and glass frames. Jen told cops she believes Ronnie broke in and started wreaking havoc, because whoever did it let themselves in.”

(Ronnie and Jen do not live together, for the record.)

“No one spills on Ron Ron’s sneaks and gets away with it!”

“Jen was not injured, but given the history of police calls between these two, police more than likely provided Jen with information about getting a restraining order, and other things she could do to prevent a escalating domestic violence issue,” Us Weekly‘s source reports, adding that nothing was taken from Jen’s house.

While the cops tell TMZ that Ronnie is not an official suspect in the burglary, since there is no evidence that he committed the alleged crimes, they still want to speak to Ronnie in regard to the alleged incident.

In the days since New Year’s Eve, both Jen and Ronnie have mostly cleared their Instagram accounts of photos featuring each other.

This is, of course, just the latest round in the epic fight that is Ronnie and Jen’s relationship. The couple, who share nine-month-old daughter Ariana, had been playing nice around Christmas time, but according to Us Weekly, broke up right before New Year’s but got back together before December 31.

Ron and Jen basically broke up and made up constantly throughout 2018, with some of their fights ending with the cops being called and nearly all of them ending in negative social media posts.

In early December, Ronnie accused Jen of cheating on him and posted on Instagram that he was worried that Ariana is not his child.

In October, the cops were called while Ron and Jen were fighting, and Ronnie accused Jen (via Instagram) of extortion. Jen retaliated by posting a video of Ronnie and his “crazy” aunt trying to withhold Ariana from her. (Two days later, though, the couple was back together and boating on a yacht with friends.)

Other altercations between the ‘Jersey Shore’ stars include another October incident in which Ronnie insinuated that Jen had given him a black eye, while she accused him of being a drug addict.

In June of 2018, Jen was arrested on charges of domestic abuse after allegedly dragging Ronnie with her car while he was exiting her vehicle during yet another fight. 

Anyway, Ronnie has yet to respond to the story of Jen’s home being burgled.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Rich Polk/Getty Images)

18 Responses

    They both should quit drinking seems like all fights start when they’re drinking, but even then they should just breakup..

  2. OMFG I’m so sick of these two. You’re not meant to be together, accept that. If you keep trying to stay together for the sake of the daughter all you’re teaching her is that your shit show of a “relationship” is “normal”. She will grow up seeking out her own Rahn in life.

  3. These two should be legally stopped from contacting each other, or their children, ever again. They are both violent, erratic, drunken attention whores. They are shitty human beings in any situation, and they bring out the worst in each other.

  4. I mean, it’s not surprising to me anymore (which says a lot) but they really need to think about their kid! Do they really want her to constantly see her parents fighting or be broken up and happier?! I doubt it won’t end there if they break up for good (Jen might not let Ron see the baby so he will have to go to court) but anything is better than being together just for the sake of it! If it continues like this, one day it will escalate too much and they will kill each other! I mean this in all seriousness, they don’t want their daughter to end up being an orphan (or having one parent in jail because of murdering the other), do they?!

    And again, Sammi must be so relieved she left him, this is even worse than their JS fights!

  5. RAHN took some coke again, surprise! These two need a mediator for their daughter’s sake to help with pertinent information with the pick up and drop offs. The spending time together obviously isn’t a good idea, from the year (+) of fights.

  6. that bitch is CRAZY you can see it in her face. evil. toxic. i have a family member dating someone exactly like this girl and they are not normal. manipulative, bipolar, verbally & physically abusive. the kind of people that make life hell for friends/relatives that surround the significant other.

  7. These are two people who should not only never contact one another again, but individuals who should never consume alcohol again. What a total mess for those little ones.

  8. As always, I am so sorry for their child. No one deserves to live in that chaos.

    I didn’t realize that she has an older son. He looks old enough to understand almost all of what’s going on. He is old enough to go online and see their ridiculous social media posts about the volatile relationship they’re in. He is old enough to read gossip stories like this ones, as are his friends, their parents and the staff at his school.

    What mother allows that around her child? A shitty one. And what man acts like that in front of a child? A shitty one. Two shitty people ruining the lives of two innocent children. How depressing.

  9. Jesus. When is enough enough with these 2. Its just really sad and pathetic that they keep doing this. Stay away from eachother for the sake of your daughter. Shes better off with them NOT being together. 2 selfish idiots.

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