Johnny Bananas Says Bristol Palin Needs To “Shut Up” & “Stop Whining” About Bad Editing On ‘Teen Mom OG’

“Bristol needs to make like a banana and split.”

Johnny Bananas wants Teen Mom OG newcomer Bristol Palin to shut up, stop whining and basically quit being the girl who cried bad editing.

(In the midst of all the holiday hijinks, this gem managed to slip under The Ashley‘s nose, but Johnny’s hilarious tirade was too good not to share! The Ashley apologizes for the tardiness of this article.) 

According to TooFab, The Challenge vet’s rant against Bristol went down while he was appearing on the Hollywood Pipeline podcast last month.

During the episode, Johnny was asked if he had any advice for Bristol, who had recently accused MTV of depicting “inaccuracies and false narratives” on ‘Teen Mom OG.’

Naturally, Johnny was more than willing to speak his mind on this issue. 

“Shut up. Like honestly Bristol, would you just stop whining?” he said. “You’re on an MTV show about kids that made bad decisions early on in life and are in dysfunctional relationships. There’s no way to edit that in a positive way. There just isn’t.” 

Johnny went on to point out the lack of feel-good stories that are shown on ‘Teen Mom,’ adding that if Bristol was looking to be on a warm and fuzzy show, she “should have went to Oxygen or OWN.” 

“They’re not going to air you sitting in the corner reading a Bible and bottle-feeding your child!” Johnny said.

Johnny and one of the podcast’s hosts, Dax Holt, also noted that Bristol should have a good understanding of how reality TV works at this point, considering she appeared on Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp in 2012, as well as her mom’s reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, in 2010.

“Her life’s been a reality television show,” Johnny said. “We got enough of this, hearing your mom whining about the press and the publicity that she got and how it wasn’t accurate. Forge a different path … you knew what you were doing.

“You can’t get yourself involved in a show like this, put yourself out there and then get upset when you’re not being edited or portrayed the way you want to be,” he continued, calling reality TV “the biggest misnomer ever.”

When you get slammed by a banana…

Johnny wasn’t the only MTV star who had something to say about Bristol’s Instagram rant. In response to Bristol’s accusations that all MTV wants out of her segments is “some fake fill-in Farrah Abraham/Jerry Springer BS,” Farrah—- who previously accused Bristol of trying to “Single White Female” her—- fired back in her signature “Farrah Speak” way. 

“I mean, she doesn’t matter to me and nor does ‘Teen Mom,’” Farrah told TMZ last month. “I’ve left the ‘Jerry Springer’ s**t, if you will, and the only thing that the ‘Teen Moms’ and MTV use my name for is to get attention for the show and that paid for the publicity of the show … .” 

In typical Farrah fashion, she then went on to pat herself on the back(door) and accuse people—- including Bristol—- of being jealous of her. 

“I’m an amazing mother, I don’t know about her, if she makes the best choices for her life, maybe MTV and maybe ‘Teen Mom’ isn’t the best choice,” Farrah said. “So, I wish her all the best.

“I think she just wants to be a Farrah Abraham herself, like many of the other women who say they just hate me or think the worst of me. But then, they only wish they could have what I have… I don’t think she’s prepared for ‘Teen Mom.’ I think she should just leave if she can’t handle the heat.” 

“Bristol will never have luscious locks like mine, so she should stop trying!”

Farrah still hasn’t realized that with the right plastic surgeon, the right Halloween wig, a complete disregard for the English language and total lack of morality, anyone—- including Bristol—- can have what she has.

Bristol has yet to respond to the comments made by Johnny and Farrah. 

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Bryan Steffy/Getty Images )

21 Responses

  1. While in Alaska, before marrying Dumbkota and moving to Texas, Bristol worked occasionally as a receptionist at a dermatologist’s office — between shacking up with various “trial husbands.”

    Recently she posted on her Instagram page a claim that she is now a real estate agent, working with an Austin, TX, realtor. No evidence exists that she has listed or shown a property.

    She’s as phony and fake as the rest of this Teen Mom crowd. The entire Palin clan is fake, living off the grift and from money Sarah conned out of donors to her political action committee.

  2. Don’t give a shit about Bristol or any of that other shit…have no idea..but the line about the plastic surgeon and the Halloween wig just about made me piss myself. Bravo. I’ve cringed at that whore trying to complete a sentence for years… lmao…roflmao …Eew. She’s so gross.

  3. Ohh bananas …go do your 100th season of the challenge and let the teen moms fight amongst themselves, like your opinion matters.. Let’s ask Sarah what she thinks about You! ?

  4. Why is Johnny meddling here though?! Doesn’t he have a life?! I mean he isn’t wrong but he is the last one to talk about constant reality TV since he has done so many. And needs to retire. FOREVER.

  5. Dear Bristol, When Johnny Bananas is is the voice of reason when telling you to sit down and stfu, it’s time to rethink your life choices.

  6. Please just quit Teen Mom OG. I have never heard someone bitch about a JOB like Bristol. I mean how can Teen Mom come up with a story for her if she is doesn’t do anything. Bye Girl!

  7. Johnny isn’t wrong. But honestly, Bristol isn’t the only one that complains about the “editing.” Amber, Jenelle, Leah, Adam and Mack have all whined about it too. They all need this reality check.

      1. No, I think Johnny is a Republican because he follows Candace Owens on his twitter. He also has “liked” certain posts by one of his former cast mates that makes right wing political posts.

        1. And he voted Trump as confirmed by his castmates. He’s trash and so is Bristol and all the Trumpster fires!

  8. What is it exactly that Bristol does for work now besides TMOG? What career is she working on? She worked at a Dr’s office, but does not anymore. Does she still do speaking engagements on abstinence? I’m asking because I don’t know.

    Also, how is she juggling three kids alone? I get Levi is all the way in Alaska, but Dakota lives near her. Is there not a custody arrangement? Isn’t that why Dakota claimed he went on the show in the first place?

    Last observation: didn’t Bristol claim she watched TM and loved some of the other girls’ stories? I have a very hard time believing that she had no clue what she was getting herself into.

    Johnny Bananas makes some very valid points.

    1. I agree! I hate how she tries and make herself sound like a “true” single mom with struggles like everyone else. Please! All those speaking engagements she used to do, she made $300,000 per year doing them. Plus, let’s not forget she spawns from a wealthy family. That whole doctor’s office gig she had was just something for her to do so that she can say she “worked” to get where she is. A career is defined as a hard worked and studied path one takes to achieve a goal. Bristol has no career. Her mom was famous and she got high profile for being a knocked up teen of a conservative vice presidential candidate.

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      She’s a realtor. Her and Dakota alternate weeks, I believe.

    3. IIRC Bristol is a realtor, I don’t remember anything about her working at a Dr office.

      Their custody agreement is 50/50 (1 week on 1 week off)

      1. Thanks for clarifying. I don’t follow her on social media, just whatever’s on this site. Bristol said it prior to the season airing that she worked at a Dr’s office for a number of years.

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Yes Bristol, let’s whine and cry about the editing on a show that is paying you thousands to basically just exist and talk about your problems.. dont bite the hand that feeds you.

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