‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Feud! David Eason Lashes Out At Javi Marroquin After Javi Makes Comments About David’s “Issues” & “Crazy Tantrums”

“I’ve made a huge mistake…”

David Eason has verbally sparred with several of the Teen Mom dads— from Cory Wharton to Nathan Griffith— over the past few years, but his latest war of words is with his former Teen Mom 2 costar Javi Marroquin in response to Javi’s recent proclamation that David “has issues!”

David, the husband of Jenelle Evans, responded on social media, calling Javi a “f**king punk” and stating that “people like” Javi are afraid of rednecks.

Tale as old as time…

The “talkin’ words” between David and Javi began when Radar Online asked Javi for comment on The Ashley‘s recent story regarding members of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ crew refusing to work on Jenelle’s shoots, due to their fear of David and his recent gun flashin’, Instagram rantin’ antics. Javi confirmed The Ashley’s report that, although David is no longer allowed to film, his presence is felt on each shoot.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere around there,” Javi said. “If Jenelle is around he knows what she’s doing and he knows where to find her.”

Javi said he’s so concerned about David’s behavior, he refuses to even set foot in North Carolina, which is where David and Jenelle’s property The Land is located.

“I wouldn’t go down there at all,” Javi said. “I wouldn’t even go to the state!”

Javi also stated that he tries to keep his distance from David and stay out of their business (although giving an interview about David probably wasn’t a great idea if this was the goal…)

“I have seen his tantrums on Instagram and they’re crazy,” Javi said of David. “That dude’s got issues. I stay out of it so he doesn’t come after me. I don’t want him threatening my life. I stay out of it. I hope MTV handles all [the reunions] as far as who is coming and has access to it, but it sounds like they’re on it.”

“David angry. David no like Javi…”

David was none-too-happy about what Javi said, and took to Snapchat to “throw uppercuts” at Javi.

“The only thing Javier needs to be scared of is letting his mouth his mouth write a check his ass can’t cash,” David wrote on Snapchat. “So you talk s**t about me  on your IG story every day like some tough guy then say you’re scared to be around me? What a f**king punk!

“People like you are scared of rednecks,” David added. “Why would anyone be surprised?”

David continued the verbal “uppercuttin'” on Snapchat, mentioning that Javi supposedly has a boxing match scheduled for next month against a still-undetermined opponent.

“Someone said he is a wannabe fighter,” David wrote. “Am I above your weight class little buddy?”

“Can I get some bulletproof vests shipped up here ASAP!?”

As The Ashley previously reported, the CEO of the company that is putting on Javi’s boxing match reached out to David in November to see if he was interested in fighting. David replied (in his own special way, of course) that he is not interested in boxing.

Cory Wharton later stated that he wanted to box David in a professional environment, which David turned down, instead telling Cory to come fight him on The Land.

Naturally, Cory turned David’s suggestion down.

“The only way I’ll do it is if it’s in a professional environment because dude is crazy,” Cory told Radar Online. “He told me to come to his house. I’m not dumb. I’m not stepping on his property!”

“This is just a suggestion but why don’t ya get Farrah ta fight David? Ya know that’s the fight everyone wants ta see!”

Javi has yet to comment on David’s response. However, Jenelle answered fans’ questions about the feud during an Instagram Stories Q&A session on Saturday.

[“Javi’s] just another clown,” Jenelle wrote, later adding, “1st Javi mentioned David out of nowhere. 2nd you’re correct [David] doesn’t like [Javi]. 3rd David saw they type of person he was after meeting him.”

Watch the video that spurred David’s latest “talkin’ words” below:

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    Well where the hell do you start !!!!??? David now looks like a psycho and Jenelle is a bad bad mom & David is a bad bad father!!! I don’t understand how those two idiots can still have their children !!! The first baby momma of David’s first child should try really hard to get her child back from him !!! Jenelle & David should not have any children or any animals!!!! I hope someone police or child welfare or somebody just goes and take those poor children & animals out of that house !!! MTV should back away and let the two idiot’s take care of themselves !!! That little girl of Jenelle & David should of been givin to people who would love her and treat her right…Nathan should get his son & Barb should hang on to Jenelle s first child !!!! Jenelle and Kail always cry the blues …poor poor me they can never blame themselves for anything its always someone else !!! Honestly I can’t stand them !!! Kail is a Ho bag and Jenelle is just the same but a bit more psycho !! Kail needs to realize she is heavy and big boned and can never get skinny she needs some help from a Dr . I love Jo & Javi and glad they got away from her !!! Its like she can’t be away from a man or girl whatever she is on any given day !!! Please someone save the children and the animals from them both !!!!!
    Everyone this is my OPION no one else just me !!!! So I don’t want to hear any bitchin from anyone its my opion of those girls !!! I should say kids in a grown up body !!!!!

  2. How can anyone think MTV & producers start trouble?
    Why do they keep asking the others about Jenelle & David?
    Because they know it will cause problems. I didnt see them release a video of what Javi thinks of Cole, what fun would that be.

    They PRAY David continues to go off the rails & will keep poking & pushing him until the season finale.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Just because you have a beard and a gun don’t make you a redneck. Real rednecks don’t live off their wives

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    David just hasn’t met up with the right man yet but I have no doubt he will! He’s ignorant! I do fear for Jenelle and the kids because obviously he can and does run over them! I’m afraid he will seriously hurt her one day physically! Something is wrong with him he needs anger management desperately but doubt it would help because he is just totally ignorant!

  5. They all need to stop talking about this assclown and giving him the attention he is seeking. They are keeping him relevant. The best treatment for this guy is to totally ignore him. He lives for the drama and recognition. Negative attention is better than no attention to him.

  6. I think if every one would ignore him, he will go away, he is like Jenelle & Farrah, they love the attention, even if its negative attention!!! I think it’s sad their children & really everyone is being subjected to his BS, cause any of us unknowns were to act like that, we would already have been in jail !!!

  7. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    David does need help. I hope Janelle wakes up before something goes wrong. All these people saying things about David can’t be wrong. He wouldn’t even talk to Dr. Drew. What’s this guy afraid of.

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Jenelle and David are both crazy he will not get in a ring with anyone he afraid of them. He would shoot them but not get in the ring with them what dose that say about him. Jenelle has no friends because of her and his crap they are not safe to be around she pulled a gun out on someone. Stay away she can never change the view of the public they live of negative feedback anything negative

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Well what i hear almost everyday is David beats Jenelle. He hits on her because he has to use a gun to fight anyone else.

  10. The cast of Teen Mom 2 need to band together and refuse to film as long as Jenelle is still a part of the show. I’m sure Briana wouldn’t go along with it, but there is no Teen Mom 2 if its only Jenelle and Briana. Not to mention the only person Jenelle films with is her mother so I wonder how interesting her storyline even is. Get Jenelle’s whole trashbag life off the show.

  11. Jack is staying relevant to story. David needs to calm down not feed into what people say that alone drives someone crazy you think our society gives two flips if you go insane no Hell they will help push! Back it up. Take a breath start over!

  12. They need to stop teen mom or Fire Jenelle and people need to ignore this man. Guys like that use the attention to boost their ego. Watching his progression into crazy is reminding of my ex who wound up arrested for abuse. What pisses me off the most is we all know Jenelle is is a toxic abusive relationship but instead of keeping her mouth shut at the very least cause she knows he’s scary, she defends him so aggressively that I feel like she’s as terrible as him cause she’s choosing to be one just like him. Number one rule girls. If you need to change to be with a man he’s not worth it.

  13. Not you too, Javi. Why are all these guys trying to stay relevant by talking about David, YOU KNOW he will respond! (With a threat, it’s the only way he knows)

    And Jenelle trying to paint her husband as some good guy because “he saw the type of person he is after meeting him” Girl still in denial as to what a asshole her man actually is! As if Javi is the bad guy here! (Trust me, I don’t like Javi at all but Uncle BT is a whole another level!)

  14. David needs to be kicked off all social media and Janelle fired from mtv.Once the money starts drying up they will beg Nathan to take Kaiser so it’s one less kid to feed(if they a actually feed the poor kid.)Kaiser is the one I’m worried about Jace lives with barn and the two girls are David’s but poor little Kaiser is the one who seems to get the roughest deal he breaks my heart

  15. David is such a loser. TM nees to get rid of janelle so we don’t have to keep seeing reports on what these 2 clowns are doing. He’s going to end up killing someone just to receive attention. He’s soo desperate for it that he’s sick enough to kill… I also think the kids should not be living in that environment. Drugs, guns, mental illnes. Both him and her. Not a safe place for children.

  16. I have no personal experience with people on drugs in my life, so I’m asking this in all seriousness, what kind of drugs do you guys think Jenelle and David are on? I’ve heard commenters mention meth in the past, but from everything I’ve seen on tv people on meth pick at their skin, are really thin and have hallowed cheeks. I think it must be some kind of pills, but I really don’t know. It’s obvious that whatever they’re on it has eaten away at their brains. I just watched some episodes of TM2 from 2017 and while they both are completely delusional (Jace told his counselor he’s afraid of David, Jenelle asks him if he really says it, of course Jace says no and stupid ass Jenelle accepts that as fact), but David wasn’t completely off the rails. I know that since he no longer makes money himself his ego is 100% butthurt, but it seems like there is something wrong with him neurologically. I really do wonder what the heck is going on with them. Any thoughts?

    1. Obviously I have no idea if they are on drugs or not, but David seems like a drinker. We know Jenelle has had serious problems with opiates, and it’s been reported David does/did as well. Looking at it from a statistical standpoint, the most abused substances in their state are alcohol, meth, and opiates. People think of certain stereotypes when it comes to meth heads, but keep in mind the pharmaceutical form is heavily prescribed for ADD (methamphetamine hydrochloride), and then you have similar drugs like adderall and ritalin- I’ve seen people absolutely out of their minds on medication like that (very sad that they are drugs that help millions of people in positive ways, yet get in the wrong hands and cause problems). David definitely seems to have paranoid delusions that seem to be getting worse and lots of rage/aggression (often seen in stimulant abusers) so while I’m not saying he *is* using, all the signs point to it.

    2. Hi CoryandTrevor!

      Growing up in the hills of KY, I get a real “pain killer, but will snort anything that comes across their door” sorta vibe off these two. Especially how…sometimes they will seem very relaxed and euphoric, but other times (like in the mornings when their buzz has worn off) they get cranky and irritable to the point of violence. Ive known pill heads, and thats sorta their MO. But I also wouldnt be surprised if they’re doing harder stuff either…I hear heroin is making a comeback due to the difficulty in obtaining painkillers.

      1. Hey EB, hope you had an enjoyable weekend!

        I can get on board with the opioids/pain med abuse idea, because they don’t look like stereotypical meth-heads to me and I don’t think they’re drunks, but then again I’m not on the Land and don’t know. What I do know is that something has seriously damaged their brains, come to think of it, maybe they’re on whatever Farrah is taking because I truly believe that she has some kind of brain damage as well and I’m saying this in all seriousness. I don’t know what it takes for their state to intervene, but you would think that all the videos, the arrests/complaint/police reports plus all this nonsense would be enough to warrant some kind of mental fitness testing. Won’t it be interesting in a few years to read Maryssa’s tell-all!

  17. I didn’t realize people were scared of rednecks. Must be another alcohol or drug-induced rant. Most of my male family members hunt, fish, (“redneck activities”)…etc. Never have I ever been scared of my personal safety around them. Why? Because none of them threaten other people, use drugs, have restraining orders against them, go on rants against the government, or abuse children.

  18. Wouldn’t it nice to able to live with absolute no regard to shame?

    Everyone has had some regretful words, actions and behavior. Most people can reflect on their own pig-headedness then hang their heads.

    That is one of his most prominent terrifying traits, and I don’t think he has any empathy either.

    1. So true, Joan. He has zero empathy, or any other redeeming traits. He is absolutely a sociopath. They truly need to fire janelle. All she does is blame everyone else for her own “shortcomings”, and I’m so bored with her anyway.

  19. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I wish David (scared ass, shit talker) could see this!! Hes such a macho redneck!! Come on out to the city such as San Diego and well show you whats up. Trust and believe NOBODY is scared of him out here. I dont know whos more disqusting him or his ugly ass wife. She needs an ass whipping too.

  20. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    This feud is crazy. We can clearly see David and Janelle needs professional help. All cast members should be protected from those two. They should never be allowed to have children in that bad environment.

  21. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    David is a little bitch hiding behind his guns he would never fight someone head up. Come on his land why on earth would anyone go there when hes threatened to kill anyone who steps foot with his weapons. And as for it being his land he wouldn’t have it if janelle didnt pay for it.

  22. Considering how much David claims to “love” America, he needs to STFU and RESPECT OUR VETS…Javi included. I’ve never known David get shipped off to anywhere except prison, but Javi has been deployed more than once, fighting for this piece of shits freedom to threaten any and everyone under the guise of “free speech”. Ugh…David is such a hypocritical ignorant prick.

  23. What David doesn’t understand (I mean, he doesn’t understand much but that is besides the point) is that it has nothing to do with the fact that he is a “redneck.” People don’t want to be near you because you are nuttier than a squirrel’s poop. Not to mention you have major anger issues and an entire arsenal at your disposal. Anyone with half a brain would steer clear; Javi is just stating the obvious.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      Nuttier than a squirrels poop 😂😂😂😂

  24. 1. David’s beard is hideous. Like if Evil Dead versions of woodland creatures started crawling out of it… I would not be shocked.
    2. Cleary David needs a real job or hobby, harassing others via social media should not be a major function of anyone’s life.
    3. I believe Javi could take easily take David because he’s physically in shape. I also think Javi’s a pretty focused/ambitious individual and would put in any extra work. But, that said, I’d fear for Javi’s life because David is drugged up insane.
    4. David is just trying to get attention. AGAIN. It’s almost like of he had a job and/or a real hobby, or spent time with his *tribe* he wouldn’t feel the need to incoherently threaten/insert himself into situations on social media.

    Finally 5.!! We, as a society, need to ignore David, and by extension Jenelle. I know many of you (read:all of us) are worried about losing tabs on the kids on the Land… Well, hear me out:
    Jenelle keeps those kids because of her MTV paycheck. Boycott her and Lurch, MTV fires her and she might actually get a real job. Have to sober up, deal with home/land repairs/upkeep, lawyers for various crimes… hell, they’d probably be begging Babs to babysit.

  25. Javi fame-whoring as usual and trying to stay relevant, but he’s probably right to not even want to be in the same state as Lurch. Javi can probably physically take on Lurch, but he’s no match for that arsenal. And once again i’ll sound like a broken record and point out that even though grown-ass men won’t even go within the same state lines as Lurch, children are allowed to be in the same house with him.

    NC child protective services needs to read up on the case of three year old Kayleigh Slusher whose mother’s dirtbag loser scum boyfriend tortured and killed her. CA CPS received several calls but dropped the ball and now they owe her father $5m. I immediately thought of Kaiser when I read about that case. The treatment of Kaiser is being played out on TV for everyone to see in addition to Nathan and Dorris sounding the alarms but still nothing is being done. Seems like those of us in the peanut gallery care more about Kaiser’s safety than NC CPS.

  26. Uh David may be taller than Javi but Javi is ripped and literally owns his own gym while the only exercise David gets is beating Jenelle and walking from his parked truck to Pizza Hut and the package store.

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