Farrah Abraham Slammed For Throwing Daughter Sophia a Sad, Staged Paparazzi-Filled 10th Birthday “Party”

“Your birthday gift is getting to spend time with the #1 Celebrity in Our Nation…ME!”

Farrah Abraham celebrated her daughter Sophia’s tenth birthday on Tuesday in a very “Farrah” fashion: by throwing her a party full of paparazzi cameramen, fake smiles and, of course, a whole lotta Farrah! 

Farrah proudly posted videos of the “party” to Instagram (in addition to selling the pics to OK! magazine…as you do). The footage was met with a ton of backlash from followers, though, who felt bad for Sophia, who was her party’s only attendee besides Farrah, of course.

The former Teen Mom OG star took Sophia to New York City with her while she was on a press tour for Ex on the Beach, and decided to roll Sophia’s birthday party into the trip. The “party” basically consisted of Farrah and Sophia sitting at a table at a NYC restaurant that had been staged to look like a “typical” kid’s party with games and a giant ice cream sundae. Farrah hired paparazzi photographers to capture the “fun.”

She then took Sophia to The Plaza hotel, where they “enjoyed” a staged birthday tea party that was also filled with paparazzi photographers. 

As per usual, Farrah’s actions got people talking on social media, with many expressing how sad the fake party was, and how Sophia doesn’t get the chance to interact with anyone her own age, or celebrate her birthday like a regular kid.

“All those fancy desserts and not a friend to share it with,” one person wrote in the comment section of Farrah’s Instagram post. “That baby needs to be in school with other children. She’s not a designer handbag that you can lug around during your lonely life!”

“Where are her friends? This video was more like an ad than a party!” another person wrote in the comments.

Fans also pointed out that, although it was a “party” for Sophia’s birthday, Farrah seemed to be trying to take over her spotlight.

“Your story made me so incredibly sad for Sophia. It was all about you… Sophia has no friends aside from her narcissistic mother.. and NO child wants or likes fake photo ops all freaking day. Your affection is fake. I feel for Sophia. Poor girl doesn’t have a chance so long as she’s with or around you,” one person wrote.

“It is SO SAD that the camera was focused on YOU the majority of the time,” one person commented. “Damn, even on her birthday, you have to steal the spotlight. That is absolutely pathetic. Even more pathetic than the fact that, because of you, she has no friends and no healthy social life, so she doesn’t even have any kids to have a normal party with.”

You can see more behind-the-scenes footage of the “party” in the video below, which came from Farrah’s Instagram Live.

Of course, this is just one of the many times in recent months that Farrah has been called out on social media for her questionable parenting choices. Last month, Farrah caused major controversy when she posted a photo to her Instagram that showed Sophia in her underwear posing suggestively. As per usual, Farrah saw nothing wrong with her actions, later telling TMZ that what she posted “is no different than the kids modeling for Calvin Klein.”

Anyway, Sophia does not actually turn 10 until Saturday, February 23, so there is plenty more time for more made-for-television “celebrations!” 

You can see more photos of Farrah’s party for Farrah Sophia by clicking here!

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(Photos:  Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images; Instagram)

33 Responses

  1. The photos ops drive me insane. You could see Farrah holding up a plate of food at one moment while smiling, and then blowing kisses to the camera.
    I’m sorry, never growing up did my mom ever do such a thing when a camera snapped a photo at MY birthday party. The photos were on the children and, you…. the child, celebrating the party!!!!
    Farrah is a nutjob, she’s like Kris Jenner, a sick mom that will do anything to exploit her children to make a buck… And can’t stand not being in the spotlight.

  2. This will be the child from the teen mom franchise eho ends up murdering her own mother. In some oictires on “ Sophias instagram” (which is ran by horsefaced Farrah ) , she alrwady looks psychotic and dead behjnd the eyes. We will carch Sophia Abraham on an epusode of snapped, mark my words .

  3. I just went to a 10 year old’s birthday party on Monday. 7 kids went to a trampoline park, watched Ralph Breaks the Internet, went to a pizza arcade, then ended with an ice cream bar at home. She got LOL Pets as a gift. THAT’S how to do a kid’s birthday party. These two are so divorced from reality or what could possibly considered normal. It’s sad.

  4. Clinton Hall? That place also invited Jenelle and UBT a couple of weeks ago. They clearly do not have high standards. Note to self: never go to Clinton Hall ?

    And, it surprised by this “party.” Poor kid.

  5. In Farahs eyes, she is giving Sophia the childhood she wishes she had. Only thing is Sophia doesnt seem like the child that wants all of it. I remember the earlier years of Teen Mom, Sophia seemed content living/ spending time with Debra and Michael. Sad all around.

    Sophia will probably get plastic surgery as a present on her 13th birtday.

  6. She’s 10 already, wow! Even if Farrah tried to set some sort of foundation right now Sophia sadly isn’t going to have a normal life with friends, it’s too late. You can say it’s not the child’s fault but it doesn’t matter, Farrah is her mother and has molded Sophia to be down right rotten- disrespectful brat that is encouraged to hit her own grandmother and now she’s posing online in her panties.
    Say what you will , bottom line is we care about our kids. I’ll be the first to admit that I would be telling my son or daughter to never bring that girl around again , ugh .

  7. Does this child attend any type of school these days?

    Or is Farrah continuing to “home school” her with skewed logic and grammatically incorrect sentences while dragging her along for escorting gigs and staged parties around the globe?

    This child unfortunately came into this world with another very damaged child (Farrah) as her mother. Clearly, Sophia herself didn’t ask for ANY of this foolishness that’s been thrust upon her, and my heart will always go out to this confused and lonely little girl.


    1. That’s a funny one. Farrah did an interview at that sane party stating Sophia is completely unmotivated to do school and wishes she was better about it. Ummm what do you expect when the child is traveling and being pampered 24/7. What kid wants to do hw on vacation all the time?

    2. I agree. I wish Derek’s parents would have filed for custody years ago. Maybe they don’t want to deal with Farrah as much as anyone else. I don’t think many of these shenanigans would have happened if he had been alive. At least Sophia would have been in school and living a normal childhood.

  8. It is sad. While agree we don’t know what happen off camera, that’s because she puts everything on camera, even the small things. The biggest problem I have with Farrah is her overexposing her daughter which is another reason why teen mom also needs to end. These kids are a few years away from middle school and the stigma that follows them from the show is not going to be a positive one. Her fans are ridiculous claiming we are all jealous of her life. No. It’s that we are concerned that instead of providing a hold and structure for Sophia she has her jet setting around saying she introducing her to culture. Sophia behavior shows that her lack of social interaction with her age peers has her not even recognizing how she speaks or acts way younger. Most kids her age are hitting that point of being embarrassed of their parents but she is her mother’s personal cheerleader. She has to miss having someone to play with. Instead it’s constant photo ops. That’s a sad life even if she’s sipping fancy cider with gold flakes first class to Dubai.

    1. Joy? The only joy that was had at this “party” was Farrah’s excitement to take the spotlight. You want to bring the kid some joy? Take her to a trampoline park, a zoo, a skating rink, etc etc. There’s all sorts of options while “on the road”. Pretty darn sure she’d enjoy any of those activities more than posing for photos.

  9. As sad is this is I’m not sure why we’re surprised. This is Farrah we’re talking about and of course the poor child has no friends at her “party”. She can’t have normal friends bc her psycho mother has ripped her away from having a normal life. Farrah is jealous of a 10 year old, friends would mean Sophia would be giving her attention to someone other than her mother.

  10. I pray Sophia grows up knowing how mentally ill her family is and receives help/therapy when she’s older. This sick mother/daughter dynamic Farrah is cultivating is some straight up Grey Gardens level creepy, if Sophia doesn’t stop her mother sometime in the future.

    1. even if she doesn’t take him, she’ll tell Sophia that guys only hang out with her to stare at Farrah. She’s going to do so much damage to this poor kid.

  11. There is no way either of these two will be able to live any semblance of a normal life and when the cameras are gone it is inevitable that their mental health will deteriorate even further and it’s going to be so tragic to see the depths they will sink to to remain “relevant”. I hate to include a child in this prediction but at ten years old it’s pretty much too late to expect her to be able to function as a healthy person in the future with all that her demented mother has exposed her to.

  12. Farrah is so mentally ill. I truly think she’s soo lonely, sad, and ridiculously obsessed with her pathetic, narcissistic need for attention. She’s also vile, nasty,and lacks logic and a personality… Now she will say we are all jealous of her life. I truly feel her kid is damaged from her faarahs shitty parenting. That “party” was soo sad to watch. I think farrah is broke and is more desperate than ever. I soo wish she would give up life on the Z-list and just get a effing job, put her kid in school so she can make friends her own age. Farrah leaves her kid with random baby sitters so she can go out at nite. That’s so dangerous for the poor kid.

    1. I agree she needs to get a real job. But, I feel very sorry for her co-workers! Imagine having to see her every day . Hazard pay please.
      Does she even have a home anywhere? And what happen to the pony?

  13. Sophia is Farrah’s only friend who is forced to be with her crazy mother 24/7. This is not going to end well…especially when Sophia is older and becomes in Farrah’s eyes, competition.

    1. …and the three times they showed the kid she looked uncomfortable, and like she was forcing smiles…I do think sophia is a prop for this narcissistic, poor excuse for a mother.. I do wish someone in her family that farrah hasn’t alienated would step in and try to help sophia. She is clearly doomed if something isn’t done fast.

  14. As many others have pointed out, IG is for show and is not real life. Who knows what goes on IRL? I hope she has friends. Maybe their parents don’t want them on social media though.
    And the cameras thing isn’t new for Sophia. She grew up on TM.

    I wonder if she went to Clinton Hall because she saw Jenelle there last week? Those cakes look amazing.

  15. omg…Sophia is barely in the damn videos..all about Farrah…this kid is either going to grow up as evil, mean, conceded and selfish as farrah…or absolutely hate Farrah and kill her 1 day or never speak to her. smh

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