‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Reveals Why She & Tyler Baltierra Changed Their Baby’s Name to Vaeda

“I mean like…Tezlee?! Come ON! Who even comes up with something that bad? Oh…sorry Tyler…”

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were set to give their newest baby girl the name Tezlee, even announcing the, um, “unique” name on an episode of Teen Mom OG during one of Catelynn’s obstetrician appointments. However, when the baby arrived last month, the reality TV stars surprised everyone by tossing aside the name Tezlee and naming the baby Vaeda.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Cate revealed what made her and Tyler say “too-da-loo” to Tezlee and go with Vaeda at the last minute. (The Ashley is very upset that these two changed their baby name and didn’t end up going with her suggestion of Butcharina. #MissedOpportunity)

According to Catelynn, they suddenly realized that the name Tezlee— which received plenty of criticism from ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans after it was announced—was a bad idea.

“Every time someone would say Tezlee, we would cringe! It just wasn’t sitting with us like it did at first,” she told the magazine. 

She confirmed that Tyler suggested they name their kid Vaeda instead, because he liked it after watching the 1990s movie “My Girl.”

“Tyler told me about the name Vaeda and I fell in love with it! It’s from the movie ‘My Girl’ which is a movie that Tyler showed me years ago,” she said.

“Sooo…the name April wasn’t even considered? RUDE.”

Catelynn also spilled details about her labor and delivery, stating that Baby Vaeda basically slip-slidded her way out of Catelynn, just like her first two daughters– Carly and Nova– did.

“Once at the hospital, I was in labor for 2 and a half hours,” Catelynn said. “I’m honestly blessed because I have very easy and fast labors! So every one of them have been very similar…The easiest was the pushing itself – only two times and she was out!”

Both Cate and Tyler have stated that Vaeda won’t be the last baby slip-sliding out of Catelynn!

“We want more children,” she told Us. “We really want to try for a boy, but we are going to wait until Vaeda is a little older – like six months to a year.”

Tyler has not hid the fact that he was unhappy before each of his daughters’ births because they were not boys. During the ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode that featured [the baby formerly known as] Tezlee’s gender reveal party, Tyler was noticeably upset when he found out they were having yet another girl. 

“Seriously is there not ONE boy-makin’ sperm inside of me or what?!”

During an Instagram Live Q&A session in January, Catelynn said that she and Tyler hoped to have all their baby makin’ done while they’re young.

“Yes, Tyler and I both want a boy, so we’re definitely gonna try again,” Catelynn told fans. “I think we’re just gonna go right for No. 4 right after this one’s born. We wanna be done before we’re 30, you know?”

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

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  1. Such an amazing family and couple. Catelynn hun I was pregnant at 15 I’m 36 and my oldest has done year 12 and now I 7 children but we all love because they you remind them of me I had lost a child from working to hard. And I I went through what had experience but knowing god will give a blessing at the right time I’m judged but as long as my children love nothing else matters. Keep up the wonderful work you and your husband are doing inspiration to all.

  2. Man! They already raised a baby boy. Caits brother Nick; we watched it on the show for years. These two need to chill and realized they already have a “son”

  3. Stop trying for a boy! You’ll have 9 girls that you’re disappointed in just by their existence. Tyler determines the baby’s sex, someone should tell him that.

  4. I love these two. I have watched this showed since the beginning and they are just such great kids. Fir all they have gone through in their lives they have done awesome as people and as parents. Keep loving each other.


  5. But what if they get pregnant again and have ANOTHER girl? I used to really like these two but lately they are really aggravating me. Are they trying to plan a spin off show when Teen Mom is done? Call the show “Is it a boy?” The premise can be they just keep having baby after baby and gender reveal parties until Tyler just simply has a nervous breakdown on camera. I feel bad for the new baby when one day she sees how disappointed they were when they learned she was a girl. For real, Tyler looked actually mad!

  6. I heard truck drivers were trying to drive through Kate’s huge gapping vagina because they though it was a tunnel on the interstate. True story.

    1. Why is this comment not removed, you always post vile sexual comments.

      Go back to your Basement and swoon over your posters of Mimi Jen.

  7. Sarah, “it means sunset in Muslim?” You do realize that Muslim isn’t a language, right? Maybe you’re the one who didn’t pay enough attention in school.

  8. wait a minute kait was the one screaming at tyler for having another girl long before he could even get upset she screamed I don’t want another girl please watch it back before you post it was all tyler or him first

  9. At least they weren’t so stubborn that they kept that stupid name even after everyone was ripping on it. I give them credit for that.

  10. Will they just keep going until they have a boy/split up? I had a friend who did that, she had 6 healthy boys!! I have 4, my son first, then 3 daughters. People are never satisfied. I still get asked “were you hoping for 2 of each?” Are you going to try again and see if you have another boy?” I didn’t find out the genders as it honestly was always about healthy, happy babies. Nothing else. I know it’s easy for me to say, as I have both, but I never wanted a specific gender when I pictured myself as s mum. I just pictured a huddle of smiling kids, which I’m lycky to have. People say “Boys are easier”, or “girls are easier to potty train.” The simple fact is, SOME boys find potty training hard, but so do girls!! Kids develop at different rates, regard of gender. I think Vaeda is a sweet name, unusual but not unheard of. You’re right about the spelling, she will forever have to spell her name out loud. Im a teacher, I always feel for the kids called Charleigh and Rhylee. I’m all for individuality and expression, but even at 4, they had to correct people on their name spelling. (Incidentally, Charleighs mum changed the spelling, officially, to Charlie as she was struggling to spell it… by the time it was changed, she could spell it!)

  11. Glad they ditched the name, it was terrible. I sincerely hope they don’t get pregnant again, Tyler is obviously not attracted to Cate either physically or emotionally and Cate is just holding onto Tyler because she feels lost without him. They really need to move on from each other and find themselves and get in a healthy place.

    1. He’d be long gone if it weren’t for the new baby and the fact that he needs the paycheck from the show. I didn’t think he looked into it when they got married although he put on a good show for the wedding.

  12. Cate means they will be ready for another baby after another trip to some rehab and as a result Tyler trying to leave her again.

  13. At least she was not named tezlee. It sounds like a made up nick name. Vaeda is ok. Not too bad. But people aren’t going to know how to spell it.

    1. Actually “Luma” in South Africa is of Raena origin and means “The reflection of the moon and stars in the sea.”.

    2. Lol it means sunset in Muslim. They were too busy making babies and didn’t pay enough attention in school.

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