EXCLUSIVE! An Update on the Custody Case Between ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Over Their Son Kaiser

“Gimme that kid!”

The custody court battle between Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith rages on, as Nathan continues to fight to get his son Kaiser away from Jenelle and her booted-from-TV husband David EasonThe Ashley has obtained some updates in the case.

The current season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ has briefly covered Jenelle and Nathan’s battle, but much has been going on behind the scenes that MTV has not been allowed, or has chosen not to show. The Ashley’s sources tell her that, despite how it appears on-camera, Nathan is still fighting very hard to obtain full custody of Kaiser, but is now being much more discreet about it.

“Basically, he realized that it is a bad idea to put everything out there on television and social media like he and Jenelle used to do,” one source said. “He does not let the cameras capture all of what’s going down, and he no longer posts about the case on Twitter because he was advised not to.”

Behind the scenes, though, Nathan and his mom Doris Davidson have been working hard to get full custody of Kaiser. They have been working on the case since Nathan originally filed for full custody back in July 2018.

“Better put on your more classier court heels, Jenelle! This is gonna be a looong battle!”

“Nathan is asking for full [custody], and to have only supervised visits for Jenelle,” the source said. “He is also still asking the judge to keep David away from Kaiser, which means that David would not be allowed near Kaiser when he is visiting Jenelle, should Nathan get what he’s asking for in court. Despite how it looks, Nathan has not dropped any part of what he was asking for originally.” 

Earlier this year, Nathan blasted David in a series of tweets, claiming that David was responsible for bruising found on Kaiser. He also posted some disturbing photos of the bruises on Kaiser’s body.

On ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Nathan stated that his mother had filed to become the intervenor between Nathan and Jenelle in the case, but the show did not reveal if that was granted.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Doris was, indeed, named the intervenor in the case, and, surprisingly Jenelle did not put up much of a fight on that. (The Ashley hears taht Jenelle and David were present for that court date.)

Nathan has been putting together his case for months and is ready to battle Jenelle.

“Nathan is going for everything,” the source said. “He tried to just go to mediation with her for so long. Nathan warned her that she didn’t want to take this battle to court because he was going to go all-in. But she would not agree on anything, and refused to drop the ‘supervised visits only’ on Nathan, so he’s not holding back and is fighting for everything he wants.”


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According to court records obtained by The Ashley, Jenelle and Nathan had a court date back in February that neither party attended. (The Ashley couldn’t confirm if they were not required to attend, or if both missed it.)

The latest court date occurred on March 11. The court record indicate that nothing was decided, though, due to Doris’ attorney using the date to request an extension from the judge, which was granted. (The attorney apparently needed more time to put the case together.) Jenelle and Nate did not attend that date. 

Court records state that Jenelle and Nathan will have another court date in April, which will “begin the actual custody fight,” the source said. 

In the meantime, The Ashley’s production sources tell her that Nathan has also been trying to get MTV to make good on its alleged promise to pay for therapy for Kaiser. 

“So far, the producers have not paid for any counseling, or set it up,” the production source tells The Ashley. “It has been totally pushed off.”

David will also be spending time in court this month. According to court records, David is scheduled to appear in a New Hanover County courthouse on Monday, March 25 to face the two charges pending against him for the incident in which he self-towed a stranger’s truck. The truck’s owner has refused to drop the charges, and David will face a judge on a misdemeanor charge of “Injury to Personal Property,” as well as a charge of “Tampering With a Vehicle.”

“By now every one of the North Carolina courthouses should have a parking space reserved for us!”

David is also due in another North Carolina county court on April 11, to face a charge of “Communicating Threats.” That charge stems from his altercation with a local real estate agent in January. The real estate agent claims David threatened her with a gun while she was parked near The Land.

He is facing one misdemeanor charge for that case.

The Ashley will update this post when more information is available in either case! 

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44 Responses

  1. Sadly this is 100% true. To switch a child’s living situation that drastically without CPS involvement agreeing that it is in the child’s best interests – is almost unheard of. We also can’t forget that somehow Lurch was deemed the better parent for Maryssa. The court will also consider Kaiser’s bond with his siblings – of which none of course live with Nathan.

  2. I’m on kaiser’s Side and things don’t look good. To sum up what we DO know… Your Honor, we understand that a court found that in the best interest of this child he should not be left alone with his father. Yes, there was enough evidence to satisfy the courts that the biological father could in some how potentially put his child at harm without supervision , we’d like you to buck the judge that ordered this , go against his/ her decision and give Nathan his son full time.
    Now, let’s not forget about Nathan’s violence and drinking problem that we’ve all witnessed or his drunken texts offering to relinquish his parental rights.How about his self proclaimed PTSD, receive any help for any of these?
    Nathan better have NEW dirt on Jenelle because troubles of her past will NOT be heard. As far as the alleged abuse, cps has investigated several times and never found enough to substantiate a case but they want a judge to buck the county too.
    When Jenelle assaults his girlfriend Nathan’s main focus was to punish Jenelle not to remove his son from an anger issue. I recall “ Being Nathan” he could have spent the weekend with Kaiser, weightlifting & going out topped his important list.
    Instead of respecting his mother and teaming up with her to go after Kaiser he is hell bent on going it solo. Again, unless Nathan has some NEW evidence to bring forth there’s really nothing here to go from one extreme to another,this my perception.
    Let’s all hope Nathan’s doesn’t go into court shooting off his mouth too much, all he needs to do is let on that he has been with Kaiser unsupervised for For Doris to be stripped, I don’t understand why he is alone with him so much if this supervised order still is intact.

    1. Having ptsd doesn’t make you a bad parent. Being a narcistic, addicted, animalkilling, racist childabuser does. So team Nathan all the way.

  3. Unfortunately the Teflon Mom will get away with this, nothing will change, Jenelle will win like she always does.
    She is not winning at life but she wins EVERY court battle & gets away with EVERYTHING

  4. If David cant be around Kaiser, Jenelle will never see him. She would/could NEVER go see that kid let alone pick him up at Nathans without Lurch being right there.

  5. I hope Nathan gets Kaiser. Janelle needs to leave David and stay away. So sad. Her beautiful baby girl I think needs to go live with Grandmom Barbara as well.

  6. 1- if I was Nathan and didn’t have custody, I’d want MTV cameras there. Anyone who says he shouldn’t sign off on the show isn’t thinking it through. They single that kid out enough as it is

    2- Nathan is far from perfect, but thank god being perfect isn’t a prerequisite to being a parent. Kaiser looks happy with Nathan and that’s enough for me

  7. As it was once said by David himself, when he and Jenelle first got together she did nothing but lie around all day on her lazy ass with her phone in her hand —while HE did all the work. That included being full time caretaker to Kaiser, who she always complained was a “handful.”

    This also unfortunately began David’s reign of terror over Kaiser. After being put in total control of Jenelle’s toddler, while she was busy posting “we’re so happy” b.s photos on Instagram.

    Sorry, but I agree with others here who said that although she’ll be ugly crying her usual crocodile tears, secretly Jenelle would probably be happier than hell if Nathan could actually pull this custody thing off — and win.

  8. I wouldnt be surprised if MTV is holding out for paying for Kaiser’s therapy bill until Nathan gives them more access to custody battle. Kaiser needs therapy even if MTV doesn’t pay. That sweet child never had a chance.

  9. It’s bad when Nathan is the lesser of 2 evils, but I hope he gets what he wants. Kaiser is much safer with Doris and Nathan than he is with David and Jenelle.

  10. I think both Nathan and Jenelle are unfit to raise children. I think Doris is the only reasonable option here to care for little Kaiser. Hopefully, that will end up being the result.

    1. I agree 100%, Nathan and Jenelle aren’t competent enough to raise Kaiser or realize that he is safest with his grandma. They’re both so hard headed…so I guess this is the next best option. Hopefully Nathan can get full custody and just have Kaiser live with Doris.

  11. Nathan’s a loser but Kaiser looks happy when he’s with him. Kaiser looks at David with terror. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing my son was with David & Janelle. There has definitely been signs of abuse , abuse filmed on TM . Child protective services has dropped the ball with Kaiser . If not Nathan, he should be with his grandma Doris

  12. I still feel like if MTV fired Jenelle and the checks stopped coming in, she’d ship Kaiser right on over to Nathan. The kids only represent job security to Jenelle because they’re what keeps her on the show. No kids/custody issues, no storyline. Obviously Ensley would stay with her but she’s already working on pimping that kid out in hopes of landing modeling gigs for her.

    1. Someone posted on Twitter they would love to view the tapes inside jenelles home.. I agree. This would close the case faster and all those kids could be placed in a happier environment.

  13. I dont know what to say these two are equally bad. David Easton turned out to be another violent thug. He definitely has no business with Kaiser. Whatever shall we do1

  14. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    My son fought for two years . Just received custody of his son

  15. I really hope he gets Kaiser. He looks so much happier with nathan. Nathan isnt the best. But he looks like a saint compared to lurch. Dont stop fighting.

  16. I could see David’s abuse with Kaiser on MTV. Did they see it. He treats that kid like crap! Fight on Nathan, she is a horrible mother too. Get that baby outta there!

  17. I think Jenelle is secretly hoping Nathan gets full custody but she’s too proud to admit she doesn’t want to raise her kid. She probably wouldn’t even bother with the supervised visits.

  18. Hopefully Nathan goes thru with it and gets Kaiser. Does MTV pay Jenelle the same when she doesn’t film like the other girls? Iam talking about the air time Jenelle has.

    1. Yes, even if she’s on for 1 minute, she gets paid the same. That’s why they spread out one day of footage over 3 episodes. It’s bs.

  19. 1- if nate cared about having custody he’d move closer to kaiser. it is very unlikely that a court will let him go from supervised visits to relocating to FL full time.

    2- why would it be on production to set up therapy visits? how would that work?? why isnt nate taking kaiser to therapy himself during his time with him? how could a non parent set up therapy appointments for a child? nate can afford to take him on his own, and should

    1. It’s possible they only need Jenelle to sign off or Nathan believes, like it’s been mentioned here, if he can’t be present, it might be a good idea that TV crews and others are present occasionally to check on the kids.

    1. Part of me is hoping Jenelle just gives in… Not that Nathan is a great parent, but Kaiser is just not safe with Jenelle and David.

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