‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Javi Marroquin Says Jenelle Evans Burning Kail Lowry’s Haircare Product Peace Offering Was “Pretty Funny”

“Man, that Jenelle sure is a jokester!”

Slide over Jo Rivera! Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin may have just moved himself back up to the top of Kail Lowry‘s “Most Hated Baby Daddy” list.

Javi– who shares son Lincoln with Kail– nyucked it up in a new interview with OK! magazine when he was asked about Kail’s nemesis and co-star Jenelle Evans torching the Pothead Hair Care gift that Kail sent over to The Land a few months back. Javi told the magazine that it was not smart of Kail to send the peace offering, and that he is not surprised the idea went up in flames (pun very much intended.)

“That was pretty funny, I thought it was funny,” he said of Jenelle lighting Kail’s hair care products on fire and then posting the video of the torching to Instagram. “I mean, I just feel like they go back and forth so if she wanted to amend things and make things better, great. But send a gift? I thought that was not a smart idea.”

(As The Ashley reported at the time, Jenelle posted the video after Kail had some not-so-nice things to say about Jenelle’s not-so-nice husband, David Eason.)

Along with the infamous video of Jenelle setting Kail’s products ablaze was a caption accusing Kail of being a “fake a** b***h.”

Javi went on to say that with both Kail and Jenelle throwing stones (by way of social media insults) at the time, Kail should have seen the product burn coming.

Another day, another uncontrolled burn on The Land.

“You’re both saying stuff, I don’t know why you would send a gift and expect a thank you,” he said. “And then when she burned it, I thought I was funny. I might have like [the post on Instagram]. It was pretty funny.”

While Javi finds the whole Pothead Haircare bonfire to be humorous, at the time of the product launch, Kail said Javi had congratulated her and wished her the best.

Watch Javi’s full video interview with OK! below!

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(Photos: WEtv, Instagram)


  1. This was no peace offering this was one way or another she will get attention to my product, wonder if she sent one to her mother.
    And so what if Javi has a love for the cameras , doesn’t that go with the territory? Maybe he should threaten to stop filming like the others do when the going gets tuff.
    Seriously, the man has no criminal past, he’s a stand up father to his sons and hit it out of the park with his stepson, he proudly and honorably served his country while his wife played house with another man , he gives full devotion to his family… but let’s bash him for something, he’s a camera hog, big deal!
    I’d love to see how much Chris contributes financially, I’d be shocked if there’s an actual support order that he follows. Then there’s Jo who can’t afford to fix his A/C so he puts his son on the couch to sleep while he waits for his ex to pay him. In the past Jo was more than happy for Javi to step up to the plate rather than getting a job.
    Lauren seems to be a beautiful blessing, he deserves it!

    1. @ bailee I think you missed the part where Javi, in between serving his country and supposedly being a great husband, was also hooking up with other females on deployment and got caught sending nudes to other females. If I am not mistaken Kail sleeping with Chris was a reaction to what Javi had done but if you consider that to be a great family then more power to you.

  2. Javi is so thirsty. He will do anything for screen time, and I could also do without seeing his lips on tv ever again!

  3. I used to like Javi but now I just see him as an attention seeking fame whore. I understand why Kailyn goes off on him.

  4. Eh, I don’t like Kail, but even if she and Jenelle don’t get along, but she sent all her castmates (including others like Vee) packages it would have been extremely rude to exclude Jenelle.
    I certainly wouldn’t have thought Jenelle would thank her, but I also wasn’t expecting her to set free gifts, possibly herself, and her property on fire. Jenelle ended up making people laugh at her. And maybe Kail knew all along she’d over react and attention would be brought back to all of them. My lord, Kail’s a mastermind! 😂

    Glad to see Javi has enough free time with building his Crossfit Empire and new baby to comment on Jenelle’s antics… from months ago.

  5. Yawn. I am sure those 2 nasty women are happy anyone is talking about them. Its hilarious that Kailyn thinks she’s better than Jenelle. They are quite similar. Each had a teen pregnancy as their claim to fame, followed by exposing their kids to man after man and multiple pregnancies each.They should be BFFs! 🤣

  6. Javi you’re an asshole, you wouldn’t be who you are now if it wasn’t for Kail., The mother of your First born.Asshole your sticking up for that crazy bitch,, who let’s her husband abuse a child., Your nasty.

    1. “You wouldn’t be who you are now if it wasn’t for Kail.”

      Please, she spread her legs for him and had a child.

  7. Ashley,I love you but– PLEASE DO NOT give Jenelle hits on her IG for this. There’s a ton of others that have it rerecorded. Thank you dear xoxo

  8. My only exposure to Teen Mom is through this site so I’m sure most of you are privy to more information then me. That being said I don’t get why Javi is the one desperate for attn when that is clearly the only reason Kail sent the stuff to Jenelle!

  9. I think if kail snapped her fingers and told him she wanted him back he’d go running back to her. He’s too desperate for attention.

  10. Javi is so desperate. Why is he even on teen mom. His nasty smirk gets on my nerves and I’m not a kail fan(does she have any🤷🏽‍♀️) but he needs to sthu. His lips freak me out.

    1. That was the dumbest thing I watched today…
      Jenelle almost torched herself and played the cheesiest music 😂😂😂
      And yes, Javi is just gross… His lips bug me, too!
      I hate to be mean based on appearances, but he looks like he belongs on SpongeBob SquarePants with those giant lips! He reminds me of the fish on SpongeBob! 🤦🏽‍♀️

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