See All the Photos From the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9A Reunion Taping in New York City

“Good news– no hair was pulled this Reunion!”

The entire cast of Teen Mom 2 was in New York City over the weekend, filming the Season 9A reunion special. Despite several of the moms threatening not to attend the Reunion, everyone eventually showed up and filmed, with some bringing their current and former beaus, kids and other assorted family members who were mooching a free trip!

While The Ashley did give you some juicy details about some drama that went down onstage between Jenelle Evans and Reunion co-host Nessa, The Ashley has been told my numerous people in attendance that this Reunion was the most enjoyable and drama-free in years! (That’s probably because the show’s producers worked overtime to give in to everyone’s demands and requests in regard to the filming schedule, housing and more!)

There are no photos of the entire cast together, however, as everyone was kept apart for the filming of the segments (with the exception of a few non-enemy pairs!)

Check out the photo gallery to see snaps of the filming weekend! (Click the thumbnail to enlarge and flip through the photos).



  1. Don’t know if it’s just the makeup, but Kailyn looks so much older now.

    Leah however is looking great – happy and healthy!

    1. Agreed! Drama girls that are so fame and money hungry, they’re so obnoxious! Teen mom is literally searching the bottom of the barrel for its new cast members.

  2. Briana will be pregnant again soon, all the while acting like she doesn’t know how that happens.
    Leah, same. She and Jeremy are clearly hooking up, and Leah knows how to lock it down.

    1. every time one of them breaks up with their bf/gf the post flirty pics everywhere to get attention and to probably make the ex jealous. I doubt they are together but probably still sleeping together which is probably not good if they want a healthy co parenting relationship.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks Leah looks like she’s in her 40s? Maybe it’s the new hair color idk

  4. Randy is the man! After 3 kids, Chelsea is still a very good looking woman. Leah and Janelle are just such he-haw whores. Kail is a ogre, who could play linebacker for most NFL teams and thinks she is special for doing a show with “not Savannah”. I would say something offensive about the De Jesus coven but they would role out their “latina” (as the head witch and Mother proudly proclaimed.) and beat me up.

  5. Chelsea looks great. She needs to really work on her weightloss venture, because I would but it. I didn’t care to read about or look at anybody else in the article.

    1. OMG!! I am totally jealous she looks amazing!!! I would totally try her secret. Maybe its Cole? lol

    1. I noticed that as well. I’m sorry but I would love it if they would have a happy ending together.

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