Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Finally Admits Her Husband David Eason “Doesn’t Have a Job”; Gives Tips on How to Have a Healthy Relationship Like Hers

“Job is basically a four-letter word in our house!”

Jenelle Evans recently became unemployed— she was fired from her decade-long job on Teen Mom 2 last week— but her husband David Eason has been sans-job for a long time now, and in a podcast interview taped just before she and David made international headlines— Jenelle finally admits it!

In an interview with the Hollywood Life podcast that was taped last month (before David killed Jenelle’s dog and helped her get axed from MTV), Jenelle is asked point-blank by the site’s Bonnie Fuller what David’s “other job” is (aside from being Jenelle’s husband) and is finally forced to admit that she was the only one in the family bringing home a paycheck.

“Right now, he’s being basically a stay-at-home dad,” Jenelle says. “He has an underwater cleaning business, scuba diving and cleans boats but since it’s been the wintertime and cold he has to put that off.” 

In the past, Jenelle has tried to the fact that David doesn’t work (and seemingly hasn’t earned any money since he was fired in February 2018 from ‘Teen Mom 2′). This marks the first time Jenelle has actually admitted that David has no job. 

Jenelle went on to explain that, other than stayin’ at home tendin’ to his youngins (and hefty selection of guns), David is a handyman who also used to weld for a living (although he doesn’t currently do so). 

“He helps me build whatever I want,” Jenelle added, as she giggles nervously and glances off-camera. “Even though he doesn’t have a job, he does have a job at home basically. He’s a lot of help with the kids.”

“They’re his kids! He’s supposeda help with them!”

In what is almost an eerie comment now, given what happened between them in the short time since this interview was taped, Jenelle also gives advice on how to have a relationship that is as healthy as the one she has with David. 

“I think you have to find somethin’ that you both commonly enjoy doing and go do it,” Jenelle says. “If it’s once a month, once a while, once a week, you need to go do it, ’cause it will keep you connected and keep you close…”

Jenna Lemoncelli– one of the site’s editors who clearly doesn’t have psychic abilities to see the future– tells Jenelle at one point during the interview, “I don’t think you have anything to worry about…”


Although Jenelle made the rounds after David killed her dog in early May, telling various media outlets she was considering divorcing David, she quickly returned back home to The Land and David and has stated that she is now “working on” her marriage.

If you want to watch the entire video of Jenelle’s podcast interview, you can do so below!

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(Photos: Hollywood Life; Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; MTV)


  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    As if we all didn’t already know the Loser didn’t have a job! He’s too busy sucking all of Jenelle’s money off of her by buying more and more guns, killing animals, abusing their kids and beating on Jenelle! Heck, with all that, how would he have time to work! David is a psychotic, ticking time bomb. Why can’t Jenelle see that and get the hell away from him? Far, far away! She should get a restraining order, file for divorce and kick his loser ass off “The Land” before he kills one of them!!!!

  2. What pathetic losers these two are. Real men work and support their families not live off your wife and abuse women, children and animals. I guess posing with guns and killing innocent creatures make him feel tough. I cannot believe she still has custody of that poor Kaiser who looks terrified in just about every picture Now I totally know why. Time to forget these two exist and let them fade off to hell.

    1. My money is on David and Jenelle. Cause it’s not like they have jobs that would keep them preoccupied from reading about themselves on gossip sites. Hi Jenelle!!

  3. The only diving than pos does Is muff diving.

    God forbid what vile stuff is in that beard of his.

  4. I could not possibly hate either of these garbage human beings more. I hope for their immediate and painful demise, and I am normally a really nice person.

  5. “I think you have to find somethin’ that you both commonly like to do and go do it.”

    For these two morons, besides meth and automatic weapons I have no clue what that “somethin’” might be.


  6. Jenelle, just because this relationship is your longest (*cough* because he doesn’t let you go *cough*), it doesn’t mean it is your healthiest! On the contrary, I don’t think you even know what a healthy relationship looks like.

  7. “He’s a lot of help with the kids”….okkkk so how come when you went on your trip 2 episodes ago, you said on camera that Kaiser was with his grandmother and Jace and Ensley were with your mother? He was home alone, with no job, but couldn’t take care of his own children? How pathetic is that?

  8. Please Jenelle leave him. If you can’t live without him. Leave until he gets alot of help. Your children seen him kill “murdet” your dog. They.are harmed for life. I knew someone like him. He finally lost it. Murdered his pregnant wife in front of his 3 year old. I don’t want to see your name in the news. Please take your babies and run. I’ll pray for you.

  9. He doesn’t scuba dive at least not a enough to have a job doing it, you know how I know.. look at his beard, how are you going to get a mask to seal properly. But how very liberal of him to be a stay at home dad while his wife earns all the money.

  10. “…giggles nervously and glances off-camera”. Janelle, her actions, and her beliefs annoy and anger me to the CORE. Still, that’s a sad thing to read. Makes me think that David’s right there, glaring at her,and if she says anything that isn’t talking him up like he’s husband of the year, she knows she’s going to suffer consequences in one way or another. If she’s going to follow him even further down the pit of mental and physical abuse, they need to go that route ALONE, as in, with no one else present that his anger can be taken out on. The children and animals need to be removed immediately. DCFS, who very, very rarely take children from their mothers (even in “alleged” abuse and neglect cases), have overwhelming, repeated proof and reason to do so in this case…but will they? Highly unlikely.

  11. These idiots are raising their own pigs, killing and eating them. The whole family is going to catch Trichinosis.

  12. Why are these two morons filling the other moron’s head with such NONSENSE? Jenelle is NOT a good or attentive mother, she is NOT in a healthy relationship, she is NOT a homesteader, she is NOT mature, or grown up and she most certainly has NOT come a long way… 🙄

  13. They watch homesteading families on youtube. She doesn’t get that they would be outcasts in those groups of happy, loving, wholesome, nonviolent families. Those homesteaders they watch do not abuse their animals and have the utmost respect for the animal throughout its life especially when it comes time for the harvest. David had chickens growing up but the numbskull went out and bought chicks not knowing that they wouldn’t lay eggs for nearly year so they had to go out and buy some older hens. lol What fkn idiots!

    Of course, this is all David’s wants getting fulfilled because Jenelle has no identity and always gets swallowed up in the hobbies and interests of her dick of the moment. Now she claims they’re “organic farmers! Organic farmers with a kitchen stocked with processed food. lol The same people that will ingest, inhle, snort and inject any chemical they can get their hands on. lmfao Dumb and dumber.

    1. it just clicked this Jim Jones dude has been stockpiling for his apocalypse his apocalypse has finally arrived

  14. Jenelle giving relationship advice??!! What’s next? Mama Dawn giving grammer lessons? Farrah tutorials on the natural look? Brianna going on tour on how to be an independent woman? Leah cooking lessons?? Beyond ridiculous 🤨

  15. “Stay at home dad” they send their kids to daycare!!! The guy is a leech. Jenelle has to pay his child support for him. What a loser!!

    1. Ikr? On the latest episode of Teen Mom she told her friend that Jace and Ensley were with her mom and Maryssa was with her grandma and Kaiser was with his other one. Loser can’t even be bothered to take care of two of his bio children while his wife is gone overnight.

  16. I wonder what they do together? Is it going to the she shed? The one common denominator Jenelle has with all her men is drugs. Well Jenelle you really got yourself in a shit whole now. I can’t feel sorry for her. Everyone could see what David was doing. Hope your happy on the swamp land. It’s only a matter of time before all the kids are taken away.

  17. What EXACTLY does a “Stay at home dad” DO, if the children are in daycare ALL day EVERY day??? Oh, that’s right he beats and shoots puppies!

  18. “Gives Tips on How to Have a Healthy Relationship Like Hers” what healthy relationship? Having your husband kill your dog is a healthy relationship? Jenelle has never been in a relationship. She has no room to be giving out advice.

  19. Nice foundation Jenelle, and omg!! DAVID is farming so he can slaughter those animals!! Also wonder who was sitting next to her giving her the cellphone to text.

  20. You’re right about that. I’ve been married for fourteen years, and I don’t need relationship advice from a dog murderer’s child neglecting/abusing wife.

  21. Something you both love like drugs, taking mugshots, bonefire fistfights, and abusing/killing things smaller than you…. I should probably go get my husband right now so that he can get moving on growing his beard and violent temper if we want to be as happy as those two. I turned that interview off a few minutes in after listening to them talk to her like she was mother of the year. Even the question about Jace, they asked her if she had Jace most of the time and she said yes and then answered every other weekend. Apparently 4 days a month is most of the time lol one thing they don’t love doing together. Math

  22. Her giving ANY type of advice is hilarious!

    My brother owns his own underwater cleaning business as well. It pays pretty good but he doesn’t take time off just because it’s winter and cold so I’m not sure how true her statement is on that.

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