UPDATE! The Latest on Jenelle Evans’ & David Eason’s Custody Court Battle: Day 2

“I’m gonna fill that court with upper cuts!”

Jenelle Evans‘ and David Eason‘s battle to get their kids back rages on!

Friday marked the second day the former Teen Mom 2 stars week in the Columbus County, North Carolina, courtroom, trying to regain custody of some of their combined five kids.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that nothing was decided on Friday, and that Jenelle, David and at least some of those who have custody of their kids will be back in the courtroom next week to continue the fight.

“The case was continued until Wednesday,” the source tells The Ashley.

As for what has been revealed so far in the courtroom, The Ashley hears that at least one of the older kids has been able to speak to the court (most likely through their court-provided guardian ad litem) so far. Others associated with custody of the couple’s kids– Maryssa, Jace, Kaiser and Ensley– have also already spoken in court.

Jenelle and David are currently fighting to regain custody of David’s daughter Maryssa, and Ensley, the daughter Jenelle and David share…

As The Ashley told you on Thursday, a CPS caseworker also revealed some of her findings in court.

Again, each child’s case is being handled separately, so the hearing could take a while to get through.

The Ashley’s source tells her that Jenelle and David were at the courthouse until closing again today, just as they were on Thursday.

The Ashley will continue to update this story as she gets more information. (She knows this wasn’t a big update…)

(Photos: MTV; John Lamparski/Getty Images)

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  1. I read the fb-speech on the greatness of your loving husband. But how about:

    Dear everyone. I’m so devastated over this situation. It breaks my heart to not have my kids around – all four of them – and I am struggling every minute of the day. I realize my actions have been poor and even though I love my man I also understand and see clear how his behaviours are not, were not and will nor should never be acceptable. When old enough to blame upbringing – old enough to take responsibility and better yourself.

    I also now realize the meaning of unconditional love. That’s what a have for my kids. They are a blessing and nothing they do will ever make me love them less. The love that I have for my husband is something else. It is not to take for granted; it is vulnerable, and that’s also what should make it strong. It should be built on trust, respect and equality. I realize that’s not how it comes across.

    His and mine wrongdoings have caused a lot of pain. Others have been hurt, we have been hurt and the humans we are honored to call our kids have been hurt. For this we are so truly sorrow. Apologies won’t be enough, and I am ashamed beyond words. I take full responsibility over my actions and I vow to become a better me and I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive my offenses. What matters the most though, is not yours but my childrens love and satsifaction. I will make it my life mission to deserve their love and trust and I will do whatever it takes to become the rolemodel that I should always have been.

    I will be a parent who love and protect my kids. That meaning I will also stand up for others who love and protect my kids. I will never let anyone diminish my children and I will never look the other way when they are not cared for. I swear to never again harm my children by endangering their wellbeing, comfort and safety. That meaning I will never talk down their guardians and expose them to adults conflicts, violence or hate.

    I realize that I can and I will change. And I will admit when I need help. I can now with peace in my heart say that I – too – will go to war for those who love my kids and my kids depend on. Starting now, with myself and the war I need to win to become my future me. Give me back my kids when I am that person, love and care for them in the meantime and ensure them that everything is going to be alright.

    1. She put this on facebook? Her words mean nothing to me! You bitch! I hope you never get those kids back. I just wish I knew what happened to the animals left. She was at Lowe’s Sunday with that monster dog murderer. They are due back in court Wednesday.

      1. no thats what she DID NOT put up. but what she should reflect on perhaps. but then reflection might not be her thing.

  2. Is there something wrong with Ensley? She NEVER has expression on her face. Maybe seeing too much abuse and violence?

  3. Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, showed up to court for their child services case with what appears to be a gun in plain sight on the dashboard of their car.

    On Thursday to fight a judge’s order that removed three children from their home.??‍♀️??‍♀️

    Please take away custody permanently.

  4. Let’s turn up to court to try and get out kids that have been removed from our care by CPS with a gun on our dashboard!…

  5. And then when Jace told the truth to Barb Jenelle called him a liar and said that didn’t happen. Talk about gaslighting.

    I’m so glad he has Barb and his therapist to talk to about these things. His face and body language during that incident was heartbreaking and then she goes and poirs on some extra damage by calling him a liar about it.

  6. Jenelle posted a picture of Kaiser on her ig. She’s getting tons of negative comments. Surprised she’s allowing comments. The picture is adorable…kaiser in his cap and gown for pre k graduation.

    1. I’m blocked. I just wanted to tell Monster Mom that she better not show up unless she has permission from the judge. Did you see the picture of the gun? They showed up to court with a gun laying on the dashboard. Some nerve!

      1. They hate that people call them out on their bs and lies.

        They block the people who tell it as it is.
        She’s such a vile waste of air.

      2. No doubt that was their country, ignorant way of saying the are locked and loaded and nobody is gonna take their guns. That was no accident. That was a message. Who rides around with a gun on their dash so that it can fall on the floor every time your press the brakes?

        1. One can only HOPE it goes off and hits either David or Jennelle…. OR if we’re lucky , the both of them!

    2. Did you see the video posted of Kaiser with Nathan’s girlfriend Ashley blowing kisses ???ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE

  7. This is the only site I trust when it comes to Jenelle news. Thanks for keeping us updated. I will not be happy until every kid and animal are out of their care forever. Jenelle puts her men above everything and she deserves to sit in a time out. She will never get it.

  8. Marissa may lie but she may tell the truth because she wasnt raised by David and he hasnt had enough time to indocterine her. She knows somethings wrong with him. She has only lived with David for about 2 yrs. If she wants to go back with whomever she was with before she will tell the truth. Jace will tell the truth. He’s been in therapy since he could talk and he isnt used to keeping secrets since he was raised by Babs. Remember he said Jenelle was a piece of shit ?He’s an opininated young man. Kaiser will tell the truth. 4 yrs olds are easy to catch in a lie. Hopefully they subpoena MTV for film and statements about what they have witness. MTV deserves all the hell they will get for staying on the sidelines and filming child and animal abuse and then rewarding Jenelle with 6 figure paycheck for her abhorrent behavior.

  9. Is anyone else worried that the older kids may lie because they’re scared of the repercussions or scared of being blamed? Like for an example Maryssa. You know she feels screwed I mean David got custody of her so that’s pretty much a telling on what kind of mom she has. All that time she spends on that land with just those two you know they drilled into her head saying “if you tell them x, y and z you will break this family up. Do you want that”. I can see Maryssa and Jace lying out of fear.

    1. I was just thinking that too. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they guilt tripped them by saying “you wanna have your little brother and sister go to foster care!?!? You wanna be the reason they tear this family up!?!”
      I have no doubt those kids are already partially brainwashed.

      Breaks my heart.

      1. Oh I pray they speak out and tell the truth about life on the land, poor kids.

        Jace already said he Doesn’t want to be around David.

        1. If they don’t take Jace’s concerns and feelings into consideration then shame on them ! This little boy is scared and it would have taken alot for him to speak up.

  10. Did everyone see the photos of the pistol on the dash outside the courthouse?!?

    He’s so stupid

    1. Where I live, they would’ve been arrested on the spot! He is such a dumb, stupid ass, that he shows up to court with a gun on the dash? I just hope they protect that little boys graduation, and the monsters don’t show up to ruin it for him. I hope the police are aware of this. Oh Lord…the scene they would cause!!!

  11. This happening has got to be the best thing that could happen for the kids – and hopefully if there is abuse and such, the kiddos had enough strength being away from Jenelle and Douche David that they were able to tell the truth.

  12. On TMZ, David puts his gun on the cars dashboard in plain sight to obviously make a point of some sorts. He will never change, nor does he want too. This is all a game to him.

    1. He’s such a wanker! I’d love to see David take on a real man ( without his weapons to hide behind) and see the results!

  13. It seems these two miscreants went to the courthouse with a gun on the dashboard of the car. That’s not a place that a normal person keeps their gun sooooooo………. I’m guessing this is not illegal, but this is only like clue/threat #5,934 from the two of them. I suppose if they show up with a crate labelled “dynamite” in the back of their truck Jenelle would claim that’s the new for her new makeup line and they’d be free to go on their merry way. TMZ’s got the pictures, message delivered and received.

    1. This is actually a legal and common practice so you aren’t considered to have a “concealed weapon”. HOWEVER who tf brings that to the courthouse when you’re kids have been taken away for your erratic, concerning, escalating and violent behavior. And how tf Is Jenelle ok with it even if David is??! She has serious issues. If you REALLY want your kids back you don’t do ANYTHING that might risk that or affirm the concerns brought against you.

      1. David and Jenelle…. The couple that leaves people shaking their heads in disbelief and disgust.

  14. While watching YTube I stumbled upon a video of their wedding night. A friend had recorded and uploaded a video of them screaming at each other hours after getting married. It was horrifying to listen to. David was in Jenelle’s face. It was scary to watch. I can’t imagine what happens behind closed doors if they act this way in front of others.

  15. What a shit show TM has turned into. Most of the moms are narcissistic, unstable, or alcoholics.

  16. Please Janelle pull your head out of your ass and leave David and be the mother your kids deserve. I know a good mom is in there. It’s just buried under a pile of shit

    1. Jenelle is not a good daughter, a good sister, a good friend, a good pet owner, a good employee, or a good person. Why would anyone expect her to be a good mother? Jenelle is a psychopath. She seems to lack, empathy and emotions and cannot make emotional connections with anything.

    2. David didn’t, and doesn’t make her the shit show that she is. She has never been a good mother, and is clearly not capable of such. How much more evidence do you people actually need? This isn’t about her, this is about the children. For once, the phrase “won’t someone think of the children” is actually applicable…but some of you have your heads shoved so far up some foreign orifice that you can’t seem to see that. Who the hell cares what Jenelle needs or wants? Again, it’s not about her, period.

      1. Some people seem to forget that Jace would straight up be in foster care or dead by now if it weren’t for her mom “taking” him aka that poor excuse of a human signing over her rights!!!
        She’s garbage and will always be garbage. Her fakea$$ instagram never fooled me.

      2. She became a shit mother the day she became pregnant with Jace and has remained one ever since!

    3. She hasn’t got it in her….. She couldn’t be a mother to Jace, she lost custody of him ! If that’s NOT enough to clean up your act for any other children you may have then nothing is! She’s had plenty of opportunities and she’s f****d them all up. She’s to blame for this drama that’s unfolding as much as David is.

  17. The fact that it’s a possibility that these kids could all end up separated from each other (even temporarily) just crushes my heart.

    1. It’s heartbreaking an arrogant ignorant rascist homophobic bully that was chosen over the children will probably affect these kids for the rest of their lives. Good work Jenelle! Hope you’re happy with yourself, don’t expect any sympathy YOU’RE NOT WORTH IT !

      1. I just hope that Monster Mom and Monster Murderer are having a really bad weekend! The money train has stopped. You can’t sell stories. You got no kids to boss around. Enjoy each other! Does anyone know what has happened to the other animals? I hope they don’t get the brunt of the Gruesome Twosome. Who do they have let to abuse? The animals are the only living breathing beings left. We all know he loves to abuse them.

    2. Mel, I think most people aren’t *happy* this is happening but would much rather the kids be separated into homes that can take care of them then, you know, might be murdered by thier own parents.

    3. They all have different daddies anyway, they probably arent used to all the kids being in the same house at the same time anyway. She gave Jace to Babs when Jace was practically a newborn. No separation was needed because Jace never bonded to Jenelle. Kaiser and Ensley probably don’t even understand their connection to Jace yet. They probably think he’s just some kid that comes over to play sometimes. What a damn mess.

  18. I TOTALLY AGREE, They’re as bad each other and Jenelle’s “poor me” and “David’s a perfect husband ” bullshit makes me sick !

  19. Apparently they now have gag orders on them ! Therefore Jenelle and the loser husband wont be able to profit by selling stories to magazines and the like ! . Looks like you’re screwed!

      1. It was when they attended court on May 17 , The judge has issued that no parties involved are to discuss the proceedings

    1. Makes sense to why we haven’t heard anything victimy from Jelly or angry rants from UBT. Neither of they can stay off SM so it must be killing them to not comment to stories and posts or sell click bait stories.

  20. The pic of chinny, Maryissa and ensley.

    Maryissa looks withdrawn and sad and ensley well does she have Fas???? Both girls have this blank look on their faces, poor kids.
    Chin looks smug.

  21. While I’m curious about what the cps worker revealed and what the children said in their testimonies I’m not sure I could bring myself to read it. This was all fun and games until 4 kids ended up split up in different homes, being pulled at the limbs by these two psychos and the state. I can’t imagine the sick abuse and disgusting acts these poor babies have been subject to. I’m praying they remain in safe homes with their guardians but I’m fearful that won’t be the case.

      1. Very true, hopefully Barb will attempt to foster a relationship between him, Kaiser, and Ensley.

  22. Trip down memory lane on David’s prior charges:
    6/28/2012 Misdemeanor breaking and entering, Larceny after breaking and entering

    6/28/2012 Willful and wanton injury to real property

    7/2/2012 Obtain Property by False Pretenses/Cheats/Services

    7/19/2012 Possession of drug paraphernalia

    11/11/2012 Driving while impaired, Reckless driving to endanger

    2/24/2013 Driving while impaired, Reckless driving to endanger

    2/21/2014 Driving while impaired

    5/12/2014 Bond surrender

    6/25/2014 Failure to appear

    Started serving his jail time in July 2014 – Jan 2015, apparently at some point knew Jenelle’s ex Courtland. By Sept of 2015 he and Jenelle were FB official in a relationship. Ensley was born Jan 2017. The reality is Jenelle, like always, jumped into this situation with someone of her caliber. He then wasted no time knocking her up, marrying, buying property (that I’m sure he used none of his own money on) with, and proceeded to act a fool and get fired from her show. Then after he got fired and couldn’t control the narrative, he upped the crazy by threatening crew members, innocent bystanders, and just people that he opted to lash out on to assert his dominance. He has done nothing but help her spiral further out of control than she already was – but she was definitely headed down that path, he just took her hand and ran. This is who Jenelle is, she has zero self esteem and/or awareness, and she depends of Lurch to handle those kids more than she will ever decide to actually become hands on. Jenelle will NOT leave David bc she believes he loves her because he won’t leave and tries to control her – in her warped ass mind, that’s love/loyalty. She will stand by her man, mark my words. Even after he’s been fired, gotten her fired, them sued, lost thier kids, lost thier home – as long as he tells her he’s gonna stay, she will defend him to the death. Like a damn opossum fighting over *her* trash

    1. @ painintheash WOW! You did some homework ( this is why I love checking back to read comments ) I knew he was a nut, had no idea his record was to this extent. What really sticks out to me is the willing& wanton charge. This is a charge that shows spiteful malicious behavior… like he did when he killed nugget. Is there any case notes on the docket? I’m curious to know what he did.
      Looking at all of these charges ( I assume they’re all found guilty) this May very well be a good outcome for the kids. These are not very old , I’m sure he’s not active in AA nor has he received any kind of counseling, etc. David still exhibits all of these characters, so does Jenelle. I know a lot of people here have expressed concern for Jenelle’s safety I’m not on the same page. I think they BOTH get drunk and fight with each other. That 911 call was such bullshit! My collarbone is broke then she tells her mom she met the cops in her driveway… two drunks acting like fools.

      1. I TOTALLY AGREE, They’re as bad each other and Jenelle’s “poor me” and “David’s a perfect husband ” bullshit makes me sick !

      2. Oh, I really went down a rabbit hole. On a whim, wondering if the birth of his kids caused him to spiral out of control or the breaking and entering/destruction of property was his ex (not sure if that is the case), I checked some dates. David married Whitney in 06, when he was 18… Marrysa was born August of 07, right after he turned 19. I’m sideeyeing the shit out of momma Eason bc something must have happened in that home to make David *adult runaway* at 18. But articles with family interviews say they grew up together and were really in love, Whitney maintained contact with the family after the divorce. David admitted to drug use, hence the multiple DWIs, and we know Whitney at least was into drugs. Then David files for divorce July 2013, finalized Sept of that year… Kaden, his son, was born in November of that same year. By 2014 Olivia (Kaden’s mom) had full custody and a restraining order. Then David goes to jail out by 2015 to start dating Jenelle. Now, I’m not making excuses, but David had no real time to actually grow up, get sober, and take care of his other kids (made apparent by his lack of CS for Kaden) before he jumped into the crazy that was Jenelle and then made ANOTHER kid. It also seems clear to me that he got custody of M, and Kaden temporarily, because of MTV’s money – he had the money to fight in court, most dont, and in this case, the mothers didn’t. Maybe Whitney can step up for Maryssa in this somewhat even playing field since MTV money isn’t going to help and he’s being investigated. Things that are crystal clear to me is David and Jenelle need tons of therapy before they can handle thier kids on thier own again. I’m sure they are both on some kinds of drugs, plus immature selfish people. We can only hope the judge does the right thing. Alright kids, thanks for following me into the rabbit hole!

        1. Inspector Clouseau! Great job! I am so glad you dug so deep. I hope the courts know all this.

          1. I have thought that the MTV money gave the Gruesome Twosome power. I also think the birth mother was terrified of those two monsters. I’m sure the Monster Mom was not going to let anyone get anything. And MTV kissing Monster Mom’s ass! So pathetic! I hope justice prevails for those kids and #justicefornugget started this all. Now I must go sob a bit for these sad incidents and hug my kids and animals extra tight! I am so upset by all of this!

        2. Thank you ? Its good to know a bit of his background, judging by his behavior I just assumed he had just stepped out of a cave !?

        3. @painintheash Great paralegal work there ? I think Barb too lost control of Jenelle long ago. Barb said ( this season) that she was a victim of DV, of course I thought about how much of it Jenelle was subjected to but, I don’t see anything that explains Jenelle running around like a dog in heat making babies only to give them hard lives. I see barb as a strong woman that struggled raising her kids, I don’t ever see J raising her kids alone.
          I recall some brief filming of David’s mom, you’re right … here elevator doesn’t go all the way up. So, they both weren’t felt the best of hands and along comes MTV with a golden opportunity, neither of them did a damn thing to better themselves. They will blame all of the viewers for the troubles they’re in now and never have any appreciation that our fan base keeps that show afloat. D and J have all these charges and not a single felony, unbelievable! The kids they made deserve a better chance in life, I don’t see the two of them making it happen for the kids – not ever.
          Thanks again for the information, was very interesting.

        4. I’m not a shrink, nor do I play one on TV, but it seems like David’s erratic behavior started in his early 20’s. That’s when most severe mental disorders emerge.

          1. Entirely possible Seats, which he could have been using drugs to self medicate instead of getting legit mental care. Jenelle certainly has her own issues too, I’m sure the drug abuse doesn’t help. They both need tons of therapy just to function by themselves. I’m not sure if a judge orders that that they will go through with it. At least David’s issues seem to be growing larger by the second, if losing everything (except Jenelle) doesn’t wake him up, nothing will and it’ll just get worse

        5. So Kaden was conceived while he was married and he was born just a couple months after filing. Interesting.

    2. I’ve also noticed that Jenelle NEVER seems to talk to Maryssa!. The poor little kid just seems to be “lost” . Jenelle actually dosen’t ever really speak with any of them. She just mutters a few words AT the kids ,There’s no real interaction.

    3. I hope I know you “Pain in the Ash” because this is what I believe and you put it in words PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

    1. I’m guessing David! Because he’s been told “he can’t ” he’ll be his arrogant self and defy the order .

    2. Neither one of them thinks the law applies to them, but I would say David because he literally has no self control. I’ve been reading back the comments and gaining more insight on what goes on on The Land, I don’t know how people can live like that. Those kids are going to need A TON of therapy.

  23. I hope someone brings up in court, the fact that Janelle pulled a gun on a guy during the road rage incident – with Jace in the car! If they do not do something in this court case, someone is going to seriously get hurt, if not killed. They all need a psych evaluation, and neither of them need physical custody of any living being! There is also MTV footage they shot while out of town that gives a glimpse of Lurches true behavior. He gets very angry and turns all the cameras off in the car after he starts cursing and yelling.

  24. Just read online that this isn’t the first time he’s done animal cruelty. He buried some rats or a rat while it was still alive. I don’t know if it’s true or not but that’s disgusting rat or no rat it’s still something that’s alive

  25. I watched her in court on one of the YouTube videos. she’s got it down the fake crying the whole thing I’m just hoping the judge looks at her and him and realizes that they’re full of it. He’s a murderer and she’s just an idiot I guess and I’ll terrible parent they’re both terrible parents.I don’t know what Barbara did to make such a horrible person and how she could still love her. And his parents my God …..I’m at a loss for words

    1. Perfect your right just like the 911 call and after she pulled the gun to the officer that pulled her over. It’s all a act. You can’t down vote me if you want but I’m trained on those 911 calls and hers was fake. I would bet my life on it that’s how sure I am.

      1. I definitely believe most of her emotions are all an act but why would she fake a 911 call? I’m genuinely curious. I don’t see what there is to gain from it other than attention plus she tried to cover it up by saying it was a misunderstanding.

  26. If they regain custody of their kids, who all is going to be responsible when things inevitably go south again? The judge? CPS? MTV? No one can claim ignorance now.

  27. Poor Maryssa looks so withdrawn and sad. Being on lockdown on TheLand 24/7/365 has taken a huge toll on her. Poor girl. I hope she had the courage to testify against these two scumbags and that Lurch doesn’t have her scared to talk. Nothing against homeschooling, but regular school provides socialization with other kids the same age, and gives kids a chance to talk about bad stuff going on at home. No doubt Lurch pulled her out of school so she couldn’t talk about what’s going on at home.

    1. Homeschooling can be great, be is also used as a tool by abusive parents to further isolate the child and abuse them so that nobody will ask questions. Wasn’t shocked when I heard David was homeschooling this sweet girl.

      1. Wouldn’t you have to be educated yourself to educate/ homeschool a child ? David dosen’t appear to smart or educated to me

  28. My guess is Janelle agrees to give custody of Kaiser to Nathan and she gets visitation. One less battle and I think david would rather only have the girls. Then it’s a parenting plan, monitoring etc and it’s a family of 4.

    1. Is it not super frightening to anyone else that David would prefer to have only the girls? I mean, I know biologically they are his, but they are also girls that he can tower over and bully ?

    2. I agree he’ll only want his own kids, but due to his hatred of both Nathan and kaiser he’ll most likely try and get kaiser too, just to spite Nathan and further torment this poor little boy.

      He’s a crazy unpredictable hot head.

  29. Will the fact they’re both unemployed make a difference in the custody cases? I’m inclined to think it will.

  30. So why did Lurch trim his beard? Did he get gum caught in it?
    Guess they know creepy dirty hillbilly sasquatch is not a good look for court

    1. I watched her in court on one of the YouTube videos. she’s got it down the fake crying the whole thing I’m just hoping the judge looks at her and him and realizes that they’re full of it. He’s a murderer and she’s just an idiot I guess and I’ll terrible parent they’re both terrible parents.I don’t know what Barbara did to make such a horrible person and how she could still love her. And his parents my God …..I’m at a loss for words

  31. My bets are still placed on nothing changing. I don’t think Lurch should have firearms at all (just like many other commenters), but I’m sure it’s all legal. Jenelle has been in court so much she practically has a law degree and has demonstrated a million times that she knows how to get away with anything, they are nightmare “parents” in the opinions of 99% of the world, but if there hadn’t been so much public outcry and subsequent bad publicity for the powers that be in their area those children would absolutely still be in the swamp. On another note, I know that Jenelle has been diagnosed with some kind of personality disorder (ie. Bipolar), but I’m wondering if there are others at play (ie. borderline personality)? There has to be something else going on because her behavior is off the charts.

  32. For those worrying, children in family court are treated differently than children allowed to testify In other courts. act child has his or her own guardian ad litem whose only job is to protect and represent the child in court, and at times, each child will even have an attorney appointed as well. (In real nightmare cases, the GAL may also have their own attorney.). Children can speak with the judge, without either parent being present, so they are not intimidated by their presence.

    Jace and Marisa are both old enough to basically testify to the judge, they are certainly old enough to know the difference between telling the truth, and telling lie, which is the standard fora. child witness. Kai is probably too young for that, but the judge can still chat with him, and decide how to weigh anything he says. I wish the judge would order that professional asses Ensley’s overall health and evaluate her progress, as many have said, she seems both slow, and very flat affect for her age. Compare her to say, Watson, who I think is almost exactly he same age, or heck, even Javi’s baby, who always has a great facial expression and he IS just a baby.

    I still fear the outcome will be some parenting classes, anger management counseling for David, and the girls anyway going back.

    1. I think the Maryssa custody depends a lot on her mom’s state of health, any possible legal issues, and if she wants to fight for her back. We don’t really know much about the David and Whitney custody issue a few years ago other than the mother was on drugs.

      1. Jesus God Leah can you imagine if David’s sister Jessica went to court to testify for/in Whitney’s behalf the hell it would cause.
        It might blow up the whole hearing in favor of the kids. Jenelle and David wouldn’t be able to control themselves.

    2. The GAL IS an attorney. A gal takes on these cases in ADDITION to their other case load that is entirely separate from their guardian cases. They Are paid very little from the courts on these cases and have many cases that they’re not paid at all. A GAL can charge the parents ( open your checkbook Jenelle) if they have the means of paying the fees. Sadly the majority of cases are pretty poverty stricken families.

      So if you have a guardian ad liteum that needs his own attorney you sure as shit don’t need him.

      1. Not all GALs are attorneys (at least not in Ohio). They typically have some sort of legal background (law student, attorney, paralegal, etc.). Now, in nasty cases like this, chances are the GAL is an attorney and they may have a colleague associated with the case when the parents are unhinged just for another layer of protection. Do they need their own attorney? No. But if I was dealing with Juhnelle and UBT, I’d probably at least have a colleague back me up so there can be no chance of the parents whining about any impropriety – Is dotted and Ts crossed if you will…

        I don’t know how it is in NC, but my friend was a GAL and she wasn’t a lawyer. She had simple cases though (mom lost custody because she went to prison for drugs, but she completed drug court and had the opportunity to get the kids back) – I don’t think they would have given her anything like this.

        1. FWIW – In my state, GALs are always an attorney. I looked up NC, because I was curious. There is always an attorney appointed along with a volunteer. The volunteer appears to be like what they call a CASA (court appointed special advocate) in most states. So the GAL is a volunteer and not required to be an attorney, but each case is also assigned an attorney GAL as well.

    3. I have no doubt mtv has had a hand in her getting away with murder. One time in my youth, I got into trouble. It was suggested if my parents made a $10,000 campaign contribution, I would be let off. They did, I was. Mtv has been greasing palms to keep their star train wreck choo chooing. They’re on their own now, good chance their luck has run out.

    4. I’m concerned about all the children but I worry about Ensley she always has a blank look on her face !

  33. Guns out of home forever. Janelle cant handle all these kids alone with her pot problem. Let alone mentally I’ll David. Boil the pot over with his drugged up messed up ginned up self. Threatening one and all. Bonnie and Clyde here dont give a rip

    1. I know. Makes you wonder if Jenelle or the Bearded Leech are clicking away on their phones

      1. I have not gave a thumbs down to anyone’s comments. But I will say what I feel if you take up for the Gruesome Twosome! They are monster murderers and child abusers! I HATE THEM!!! All those children have that look in their eyes of a Mommy Dearest movie.

    2. I know, I’ve been down voted for answering someone’s general question.. or saying one of the many kids on the show is adorable, so… I hear ya!

    3. We get it – you don’t like it when people downvote your comment. You already left a comment saying the exact same thing further down the thread.

  34. I will pray NC protects these kids from this angry angry man. Well, he is not really a man maybe a he she because he is such a cowardly little punk.

  35. May take quite some time to hear any juicy information, this isn’t open court and isn’t public record. I’m not going to get my hopes up for a perfect outcome either. The Jenelle and David that all of us know won’t be the ones the courts know unless one or both of them show their true colors in court, wouldn’t that be nice!
    All of the teen mom footage is worthless, anything MTV May have told Barb or Nathan is worthless. One thing that is coming back to haunt them is the 911 call Jenelle made, David must be pissed to no end! That call may very well be what sinks them.

    We may never know what the kids had to say unless Barb or one of the others involved sell the story. They better not do it while this case is pending, court gets wind of them talking to the media durning this their goose is cooked.

  36. I hope they know this maybe their only chance to escape. And do what’s right for the younger ones and find their strength.

    1. A lot of times in cases like this you see the Judge become very human and find it in their heart that it’s in the best interest of the kids to remove them even if there’s not proven overwhelming evidence to support it. So what ever may or may not stick on the two idiots
      Let’s hope the kids get pulled out of there, that is what’s best for them.
      Jace is a pretty smart little guy ,I’m sure his interview did some damage to , as he would say “ the pieces of shit”.. I’ve never heard Maryssa talk, here hoping to her being smarter than her parents.

  37. I really hope that Jace and Maryssa weren’t forced to give any testimony with David in the room (or Jenelle for that matter). The kids are so obviously afraid of him, and I can see them lying due to that fear. This can’t be that unique of a family court situation, unfortunately, so I really hope the kids didn’t have to speak their truth in front of him.

    1. It’s doubtful they had to speak in front of David, but abuse tends to make the abuser’s physical presence unnecessary. Jace is in a really hard spot for a kid his age. He’s old enough that he’s the only one who could coherently answer questions, but not old enough to really be able to decide for himself if he wants to get involved. And as sick as it is to say, the farther he is away from the situation and any of the other kids, the safer he is. There is a legit risk that David could start fixating on him if he tries to stick up for his siblings or gets involved at all. Poor Maryssa must be terrified. The double edged sword of a story like this getting attention is that on one hand it is twisted to rubber neck someone else’s trauma, on the other every camera on this is more people watching out for the physical safety of those kids. If people know who Maryssa is, she can’t just disappear into the system or back into her nightmare family. It’s my hope that she is able to one day know that when all of this was going down, when she felt the most alone, literally millions of people wanted to help her.

      1. I agree 100% with everything you said. My heart just breaks for all of those kids, and especially Maryssa. I grew up with a very mentally ill father, and it sucks. Fortunately, my father was never violent and would never in a million years physically harm me purposely. I can’t begin to imagine if he had been capable of violence towards me, and that is exactly the situation Maryssa is in.

        I also hope she can see the literal millions of people that care about her – some day, at least. You’re spot on about how lonely and scary it must be to be in her situation, and I wish all of us could give her a collective hug and some encouragement that it will get better.

      2. As for Jace, we’ve all seen Jenelle telling him he was lying when he told Barbara that Jenelle pulled a gun out on the guy she followed. Poor kid probably doesn’t even know what the truth is anymore! Both parents suck and need to have all kids forever removed along with animals.

      3. That reminded me of baby Jessica the little girl who fell down the hole and millions of people watched and prayed till she was resqued.

    2. My stepmom was emotionally abusive, shouting to me for at least an hour every day, waiting for me to start crying and then making fun of me for doing so. When she passed away of cancer, I was one of the only two people who gave a speech during her funeral and it was all praise. When my family heard of the abusive situation before they didn’t believe me, because I voluntarily held a praising speech about her at her funeral. Abuse is very weird and hard for outsiders to understand, but even with the abusers gone you can still feel like you can’t be honest about your feelings, wanting to protect them to avoid a cluster fck of drama. Because when you say something, it feels like you started all the shit, you know?

    3. Jenelle already got Jace to lie with the gun / road rage incident. The poor kids are probably terrified of telling the truth if questioned about Jennelle and the Yetti’s behaviour

      1. But he told barb the truth, and jenelle called him a liar.

        His poor face when she did that, she’s a vile pos and with or without lurch, she should never have custody of any of the kids.

  38. Look at Maryssa when David and jenelle started dating to now. She looks like a terrified girl now.

    1. Yes! An early trip to Legoland had Maryssa joking and laughing in the car.

      Now we don’t see her on tv, just an unsmiling girl in ‘happy’ family ‘gram photos by Jenelle.

  39. Thanks, Ashley! I’ve been refreshing your website all day, lol. You’re amazing!

    I really wish I could be a fly on the wall!

    1. I see 3 downvotes for you. My money is that the 3 are:

      Uncle Bad Touch/Lurch/Hillbilly Sasquatch (saw that above – love it!)
      The wretch that spawned UBT

      1. Don’t you be upset about thumbs down. Let Monster Mom aka almost Casey Anthony go to hell. She needs to find a job, because he won’t. Monster Mom can continue to live with Monster Dog Murderer. Be happy Monster Mom you idiot!

    2. Last night I was looking at videos on YouTube and came across a clip a friend of theirs uploaded. It was the night of their wedding and they are in a full on screaming match! It was very scary to listen to. He gets in her face and everything.

  40. Thanks for the updates you are doing on awesome job in getting the informationout to us, it’s been a really busy week

  41. Hopefully, the kids will never be returned to, “The Land” to live with the Gruesome Twosome ever again. Like I said before, they deserve to have their parental rights terminated.

      1. Thanks! I remembered it from a cartoon called, “The Wacky Races.” I thought it would be very appropriate.

  42. Ashley, I just want to say THANK YOU for working so hard to give us reliable and truthful reports. Your sense of humor is icing on the delicious cake. You rock the hatter’s world 🙂

    1. DITTO! I am loving this blog. I just learned of it since the murder and the child abuse.

    2. Id also like to say thank you for the updates, I’ve been CONSTANTLY keeping an eye out , hoping and praying that the kids are ok. I think people worldwide are looking out for updates out of genuine concern for the kids.

  43. I’m so curious about what they’re saying in court. Maryssa and Jace might both be old enough to address the court, those poor kids.
    And I’d love to know what any evaluation of Ensley shows; that poor baby just never shows signs of life. Does she ever speak? Make any noise at all?

    1. I never like to comment on people’s children but in my opinion Ensley is developmentally delayed. I believe that she needs to be evaluated. Also with so much going on in that home she may not get much interaction or a chance to speak.
      Again it’s just my opinion I’m not medically trained like JE ?

    2. I’ve seen her steal several Vienna sausages from Kaiser and cram them all in her mouth at once and eat them and not joke and David and Jenelle just laugh and Kaiser was without food again

      1. WTF????? ? That’s disturbing, who does that to a child….. OF COURSE David and Jenelle! They make me sick !

    3. I’m a preschool intervention teacher & from what little I’ve seen, people should be concerned not just about her development, but also her flat affect. She doesn’t seem to demonstrate much emotional range, which occurs in neglected babies and those who have experienced trauma. They stop reacting to their environment because they have learned that their needs are not going to be consistently met. But, All those kids have frightened eyes. They line up & half ass a smile for the camera with their dead eyes so Jenelle will shut up & leave them alone again.

      1. I have been concerned about Ensley’s facial expressions for a long time now. Its always the same flat expression and vacant stare. I don’t thim I I’ve ever seen her smile or laugh really. And what you said about trauma and neglect makes perfect sense, I hadn’t put that together before but I think everything you said is dead on. Also to me it looks like that Maryssa is always frightened or nervous in photos, almost like she’s scared to do or say the wrong thing.

        1. WildCat: Jace said that when he was talking to Babs after Jenelle pulled a gun on the dude she was chasing. He said it was a couple of times actually, without batting an eye. This is the kind of lifestyle he is surrounded by. I would have cut my own tongue out before I spoke like that in front of my elders.

          1. Didn’t jenelle also tell babs that Jace was lying (and that she didn’t pull out a gun) she’s such a bitch to make out her son was the liar.

      1. Oh God , I hope so ! I remember watching that episode and I had to rewind it a couple of times to make sure I heard it right ! Out of the mouths of babes !

  44. Only fighting for the girls, did I read that right??

    So really no news. Kaiser looked so cute on Ashley’s post. OMG he’s gorgeous. Kaiser is the cutest of all the kids.

      1. I agree! Kaiser is so stinking cute! Poor kid… It says they are fighting for the girls under the pic of jenelle Easley and Marisa. It’s just a caption but I bet it’s true!!! Sad. I would adopt him in a heartbeat! He would be a great addition to my 2 boys!

    1. Ashley! do you have any dirt on what they said? You alluded in another post that they said some horrible things to thier cps guardians.

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