Rep Confirms Jenelle Evans & David Eason Brought a Gun to Their First Custody Court Appearance

“David like guns. Guns good…”

Jenelle Evans‘ husband David Eason has made it no secret that he carries a gun with him almost wherever he goes– and that appears to be the case, even if he’s going to court to fight to get his kids back! 

Several eagle-eyed Twitter users were the first to notice that there was a gun sitting on the Easons’ car dashboard when the couple got into their car on Thursday during the lunch break for their custody court case. (TMZ tried to claim that it was the first to report about the gun, but this is not the case.)

The gun was noticeable in a video posted by TMZ, but at no time did Jenelle or David reach for the weapon. (You can see the gun in question around the 19 second mark of the video below.)

(By the way, The Ashley did not write about the gun because she was not able to confirm that the object was, indeed, a gun, despite how much it appeared to be one.)

On Monday, a rep for the banished-from-‘Teen Mom 2’-couple confirmed via a statement to Us Weekly that the object was, in fact, a gun. The “rep” also stated that it was not illegal for David to have the gun in his car.

“In the state of North Carolina, if you aren’t a felon you can have a gun with no permit,” the statement reads. “The gun has to be in ‘plain sight’ if you do not have a concealed carry permit. This is so when the cops pull you over or you’re out in public you cannot even have your shirt over the holster or you will be charged with a felony.”

How is this legal? For starters, David has never been convicted of a felony. While he has spent considerable time behind bars in the state of North Carolina, he was only convicted of misdemeanors. (Jenelle has also never been convicted of a felony.)

The Ashley also looked up North Carolina’s laws about carrying a firearm to a courthouse. It appears that it was lawful for the Easons to have the gun because it was left in their car in the court parking lot. Had David or Jenelle brought the gun inside the courthouse, it would have been against the law in North Carolina.

According to the National Center for State Courts‘ website, “It shall be unlawful for any person to possess, or carry, whether openly or concealed, any deadly weapon, not used solely for instructional or officially sanctioned ceremonial purposes in the State Capitol Building, the Executive Mansion, the Western Residence of the Governor, or on the grounds of any of these buildings, and in any building housing any court of the General Court of Justice.”

During his recent child support court hearing, David admitted in court to owning “many weapons, including handguns, shotguns and semi-automatic weapons,” and about “2,000 rounds of ammunition.” Over the past year, David has frequently bragged about his extensive weapon collection on social media. His videos and social media posts even prompted a visit from the Secret Service back in December 2018.


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They will say I’ve gone off the deep end just wait for it! #bangbangbang #bumpfire #bumpthis #nancypelosi #trump #maga

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David got into more gun-related trouble earlier this month, when he admitted to shooting and killing Jenelle’s dog Nugget. That caused big problems for the Easons, with MTV using the incident to finally cut ties with Jenelle and fire her from ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Immediately after that, the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office and the Columbus County Animal Control launched a joint investigation into Nugget’s death. CPS also began an investigation into the Easons’ home life, which eventually led to all of their children being taken away.

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle and David are due back in court on Wednesday to continue fighting to get their kids back into their care. 

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(Photos: Instagram, MTV, Twitter)

78 Responses

  1. I’ve just watched the David Eason gun video he posted! . SERIOUSLY…. NO-ONE COULD SEND THOSE CHILDREN BACK TO THAT PHYSCO’S HOUSE !

  2. So glad the kids were removed from the home and hopefully they won’t get them back. Those kids were in danger. If little Kaiser or Jace had played too roughly with Ensley, David might have shot one of them. They would at the least have gotten the heck beat out of them.

  3. Thanks Ashley, for finally reporting this whole story correctly. Most of the other reports circulating are stating that all the children were removed solely “because of David shooting Nugget”. While our government would rather you bring the animal in question to a humane society; they do destroy any dogs who have shown violence. You don’t automatically lose all your children if you shoot a pet who has bitten you or a family member. Period. CPS was clearly investigating this couple pre-Nuggetgate. There must be loads of other evidence proving these 2 unfit parents (but of course we already knew that!).
    IMO, Jenelle was lucky to have unsupervised visits with Jace. We’ve only seen bits & pieces of their life on TV, but even THAT was enough for most viewers to realize that something is definitely wrong with both Jenelle and David. Say what you may about Nathan – Kaiser definitely needed to be off The Land, period. Hopefully Jenelle will only be allowed supervised visits at a center. At least until she can get herself some help, and part ways with David for good. Ensley was always the child I worried about the most (being the biological child of both Jenelle & David). I still do worry about where she will end up in the end. Barb has already raised Jenelle, and is still raising Jace. I believe she’s in her early 60’s & probably lookin forward to enjoying some time for herself! Taking on a toddler at her age (and while parenting Jace through his upcoming teens), is a huge undertaking. Knowing David & Jenelle, they’ll go to court to get Ensley back. I’m sure they’ll lose, but as TM2 fades and time passes, there’s a chance Ensley could definitely end up back on The Land.
    If Jenelle ever ‘wakes up’ – I’d be willing to bet that MTV would be more than happy to help her safely leave David and get treatment for her own issues. A lot of women in other abusive situations don’t have that luxury.

  4. Those 2 losers should never be allowed to have kids or pets again. David deserves to be in prison!

  5. Who cares if it is legal it is certainly not appropriate in their situation it’s so nice to know this lunatic who lives in a state that’s making it easy for when he kills a whole family

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    So… wasn’t the gun Jenelle pulled during the road rage incident with Jace last season concealed?? I seem to remember she had to reach for it.

  7. guys, lets be consequent, guns are legal in us!! and not in the rest of the world, fyi. Eason is a psycho but blame stupid law in usa!

  8. No no you got it all wrong, the only thing that was endangering the children on the Land was that ferocious Frenchie puppy!

  9. Hmm this is odd. I lived in Charlotte NC tried to buy gun because my house was robbed in broad daylight. They said no because I had a petty theft charge of 50some bucks from target-that happened like 10 years prior. It was a misdemeanor which I never went to jail or anything… I guess I was too violent to get a gun after being robbed… i don’t know ?‍♀️

    1. You went the legal route to purchase a gun. I can absolutely guarantee you that none of David’s guns were purchased legally.

      1. Which then leaves you wondering, the way he posts videos with his different guns and ammo is proof that they’re in his possession; Can he not be charged for that ?
        If someone here in Australia behaved like David and was flaunting his massive array of weaponry ADDING to all the threats he makes ……. GUARANTEED the police would be swooping in and David’s ass would be hauled off to jail!

      2. He isn’t a felon & either is Jenelle. Either one could legally purchase any of those guns. I’m sure he was happy to do so, courtesy of Jenelle’s MTV income.

      3. Trust me, he went the legal route! You can’t have guns & parade them like he does & NOT have police or ATF come knocking on your door. The guns he has aren’t anything special, btw.

  10. If this doesn’t scream “Keep the kids, we don’t want them” then I don’t know what does.

  11. It was satisfying to watch Janelle get called out last night by Nessa at the reunion. Nessa baited her like a boss. Of course Janelle denies it all. How did she not see that lengthy post about Kapernick? She’s pathetic. I can’t believe she would try to deny her way out of that and when that didn’t work, she dissolved into tears. Typical.

    1. LOL when she said that she had never seen those posts before, when they were posted on her page(s)…and then she also said she doesn’t know who Colin is, but Nessa was like ummm he’s been on set a few times…was absolutely laughable. Her and David are such trolls, and can’t handle it when they get called out on their shit.

  12. The gun is displayed intentionally, no question. These two don’t have a half of brain between them, they want the media to know that they’re packing heat so stay clear of us. This is THEIR court hearing that they have a right to after the order was signed to remove the kids, so as they plead for their kids back they have a big pistol displayed on their dash.

    I support the right to own firearms. However, other than military I don’t think anyone has a need for high powered machine guns. Neither David or Jenelle have felonies, how many should they have? How many of their charges were originally felonies that were bargained down????? This is a perfect example of the need for better gun laws.
    If their attorney seen any of this story I’m sure we won’t be seeing this on Wednesday. As in, don’t show up with a weapon anywhere in sight …dumbfu**s!

  13. Bloody hell, in the uk the police run campaigns to stop you leaving valuables on display in your cars in case they get stolen. So
    A) feeling the need to take your gun with you on a trip out
    B) thinking “oh, I’ll just leave this expensive actual weapon here”
    Are completely alien thoughts to me.

  14. Wait so per the laws mentioned above it is illegal to have the gun in or on the grounds of in any building housing any court of the General Court of Justice. What am I missing here? Where were they if not in court?

    1. They left the gun IN thier vehicle, they did not have it on thier person when they entered court.

  15. Im from Denmark and we do have a very different view on gunuse, but REALLY?! That is the place you bring a gun to? Jesus …

  16. It must be so frustrating for Lurch to be that tall and covered with fur but have virtually no power over anything and no respect from anyone outside of The Land. I guess having a gun displayed on the dash like that is his way of communicating: “me Lurch” “me man” “someone fear me please”. It must be exhausting to be that impotent. And now that the mtv money is gone and his audience will continue to dwindle he’s really going to up the ante.

  17. It’s like he’s a wimpy 8 year old trying to be all big and bad. His stupid guns are a colossal waste of (Jenelle’s) money. You live in suburbia, North Carolina, kids. You’re not in Compton. You’re never going to “need” a gun. The only thing that’ll happen is (if you get your kids back), one of your two curious toddlers will pick up one of the guns you have lying around your house and blow their head off. Sad thing is, I can totally see you STILL defending your guns after burying one of your babies. Get a job and stop playing cops and robbers. Grow up.

  18. For once I’m on Jenelles and David side. There’s no harm in having a gun with you. Plenty of gun owners carry their guns with them everyday. I’m all for 2A. My fiancé has guns, my family has guns. This really isn’t a story nor a problem. People that have a problem with them having a gun in their car are just looking for something to bitch about.

    1. Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Technically he could drive a tank to court and walk in with a spaghetti pot on his head. Does that make it a good idea? Does that show that he’s taking the proceedings seriously and trying to get his kids back? Absolutely not.

      This isn’t a hearing about him jaywalking. He’s in court over his violent temper and inability to make rational decisions. Brining a gun to the building where those things are being scrutinized is an extraordinarily dumb move.

      1. He didn’t bring it to the building. It was in the car. People do drive to more than one place when they leave home.

        1. How’s the job search going Jenelle? Hope you and Lurch picked up applications while you were at Lowe’s. You’ll need them because the public is gonna make sure your reality tv career is over. That’s a promise.

          1. Nah, you can tell that’s not Jenelle because of the use of the word projection. That there’s too big and fancy of a talkin’ word for the likes of Jenelle.

          2. I do like how anytime someone has unpopular opinion y’all automatically assume dumb shit like that. Get new material.

    2. People with mental issues and drug issues and have been convicted of Domestic violence and has OP against them should not be able to own guns.
      And yes my family owns guns.

      1. You are so right about this and it some states, David would not legally be able to own a gun. Unfortunately, NC has pretty lax gun laws.

      2. Yep. I’m a conservative . I’m a libertarian and a DV person with restraining orders or PO against them shouldn’t own guns .

    3. In England, it seems literally insane that people feel the need to have guns and take them around with them. My whole life, I’ve never seen a gun. Here its only farmers and criminals that have guns. I know you guys think differently, but for us its a huge deal.

      1. We don’t ALL think that differently. I wish over here it was like your normal, reasonable country!
        Here, I will say that a lot of it is regional. Socio-economics are definitely a factor too.
        I’m nearly 50 and I’ve never seen a gun in my life, and I don’t know anyone who has one. It amazes me the way people are so defensive about them and the people online insisting that they need one to protect their family. From what?! I can see if you’re an 18 year old kid in a rough area of a city. I have worked with inner city youth and I do understand them feeling the need to have one.
        But it’s beyond insane that people in little rural or suburban towns carry them around like a gang is suddenly going to burst in and try to kill your whole family. The biggest thing that has happened in my town EVER is some teenagers spray painting the playground, yet I’m sure there are people bringing guns into Target on the daily. Moms whose daily routines include yoga, Starbucks, Instagram, soccer practice, and homework…….what about that screams danger?! It’s beyond ridiculous. The chances that someone in your family will accidentally kill themselves with your gun is astronomically higher than the chances of some psycho gang of murderers coming into your house and wanting to randomly wipe out your whole family. Not to mention you have to wake up, get the gun (especially if it’s locked up), and take them all out before they get you, which is highly unlikely. But you can’t even suggest that to the gun lovers or they get extremely defensive. It’s fascinating really.

        1. My entire family for generations has owned guns and practiced our 2nd amendment rights and none of us has shot ourselves with a gun . People often don’t think they are young places where something might happen and then things do . I rather be safe than sorry. I have a gun in my vehicle at all times. I hope I don’t have to use it but carry in case I do . Your whole argument makes no sense. People go to the movie thinking they’re safe. People stop at a stop sign thinking they’re safe. Bad people aren’t only in the cities and as people have mentioned they don’t follow normal laws .

      2. CRIMINALS . You just said it. That’s why we want ours. Those that follow the laws should be able to protect themselves against those that don’t. It’s our god given right

      3. Lawless uk.
        No go areas, how many killings this year on your mayors watch???
        London has shitty Eu laws, that’s why your country is fucked up.

        It’s a shame your goverment protect the ones that are out to cause you harm.
        And if you retaliate your called Racist.
        Look at the trouble in France the past few months.
        Sweden is all but finished and Germany is still run by n a z i s.

        You allow scum in to your country and they in turn have turned Europe in to the shit holes they left.

        But the uk which I love, is lawless and you need to stop your country from being taken from you, the laws are pathetic

    4. You don’t have to be on their side just because you are pro guns. Your family having guns doesn’t make it OK that mentally unstable, violent people with their arrest record have them as well. Unless you’re also in favour of Jenelle pulling a gun on a stranger because she didn’t like the way he was driving, or of David shooting a dog after encouraging his 2 year old to torment it.

    5. This is a judgement issue, not a gun-laws issue. Just because you *can* have a gun with you doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for every time and place. In this case, he’s fighting for the custody of, and the right to even see, his daughters. He’s doing so because of allegations that he is violent and unstable. Bringing a gun to the proceedings shows a profound lack of judgement because it plays right into the “violent and unstable” narrative.

      It certainly doesn’t inspire confidence that his children are safe with him.

    6. Ava: theres nothing wrong with people who carry guns. There is something wrong with David, who shouldn’t be allowed to own any because he’s clearly not stable…but his putting his gun on his dashboard for the world to see (he knew it would get photographed) tells the world what he thinks of his current situation…its his non verbal way of telling the world F you. He could have brought his gun and stowed it in the middle part or under his seat, but he chose to put it on his dashboard to make a statement. A really stupid statement seeing as how his situation is pretty dire. Any normal person would be on their best behavior if they were in the situation David is, but David is choosing to raise the middle finger and make himself look further like the gigantic idiot he is.

    7. This CPS investigation literally started because David shot their dog. While it might not be illegal for him to leave a gun on his dashboard, it doesn’t do much for public opinion. David is literally doing anything he can to assert his control in this situation. He’s going to be the reason they lose their children.

    8. I’m on your side about 2A but if my kids were taken away from me due to being seen as a volatile lunatic, and shooting a dog , I’d probably leave my gun at home. I understand some people carry all the time but I am curious I thought he had a DV history? Guess he can still open carry there? He couldn’t own a gun here in WA . I would be doing everything to look like I was perfect and If I was the judge and saw this ( I’m sure they have ) it would have me questioning them even more .

  19. This guy really believes he did/does nothing wrong.
    Why would you bring your gun to court? If your so scared to leave the house without it why leave it on the dashboard? For the world to see?
    “Because I’m David & its my right?”
    He just wants people talking about him, he wants people to think he is crazy. Excellent idea during a custody case

  20. Imagine these two brain dead morons hee hawing about their “second amendment rights” when they hear people are concerned about them open carrying a gun to a custody hearing. Proof that you can’t fix stupid. Also proof that neither of these delinquents should be near let alone raising children.

    Hopefully these two rat faced losers will just continue being themselves and will permanently lose custody of those kids.

  21. TMZ posted a video of Jenelle and David at Lowe’s, Sunday. How can you be out shopping when your kids have been taken away. I would be crying my eyes out and having a nervous break down.

    1. Absolutely! Just the thought of possibly never being able to properly parent my child or never seeing them again gets me emotional. Actually going thru it.. I couldn’t.

    2. Those 2 cartoon characters are probably building a fallout-survivor shelter like in fortnight.

  22. Has everyone seen the video of Kaiser and Nathan’s girlfriend I believe they said her name is Ashley it’s a really cute video they’re making kisses with their hand it looks really really happy

    1. Hopefully Ashley is the calming, stabilizing presence that both Nathan and Kaiser need in their lives.

      1. I don’t really know anything about Ashley, but Nathan has been more rational since he started dating her. She has never made any malicious statements or really done any interviews. Nathan also hasn’t tried to choke her out like his last girlfriend. Maybe Nathan. has made personal changes in his life (cutting or reducing alcohol intake or seeing a counselor about why he drank to excess in the first place) that contribute to these changes. Who knows. I don’t have anything negative to say about Ashley.

        1. I hope all this as well. Ashley is educated, she seems to love Nathan and Kaiser. And Kai looks so happy when he’s with them.

  23. David has a bad temper. Temper, drugs, alcohol, children, and guns do not mix. If I were the one given the children I would get a restraining order. I don’t care if Jenelle were my daughter. If Jenelle wants to be dumb well let her. I would protect the children. The land is a ticking time bomb. I don’t know how Nathan held it together and didn’t beat the hell out of him.

    1. Nathan had tried to choke out his ex-girlfriend, Jessica Henry, and had a possible felony hanging over his head. Not to mention his record prior to that. He played it safe for the legal system to see he was a rational adult. It takes several years without any incidences for that.

      1. I didn’t say he should have. I said I didn’t know how he didn’t. Especially with the bruises on Kaiser’s Butt.

  24. There’s a big difference between what’s technically legal and what’s a good idea. It’s not surprising they lost custody of every child in their care if they’re unable to make even this distinction.

  25. On the TM reunion Nessa was not aggressive or angry. She opened the door for healthy dialogue. Jenelle lied and acted like she had no clue who posted that. Then when the screen shot was shown. Jenelle started fake crying and stormed off stage as the victim. I have never seen Jenelle shed a tear but she is always crying when she’s caught in a lie. She needs serious help. She is a psychopath.

    1. Both Jenelle and David have serious psychological problems that need to be handled. There are both sociopaths. It’s incredibly scary and I’ve never seen anything like it. Nessa was completely calm and respectful and Jenelle storms off the stage like a 5 yr old acting like she didn’t know wtf she posted. Such a idiot

  26. I’m truly PRAYING to God that those two idiotic, delinquent, evil, criminal, completely batshit INSANE animalistic creatures (cause they are certainly NOT human) NEVER get back custody of those poor kids!! They deserve EVERYTHING coming for them and I hope they rot in hell where they belong.

  27. So when will they court-order a psychological evaluation for the both of them? Hmmm. (That I sincerely hope they must pay for themselves out of pocket.)

  28. Sure he was already an uneducated inbred redneck, but wouldn’t living with Jenelle 24/7 push YOU off the deep end as well? People forget how truly cray cray and troubled she is.
    Hopefully CPS will make her do a drug test and psych evaluation before the kids are put back in her care.

  29. I legitimately can’t understand what’s going through their heads. They aren’t remorseful. They don’t even have any regrets. They genuinely believe they’re in the right & will come out on top of all this. She blows my freaking mind.

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