‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ Stars Ashley Jones & Bar Smith Slam Each Other on Social Media After Confirming Break-Up

Bar and Ashley during happier, non-Twitter-feuding times…

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’s Ashley Jones and Bariki “Bar” Smith broke up last week, but over the weekend, things between the formerly engaged MTV reality stars went from bad to downright nasty!

The couple closed out the weekend by calling each other out on social media and, in Bar’s case, getting eyebrow tattoos (as you do…)

Starcasm managed to snag most of the couple’s tweets before they were deleted, which gave ‘Teen Mom’ fans a look into the exes’ very broken relationship. 

After taking to Twitter to call her baby daddy fake, Ashley went on to also call Bar out (in now-deleted tweets) for not paying rent, not having a job, busting out the window of her car and for spending his days playing Fortnite on a gaming system that she allegedly gifted him for Father’s Day.

“You have money for face tattoos but not rent?! That sounds about right…”

Ashley also claimed to be helping Bar out financially. (Hey– those eyebrow tattoos aren’t gonna pay for themselves, after all!) 

“Not to mention the fact that I’m still loaning you money to this day,’ Ashley wrote.

“Still helping you figure s**t out to this day. I never left you in the f**king dust. I gave you my f**king SOUL b****h for the last 4 f**king year. I had our f**king child,” another now-deleted tweet read.

As ‘Young and Pregnant’ fans know, Ashley and Bar are the parents of daughter Holly, who turns two in September. Ashley seemed especially angered when Bar allegedly brought their daughter into the argument.

“And then you tell me you regret having a kid by me,” she wrote. “I give my life to our child. I give my heart to our child. I spend all the time I can when I’m not working or at school. All you do is keep her for me no work, no school. So I buy diapers and put gas in your car,” she continued.

Later, Ashley tweeted that Bar wouldn’t even watch Holly while she was mourning the death of her grandmother. Instead, she claims, he opted to use his time for other purposes…such as getting tattoos above his eyebrows.

Bar’s now sporting fancy “NORM” and “YR474” tattoos above both of his eyebrows. Ashley was certainly not a fan…

Nothing complements teardrop face tattoos quite like eyebrow tattoos, am I right?

“[Bar] couldn’t even keep our daughter while I dealt with the death of my grandma and now instead of coming to get her he’s going to get a tattoo 😂😂 but I’m always the bad guy,” she wrote. “And this b*tch a** ni**a wanna talk about me not being loyal and a hoe. B*tch bye. I stayed with you through everything and all I asked was that you get a f**king job and education. I was too loyal cause you been not helping me handle business.

“I tried to stay quiet. I tried to save face but now you wanna publicly disrespect me as I make preparations to bury my grandmother 😂 so then let’s tell it all,” she added, continuing to lower the boom on Bar.

“You never even had the decency to tell me when you didn’t have your half of the rent,” Ashley wrote. “We lived in that apartment for almost a year and you paid rent 4-12 of those f**king months. Not to mention when we broke up you moved out didn’t help with the baby and didn’t help with no one bill after you busted the windows out of my car.”

After Ashley’s rant (which she deleted to “be the bigger person”), Bar provided a response in which he condescendingly supported the mother of his child.

“I hope she finds peace in her mind after this twitter rant you gotta let people get it off their chest sometimes tell yo truth baby girl go ahead,” he wrote. 

“Oh, I’ll go ahead, all right!”

Last week, he tweeted that he will soon have his own place to live, a job, and a place in an independent study program.

As The Ashley previously told you, MTV renewed ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ for a second season last year and most of the girls reportedly began filming in December. That being said, viewers can probably look forward to watching the details of Ashley and Bar’s breakup unfold when the show returns—the details that didn’t already end up on Twitter, that is.

(Photos: MTV, Twitter)


  1. Look at his face! MTV is going to film him on a show called young and pregnant and use a Teen Mom logo! This is so misleading and damaging to young teens that are easily influenced, it needs to stop!

    Chelsea may have kind of a boring segment right now but I’d be very happy with a spin of her story. I love seeing the kids ( all of them) that they barely show anymore, they can’t even bring them to the reunions now. The oldest of the kids are going to start catching Hell in school as they get closer to Jr high, we all know how mean kids can be. Why should these children risk being subjected to that when they have no say in being filmed? We have already heard Lincoln express how he feels about the cameras and he’s pretty young yet.

    I know we all watch it, if it’s on then why not? It’s not our fault that MTV coerces these people into saying and doing the unthinkable. Really I watch in disbelief that this show has become such filth, it needs to end.

  2. On a different note did anybody hear about the backlash Mackenzie McKee is getting after leaving her Great Dane in an outdoor pen for a week while they are in the Bahamas and the animal control being called. Another dumb one who can’t take care of her animals.

  3. How could anyone ruin their FACE like that????? It’s your face for crying out loud! Does he think nothing of the future when those ridiculous tattoos no longer serve his “image”? The only image those tattoos portray is “I’m a felon “. “I’ve killed people” and “I’m a moron “

  4. Those tear drop tattoos ( did he kill someone ) or are they a mark of respect for his killer brother ???

  5. Bar could eat an apple thru a tennis racket.

    And those new tattoos sooo trashy
    And taking your baby with you when you got them Jesus bar.

  6. These are members of the generation after me and I feared for them. Now I fear much more for their offspring since these are the role models they have to look up to. I have no children, but if I did, I would never have thought to air arguments with my partner on the internet to an audience that is only there to be entertained by drama, then delete it and move on as if it’s gone. These people are unfortunately caught in states of arrested development with this social media obsessed culture. I’m guessing Jenelle and Lurch have maybe 9-10 years on them and still get validation/air grievances/fight with spouse on social media, delete, then pretends it goes away and look how absolutely emotionally destitute, isolated, morally and eventually financially impoverished these two are. Save for a few individuals involved in the TM universe most of them (even the ones pushing 30) are stuck in this fantasy land.

    1. Isn’t it so sad? In my day, you’d be embarrassed if the neighbors heard an argument. These days, young people put EVERYTHING out there. They have no shame. The way Ashley talks like she’s gangster. SHES A MOTHER! What’s wrong with her? She has no shame. It’s gross. I feel bad for all their kids who didn’t ask to be a part of this shit show!

    2. I really don’t like what social media has done to our society…selfies, looks-obsessed, broadcasting every single thing you do, say, eat, etc…

    1. Honest question: what the hell does the eyebrows tattoo even mean? Norm YR474, what does that mean?

      Ugh, he will never be able to get a job again EVER! Unless maybe at a tattoo shop.

      1. Norm=Norman his brother that was shot and killed
        YR474= rapper Young Rell. A childhood friend of his. Not sure about the 474 part.

  7. The guy thinks he’s going to be a rapper so the eyebrows go with that. Only problem is his style of rap is not cool right now. He will fail at music but mtv will give him money.

    1. Reminds me back in the earlier days of Teen Mom when Joe tried to have a rap career. Fun fact apparently Sean from Teen Mom Young and Pregnant is an aspiring rapper and his rapper name is “littlefoot” and he is also on Soundcloud. I guess some the teen mom dads want to be rappers, but you are right there is no doubt MTV will fund the rap career.

        1. Unless you’re actually a successful rapper/musican or tattoo artist, no one should get tattoos on thier face/neck – you will automatically be judged by any potential employer. Hell, even bars now won’t let you in with face tattoos. Especially if you don’t have a job, it’s a good way of not bring able to get a job… oh wait…

      1. MTV would fund anything If your guaranteed to an ass of your self. Now if you say you want to go to medical school or work with NASA MTV would shut down filming pack up and block your number. Unless your like Mama June and you say you want to go to medical school. They would finance that baffoonery for sure.

  8. MTV continues to support lowlife idiots. They will become rich off of mtv but I bet both will go nuts when the other gets into a new relationship. They are toxic.

  9. Lmao, she’ll take him back and look more dumb than his eyebrows. So who does she think is?? Picked a dude who disrespected her entire family including her… She didn’t seem to mind raising him for the last 4 years… Until now? Girl please🙄

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