EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie McKee Addresses Claims of Animal Abuse After Her Dog is Taken By Animal Control

Hank the Dog and Mackenzie earlier this year…

Mackenzie McKee is telling her side of the story after she was accused of abandoning her dog in her backyard while she went on vacation with her husband, Josh McKee.

The former Teen Mom 3 star admitted in a Facebook post made earlier this week that she did leave her dog in an outdoor pen while she and Josh went to The Bahamas, and, although she had family members caring for Hank (a Great Dane), Animal Control took the dog after getting a call from Mackenzie’s neighbors.

Photos of the dog’s pen showed a muddy floor full of dog poop. In one photo, presumably taken by the neighbors who called Animal Control, the dog is standing on a wood plank that was added by the neighbors so it wouldn’t have to stand in the mud.

A photo of the kennel Mackenzie’s dog was staying in before being taken…

Mackenzie’s hometown of Miami, Oklahoma is currently under tornado watch, and the former ‘Teen Mom’ star and her husband are stuck in a Florida airport.

The Ashley reached out to Mackenzie for comment on the story, and she told a different version than what her neighbors and other outlets are saying.

“[The dog] was being fed, watered and check on and played with daily,” Mackenzie told The Ashley. “The pen was his sleeping arrangement, which is better than a kennel, which he will not go into. I refuse to force him into a kennel. His pen was also being cleaned out. I did nothing wrong!”

Mackenzie admits that animal control did take Hank, but it was not without her knowledge and consent.

“Animal Control called me before taking him and said, ‘Your neighbors said no one has been here in days’ which was not true,” Mackenzie said. “My mom, grandma and Josh’s brother were on top of his care.”

She stated that her mother– Angie Douthit— was heading to their home to fetch the dog due to tornado warnings when Mackenzie got the call from Animal Control.

“As they were calling me, my mom was about to get [the dog] because we had tornado sirens going off back home,” Mackenzie said. “I asked [Animal Control], ‘Did I do anything wrong?’ and they said ‘You passed a wellness check. I’m just doing my job. He is OK.’

“They offered to take [the dog] to a proper shelter and I told them to please take him and keep him so my mom can focus on getting my kids in shelter,” Mackenzie said. “She agreed and that was that. I’m thankful she did.”

Mackenzie and Josh are the parents of three kids: Gannon, Jaxie and Broncs. Mackenzie’s mother Angie is currently battling Stage 4 cancer

Mackenzie told The Ashley that she and Josh are trying to make their way home, but are not able to at this time.

“Me and Josh are stuck at the Florida airport and our hometown is flooded,” she said. “We can’t even go home.” 

Mackenzie has been open on social media about her struggles with Hank. According to her past posts, her neighbors have complained about the dog in the past. Last month, Mackenzie stated that she was trying to re-home the dog, and had, but he ended up coming back to their home after just a few hours.

“I prayed and prayed over this situation, that he gets placed in the home where he belongs,” she wrote of the dog in April. “We had 4 people fall through on coming to get him because the re-homing fee was too much for him. So we decided to give him to a wonderful lady with a 40 acre farm. Me and josh spent the morning loving on him and helped her load him in her car.

“I cried and cried and than headed to the gym to let some steam off,” her post continued. “But I asked God to place him where he belonged and he did. Because within a few hours the lady brought him back because her dog didn’t like him. SO HANK IS BACK WITH HIS MOMMA AND HE IS HAPPY. So on that note I’m sure my neighbors will be disappointed in this post. However, I just called and got the fence that is being installed soon.”

Mackenzie and Hank back in February…

On Tuesday, Mackenzie talked about her love for Hank in a series of tweets.

“Lies…. all lies… that is all,” she wrote. “If you guys think that my neighbors were telling the truth, you are out of your mind. They have had it out for us since we moved in in October and moving is in the near future. love hank more than words could ever describe. I paid 4K to have his fence installed 2 weeks before vacation and they stalled it out longer. So for you all to pull the “don’t pay for vacation if you can’t afford proper care for your dog” bull s**t is insane as well.

I spend more time and money on hank than my shitty neighbors have ever done with their bull mastiff that I’ve never seen leave his pen. Yes I said pen. We bought that pen for Mr. Hank because he hates kennels and I think he needed more sleeping room… Trust me when I say I looked into all options. So once again. We bought a big pen for him to sleep in. He was checked on and let out to run and play 3x a day which we payed for…”

In her tweets, Mackenzie said that she plans to go claim Hank, and that no animal abuse took place.

“Me nor my mother or the other two taking care of him support animal abuse,” she tweeted. “Please know the full truth and story before telling a woman to kill herself and she is a piece of s**t… If you follow me on snap, you see that hank is nothing less than loved to an extreme level by us… He’s been through several expensive dog houses. Lol. This was only a sleeping arrangement girl. I mentioned earlier on night 2 he destroyed his dog house. This is why when home, he is inside and sleeps on our bed. He is loved…”

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(Photos: Facebook, Instagram)

72 Responses

  1. She is making no sense. She is moving cause the neighbors don’t like her beloved dog that she is rehoming because the neighbors don’t like the dog… WTF? She spent $4000 on fencing/kennel for a dog that she’s actively trying to rehome (plus move!) instead of just boarding him for the week or hiring a dog/housesitter to stay there WITH the dog, inside the house? That’s not even talking about the weather or exercise situation, quantity and quality of the dog waste, the mud, his paws looking deformed from his claws not being clipped…

  2. So, another irresponsible idiot. I guess some things never change. At least Hank escaped with his life…so far.

  3. Why couldn’t she leave the dog INSIDE since according to her, he was being checked on daily. Why leave him outside? I don’t care what the situation is, this is an awful way to treat a dog. I am not a pet owner, and even I feel terrible, thinking of this poor guy outside in a pen day and night.
    Sorry but if no one can take your dog or (for whatever reason) your dog can’t be boarded….THEN, YOU DONT GO ON VACATION ASSHOLE!

  4. Hank doesn’t even look pleased to be on the couch with her.

    He looks sad to be honest.

  5. This feels like she was trying to stir up some animal controversy for herself after she saw all the attention Jenelle is getting.

  6. So, I’m just wondering..
    Why is the dog outside in the first place?
    Anytime I leave on vacation, I take my dogs to a kennel, or have friends and/or family come over INSIDE the house, where the dogs live.
    You know, because they are domesticated animals that can’t be outside in extreme elements and covered by a pathetic tarp.
    If you leave a dog outside to not be socialized, why have a pet dog?

    1. FR, when I go away and someone watches my dog he still gets to stay in the house lmao. The person who is watching my dog stays there too. I don’t understand, did her dog have to sleep outside in that mud pit with one small wooden panel? Is that where he usually sleeps? Poor hank!

  7. Shes gonna lose sponsors over this and I hope she does. I will be e mailing them and letting them know about her animal abuse. I am so fucking sick and tired of people doing this kind of shit. Why have an animal if your gonna leave it outside to rott and shiver in the rain and cold while your romping around in the Bahamas while your dying mother is taking care of your 4 kids. Hate this girl. Start emailing her sponsors

        1. The only thing o see is those weight loss Lolly pops. I’m gonna try to find out more. But she deserves all the shit she gets from this

          1. Just let me know. YES! I agree. That poor dog. They all just drive away and leave him there? She’s another monster mom.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that while her mother is battling cancer, Mackenzie is off in the Bahamas having her mom help take care of her dog and most likely babysitting her kids as well?

    1. Nope. That and put him up at a boarding faciliity! If you can afford to take a Bahamian Vaca,you can afford to board your dog.

      1. That’s not a solution for every pet. My dog has extreme anxiety when boarding. The last time we tried, she rubbed her nose leather off and was all bloody. And that was just being boarded one night.

        Mackenzie clearly said it’s not a matter of money. Keeping him at home was the best option for him.

        1. This obviously was not the best option. And he wasn’t at home. He was outside the home. She could have hired a pet sitter who would come by to take care of the dog while he stayed in his home. She claims her dog won’t sleep in a kennel so she leaves him outside in a small, fenced…kennel? Inside dogs should not be left outside for days on end. And he obviously was not being taken care of. Gtfo with this being the best option.

    2. I think it’s awful! I am retired, in my late 60’s, a husband that had a quadruple by-pass, and I live on a fixed income. I still take care of all the cats and animals I do. I clean houses to help pay for their care. Then this Teen Mom makes a 6 figure salary, and they abuse their animals and kids. Yes…I am pissed off! They are so entitled and do nothing to help others.

      Amber, I read the story about the man on Craig lists doing those things to cats. I just always think of how these animals were so afraid and scared. That Great Dane just left out there for days. He must’ve been so upset. And when that monster murderer yanked up Nugget, he was so afraid and I’m sure he was just screaming at the hands of that monster.

      I am not an extreme animal activist, but Nugget looked like my dog growing up, I read the petition,and I exploded. Now this dumb nasty bitch does this? NO MORE TEEN MOM!!!

      1. … she’s not on teen mom and doesn’t make a 6 figure salary… geez mob mentality is a real thing.

        1. Umm… its outrageous what this hillbilly dim wit did. I’m so sick of hearing about animal abuse lately. Its sickening. She posted about her ferel children wreaking havoc in a pet store not to long ago and hurting the ferrets. She also let her ferel children toss around dead puppies like it was the thing to do. Shes not a good mother and not a good mother and should NOT have any animals. Shes a pos. This is not mobb mentality it is people who actually care about animals and are responsible pet owners who are outraged. Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. Mackenzie

          1. Yeah the ferret escaped and shopping trip was unbelievable.
            But dead puppies?
            I haven’t heard this one.

          2. I like you have had enough of animal and child abuse with these people.

            She’s a fkn disgrace

        2. And maybe if she wasn’t too busy pumping iron and running pyramid sceams she would have enough time to raise her kids the right way and take care of her animals. Selfish moron.

  9. Re-homing fees are to help make sure pets aren’t adopted out to people who mistreat animals. Psychopaths will use cats & dogs as bait for dog fights. People will adopt pet rabbits/guinea pigs/rats & use them as snake food. I just heard about a guy who was getting free cats off of craigslist to torture & murder them. These types of people are looking for free animals & are not likely to pay for animals that are actually looking for a good home.

  10. Hank is a cutie. The shit covered bottom of his pen is ridiculous. Could they not board? She’s placed 3 kids with her mom who has stage 4 cancer, you’d think she would place the dog elsewhere. If they didn’t want to pay to board him then why not have someone bring him in at night? Surely they have a laundry room or garage?

    1. And that isnt normal dog shit. Hes either sick from there being rainwater and mud in his food or because he is so stressed out about being left out there to die. I am a dog owner and I would never ever. Leave him outside like that. Ever. Hes like a child to me. I hate animal and child abusers. There is a special place in hell for them as far as I’m concerned

      1. I agree my dogs are never ever kept outside, they are indoors, have their own bed, plenty of walks, a huge yard to run around in,
        They are my babies

        1. Seriously. I can’t even imagine thinking this was an option. I just spent a couple hundred dollars to board my pup for a few days at a reputable daycare/boarding place where I know and trust the people. He knows them too and adores them. They carefully track when he was fed, they let him out to play with other dogs regularly, supervise play, give him chews I packed, interact with him, etc. He also has his own bed and private area to sleep and eat. If that wasn’t an option, we would have a friend watch him, or just not leave him. Leaving him outside was never an option. He’s a member of our family.

        1. Same here, my dogs are my world.

          Well cared for, loved and will be transported to the uk to be with me, when I move here permanently.

          I couldn’t bare to leave them behind.

  11. That poor pup is surrounded by piles of diarrhea, which means something is wrong with him or his diet. This is f’ed up and her explanation is bs. I would NEVER leave my dog in this situation.

  12. That poor puppy. I’d never leave my dogs outside for days on end regardless if people were coming over. When we go away, our dogs stay in our house and our neighbor comes over 5 or 6 times a day to give them love, let them out, and refill their food and water. Sometimes, she’ll even bring them to her house to play with her dogs.

  13. She can say whatever she wants but those pictures speak volumes. Dog pen is small, muddy, and full of shit. Aside from all of that how can someone just leave their dog outside 24/7 for days on end?? Forcing him to sleep alone in mud out in the weather. Dogs are a pack animal and need companionship, I can’t imagine how alone and scared the poor pup must have felt. Its also unsafe, what if an animal or predator or some kind of dangerous situation were to occur? He would have no way to escape or defend himself. An animal sitter or boarding place would have been a much better solution and a lot cheaper than the 4k fence they don’t have.

  14. I don’t know much about McKee, except for what I’ve read here before. Does she have brain damage? I know she’s a diabetic, but that doesn’t explain her mindset.

  15. They have plans to move, they love the dog desperately, but they have tried to sell him cause the neighbors complained about him. That doesn’t add up.
    You don’t sell or rehome a dog when you are so fond of him just because the neighbors complain.
    She probably didn’t expect him to be with them anymore when they would go on that trip and choose a quick fix.
    She claims the neighbors took a picture right after he pooped, must have had diarheaby the way it looks on the picture.
    First she was angry her neighbors had her dog taken and that she had to pay $80 and now she asked animal control to please take him?! Sure…

  16. I think I would’ve handled it differently. I would’ve gotten in touch with them first. If anything wasn’t done then I would’ve called animal control. Knowing her mom has stage 4 Terminal cancer. They live in a small town. It seems to me the neighbors don’t like them and are being spiteful. Just my opinion. I have a right to my opinion.

  17. I’m gonna need someone to explain the reasoning behind a “rehoming fee” to me. If someone is taking your dog off your hands to love and take care of them in a way you couldn’t why the hell would you charge them money for that?

    1. I just hope that dog doesn’t go back there. She gets to take vacations to exotic islands? Is she now on Marriage Boot camp? That poor dog, just left out there for days on end. How does anyone do that? I really want Monster Teen Mom #1 and this Monster Teen Mom #2 to suffer like those dogs!

    2. It’s more of a “I’m not an animal abuser” payment. People who want to have a dog fight etc normally won’t pay for an animal.

  18. So if all these people were coming over several times a day to take care of this BEAUTIFUL pooch why not just leave him comfortably in the house?
    The picture of him in this tiny nasty cage is disturbing. I have no use for this asshole or to hear anything else she has to say.
    MTV is probably kicking their self in the ass for not picking her to replace Jenelle, I mean look at that picture and her trying to convince herself of her own lies… right up the MTV ally.

  19. Is no one else more concerned that she went on vacation while leaving her incredibly ill mother to watch 3 little ones?

  20. Has she never heard of dog boarding?? I have 2 big dogs and when we go on vacation we do the most unbelievable thing, we pay money to people who let our dogs play for 12 hours a day, love on them, and let them have a sleepover away from home. Gasp. And not only do dog boarding places take dogs for extended time periods but so do most vets. There is no excuse for leaving him back there.

    1. True. My mom pays to have the dog stay at a private dog sitter’s home when she goes away. He’s happy, he gets to play with other dogs. It’s not that expensive, it’s quite comparable to a kennel.

    2. Exactly! Dogs are pack animals, they don’t do well alone for days on end. Someone coming once a day to feed and water them is not enough. And a big dog like that needs exercise. Maya Angelou said it best, “when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Mackenzie is a shitty person and a neglectful mom.

  21. What a pig. I’m sorry, I’m just so BEYOND disgusted at all this animal abuse in the news. Rain and storms for days prior, and that poor pup was wet and forced sleep, stand and live in cold mud with no exercise. The pictures don’t lie- the floor was covered in MULTIPLE piles of poop and she defends it saying “the neighbors took that photo right after he went to the bathroom”. Uh…no! You can count at least 5 separate piles…that was over the course of several days, and proves that no one was caring for him. He must have been so scared, cold, and bored– no exercise or interaction. A big THANK YOU to her neighbors. You are good people for assisting this neglected animal and I hope they aren’t getting hate from crazed fans. And out of all the people she supposedly had “caring” for the dog- not ONE realized “these conditions are unacceptable for an animal to be in”–?? I hope no one buys her pyramid scheme products or continues to support her.

    1. I am just as sick as you are! What next with these monsters? In what world is this okay? It’s Not! MTV and Dr. Drew need to be held accountable for all this behavior! I saw him coddling these monsters, and it made me sick! I don’t know anyone who acts like this or thinks this is okay! And Monster Mom #1…the heat is not off you! Maybe tomorrow you’ll not show up to court with a gun on your dash! There are no words for you except I hope you rot in hell! And just remember, your hell is everything and everyone you hate!

  22. Photos don’t lie. That’s a tiny pen for a dog to be in during severe weather with piles of crap everywhere. Give the dog up to a rescue stop charging people ridiculous “rehoming fees” for a dog you don’t want. Great Danes are sensitive dogs and most don’t do well left alone or outside. I tried to like her for a long time thinking maybe she was just uneducated but she’s just as bad as the rest of them entitled and clueless. Poor dog deserves better than a tarp covered crap fest to live in while she flaunts her vacation in the Bahamas on social media.

  23. Who goes on vacation while their mother is at death’s door? If my mother were that ill, I’d move in with her to not miss out on a minute of the time i had left with her. I can not stand this selfish little girl. I’m overjoyed she’ll never get that teen mom check

  24. You nasty little bitch! Let’s put you in there to live for a few days! You need your ass beat! Once again, MTV has let another animal be abused! What is it going to take to shut down Teen Mom? The death of a child? I’m sure you’ll film it! And I was disgusted to see Dr. Drew was involved in all this! He sits there at the reunion getting a big ol’ check! He helps no one! They should take his license!

    1. Amen. That is terrible.. so it’s ok for her dog to sleep in a tiny pen In the mud??? She shouldnt have kids or animals. Shes disgusting.

    2. I’m sorry, but how exactly is this one MTV’s fault? Aside from a cancer special, Mackenzie has not been on the MTV payroll nor shown on MTV for a long time. She is not being filmed now. They made it clear she will never be on a Teen Mom show. So, yeah. Be mad at Mackenzie and Josh for this one.

      1. All MTV produces are trashy, nasty animal abusers! Thank God she was on that show, or this would be another animal abuse case swept under the rug. Not one respectable person has come out of this show! I said what I said and I am not taken it back! This show needs to be off the air! Period!!!

    3. #1 this girl is not on teen mom, and hasn’t been for years #2) Dr drew has nothing to do with this show really, he hosts the reunions and that’s it #3) you’re awfully emotionally invested in this show for someone who claims to not watch it

      1. You go and sit down and shut the fuck up. I would never watch this! Whatever you say monster mom friend or whoever. She abused an animal! Done! She doesn’t deserve that dog or any other dog!!!

  25. And her neighbors were 1000% right for calling. Now u want to get a fence so they cant see what your doing to that dog. Gtfoh. I would have called on you also. What a pos!!!

  26. Shes wrong for leaving that dog out there like that.. no bed for it to sleep in. U think it’s ok to leave your dog outside for days at a time??? With no bed to sleep in??? I cannot stand this chick. You go on vacation without your kids so your mom can take care of them when she has stage 4 cancer. Wtf is wrong with her. And she sees absolutely nothing wrong with what shes done. Just like her kids were tossing around dead puppies and shares it on social media. You werent picked for teen mom because your an asshole!!!

    1. Good Lord! Her Mom has stage 4 cancer and she does this? These girls just get worse and worse. She’s a nasty little bitch and that dog she never be given back to her! Way to go MTV and Dr. Drew! The bigger the dog the shorter their life. I cannot believe she did this! You are now Monster Mom #2. Enjoy your title you little bitch!!!

      1. I have 3 dogs all rescued, I’m on vaycay at the mo, and my dogs are at home with my family who are taking care of them they are also allowed to sleep inside my home, all 3 have their own beds, a huge yard to run and play in and plenty of love, company.
        However I can’t wait to get home to my fur babies

    2. She claimed the dog won’t sleep in a kennel, so she can’t board it. Fine, then have a dog sitter come over to watch the dog. Or, if you can’t find anyone to watch the dog, don’t go on vacation. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to turn down trips because I didn’t have anyone I trusted to watch my dogs. It’s called sacrifice and it’s something you take on when you get an animal or have kids. There are no excuses to leave this poor dog out in the rain like that. Don’t have kids/animals if you aren’t going to take care of them they way they deserve.

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