‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Jenelle Evans Offers to Make You a TikTok Star, Butch Baltierra Sports a New Look & More

“Here’s how many hundred dollar bills it will cost you to play with me on TikTok…”

From selling social media dance video opportunities to sporting a new look, the stars of the Teen Mom franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest ‘Teen Mom OG,’ ‘Teen Mom 2′ and ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

Jenelle Evans offers you the chance to be her TikTok co-star…but it will cost you.

“Who wants to come dance with me?!”

If you’ve ever dreamed of rising to TikTok fame alongside former ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans …you’re in luck! (You should also probably seek professional help…)

The former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star recently announced (via her Jenelle’s World website) that, for a couple hundred bucks, you can “duet” with her on TikTok, oddly dancing and singing to the song of your choice (provided it meets Jenelle’s “Standards of Conduct,” of course!)

“Book a Duet with Jenelle!” the announcement offers. “You will get: Jenelle Evans will create a Duet with your Video on TikTok.”

Jenelle was almost immediately called out on social media for hocking duets, with many pointing out that TikTok seems to forbid its users from charging a fee or selling services on “The Tok.” 

Get your Tok on, Jenelle-style!

If you’re still looking to get down with your bad self (and Jenelle) on TikTok, hopefully you didn’t spend all your money on swamp toys and she-sheds, as a Duet with Jenelle will cost you a whopping $250! (There is also an option that costs $150 in which “Jenelle will send you your very own personalized duet video with her!”)

If you’ve really saved all your pennies (in your change jar, naturally), you can purchase the $300 option. According to the website, this will not only get you the personalized duet video with Jenelle, but also gets the video (and your mug!) posted to Jenelle’s TikTok account.

Butch Baltierra gets a new look…and a new level of self-awareness.

The Ashley still thinks that what 2020 really needs is the return of Butch’s rat-tail…

‘Teen Mom OG’ grandpa Butch is sporting a new post-slammer look!

Butch— who is the father of Tyler Baltierra— spent some time behind bars earlier last month and seems to have emerged almost unrecognizable! While he (sadly) has not regrown his trusty salt-n-pepper mullet from years ago, he is now sporting a new gray ‘do, as well as a plethora of new facial hair.

On Facebook, Butch told a friend that this is his first time “trying to rock a beard,” and, stated that, as of six days ago, he is employed and in Michigan. 

Butch kind of looks like those CEOS they dress up on ‘Undercover Boss,’ no?

When someone wished him a Happy Father’s Day a week or so ago, Butch was honest about his less-than-stellar parenting skills. (His son Tyler wished his mother Kim a happy Father’s Day instead of Butch, writing that Kim served as both mom and dad to him growing up, due to Butch being behind bars and/or more interested in shenanigans than fatherhood.)

Apparently, Butch agrees.

“I can’t really take any credit for being a father but I do take the credit for making them,” Butch wrote on Facebook. “I do have 2 beautiful children that are grown adults now, I’ve become a product of my upbringing.”

During the last season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Butch did not make any appearances, and Tyler often discussed Butch’s relapse. 

Mackenzie McKee explains what happened to all of her dogs. 

“Are you guys sure you don’t want to talk about Body by Mack instead?”

Fans of ‘Teen Mom OG’ star Mackenzie may have noticed that her dogs have not been making appearances on social media lately. (Note: we are not referring to her on- and off-again husband Josh when we mention “dogs” here.)

In an effort to provide some clarity, Mackenzie took to Snapchat this week to reveal that the family’s Pomeranian Annie, which was purchased for her son Gannon’s 8th birthday in the fall, passed away shortly after they brought her home. 

Mackenzie explained in her Snapchat that despite being warned against purchasing a dog from a place called PetLand, she did it anyway. She said she now encourages people to “adopt, not shop.” 

“I don’t know why I did this,” she said in regard to purchasing a dog. “Everyone told me not to do this. I’ll never do it again and I am here to say that I was wrong.” 

Mackenzie said they had Annie for one month when they found her “passed away by the couch.” 

“We went and did an autopsy to try to see what was wrong and it was just – we don’t know what was wrong,” she said. “We probably bought her already sick. I’ve heard of people going in and dogs falling from the top cage to the bottom cage and they do nothing about it. So what I think happened is they sold us a dog with a cracked skull and she maybe bumped into the couch and passed away.” 

As for her Great Dane Hank, Mackenzie said he now has a new home on a 30-acre farm with a friend of hers. 

Mackenzie and Hank back in February…

As you may remember, Mackenzie was accused of abandoning Hank in her backyard last May while she and Josh went on vacation to The Bahamas. Though Mackenzie claimed family members were supposed to be caring for Hank while she was away, concerned neighbors noticed he was not being cared for and after a call to Animal Control, Hank was removed from the home. 

A photo of the kennel Mackenzie’s dog was staying in before being taken…

After some back and forth (and almost a new home for Hank), the dog ended up back in Mackenzie’s care… until recently. 

Mackenzie explained in her video that Hank required a lot of attention and after the death of her mom, Angie, she moved in with her dad and her “mind could not really focus on anything else.” 

She noted that the 200-pound dog also “had a submissive peeing problem” that caused in him to pee on furniture in her house when he wasn’t getting attention. She said he’d also eat furniture. 

“Like, he ate a loveseat once,” she said. “He’s eaten the siding off of our house.” 

“Nah, that one was actually me.”

Mackenzie said the decision to re-home Hank was not an easy one, but it was for the best for her family and for Hank. 

” … I don’t feel back for making this decision as a dog owner, even though I cried and cried … I’m not sorry, for whoever’s gonna come my way for making this decision as a dog owner to put him in a healthier, happier environment,” she said. “I’m not sad about it!” 

The Beaver Bunch is back together…for the most part…

“I reckon it’s about time we all made up!”

After a month-or-so of turmoil within the Beaver Family, it appears that Malorie Beaver has made amends with her mother, Stephanie.

The ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ star posted a photo to Instagram Stories this week, showing her and her mother hugging.

“Look who it issss,” Malorie captioned the photo, which she also added plenty of heart emojis to.

Now…if MTV would only give us the ‘Beaver Bunch’ spin-off we all want…

This reunion comes after Malorie and Stephanie got into a nasty feud that spilled out onto social media last month. At the time, Malorie claimed Stephanie reported her to the Department of Child Services twice and was attempting to get custody of Malorie’s daughter Emerson. Rachel also jumped into the feud and the Beav Sisters continued to hurl insults at each other online.

While Rachel and her mom Stephanie have made amends, it appears that Malorie and Rachel have not.


To catch up on more of the latest ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here

(Photos: MTV, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook) 

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  1. omg so many perfect self righteous and not to mention, healthy skinny people leaving comments here.
    How hard is it to actually be a decent person and not talk crap about people?! Seems like those of you talking about Jenelle being fat, having no life, having the devil living under her property, are the ones who actually have the devil living in them, need a life, and are probably fat themselves from sitting on the internet talking crap about a stranger!
    The ones talking about MacKenzie timeline not matching up don’t have math skills themselves let alone reading comprehension skills. She also didn’t say that the dog walked around with a cracked skull and died bumping into the couch. She said that she thought maybe its what happened seeing as how they were treated at the puppy store but that an autopsy didn’t show anything! So guess what else, SHE DOESN’T KNOW! Dang. That was so hard to understand. Lol not!
    Also you are all saying how dare she give hank away but at the same time saying she doesn’t deserve dogs. Sooo do you want her to get him back orrrr??? Get it together, perfect people! Come on. Youre all disgusting by the way. None of you are perfect and it Definitely shows in your comments here.

  2. Ashley Roundup PLEASE PLEASE start a petition for MTV to fire McKenzie McKee for animal abuse!!!!

  3. Gross… 17 years ago i adopted 4 dogs…dixie lived to be 15, harley 16, conway 16 and just had to put down my last dog 2 weeks ago doug at 17. Animals are a life long commitment and should be part of the family. I balled like a baby at each of their passings, i bet they didnt even blink.

    1. That’s amazing, they all lived to a great age. It’s the worst when our furry friends die, such a huge hole is left behind. I wanted to take that Great Dane away from her last year. Her life is a dumpster fire, she has zero business adding pets to the situation until she figures things out. No matter how cute they may be.

    2. I agree with you. I had my last dog for all 14 years of her life and her ashes are in an urn in my home office. That was another one of my kids. Haven’t gotten a new dog yet and it has been a few years. We took in two rescue cats but I’m scared to get another one because I’m scared I won’t be able to love and bond with it because I still miss Novalee. Yes, that was her name. I was 13 when I got her. In my defense, I named her after my fav book at the time Where the Heart Is. Ever since Tyler and Caitlin had Nova I’ve been curious if they know that name comes from an amazing book or if they just watched the crappy Natalie Portman film version that cut out half the story.

  4. I’m pretty sure I could get that Tic Tok vid with Jelly if I came over with a bag of MacDonalds cheeseburgers.

    stay lit, and thic

    1. Does it make you feel better about yourself to talk about a female like that? Probably so. Im Probably wasting my time here. But just so you are aware, YOU appear disgusting. More disgusting than any amount of weight could ever make someone look.

  5. The devil is living in the swamp water underneath Jenelle and David’s trailer. The devil will take them home. It will sink to the pits of hell. There’s no stop drop and roll in Hell. The devil will lie.

    1. Maybe if you were more proud of yourself you would not feel the need to talk about other’s body shapes. ?‍♀️ Let’s see a picture of you!

  6. Mack’s timeline doesn’t add up at all. She said after a month the puppy died, but also said it happened around the same time her mom died (either a couple of weeks before or after). Regardless, that’s a FEW months to suddenly die of a cracked skull from running into the couch.
    Dogs are a lot of work and if you can’t handle that, then you don’t need to be a pet owner.

    1. No. She said the puppy died a month after they got it. Then said the other dog was given to a friend because after her mom dying she couldn’t handle it. 2 different dogs being talked about here. Her timeline is fine.

    1. Mackenzie irks me. She shouldn’t adopt any more pets. She can’t care for them. It’s highly suspicious her small dog had a “skull fracture” as she says and just ran into the couch and died. Doesnt even make sense.

    2. Well, I guess Jenelle can’t get a “regular” job since she is stuck on stupid and waiting for dumb. She is probably the only person who is walking around that flat lines if they were to get checked for brain activity. Pitiful and pathetic.

      1. As someone who works with animals. I can tell you that yes. A cracked skull, a fracture would easily show up. Also any swelling within the skull would be present. We do bloods, xrays. If the death is unknown we can look further into organs too.
        This is all complete crap. Post autopsy, you’re given a full report. Unless of course you don’t request or want an autopsy…then an owner can assume. But if said person is famous or names a veterinarian-they will be sued. Poor pup ?
        A lot of pups that are farmed/then sold to the shop industry can often die because of things like parvo, inbreeding and zero care during the first weeks of life. All things that present symptoms-that will be known to any trained vet.
        Hope this helps!
        Ps that poor dog in that kennel. The kennel is no where big enough for an animal that size. It’s plain cruelty. I imagine she didn’t ‘give’ him away. He was probably told, either he’s moved or he will be taken (we know dogs seized can end up euthanised if not adopted quickly-especially if she says he pees on furniture and eats whole sofas-note a sign of a bored dog with separation anxiety). I realize she’s been through a lot. But these dogs are and have suffered.

  7. Why do people on this show always treat their pets like they are expendable? It’s disgusting and infuriating! First Farrah and Jenelle, and now Mackenzie. Some people should never be allowed to have pets.

  8. I’m not one to body shame, but this is Jenelle we’re talking about so all bets are off.
    She looks bigger than she did pregnant with all 3 of her kids! Even her face is huge. Wonder what’s making Lurch and her balloon up? No access to Jace’s adderall?

      1. Hahaha. ? That’s funny. I used to love fried bologna sandwiches.
        It’s the only thing I could cook. As a teenager w/ the munchies

      1. OOPSEY!: Exactly, I was pretty sure she had gotten implants sometime in the past. I don’t know what the heck is going on with her body, but it looks like they sprung a leak or something.

    1. I think it’s from methadone. Some doctors say methadone itself doesn’t make you gain weight, some believe it is the whole process from going to using drugs where most people have to choose between food and drugs to being able to eat. Only thing is I know personally even if your diet doesn’t change at all you can gain weight on methadone

  9. After I read Mackenzie tweet about how your kids behaved at a pet store I was done with her. She didn’t see anything wrong in the way they behaved. She thought it was funny. Then she pulled the go on vacation & leave the Great Dane home alone in a mud filled pen that he had no means to get away from the mud. I was fucking done. She doesn’t deserve the unconditional love that a animal gives you. Oh that note if Teen Mom keeps her on the payroll after last season I’m done watching it too.

    1. And I dont believe the new puppy just died. You got a autopsy but they found nothing? But you think he hit his head on the sofa? Bitch please!! One of your brats help that dog die. We know how they behaved in the pet store. You told us everything because you thought it was funny. Plus who goes to the Bahamas and had her mom babysit when she was clearly dieing from Cancer? You would think she would have wanted to spend every minute her mom had left with her mom.

    2. Poor dog was living in it’s own shit too. There were piles of liquid diarrhea all over the ground that nobody had cleaned up. Poor Hank.

    3. Umm..You probably should’ve quit watching when David killed Nugget like the rest of us animal lovers did! RIP Nugget

  10. I am so sick of people getting dogs because they think they’ll be fun, or because they think they are cute, or whatever, but then they turn around and give them away or the poor thing dies mysteriously because they have no idea how to actually take care of them! It’s so selfish! Dogs are a lot of work and of course sometimes you’ll be inconvenienced a bit, but that doesn’t mean you should just get rid of them because you changed your mind, or you no longer want the responsibility. When you decide to get a dog it should be for life. If you don’t think you can make that kind of commitment, you shouldn’t have a dog.

    1. 100% agree. My beagle (Elvis) will be 17 soon. He’s deaf now, have to hand feed him sometimes.

      This dummy does not need animals.
      Mackenzie, seems like she has not mentally matured 1 bit.

  11. Not that Jenelle has ever done anything that would come close to anything that resembles work since the time she worked at that restaurant for a day then got fired for leaving town with Keiffa and Bab’s credit cards, but this is a real low. How dreary and sad and loathsome life must be on The Land. They can’t ride around in the mud on the 4-wheelers because they can’t afford gasoline, they’re packing on the pounds because they are no longer getting free food delivery packages to hawk and have to fill up on nonperishables, and pretty soon the power is going to get cut off and they’ll come to the realization that they aren’t really survivalists. Jenelle and Lurch are garbagebags and I care nothing about how miserable they are, but I am so sad for the children, there is no way they are having anything close to a fun, healthy summer vacation, those poor kids have had absolutely miserable childhoods.

    1. Shes definitely not Home schooling them like the rest of the world is. Poor Kaiser is going to be so behind with the move to Tennessee to the pandemic. He will probably have to do this year over.

  12. Jenelle is so delusional. No one wants to pay money to have anything to do with you. GET A REAL JOB. Maybe Babs can hook you up at Walmart, although I doubt you’d even be qualified for stocking shelves.

    Mackenzie, wtf? You were forewarned about this business and yet still chose to buy a designer dog from there? At least she’s changed her tune but seriously. People need to STOP buying dogs from shady breeders without doing any research just because they want a certain breed. It’s disgusting.

    I’m so sad for the Beaver children. Innocent babies brought up in such a tumultuous environment.

  13. Good night….what is it about these teen moms being completely illiterate when it comes to animals? There is no way a puppy walked around with a fractured skull, bumped into a couch & died yet, nothing showed up on autopsy and it’s a scooby doo mystery. Hank doesn’t realize how lucky he is, hopefully the McKees don’t visit him & he doesn’t remember the tiny cage he was locked up in.

    1. I agree!
      Absolutely disgusting!!
      The Pom dying story is missing a massive chunk (as we all can deduce!) but how about TRAINING a dog to NOT eat furniture and actually providing exercise / mental stimulation so they don’t go stir crazy! Chewing & peeing are both symptoms of ANXIETY in a dog yet she didn’t have decency to work with him. Disgusting.
      Some people should never ever be allowed even close to an animal. Mackenzie and JE beyond qualify. So selfish. Beyond selfish.
      No question she has had an awful year but that’s not ANY dogs fault!!

      1. That’s what I thought too, if the dog “ate a loveseat” it was not a happy dog and must have had extreme anxiety. I’m a huge animal lover and it pisses me off to no end when people neglect and abuse their animals. (Or in Jenelles case, lets their hubby kill them. She just participates in the abuse) The other day, my daughter & I were outside and we got an Amazon delivery. We were surprised because it’s no contact and they kept banging on the door. We opened it and they pointed to the cutest little dog in the street (5 o’clock rush hour traffic) and asked if it was ours. It wasn’t but we weren’t going to leave it in the street. No tag, looked well fed. We played with him, fed him, got him water, stayed outside with him for about an hour trying to decide what to do because he had no collar. All the sudden a lady two houses down across the street hollers and the dog runs to her and she takes the dog inside. No “thank you” she looked at us like we were wrong. That pissed me off. Then she opened the door and let another dog out, no leash, no nothing and shut the door. That REALLY pissed me off! This chick has a fenced in back yard. I sat on the porch and watched. I looked at my daughter and I was like I swear if that dog steps into the road, I’m going over there and beating her ass. For some reason, that dog stayed in the yard. Whoooo…..some people! Ok…rant over!

  14. A cracked skull would have shown up in an autopsy, but Mackenzie said that they don’t what happened. They would know if he had a cracked skull, so that seems like bs. She just needs to not own anymore pets. Hank is probably better off with his new family.

  15. Wait, what? Mackenzie is trying to say that her store bought puppy had a cracked skull when they bought it, and it died after bumping into a couch? Yet not after most likely being manhandled by her 3 kids? Not saying the kids killed the dog, but bumping into a couch would not kill a dog. And, after a month, any skull fracture would have started to heal. Her story makes no sense. Shocking.

    1. Didn’t the child kill a hamster or ferret? No doubt those feral children killed the poor thing

      1. YES! I forgot about that! At the same pet store where she bought the dog she posted that her kids were “fighting over the ferret and ripped it in two” but they’re kids and didn’t mean it. I was LIVID! Then she turns around and buys a puppy from the place and the puppy dies a mysterious death at 1 month old. I’m not saying the kids did anything to the puppy either but clearly something is not right in that household. At the very least Mackenzie and Josh proved with Hank that they can be neglectful of dogs. Which to me is animal abuse.

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