EXCLUSIVE! Judge Orders Jenelle Evans & David Eason’s Daughter Ensley to be Placed in Care of Jenelle’s Mother Barbara Evans

“Well Juh-nelle… ya see me wif ya daughta!”

Jenelle Evans‘ daughter is officially a resident of Casa de Barb!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Ensley, the daughter the former Teen Mom 2 star shares with her husband David Eason, was placed with Jenelle’s mother Barbara Evans on Friday, after a judge ordered the move.

As The Ashley has previously reported, all of the children belonging to Jenelle and David have been out of the couple’s care since last week, when they were removed by CPS. Last week, The Ashley was unable to 100 percent confirm where Ensley and David’s older daughter Maryssa had been staying since they were removed from the couple’s care, but The Ashley’s sources now tell her that both girls had been with Maryssa’s maternal grandmother…until Friday.

“It made sense to the judge why Maryssa was with [her mother] Whitney’s mom, but it did not make sense that Ensley was there too, as Ensley is not related to Maryssa’s grandma in any way, so the judge ordered Ensley be moved to a family member’s care.”

Maryssa and Ensley with Jenelle in February…

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, was supposed to become Ensley’s temporary caretaker when the two-year-old was first taken from the Eason home, but that did not end up happening. 


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#HappyBirthday Mom! Super glad we have reconnected and let’s keep it that way. The kids love you around. ?? @barbara0230

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While many outlets have reported that both girls have been with David’s mother Laura Jo Eason since they were removed, The Ashley’s sources tell her that’s not the case. 

Currently, Barbara has Ensley, as well as Jenelle’s oldest son Jace, whom Barb has full custody of. Jenelle’s younger son Kaiser is currently with his father, Nathan Griffith, and has been since he was removed from Jenelle’s care two weeks ago. (Nathan’s mom Doris Davidson picked the boy up from his daycare on May 10 after getting the OK from CPS, but Kaiser has been with Nathan since then.)

Maryssa is still being cared for by her maternal grandma. As The Ashley told you, Maryssa’s mother Whitney Johnson appeared in court last week.

The whole gang is due to be back in court on Wednesday to continue where they left off on Friday. 

Stay tuned…

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  1. Thank god! THANK YOU TO the judge presiding, You have given the gift of a safe and happy life to a beautiful little girl. Now let’s hope Nathan goes just as well with Kaiser, I’m pretty confident he will ??

  2. I’m sure Barbara does not want to raise all of Jenelle’s kids. She did he job. She raised her children. She’s suppose to be an empty nester now, enjoying this chapter of her life. It’s not fair to her. I sure she loves her grandchildren, but they are just that her GRANDchildren, she shouldn’t be responsible for raising them. Smh.

  3. Thank God all the children are safe and no longer living with Jenelle and David, the psychopath. Feel badly for Barbara that instead of enjoying her senior citizen years, she is taking care of three grandchildren 24/7. Thank goodness they have her instead of being placed in the foster care system.

  4. Yes, ma’am! Barbara is awesome, and I think most of us agree that without her, these kids likely would be in the system.

  5. I doubt whether Barb would put up with his bullshit though! If the physco turned up on her doorstep, she wouldn’t hesitate in calling the police on him!

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    the only reason she wants Kaiser is she would have to pay child support and the backlash from losing another child.

    The state taking the girls has them in overdrive panic mode.

    such a shame.

  7. I just read that this heinous witch asked the judge to remove Kaiser from Nathan! For NO reason other than pure spite. And yet she refused visitation with him because she can’t being dogkiller dave.No maternal instincts at all, none.

    1. You’re kidding????? So let me get this right…Jennelle has been offered visitation with Kaiser but has refused because David can’t attend ?

      1. Nathan is willing to let her visit, without the dogkiller, and Jenelle refused. Then she asked the judge to take Kaiser.

        1. I hope she loses custody off all kids, and visitation too.
          She deserves nothing after all she’s done.
          I hope she gets sued for child support.

          I hope her and lurch sink on the land

        2. BLOODY HELL ! ONCE AGAIN proving that her children really aren’t of any importance to her !!!!!

  8. Anyone know what time court is scheduled for today? I don’t see much changing from last week. I hope they voided the offer to allow Jenelle to have the kids If DAvid leaves the home. The fact that she declined that offer speaks volumes! Jenelle couldn’t stop him from beating and killing her dog, how do they think she’d stop David from breaking a no contact order? The courts only care was bests for these kids..it’s not either of these two, that’s for sure.

      1. I hope to god Jenelle and David leave empty handed!
        I can’t believe that slag Jenelle refused visitation with Kaiser because physco couldn’t be there!!!!! Those kids mean nothing to them! I don’t even know why they’re bothering to turn up at court!!!!

        1. Barb has got common sense and she genuinely loves and cares for the kids so of course she’ll abide by all the courts rulings. Physco and his physco wife think they’re above the law, and they really couldn’t care less about the kids , to them it will be all about the money they’re losing!

          1. I’m sure they’d rather collect child support than pay it, especially in light of the fact that they’re desperate for income. So yeah, they’re gonna try everything. Disgusting trash.

  9. I’m not familiar with US custody Rules, etc. I’m wondering if Barb would get any money from the State and/or if she can get money from Jenelle/David for the costs for the kids. While I’m sure she’s got some money from MTV, she is retired and taking care of 3 kids now. That is a lot, both emotionally and financially for one person. I hope she gets the support she needs.

    1. Alex, while all states and counties may differ, it’s not by much. Barb can go after Jenelle AND Andrew for child support, she has full custody of Jace. I think it’s about time both of Jace’s parents contribute something positive to his life, they have both proved that they can’t offer him stability or guidance, the least they can do is help support him financially.
      Ensley was placed with Barb making barb a temporary caregiver, this gives barb very little control as the county legally hold the custody. The county will cover all of Ensleys medical ( if there’s no primary insurance) , they will also give Barb daycare and food vouchers. The county can and WILL go after parents to pay support, the support is not paid to a caregiver that is family. Barb will get very little in return for her sacrifices as far as financial support…I’m sure she’ll be repaid in other ways, GOD BLESS YOU BARB!

    2. It depends on the state, but in my state, I had a nephew placed with me from CPS< and we received a monthly stipend from the state to take care of him as well as medical and day care costs. She may get that for Ensley.

  10. I find it very sad and disturbing that with ALL of the CPS “cases” and times they have been reported and investigated, poor Nugget had to be slaughtered by that Monster before CPS or the court system took those children away and took a hard look at that environment. We’ve all seen it, commented on it, seen the edited versions on social media, Teen Mom 2 (remember Jenelle and the gun incident with the road rage??), Nathan and Barb reporting stuff to police and CPS, and nothing was ever done. Just Jenelle saying that the kids are safe with her and CPS reports were “unfounded”. I’m shocked/not shocked that with all that (and yes, I know they can’t take rumors and social media as fact), it still took the killing of Nugget before anything was really done. Sad for the children.

  11. I find it very sad and disturbing that with ALL of the CPS “cases” and times they have been reported and investigated, poor Nugget had to be slaughtered by that Monster before CPS or the court system took those children away and took a hard look at that environment. We’ve all seen it, commented on it, seen the edited versions on social media, Teen Mom 2 (remember Jenelle and the gun incident with the road rage??), Nathan and Barb reporting stuff to police and CPS, and nothing was ever done. Just Jenelle saying that the kids are safe with her and CPS reports were “unfounded”. I’m shocked/not shocked that with all that (and yes, I know they can’t take rumors and social media as fact), it still took the killing of Nugget before anything was really done. Sad for the children.

  12. I know legal proceedings take time, but it’s been several days of marathon hearings and so far the only decision that’s been made is to realize Ensley isn’t in any way related to Maryssa’s maternal grandmother?

    1. Based on past history involving Jenelle, I’m shocked they actually did that. I have little to no faith in this court system.

    2. I hope she loses custody off all kids, and visitation too.
      She deserves nothing after all she’s done.
      I hope she gets sued for child support.

      I hope her and lurch sink on the land

  13. Please leave him. You can still pick up the pieces and have a life. I beg you. He is not ok person. Something went wrong for him to be so explosive at times.

  14. Out of all the kids I feel bad for Maryssa the most. Her mom couldn’t care for her so she went to David, now David lost custody and she’s with her maternal grandmother. I wonder if she even knows her very well? Im sure she was close with Kaiser and Ensley since they lived there full time and now they’re gone too. I hope if the kids don’t go back to David and Jenelle that Maryssa will be able to have some contact with her siblings. If Barb was super rich and could afford 5 nannies I would hope Maryssa could go there. But Barb already has her hands full.

    1. Maryssa actually lived with her maternal grandmother until 2 years ago, so living with David is relatively new. Her grandmother has also had visitation along with Maryssa’s mom in recent months, so Maryssa knows her really well. This is a really good move for Maryssa, I think. But, I agree that Maryssa, along with its Kaiser, had it the worst. Poor kids must be so shocked and traumatized. I hope the grandmothers can keep the kids connected.

  15. I bet Barb is loving this. She has raised her children and now has to raise grandchildren. Jenelle needs to kiss her moms feet and thank her all she can for everything Barb has done for her.

    1. The day Jenelle showed appreciation to her mother… or to anyone for that matter will be the day I grow wings and fly! That bitch lives and breathes self righteousness!

  16. For years, Jenelle claimed that she was going to take Jace away from Barbara by regaining full custody, after she abandoned him in order to party and spend time with one “soulmate” after another. Well, Jenelle, now you’ve lost yet another biological child because you have chosen a man and partying above the needs of your own children. Congratulations. You must be so proud of yourself. I hope that you lose custody of every single one of your children, because you are selfish, immature, narcissistic, and not fit to be a parent. Best of luck to Barbara, and bless her for taking on the responsibility that was forced onto her because of her daughter. It’s going to be a long and difficult road, for both her and all of her grandchildren.

    1. It was so transparent that she didn’t want Jace as much as she didn’t want her mom to have him. Jenelle made some sort of comment like at least Jace will know one day that she tried to get him back. No, he will know that all she tried to do was take him from his grandmother.
      Jenelle and Barb ask/tell Jace all the time how the two of them are getting along and isn’t that great Jace? Jace answers like he already knows the dysfunction will change it very soon, he’s like whatever.. and he’s so right!

  17. Thank goodness. That psycho couple should not EVER have a child anywhere near them, jenelle needs serious help for even accepting that maniac in her home, this is going to end badly. Everyone can see that. At least the kids aren’t there to witness it.

  18. Thank GOD those kids are out of there. Jenelle picking David over them should keep those kids away from her forever. Worst mother ever.

    1. We all knew Jenelle would puck David…any man over her kids. I just thought she would ask David to stay will a friend so the kids are not traumatized even more by leaving the house. But continue to fight the courts to allow David around the kids & have David move back once the judge realizes how great David is & how he saved the family from a 5 pound puppy that cant even break the skin & draw blood from such a vicious attack.

      Just when you think they cant get any lower the these idiots find a way

  19. Back to court today guys! I’ll be refreshing the Ashley all day for the updates… Fingers crossed for those kids

    1. You and me both. I just read elsewhere that Maryssa ran sobbing from the room after being forced to spend time with them last week at court. And of course the dogkiller blamed it on someone else badmouthing him!

      1. Right, it had nothing to do with the fact that her dad murdered her puppy in front of her face (and who knows what else). It must have been Whitney’s mom brainwashing her. What a delusional POS.

      2. I heard this also. That she ran away screaming and crying to her grandmother. And David was screaming why wont she talk to me??? What did u guys do to her. Omg he is a monster. I believe this was the day he was thrown out of the supervised visit

        1. Apparently Maryssa had said she was scared of David and that’s why she wad crying. Poor kid !

    2. You know it!!!
      If i want random i fo that ends up being fake i go to the other sites.
      You know The Ashley isnt posting anything unless it is 100% accurate.

      My goto site for swamp land news

  20. I cant help but to feel so happy for Jace who gets to finally hangout and love his sister in a happy and safe environment and not be the “parent” who has to constantly watch her and make shure shes fed like at egg donors house

  21. I notice David tightened up his ratty ass beard for court. Imagine being a little kid and the first thing you see in the morning and last thing every evening is a scary, mean and nasty Yeti. This was a blessing in disguise for those kids and that poor dog is now a hero for giving its life so they can have a chance at happiness.

  22. I like Barb but there’s no way that woman is a saint. She is, after all, the one who raised those irresponsible women who are not able to care for anyone, not even themselves. I wouldnt’t trust her with raising any more children. Just like crazy Farrahs mom…

    1. I believe that Farrah drove her mum crazy!!!! She was ABSOLUTELY HORRID to her mother. Not the tiniest bit of respect shown to her, she spoke down to her mother constantly and humiliated her. Farrah mother was always walking on eggshells for fear of upsetting her! She needed a good swipe across the mouth! And that kid of her’s! Farrah had her acting and dressing like a 20 year old at the age of 5! She picked up her mother’s traits and Also began treating her grandmother disrespectfully. Pieces of shit !

    2. You cant blame Barbara for everything
      I heard the father was a real jerk.
      It is 100% Jenelles fault she is a mess.
      You see horrible parents & the kids are great, you see great parents & horrible kids

      1. Jenelle definitely needs to take responsability for her own actions. And that’s very true about her father, he was abusive towards the whole family and even abused Jenelles brother sexually, who was then put in a group home by Barbara (see a pattern anyone?) So what I’m saying is that with all the little puzzle pieces we see – Barb choosing an abusive man over her children, her being a vino and “jokingly” speaking threats against cast members, letting Jace watch the show on TV and raising three very disfunctional kids – I wouldn’t trust Barb to raise my kids, or any kids for that matter.

    3. Listen I’m sure shes no saint. But jenelle is an adult now. You cant blame your adult actions on your parents when your an adult. Lots of people have had fucked up home lives growing up and do not turn out like her. Shes a vile, selfish individual. Barbara is doing jenelle a favor. I can tell u Jace is a hell of a lot happier with Barbra than.. in his own words “piece of shit” jenelle

  23. I TOTALLY agree with that. It would show just how much these kids are thriving without David and Jenelle’s toxicity!

  24. Poor Barb. This woman can’t even enjoy her retiremwmt. She was already raising Jace and her other daughter’s son, Gabriel. Now she has a two year old too. She needs to sue Jenelle for child support.

    1. WOW ???? I didn’t know about Barb raising her other daughter’s son ! How old is he ? And how long has she had custody of him??? You have to give it up for Barb! She’s stepped up for her grandchildren when they quite easily could have ended up in foster care and god forbid …. lost in the system!

    2. I wonder way Barb was so annoyed with Jenelle everytime she said she was pregnant? Because she knew she would be raising these kids.
      Thank god Doris is a decent lady or Kaiser would be there too.

      So i guess Barb wasnt being evil when she tried to keep Jace from David before. Nathan & his mom didnt make up stories or fight for custody because he wants Jenelle back. Nathan said he would not have went after custody if David was gone.

  25. This guy is a nut case.. he beat and shot a little dog.. keep the kids away from him.. stupid women stay with violent men!

  26. Cue Jenelle crying “first my mom took my son, now she’s taking my daughter, she wants to take everything away from me…”

    1. I doubt whether Barb would put up with his bullshit though! If the physco turned up on her doorstep, she wouldn’t hesitate in calling the police on him!

  27. Wake up call janelle. U hook anybody home in your brain fart life! Unload the bum until he works, gets therapy gets rid of weapons.

    1. Sorry but i disagree.
      I dont think therapy will help. 1st of all therapy will NEVER work if your forced. David has to know what he did was wrong & want to change that. Everything he has done proves that he is still damaged, he still thinks he is right & people are put to get him because he likes guns & hes a redneck & a Republican & etc.

      If he really cared about those kids, he would have moved out so the kids can stay in the home together & while he was out of the house seek help on his own (not court appointed) then they can go to court & show the court he knows he was wrong & is working to be a better person & he would be back in the house in a couple months.

      But no he is to far gone

  28. RIGHT!! EVERYONE that witnesses child abuse are MANDATED REPORTERS!!! Everyone, especially those PRODUCERS, with their cushy MTV Jobs, filming year after year of child abuse with Jenelle’s kids. Watching, filming, ignoring it all, just for views on TV. I HOPE TO GOD this disgusting show ends, with these moms that are all mentally the age they were when this show started, due to fame, unrealistic paychecks and the ability to do and get away with whatever the eff they want to. (I’m mainly talking about JE. I know some are grounded and doing well like Chelsea) Where would Jenelle really be in life if she didn’t receive the golden ticket?? I’m so glad she’s off and young kids can’t be influenced by her anymore. MTV is the worst for keeping this goin all these years and it wasn’t even their fault she’s not on, it’s her doing. It’s all so disturbing.

  29. I really hope that this arrangement is permanent…Also, what’s Maryssa supposed to do about school now? Is he still home schooling her?

    1. I’m hoping part of her assessment was school-related. Once they see how far behind she must be, she’ll be put back in school maybe in the upcoming school year. This year is just about done, so she’ll be a year behind now. Ugh, poor kid got totally f’ed by her parents.

  30. Somebody needs to take David out into the forest and beat the shit out of him and then shoot him and see how he likes it!!!

  31. David is really lucky that Nathan didnt beat the shit outta him when he found the switch Marks on Kaiser’s butt! Because he had every right to! But, that would have just landed him in jail. He showed great restraint and dealt with the situation like an adult. Through the courts. Both Jenelle and David should pay attention because they could learn a few things from Nathan about being a parent. I’m sure that Nathan wanted nothing more than to beat the shit out if David! But instead, he put his son first, which is something that Jenelle and David have NEVER done! Dont you worry Nathan…. there’s no doubt in my mind that David will get what’s coming to him!

  32. Why the heck has she lost custody of her other kid now.. she should be grateful that her mom is there for her instead of them being in fostercare.. maybe she should think twice about her marriage to her husband cause if my marriage was becoming a problem of me being a good mother then I’d be done with that marriage in a second. Obvious something isn’t right..maybe she likes the drama instead of being a good mother but either way best of luck to her and her kids.. ur kids should always be number 1 no matter what

  33. i just wish jenelle would leave him she can’t pick him over those babies they’re more important than a man

  34. Anyone know if any other animals were removed from The Land? As I recall, I don’t think Nugget was the only animal there but I could be wrong.

    1. You’re not wrong, there was atleast one more dog there. Someone said something about them trying to raise chickens, so I guess those are there too. I’m not sure about any others

    2. Somebody needs to take David out into the forest and beat the shit out of him and then shoot him and see how he likes it!!!

  35. Hallelujah! It looks like these children are finally getting a little justice. It’s super weird that a dog getting killed and public outrage was the catalyst for all this but it’s great either way. I think there’s a whole bunch of craziness sealed in the documents somewhere that we aren’t privy to yet in reference to what’s going on with Jenelle and I can not wait ’til it’s revealed, but at least for now, it’s cool that the baby is safe and they can get her condition properly evaluated.

    1. Any sensitive information pertaining to minors will not be revealed, as the law protects CPS court cases with minors from becoming public record in their state. Of course, some things may end up leaking to the press by family/friends after the gags lifted. The general consensus from social workers discussing this online seems to be it’s very likely that much more information about concerning activities came out during the CPS interviews with the kids, and the dog killing itself probably wouldn’t have caused removal. I’ve also heard unless something extremely, EXTREMELY serious is going on, there’s a good chance they will get the kids back soon, Ensley and Maryssa at the very least (a comment from JenLCSW said “Don’t be surprised if they get them back at the end of this week. The first goal is always reunification. I saw photos of them getting house building supplies and this prob. signifies one of CPS demands was that the kid’s bedrooms need to be fixed before getting them back and other safety repairs. Jenelle never finished the upstairs”. She may have more of a battle with Nathan fighting for Kaiser.

  36. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    At least Jenelle can see her Barbara will take care of her just as she does jace good luck Jenelle praying for you and your family

  37. What a chaotic mess. The result of unstable idiots breeding. Kaiser seems like he’s in the best position with Doris, Nathan (who seems to be getting his shit together) and Ashley now caring for him. So five kids combined and only two under the same roof, but unlikely Barb will keep Ensley long term, so that will make five kids living under an assortment of relatives / guardians.

    Jenelle has some money (for now at least) but losing your kids is really hitting rock bottom and once her money has been pissed away on legal fees, guns and vacations then she’ll really be sunk. She sure takes the prize as the biggest train wreck on reality TV, do there’s a lot of competition for that title.

    Sad thing is there are many messed up families like this dealing with a combination of violence, mental illness, and addiction problems. Maybe we see a quick news story about train wrecks like this but it’s been eye-opening to see it unfold with a reality TV character we’ve watched for years. She was always a hot mess, but she never learns from her mistakes and just keeps going deeper.

    1. Nathan’s girlfriend, is the best thing to happen to Nathan, she’s brought out the good in him, he’s matured since he has been with her.

      She’s a good influence on Nat and she clearly loves kaiser, I remember a segment where Nathan was talking about his worry for his son being around David, and poor Ashley broke down in tears, over poor kaiser’s home life on the land.

      I pray Nathan stays with Ashley and they have a happy loving life together and that kaiser will be with his father permanently

      1. I agree!!. People can change. But I dont think David and jenelle can change. U have to want to be a better person and see your faults in order to change

  38. I hope Ensley does ok with Barb. I don’t think she knows her very well and it has to be terrifying for the little girl. While I think Ensley is in the best place for her right now, it’s sad that she’s not with Maryssa. She’s been more of a parent to that little girl than either Jenelle or David.

  39. Jenelle and David returned home last Tuesday without the girls after getting wind that a judge signed an order, Ensley was given to Barb on Friday after THE JUDGE determined it made no sense for her to be with Olivia’s mother. So now, why did cps leave Ensley there until a Judge questioned it! Because they SUCK!!!
    They had no business ever letting these kids stay in that environment on the land as long as they did! They suck!
    CPS had to do their due diligence and approve the girls can stay with Olivia’s mother, what an incompetent lazy move!

  40. No real mother would ever choose a man over her children. Barb has always done what was right for Jace I’m so happy to see that all the kids are finally safe. Hopefully Jenelle will get out safe too. I think if she got away from David she could be a good mom but she has to want it.

  41. This is appalling. Jenelle could have kept her if she just lived separately from David. I know she isn’t the best mom but I actually can’t believe that she wouldn’t feel enough pain being separated from her kids to just be apart from David for awhile.

  42. Radaronline has an article saying David lost his temper in the courtroom & that Maryssa seemed petrified of being in the same room as David during their supervised visit. There’s no way the judge isn’t going to take those things into consideration. Plus the whole “let’s put the kids where WE want them.” I’m glad a judge saw right through that b.s.

  43. Jenelle is on fire about Barbra having Ensley. If I were you Barbra I would get a protective order. I wouldn’t mind having the children. The problem would be putting up with Jenelle and David.

    1. Yes! I can’t begin to imagine how absolutely crazy this would make Jenelle and David. I can picture the inevitable epic Twitter rant right now.

    2. Yesss!!!!!!!!!! I would love that! Can u imagine?? Jenelle and David would lose their minds. I think she would probably have to say it was ok to film any of her kids and she wont because shes a pos. But i would watch. Kaiser looks so much happier to be around nathan.

    3. I TOTALLY agree with that. It would show just how much these kids are thriving without David and Jenelle’s toxicity!

    4. Mtv OWES it to Barb and Nathan, if nothing else. If it wasn’t for them, this train wreck never would have happened in the first place. But it did, and now Barb and Nathan have to suffer the consequences of both of their actions.

    5. I really don’t think they need to be on MTV anymore, it has only made all this possible, the money
      that goes to some of these “families” isn’t well spent, that is obvious. Plus it would give David and Janelle
      all the chances to see the kids, and you never know, they could make a plan to recover the kids from both Barb and Nathan and then they may just go on the run with them. They have been in the spotlight for way too long, and look where it got them. This show should have ended at a specific time, what reason is there to be filming up into their 20’s and 30’s (sorry I don’t know the exact ages) but it has long run its course. I hope Janelle never gets to see her kids again, because she really does not deserve them, not for an hour a week, these kids need serious coping skills into their teens, and then again probably into adulthood. Doesn’t MTV hold money aside for the children? if so that should be used to help Barb with the kids. In the end I can see Janelle and David getting lost in their own misery whether it be drugs and booze or both, and who knows after that but children don’t need to be in their life.

    1. If all of Barb’s three kids came out messed up (she also has a son who has done jail time), that says more about her than her children. You can have one child that has followed a bad path and it can have nothing to do with you—but when ALL your children have followed bad paths, there is some responsibility as a parent that you have to take for that turnout. Barb isn’t innocent here, unfortunately.

    2. Ummm did you see that latest video Colin posted about his dog being beat up?
      Something is not right in his physic either.
      Wonder if their Dad was Kukoo for Cocoa puffs?

      1. He dipped when they were little. I remember he did an interview once saying he had no idea Jenelle was pregnant until he saw her 16 & Pregnant episode rerun on TV.

        1. Colin was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia many years ago. He’s been in and out of group homes for most of his late teens and adult life. Unfortunately, you can’t legally force an adult to stay on medication. When he goes off his meds, he goes off the rails.

  44. I’ll guarantee Swamp Dick is about to explode right about now. Barb was the last person he wanted around Ensley. And now he’s lost all control of being in control of everything. I’m loving every minute of this.

    I just hope he doesn’t take his anger out on the dog or any of the other animals

    1. I was about to comment that the picture Jenelle posted with Babs and Ensley was the closest I’ve seen Ensley resemble a smile in a long time. And I would take a protective order against David if I were Babs…

  45. I truly hope that there is an order of protection in order for all these temporary guardians. Not that unhinged David would abide but just so when he does show up to harass these people, it’s on record that he’s not supposed to have contact.

    1. Hopefully she or they have talked to her local police department and requested extra patrol during all of this. So at least everyone there is aware of what is going on so it saves time if she has to call, so they can also have their vehicle information as well as their names and history.
      Also I hope she gets ring on her door for video proof.

  46. Weird that David and Jenelle chose to bring the girls to David’s ex-MIL. It was definitely the right choice for Maryssa. But Ensley?? How bitter and vindictive are they toward their families for such an “in your face” move like that.

  47. Barb is now caring for three of her grandchildren, she already has custody of Jace and Gabe, that poor woman.
    Why in the HELL was Ensley with Olivia’s mom? This lady is no relation to Ensley ( btw, the county has to pay a caregiver that’s not related) I’m sure Ensley don’t know her… poor baby 🙁 CPS sucks!
    If your going to put a child with someone they don’t know then why not an approved Foster family ? You suck CPS!

    1. CPS didn’t do it. They were going to take Ensley to Barb, but Jenelle and Dave didn’t turn her over. Instead, they brought both girls to Whitney’s mom. And yeah, Ensley had probably never seen her before. It was definitely done as an FU to Barb, but that’s on Jenelle/David, not CPS. Within a day of the judge hearing from CPS and everyone else, Ensley was given to Barb.

  48. I’ll guarantee Swamp Dick is ripping right now. Barbs the last person he wanted near Ensley. And now he has lost all control of him being in control. I’m freaking loving this!!! I just hope he doesn’t take his anger out on the dog or the other animals.

  49. Well, that’s a relief! Being with David’s mom would have been terrible and she would definitely have let David see them.

    Looks like David and Jenelle dropped Ensley off with Maryssa’s grandmother to spite Barb, which makes perfect sense for them. Leaving their child with a stranger to hurt Barb and be defiant sounds about right. Poor woman had to take care of a toddler she doesn’t even know. Glad Ensley’s with Barb now.

  50. Jeezus!! Barb is a saint. She’s too old and tired for this shiz. I. Hate. Jenelle. But I’m glad to know Ensley is safe and sound…

  51. The mom in me just wants to hug all these kids, tell them it’s okay, and give them jelly beans.

    You know, do what a parent is supposed to do …

  52. Poor Barb, at her age this is a handful!…. but, she can now have a relationship with Ensley – which seems David has interfered with since she was born. I hope she is in communication with Nathan so the kids can all spend time together.

  53. Well this is a piece of good news! Wow!

    Question – how far from Barb’s house is The Land? I can’t be the only one thinking that David might try something scary…

    1. Especially if he’s wasted on beer.

      Imagine a drunk David with his weapons heading over to barbs house!!!!!

      It will not end well.

      If I were barb I’d get a restraining order ASAP

  54. I am glad Ensley is safe, but I feel for Barbara. Two young children are a LOT to take on at her age. I wish her well. I just hope David doesn’t come over and try to intimidate Barb into turning her over.

  55. I’m glad that Ensley is safe with her, but I do feel for Barb having to look after a two year old full time at her age. I hope that this doesn’t lead to retribution against her from David

  56. Im sorry but i do t belive they brought a gun to the courts cause there is no court house without a metal detector in it,and they also look through purses and bags you bring in. I wish people would stop tell stuff that is not true just to make more drma.

    1. They did not bring the gun inside the courthouse. They left it on the dashboard of their car. No one said they brought it inside.

    2. First of all, NO ONE said they brought a gun into the court house. The gun was clearly displayed on the dash of the car and has been confirmed it was a handgun. Second, it is still illegal to have a gun on court grounds/property. Thirdly, a crazy lunatic who has had multiple run ins with the law, law enforcement, CPS, animal control and the United States Secret Service has NO BUSINESS owning a firearm. And lastly, why the HELL are you defending these low life animal and child abusing pieces of human waste?

    3. I think they bought it with them but left it in the car? Either way it’s not the best way to show you’re taking the situation seriously and should be given your children back.

    4. There are pictures of the gun on his dashboard in the court parking lot. So there you go about what to believe.

  57. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Im glad jennal mom has. Her better off

  58. Oh barb. Raising other people’s crotch droppings again, you really are a saint. Whorenelle doesn’t realize how lucky she is not to have her walking abortions in the care of strangers.

    1. Insult the parents all you want, but the children don’t deserve to be called “crotch droppings” and “walking abortions”.

  59. No way Barb can be up to taking on a 2-year old permanently, but I hope she enjoys having a little girl around for now, and maybe having a chance to get to know this child, which I don’t think David has allowed.

    Oh, to have been a fly on the courtroom wall though, or even hiding in David’s beard.

    1. Oh I bet he is.
      I hope they don’t harass barb or go to her home and scare the kids and barb.

      David is a ticking time bomb.

      I hope and pray all animals get removed from the sinking swamp land.

      1. I’m afraid David will show up at Barb’s, angry and with his guns and lots of ammo. ?????? Especially afraid of his semi automatic weapons. ???

      2. Remember the episode in which David followed Barb to dinner and was recording her trying to catch her having a glass of wine. He is seriously disturbed. If I were Barb I’d be nervous and scared. I’m surprised the judge hasn’t order David to surrender all his guns and weapons.

        1. Praying when they declare the children can’t go back they have their warrants and David is taken into custody immediately.

        2. It wasn’t just David, Jenelle was with him and yelling at Barb. It’s hard to say how much of this sh*tshow is Jenelle and how much is David. Jenelle isn’t innocent in ANY way.

        3. I remember jenelle screaming at her mom, whilst lurch filmed and mouthed off, after stalking and tracking poor barb down to the diner.

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