‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Weighs In on Jenelle Evans Losing Her Kids & Getting Called Out On-Stage at the Reunion by Nessa

“I’m fixin’ to wear me a bulletproof vest now…just in case!”

Jenelle Evans is currently in court (again) fighting to get custody of her kids back (more on that later). Most of the Teen Mom 2 family has been rather quiet about what’s happening with their former co-star, but Leah Messer recently gave her thoughts on the custody situation— as well as Monday’s Reunion episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ in which Jenelle was called out big time by the Reunion co-host, Nessa!

Leah— who is generally less outspoken than her co-star Kail Lowry in regard to all topics Jenelle—responded to a fan’s question about Jenelle on the most-recent episode of her Life Reboot podcast. It was obvious that Leah was hesitant to say anything about her former co-star but she eventually opened up about it.

“I really don’t have much to say,” Leah said, before stating that she is not surprised by what’s happened in terms of the custody of Jenelle and her husband David Eason‘s kids. (As The Ashley told you, all of the Easons’ children are currently in the care of others after CPS took them earlier this month.)

“I think that what happened was coming,” Leah said. “I really pray and hope that the kids remain safe and, you know, have a healthy life.”

Earlier in the week, Leah also spoke up about Nessa ambushing Jenelle on-stage during the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9 Reunion. The ambush went down just as The Ashley told you it would in her story from the day Nessa and Jenelle faced off on-stage in April. Jenelle was called out by Nessa for posting negative things about Nessa’s boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick, to her social media, and Jenelle ran off the stage crying.

While ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans seemed to have mixed feelings about what Nessa did, Leah was all for it!

“I give mad props to Nessa,” Leah said in an Instagram Story posted after the episode aired. “That was a very healthy conversation that I respect you for. I admire you, actually.”

Leah then started leading a cheer for the co-host.

“Go, go, go Nessa!” Leah sang.

Fellow ‘Teen Mom 2’-er Kail gave her thoughts on the custody situation last week, telling TMZ that fans have been asking if she’ll take custody of Jenelle and David’s daughter Ensley. (Again, The Ashley will tell you that this is ridiculous and, of course, would never, ever happen!)

As The Ashley told you on Tuesday, Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, has had the two-year-old since Friday.

“People are messaging me asking me if I’ll take Ensley!” Kail said. “I’m like, ‘Ohhhh, I don’t want to get involved! I’m not considering it at this time but I hope that [the kids] are happy and healthy overall.”

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The Ashley will have more info on Jenelle and David’s latest day in court soon. To catch up on what’s happened so far, click the links below:

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  1. The whole NFL kneeling thing I totally disagree with as well there are plenty of ways to protest other that disrespecting our country. And the players are making it about race saying black people aren’t treated right so I’m on team jenelle on that ONE post and I dont think she was attacking her boyfriend but the idea in general like most of America

  2. Holy crap they’re both unrecognizable in that top picture 😳 and I only mean that in a good way for one of them.

    1. She was ABSOLUTELY adorable, I still giggle when I think of her words of wisdom to her mother! Such a sweetie 💕

  3. So many people on Nessa’s IG and even on here complaining that it “wasn’t the time or place”. That’s BS. It is ALWAYS the time AND place for calling out racists. Nessa was brave and calm. People trying to trash Nessa for what she did are the same people enabling Jenelle and David for their trash filled posts.

    1. I don’t think it was the time or the place, not because things like this shouldn’t be discussed, but because HOW it was brought up. My opinion is that Nessa didn’t want a healthy discussion – she wanted to walk Jenelle right into that trap of saying “you should reach out to me” so Nessa could say, “well, I don’t understand because you did the exact same thing to me” – Nessa wanted the reaction she got. You could see it by the look on Nessa’s face when Jenelle came out – she was ready for a fight, and she got it. Nessa was comparing what Jenelle said to what Amber said and that was comparing apples to oranges. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but with the way it went down, Nessa was wrong and Jenelle was right. Plus, that specific post wasn’t racist (I’m sure Jenelle and Lurch have posted and will post some racist doozies in the past, present, and future, but this wasn’t one of them). And Jenelle’s “I’ve never seen that before in my life!” was total BS, not believable, and was clearly panicked backpedaling.

      The unemployment crack was MUCH worse, wasn’t necessary, was kinda out of left field, and was more on par with what Amber said (though also not racist), but that’s not the one Nessa pulled up on the screen on MTV even though MTV knew nothing about what Nessa was going to do (sure, Jan). Nessa pulled up the “you picked this guy as an example of sacrifice and someone wrote a letter why that was a bad idea that I agree with and by the way you need to work on your sizing” statement. Had Nessa pointed out the actual terrible statement, then this would have been a different comment (actually, it probably wouldn’t have been made). But she picked the other one and it just came off less “I want to have a healthy discussion” and more “hey bitch, no one disrespects my man so I’m going to go off kinda like you did on Amber…”.

      Just because things SHOULD be done (a discussion with Jenelle about how to live in a civilized society for example) doesn’t mean it can be done any time, any where, in any context.

      1. Kap’s entire thing is speaking out about racism. To comment on his actions is to comment on racism and activism. You can keep saying it’s not about race (which is absolutely also what Jenelle and David will say) – but it is. If it is the time and place for the girls associated with MTV (Amber isn’t TM2, she’s OG so that wasn’t even “her” reunion) to talk about their online issues with each other, I have no idea why it’s not okay for Nessa (also associated with MTV and TM) to talk about online issues. I’m sorry but everyone defending Jenelle in this… super suspect to me.

        1. In my comment, I wasn’t sticking up for what Jenelle said, I was pointing out that Nessa wasn’t interested in a “healthy discussion”. Nessa wanted a “gotcha” moment and she got it. She should have used Jenelle’s comments about employment and Kapernick in her example and not the mundane “I’m not gonna buy Nike anymore because I don’t like the person you picked for your ad campaign” comment. Nessa absolutely could have talked about online issues – she should have picked the statement that was closer to being racist than the statement that was a dime-a-dozen at that time (let’s face it – Jenelle’s Nike statement wasn’t even 10% as awful as some of the other comments made). If Nessa was actually interested in a “healthy discussion”, she would have had it instead of immediately jumping in Jenelle’s shit. There’s no such thing as a healthy discussion when you put the other person on the defense from the jump.

  4. kail is a loser once again using this situation to her benefit wtf makes her think anyone would want her to take care of anyone else’s kids loser

  5. I just want to see the kids on the show. I want the show to be about teen moms not about who’s sleeping with who and what this person said about the other. I don’t care what Jenelle said about nessas man. The way Leah comes across she has grown up. Kail talks like trailer dump trash.

    1. Jenelle IS the teen mom cast. Jenelle posted something to facebook so it was brought up. How is her husband disrespectful because he chose to stand up for his own beliefs in a way you clearly don’t understand? It may not have been everyones way but it was his own. Jenelle is the last person that needs to pretend to take offense against this. She pretend loves her country the way she pretend doesn’t remember the shit she talked. Instead of being outraged for misunderstanding a mans intentions that harmed no one be mad that Jenelle with her own words told a military vet she wished he died in combat and laughed at the person he knew who DID die. THAT is a disgrace to this country and all service members past/present.

    2. Why is he disrespectful because Trump said so anyone who says that knows nothing about a peaceful protest. This world has really sunk to an all time low.

    3. MTV issued a statement when they apologized to Jenelle that they weren’t aware that Nessa was going to do that and they were no part of it, what a bunch of liars! As soon as Nessa said pull it up, it was ready to be seen on the big screen.
      All of this shit that went down with Jenelle this season and we had to hear about this , very disappointing. Nessa is telling Jenelle that if Jenelle had a problem with what Colin did then Jenelle should have come to Nessa privately instead of posting this online. I’m sorry, really ? Give me a break, how ridiculous.
      I always thought Nessa played both sides of the fence , this stunt was so damn fake! We got ripped off! I wanted to hear about a show that all of us tune into every Monday not about “ her man” and his protests.
      There’s a time and place for everything Nessa, I mean that in more ways than one.

      1. I’m here to watch but Jenelle getting her ass served up in a pan is a win win for me anytime.

    4. Colin is disrespectful, yet Janelle literally told a veteran she wished he’d die in combat….
      Y’all just refuse to bring up how much of a disrespectful twat Jenelle is….

      If you think speaking out for systematic and institutional oppression equates to disrespect…then you’re a part of the problem, dear.

  6. Leah seems so nice. she’s changed and grown for the better-Something janelle isn’t capable of doing.

  7. Jenelle sure is allowing David to make a mess of her life. She can’t be that dense to not see he is jealous of her success and is basically saying if he can’t have the money fame and control neither of you will.

    1. I’m sure they are! The other girls seem to have quite friendly relationships with their production teams. I remember there were a couple issues in the past where Jenelle was all riled up after she found out the other girls knew stuff going on in her life she hadn’t spoken about. After 10 years, it seems natural to form bonds with people who are in your life so intimately. It was always Farrah and Jenelle that were the outcasts, talking down to crew members, acting like they were beneath them. I bet MTV staff members are THRILLED they don’t have to be on set using Farrah’s porta-potties, or standing in as Jenelle’s wedding photographer & officiant while having to constantly watch over their shoulders for the Swamp Monster’s antics.

      1. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Without MTV checks Farrah doesn’t even have a house to put a port a potty at. Is she still living with Michael? She is practically begging MTV to hire her back. Tough tidday toots!

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