Mama June’s Family Confronts Her in Emotional Drug Intervention: Watch a Sneak Peek of Friday’s Dramatic Episode

Your family doesn’t seem to be too fond of you right now either, June…

The next episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot may be the most intense one ever!

In a sneak peek of Friday’s episode of the WEtv reality show, Mama June Shannon‘s family gathers together to try to get June to get help for what appears to be an escalating drug problem.

In the clip, posted by TMZ, June seems to resist her family’s attempt at an intervention, despite her daughter Alana (aka “Honey Boo Boo”) sobbing about what a mess June has become.

“If this intervention doesn’t work, she’s either gonna wind up in jail or she’s gonna die,” June’s daughter Pumpkin tells the cameras.

Mama June— who is missing teeth and standing there in a disheveled sweatsuit– is defiant, even as she is confronted by Marriage Boot Camp star Dr. Ish Major.

June’s sister DoDo is concerned that Mama June may be looking at some serious time behind bars after her March arrest for her gas station brawl/drug bust with boyfriend Geno Doak

“They’re either gonna let the charges go or her ass is gonna go to prison!” DoDo says.

(Hey, on the bright side, perhaps there’s a “Miss Prison Yard” pageant that June can compete in?)

Alana seems to be taking June’s downward spiral the hardest, though. The teenager tries to explain to her mother that she’s been forced to leave the home she shares with June.

June seemed unmoved by Alana’s tears…

“Do you understand that I am staying with my sister? And that’s not by choice?” Alana tells her mother before bursting into tears.

We also see Pumpkin tell Alana’s dad, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, that she wants to take temporary custody of Alana but his wife, Jennifer, disagrees.

“I say no, because I think if anybody has temporary custody over you, Alana, it should be your daddy,” Jennifer says.

However, Alana has been outspoken about Sugar Bear being a less-than-devoted father. In fact, she recently confessed that she rarely, if ever, sees her dad unless they are filming for the family’s reality show.

Mama June appears to know how dire her situation has become.

“I hate my f**king self,” she is heard saying in the video below. “I want to f**king kill the person I am now!”

In another video, Pumpkin reveals what really happened on the day Mama June and Geno were arrested.

“They were coming down the Interstate, and they were arguing of course,” Pumpkin says. “They always are when they’re drivin’. Apparently, it got really heated so Geno pulled over at the store and got out and went inside and got a Red Bull.

Tale as old as time…

“Apparently while he was in the store, Mama called the police twice and hung up,” Pumpkin continued. “There was a white SUV behind them that I guess had followed them from the Interstate. He come back outside and, sure enough, [the SUV] was an unmarked police vehicle, and that’s what got them.”

Geno allegedly threatened to kill Mama June at some point during the argument.

“You’ve got to be scared…enough to call the po-lice!” June’s sister Dodo says. “She knows what’s going on isn’t right, but she’s never known how to get out of it.”

“She really needs to get it together,” Pumpkin adds. “Seriously.” 

As fans know, Mama June was ordered not to have contact with Geno following their arrest. However, the “soulmates” have been seen together multiple times at an Alabama casino since the arrests, and June even tried to beg the judge to drop the no-contact order so that Geno could continue to be her caretaker. (June is partially blind.) 

Click here to watch Pumpkin and Dodo discuss June’s state of mind and arrest.

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(Photos: WEtv; Instagram)


  1. So Jennifer, Sugar Bear’s wife, not even him, says they should have custody of Alana when they have no relationship. That just screams pay day, in my opinion.

    I think letting your child become so obese at such a young age borders on abuse/neglect. That family is a walking PSA for diabetes. That family is a living cautionary tale!

  2. Half blind???!!! I think she is ALL the way blind to not see what this guy is doing, how he’s using her for fame (negative OR positive), mooching off of her, making her feel insecure about herself, leading her down that lonely road of becoming a drug addict!! Get your sh** together woman! Stand up, be heard, be strong!! You have to love yourself before anyone else can love you!!

  3. Pretty sickening isn’t it. ANOTHER ONE that’s chosen men/ drugs over their children!

  4. I don’t get it. This woman fell ass backwards into money that she would’ve never ever earned at a regular job. She had such an opportunity to better the lives of her children. She got so lucky and then just flushed it down the toilet. Nothing is forever, mama June. You should’ve simply done the right thing.

    1. And doesn’t she really have Alana to thank for that? I don’t watch this show but I heard about “Here comes Honey Boo Boo” or whatever. Now Alana is being neglected and rejected. Lovely.

    1. It’s really sad because you can tell no one in that family really has healthy eating habits, so it was already going to be an uphill battle for her. Mix in these parent issues of abandonment and she’s probably eating her feelings too. My heart breaks for Alanna

  5. Pity Alana wasn’t as emotional when it comes to eating healthy.

    June is a disgrace.

    You’d better ¥Redneckernise¥ this woman is pure trash.

      1. No chance of that happening!

        They didn’t do anything to help the molested Duggar girls and kept funneling money to Jim Bob VIA his daughters after that scandal broke.

        Any money that child made by being exploited by her pig mother is long gone.

        Yeah, reality tv is total trash.

        But how two people (the Duggar’s and this family) are still on tv after it comes out they both subjected their children to child molesters…I don’t know what that says about this world.

    1. Wasn’t June accused of stealing eldest daughter Anna’s money?

      Hell even the pet pig they temporarily had hated June.

  6. This is the lowest level of exploitation. Filming meth addicts for entertainment purposes should be illegal.

  7. This is a good example of money doesn’t buy happiness. June and honey boo boo would have better off without TLC $$

      1. Cake?!? I’m going to assume her drug use has weakened her teeth tremendously, because food shouldn’t chip your teeth.

        1. I had a filling in half my front top tooth I bit into a subway sandwich and the filling came out! It was like 15 years later but still it happened! She just got a bad dentist who recommended veneers which she should have never gotten with bad teeth in the first place!

    1. It’s the crack mixed with the fact she never had good teeth and she got veneers which any dentist will tell you not to get veneers on bad teeth. They find them down to stumps so if the teeth are bad the veneers will just fall off as the left over stump rots. She went to a money hungry dentist. Then smoked a lot of crack….

  8. Love the #powercouple hashtag. I’d pay decent money to watch the two of them fighting over the last crack rock.

  9. If she went to jail, she would have ample time to sit there and realize how shitty of a person she really is. Her DAUGHTER was molested as a very young child. When the piece of shit gets out of prison, she runs right back to him, bringing along a very young Alana. That is absolutely disgusting. You have to be a total self cantered asshole to do that to your own daughter. She’s trash and should sit in jail and realize that.

  10. I might dislike this family but it is sad how far most of them have fallen. June got skinnier but became a worse person then what she was, being with that guy and getting into heavy drugs. Alana got even fatter amd the other sisters probably despise mama june more than ever.

    This is just one family we see on tv yet this happens everywhere in the world with families throughout the day. Poor kids. Poor parents that can’t get their act together. Hope everything works out but I don’t see june getting better. Even if it means losing her family or her life. It seems like she thinks she’s lost everything but really she can have a great life with her children. A lot of people just don’t think that their children can be everything to them.

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