Thomas Ravenel Scores a Win in Custody Court Battle with Kathryn Dennis: Judge Unseals Case Due to Kathryn Discussing It On ‘Southern Charm’

“How you gonna play me like that, Judge!?”

Score one point for T-Rav… and one point for us nosy people who have been following his nasty custody battle with Kathryn Dennis!

Kathryn reportedly got quite the tongue-lashing from the judge handling her fight with Thomas Ravenel for the custody of their kids. According to The Blast, the Southern Charm star was ordered to pay Thomas a total of $3,500 in attorney fees, after the judge reversed the recently-made decision to seal the couples’ court documents from the public.

Kathryn was the one who requested the court docs be sealed to protect her kids’ privacy, but Thomas asked the court to reverse the decision to seal the case, due to the fact that Kathryn was talking about him (and the case) during the new episodes of ‘Southern Charm.’

The Blast reports that both Kathryn and Thomas were able to plead their cases, but the judge ultimately ruled in favor of Thomas and chose to unseal the case. The judge also harshly scolded Kathryn for asking that the case be sealed in order to protect her children’s privacy…but then sacrificed that privacy by discussing the custody case on TV and in interviews.

“[Kathryn] remains dedicated to discussing the custody case in the media; discussing the father of her children, and her very private life. Therefore, sealing the record serves no legitimate purpose, nor does it protect the children – who are routinely exposed to the public and media,” the judge stated, according to court docs.

The judge held nothing back while criticizing Kathryn for giving interviews about the case and her kids. 

“It is clear to the Court that contrary to her own Motion and her Counsel’s argument, Mother has no interest in protecting the privacy of her children, based upon her frequent communications with the entertainment media,” the court docs state.

The judge also pointed out that both Kathryn and Thomas have each put their kids—daughter Kenzie and son Saint— in the public eye, and stated that, even though Thomas is no longer on ‘Southern Charm,’ he is still considered a public figure. For these reasons, as well as the fact that so much of the couple’s “dirty laundry” has already been made public, he determined that unsealing the case could do no addition harm to the kids. 

Kathryn and Thomas’ custody battle has been going on for nearly a year, and continues to get nastier by the month. Last month, Thomas asked a judge to cut down Kathryn’s time with their kids because he believes Kathryn’s boyfriend Hunter Price is shacking up with her. Kathryn had previously requested that Thomas’ girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, be kept away from the kids and prevented from posting photos of them to her social media accounts. 

Stay tuned…

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(Photos: Aaron Davidson/Getty Images; Bravo)

23 Responses

  1. Only in today’s America can a man retain custody of children after sexual charges are filed. Ravenal and Epstein are the poster cchildren of white privilege.

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  3. I’ll never understand why people downvote on this site just for stating general facts, not opinions ??‍♀️

    1. I don’t give a shit and I don’t even pay attention to it until someone says something. I said what I know is the facts. Charleston is so big on family names, history and generations. This is the south and it will never change. Cameron’s baby name Palmer is big. And Kathryn is a Calhoun. Google all these names. They are the history of Charleston.

      1. You would think for the sake of the children these two would put aside the anger and work things out. It would make life so much nicer for everyone involved, grow up Thomas and Kathryn please !

  4. For the sake of those precious children both parents need to agree among themselves to split the custody 50/50. Have counseling for both parents and to seek a religious church to go to. Keep the children lives PRIVATE for their sakes to be safe and healthy! God bless you all

  5. T Rav has the money and power as a rich, connected white make in the south. The judge probably knows his family or wants to punish a woman for standing up for herself. He is a total reprobate who made promises to ensnare a young,naive girl. He is scum. I hope he goes to jail for all he has done to women.

  6. I was surprised about the rolls Royce, just doesn’t seem like a mature choice, not sure if I believe the sexual assault stories about the nanny, didn’t she continue to work for Thomas after the said incident? Other than that I think they both need to grow up, never understood nasty public battles, do these two really put thier kids first?

  7. Thomas is wrong & nasty.
    If he really loved his kids with Kathryn, he would leave her & them alone.
    Too many people are screwing around on each other,, Thomas makes a big deal out of this.
    Your kids , Kensie & St. Will be messed up in their teen years with all the trauma they have been through. Grow Up

  8. She hasn’t even said anything specific at all on the show this season – other than what is already known!

  9. He talked horribly about her the last season he was on before he was ARRESTED he’s a piece of shit hypocrite whose still using

  10. He gets away with everything he has ties with everyone and it sucks because he still does drugs and he’s probably the one who got her into them and he uses it against her while he can do anything he wants! Hope he goes to jail for the rape case

  11. This is a mess, but the father has very serious allegations about his behavior. If Katherine can stay mute on the subject of her litigation she’ll come out on top. My advice say NOTHING about him, kids or the case at all to anyone at anytime except you attorney. I have been there.

  12. Not cool! She deserves full custody. She worked so hard. Thomas must be supervised when he visits! Those poor kids ?

  13. Kathryn seems to be attracted to corrupt men with power.The only victims in this are the kids. Kenzi’s hair doesn’t look like it was even washed or brushed for her graduation. What a mess.

  14. That was incredibly foolish of her. Of course the judge unsealed the record if she’s going to talk about the case anyways.

    1. What is a judge to think when he sees her crying in the fabric store about how overwhelming it will be to have her kids full time? Didn’t the nanny charges get dropped? J.D.’s did. That girl lied?

  15. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Wouldn’t it be nice if parents in custody court cared more about their children’s best interest and not “winning”

  16. She is wanting custody, but she sat on the floor of the fabric store, cried to Craig about getting full custody of the kids, and how overwhelming that would be, if Thomas goes to jail? I have been born and raised in Charleston, SC, and still live here, and every judge in this town will always side with Thomas. The Ravenel name is just as powerful, good ol’ boy, as Limehouse.

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