‘Southern Charm’ Star Patricia Altschul Ordered to Be Deposed in Thomas Ravenel & Kathryn Dennis’ Custody Case

“Start your barbecue, Patty! There’s about to be a grilling!”

Patricia Altschul is about to make a very special guest appearance…in a South Carolina courtroom!

The Southern Charm matriarch has been dragged into the nasty custody battle between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis, despite her protests earlier this year that she does not want to get involved in the case or court battle.

The Blast reports that a judge has ordered Patricia be deposed.

Back in March, Thomas asked the court to get Patricia up on the stand, and Patricia quickly filed a motion asking the judge not to make her testify. In her motion, Patricia said Thomas was attempting to depose her just to harass her. Her lawyer pointed out that, due to Patricia’s age (she’s 78, believe it or not!) she “should not be subjected to hours of questioning regarding issues that are totally irrelevant to this case.” 

The judge felt differently, and will be making Patricia take the stand. However, the judge has put a cap on the amount of hours she can be grilled, stating that “it will last no longer than six hours.” 

“He’s like an infection that you can’t get rid of!”

Patricia has also been ordered to turn over any texts and emails between her and Kathryn, as well as between her and Thomas’ ex-girlfriend Luzanne Otte, starting in April 2018 until the present. In court paperwork filed earlier this year, Thomas stated that he thinks Patricia may have info about the women teaming up to accuse him of sexual assault

He also wants to question Patricia about Bravo allegedly encouraging Kathryn to file for full custody of their two kids as part of a storyline for the show. (As fans of ‘Southern Charm’ already know, Patricia is the mother of Whitney Sudler-Smith, an executive producer of the show.)

Patricia will be forced to answer Thomas’ questions under oath. 

This is just the latest “win” Thomas has had in his custody battle with Kathryn. Last week, a judge sided with Thomas and reversed the recently-made decision to seal the couples’ court documents from the public. Kathryn– who was also was ordered to pay Thomas a total of $3,500 in attorney fees– had requested that the case be sealed in order to protect their children’s privacy. However, after she spoke about the children and the custody case in interviews and on ‘Southern Charm,’ the judge stated that there was no reason to seal the case.

“It is clear to the Court that contrary to her own Motion and her Counsel’s argument, Mother has no interest in protecting the privacy of her children, based upon her frequent communications with the entertainment media,” the court docs state.

“I’m gonna need plenty of these if you want me to spend six hours with that peasant!”

The Blast reports that Patricia and Thomas will have to agree on a court date for the deposition to take place. 

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(Photos: Bravo) 


  1. Serious question: The rape of the nanny- didn’t that one occur during filming and WHILE he was w Katherine? It’s just a question about timing and if she knew. He would solely be responsible but I don’t get a great vibe from her either and in spite of tremendous editing on Southern Charm to make her look reformed…I don’t see it. She is on something STRONG. Prescription or not it’s very sad. If not for the limelight of the show think of how different all of their lives would be. I’m the end I only care about the children. I do think people are capable of being crap humans or partners and still step up at parenting(money helps too). I feel like so long as they keep their noses clean on both sides residential w Thomas and visits w Katherine. I only say that bc of her behavior on the show. If she weren’t on it anymore w all these stories and allegations etc id be team Katherine all the way.

  2. How can a man who’s been arrested for sexual assault even think he is good for his children???? Scum Bag!!!

  3. I’m glad. Patricia is overrated. She is a snob. She made fun of her son’s apartment.
    I hope Thomas gets to the bottom of it.

    1. That’s it, root for the rapist drug addict that uses his money to manipulate. I’ll side with the snob.

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