‘Floribama Shore’ Star Nilsa Prowant Arrested for Allegedly Flashing Her Breasts & Shattering the Window of a Car

MTV reality TV star arrests: a sure thing and a Shore thing.

Floribama Shore star Nilsa Prowant found herself in hot water (and handcuffs) this weekend after (allegedly) flashing some randoms and kicking in a car window—- aka acting like a cast member from any MTV ‘Shore’-family franchise.

TMZ reports that Nilsa was arrested early Saturday morning in St. Petersburg, Florida. The police report obtained by the site claims that officers and a large crowd observed Nilsa revealing her breasts from a balcony and encouraging those below her to check out the view. According to local WFLA News Nilsa’s Floribama-flashing went down at the 260 Nightclub. 

The report goes on to claim that Nilsa was told to leave after her impromptu peep-show, but instead became “belligerent and erratic,” according to the arrest report. After Nilsa was placed into the car of someone who was going to drive her home, she allegedly lost it and kicked the rear driver-side window until it shattered.

Nilsa was arrested and booked for disorderly conduct and exposure of sexual organs, both misdemeanor offenses. Nilsa (and her sex organs) have since bonded out of jail with a total bail of $400. It’s unclear whether or not the MTV cameras were rolling during Nilsa’s wild night; however, the show is currently filming Season 3 in St. Petersburg so it’s a possibility.

Season 3 of ‘Floribama Shore’ is set to premiere this fall on MTV.

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  1. Jack…err jace, while I totally agree with you, if the “friend” wanted to press charges, then, yes, it is a crime. Destruction of property is an arrest-able offense

  2. Flashing Her Breasts & Shattering the Window of a Car

    That headline makes it sound so much more interesting than how it actually went down. When I read she broke the window with her feet I was so disappointed.

  3. MTV, ruining female lives since 1982. The class action suit is coming. On a side note I’m a huge supporter of the free the nipple movement. Sir Nibs is woke AF

    1. To be honest this is ridiculous. She exposed a sexual organ??? Why arent all men arrested for exposing their nipples at the beach all summer? Some men have more boob fat than women do. What is the difference people?!!! Also, shattering her friend’s car window should be taken up with insurance/her friend. An arrest was not needed.

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