Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Discusses Her Dismissed Custody Case, Bashes Nathan Griffith & More in Instagram Q&A Session

“I’m baaaack, Internet! Did ya miss me?”

Jenelle Evans made a full return to social media on Monday, answering questions about everything from her recently dismissed custody battle (which she previously said prevented her from speaking out on social media), her baby daddy Nathan Griffith (who she is apparently none-too-happy with after he spoke out on Twitter yesterday) and how her kids are adjusting to being back on The Land.

Jenelle first hit Twitter, where she slammed Nathan for posting a link where fans could file a complaint in regard to Jenelle and David’s custody case outcome. In a series of tweets that were aimed at Nathan (who is the father of her son Kaiser), Jenelle seemed to be letting out all of the anger she had pent up for Nathan over the last few months.

“Want to share to the world how many times you were late to court and on breaks? Want to share how your cell phone went off in the middle of our hearings? Want to share how many times you and your side chick break up and get back together @groundlevelup?” Jenelle tweeted, tagging Nate’s Twitter handle.

“Want to share how you took off to Florida as soon as you heard the news Kaiser was back with me?” she added. “You don’t stick around for anything. You don’t even help your mom with your sick stepdad. You put on the biggest front. You even make my mom sick….Should we share what me and your sister talk about on the daily? How many times are you going to keep your s**t show up? Thought we moved past all the bulls**t. Apparently not.”

“And, dear Lord, please let The Land lose all WiFi signal forever. Amen…”

Jenelle then took a swipe at Nathan’s girlfriend Ashley Landhart (aka the Florida “side chick” she referred to in her previous tweets.) She stated that, although she and David Eason got along with Nate and Ashley at Kaiser’s recent birthday party, it was all a front.

“As soon as Kaiser’s party was over, Ashley had to go tweet some s**t about David but [was] all nice to his face,” Jenelle wrote. “Don’t trust her at all.”

Jenelle later deleted the tweets.

She then took to Instagram, asking fans to ask her questions that they wanted answers to. In an effort to make Jenelle’s “talkin’ words” easier to read, The Ashley has turned Jenelle’s Q&A session into the tidy list below! (Naturally, she only included the most-interesting responses Jenelle posted!) 


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Q: How come you choose d**k over your kids? That’s not a true mom.

Jenelle: “I didn’t ‘choose’ anyone. I chose to keep my family together. Sorry.”

Q: Do you miss your MTV crew?

Jenelle: “The people? Yes. The drama? No.” 

Q: Will you be on the next ‘Teen Mom’ series? 

Jenelle: “Have no idea. You would have to ask @MTV”

Q: Why would you attack Amber [Portwood for being arrested] while she’s down? Knowing you don’t like being attacked. (By the way, this is likely what this person is talking about.)

Jenelle: “When did I attack Amber? I mean, I can say a lot about her right now, like she did about my husband but I’m not.”

Q: Was it a hard decision to stay with David after the dog incident? [David killed Jenelle’s dog Nugget several months ago.]

Jenelle: “Honestly yes. We were on bad terms for almost a week. Didn’t talk much. He knows how upset it made me. Now that we are getting over this incident our relationship has got a lot stronger. David has completed anger management as well.”

Q: Is Nathan even allowed to share the complaint link he did yesterday?

Jenelle: “IDK but he’s really immature for posting that. I’ve had many judges rule in a way I didn’t like and never once did I post a bad thing about the judge on social media. I find it extremely disrespectful.”

Q: Will you get your turn to tell your side of things at some point?

Jenelle: “Yes, I’ve been filming/documenting my experience through all of this. I will put it altogether and let you guys see how my life was completely turned upside down soon.”

(The Ashley would like to note here that it was Jenelle filming, not MTV or anyone associated with MTV. Jenelle has not been filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2’ since April.)

Q: Do you still have an open CPS case or did they close out? Is court with them done with?

Jenelle: “Court is completely done with. The CPS case is dismissed. Everything they had as evidence was basically all hearsay.”

Q: How’s everything been since having all the kids back? Does Jace get to live with y’all too?

Jenelle: “Everything and everyone is doing great. We are super grateful and happy. Jace will live with us full time soon but not now.” 

Q: When you get Jace full time will he still have visitation with [your mom] Barbara?

Jenelle: “We will see. Have no idea what the future can hold.”

Q: Will y’all consider letting Maryssa go to public school like the other kids?

Jenelle: “Yes she is going to. I do want to point out she wanted to try out homeschooling to begin with.”

Q: Why should Nathan have supervised visits if he just [kept Kaiser] all that time [during the hearings] alone? 50/50?

Jenelle: “He didn’t keep Kaiser alone, and if he did then he would be in contempt of the custody order. But there’s a lot of behind the scenes details about why it’s supervised.” 

Q: Do you think you and Nathan should have split custody or keep it the same? Why/why not?

Jenelle: “Keep it the way it is now. There’s a lot of details behind why there is supervised visits with Nathan.”

Q: Why are you acting like you and David are good parents?

Jenelle: “It’s not acting, it’s facts.”

Q: What’s your next move financially without ‘Teen Mom?’

Jenelle: “Makeup kit launch, possibly another book, and other opportunities I can’t mention at the moment.”

Q: What are you kids favorite activity to do with you and your husband?

Jenelle: “Jace loves to fish with David, Kaiser loves to play hunting outside, Maryssa does scuba a lot with him, and Ensley loves to swim/watch movies with him.”

Q: Are Kaiser and Ensley happy now that they’re home with you?

Jenelle: “Happy as can be!” 

Q: How does it feel to have your kids ripped from your arms and [have] everyone calling you a horrible mom?

Jenelle: “Doesn’t bother me whatsoever because my babies are back in my arms…obviously goes to show that some of you believe anything you read online and don’t know anything close to the truth.”

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86 Responses

  1. Personally, I’m sitting back laughing. Jenelle & David, with their history- it won’t be long before they lose those kids again. As far as buying new dogs, that probably won’t be stopped. But trust, they can’t keep their sh*t together for very long…

  2. She sounds like a 14 year old. And honestly that photo of Kaiser and Ensley hauling ass on the boat terrifies me even tho they’re wearing life vests.. like my 2 yr old not in my arms in a boat going 30mph – NOPE

  3. Let’s pray that helps ! Nathan playing nice has just backfired on him ! That bitch seems to ALWAYS walk away unscathed ! I hope that judge realizes if ANYTHING happens to those children… THE BLOOD IS ON HER HANDS!

  4. I noticed on Jenelle’s Instagram that most of her followers who are upset by all the Jenelle and David bashing are a lot like her. I clicked on a few profiles and a lot of these ladies had 4 +kids, pictures of them smoking weed, sexual references, trashy tats, captions about their child that said “look at this mother$$cker being sneaky”. I guess my point is, Jenelle is just a small part of the problem, theres thousands just like her. She is looked at like a hero by these “parents” who think childhood trauma is a myth. Its pretty sad and disgusting.

    1. And she thinks these young moms with all these kids are going to be able to buy her makeup?

      1. If they’re anything like that Farrah’s child they’ll be wearing make up at age 5 , Her and Jenelle will probably go in to business together!!!!!!

    2. Pardon ? Did you say LADIES ? LOL
      I’m not claiming to be an angel, and trust me I can swear. But there’s a time and a place……
      I’ve sworn HEAPS in this drama with those two scummers David and Jenelle, without offending anyone those two just bring out the worst in people! Like i said I’m no angel, but those two sewer rats don’t deserve any pleasantries!

    3. I’ve used that same verbiage. The “blood will be on that Judge’s hands” – as well as MTV’s, imo.

  5. It is very apparent that there will be NO JUSTICE, from any government or judicial “authorities”, in Hillbilly Land! It is my hope that Karma visits The Hypochondriac Junkie, with a REAL, AND SERIOUS ILLNESS, sooner, rather than later. I prefer a chronic, painfull, progressive illness, sooner, rather than later. I want the Junkie to SUFFER, daily for years! (sorry, I am NOT sorry). Her children suffer daily, it’s good enough for her!)

    1. I reckon her constant “SINUS INFECTIONS ” could be very well caused by the mysterious “white powder ” that gets around “The Land”. Jace has seen it and apparently it was “Mysteriously left in their letterbox “……….

    1. That’s how I feel! I want to bash her face in. I can’t even look at him or her. Why is he not arrested when she admitted he killed Nugget? I want him punished so bad!!!

      1. Its sooooooo FKNG FRUSTRATING!.That picture up of her in the swimming pool!!!!!!! I wish she had some concrete blocks tied around her ankles!

  6. Go ahead Jenelle, keep bashing Nathan. You are playing right into his hands in the custody battle. He let you AND Lurch see Kaiser when he didn’t have to. He isn’t bashing you in front of your child. The court is going to LOVE that! So, please, by all means, keep it up.

    1. Let’s pray that helps ! Nathan playing nice has just backfired on him ! That bitch seems to ALWAYS walk away unscathed ! I hope that judge realizes if ANYTHING happens to those children… THE BLOOD IS ON HER HANDS!

  7. It’s tragic to see amongst the five children between Janelle and David there are five parents yet, with the exception possibly of David’s son’s mother there is not one functional parent that can offer these children a secure home.

  8. Violence doesn’t solve anything. I know this. And I’ve never even met Jenelle. So can anyone help me understand why I want to slap the shit out of her so badly?

    1. Because she excused that monster dog murderer from the killing of Nugget! If anyone deserves an ass beating, it is those two!!!

  9. Who on earth want to buy that Make up kit?She is still relevant but within a few weeks everyone has forgotten her,just look at Farrah…Bye Bye Jenelle,i hope you have a miserable life.

  10. These two make me want to vomit in my own mouth , Jenelle is the biggest walking piece of shit EVER, she just vomits lie upon lie ! She’s totally void of ANY true human emotion! I wouldn’t spit on this c*** if she was on fire!

    1. How are you my friend?
      I changed my name from dejesusgawdleah.

      Hope all is well

      1. I always liked Dejesus gawd Leah, it was a nice mash-up! I think you’re good at coming up with names!

  11. The US justice system is broken. These kids should never have been allowed to go back to that dump-site, swamp. Janelle and her bitch of a husband are imbeciles. Two total losers. Sad.

  12. Totally agree with BAILEE. Nathan needs to make some serious changes.

    I didn’t know they get paid for clickbait on instagram. I won’t contribute to their income again. A real job will be the only way to end the entitlement attitude.

  13. How does this trash bag call out Nathan for going away 2 months later when her and lurch were vacationing she. They lost their kids

  14. None of her answers surprise me except for one.. why is Nathan back in Florida? There’s no way on this green earth that he’s be allowed to move Kaiser to Florida, unless Jenelle no longer exists. Nathan needs to be finding a job and his OWN home for his son, not running to Florida to be with his girlfriend.Did he give up?
    I really believe he made this some sort of competition, the fact that he always ends with # TeamGriffith pisses me off! This isn’t a game, there’s no teams.. your little boy needs a normal parent and home , his mother can’t provide it.
    Nathan’s link to the judge also pisses me of, do your own dirty work Nathan. Your fighting for your child in this small court system and you want to burn one of their judges? That’s as stupid as inviting them to Kaiser’s party. I think he tried to set the party invite up in hopes for a disaster , that sure backfired. Also, he needs to stop with his diarrhea of the mouth.. Dr Drew was looking at him like he was an idiot..” Jenelle has this history of men with substance and drinking problems.”, uh, yeah! Didn’t you also shack up with her and father her child!Dont you have a long ass history of arrested stemming from alcohol? Considering he hasn’t been old enough to drink for even a decade he as an awful lot of red flags on his records , one was within the last year and a half or so.
    Stop telling the world how bad Jenelle is, we already know everything. There’s work to be done while ( hopefully) you refreshesd your filing date for custody.. for Pete’s sake he doesn’t even live in the same state.. that’s not going to fly. Better yourself for your little boy, he desperately needs you.

    1. I was thinking that he should stop talking about Jenelle period. It just plays into her game of trash talking about each other. Nathan take the high road

    1. I was thinking that he should stop talking about Jenelle period. It just plays into her game of trash talking about each other. Nathan take the high road

  15. Stupid asshole. I hope Sasquatch breaks her collar bone for real next time. She will probably still deny any abuse and remind us all what a wonderful husband he is. She is truly a psycho.

  16. I can’t take this girl seriously. I dont believe in a words she says. She is pathetic and delusional. I just hope nothing happens to her children.

      1. Didn’t you love that one??? She thinks she can just say something and poof it’s true. Barb has custody of Jace, forever, period.

  17. I don’t understand why Jenelle wouldn’t tell the reasons why Nathan has supervised visits only. That kind of behavior is above her, she usually can’t resist trashing people who hurt her, something’s off.

  18. PLEASE, everyone ban together, after she posts click bait immediately SS and post below so she gets no click money for attorneys and her dog beater, killing husband.

  19. She’ll never get Jace back. Barbara has permanent custody of him. He has also repeatedly said that he doesn’t like David, and let’s not forget about him calling both of them, “pieces of shit.”

    1. Does Jace even understand what POS means? Kids say curse words all the time cause of their surroundings.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
        Give your head a shake. He’s 9 not 3.

      2. Lol y’all downvoting this for what? You think kids don’t repeat what they hear from adults without understanding what exactly they are saying?

        1. Children are mirrors of their parents. Tho it’s likely he heard Barb say that about all of Jenelles boyfriends

  20. Jenelle posted pics smiling in DC the weekend after her children were all taken and the day after she was too sick to visit them, but Nathan can’t go to Florida where he lives?

    The worst part about all of this is that Jenelle 100% believes that she’s a good mom. She and UBT genuinely think that they do a good job. It’s disturbing.

  21. I was under the impression that Barb had “full, permanent custody” of Jace; as in there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell “Jace will live with us full time soon”… am I wrong?!

    1. I guess Jenelle can always take it back to court, and I think once she’s got some more money rolling in from the new make up or clothes line, she will

      1. She signed her own kid away years ago. And I think that all takes place in court where Barb lives – so not the hillbilly haven where The Land is (I might be wrong). Juhnelle’s “oh, my bad” shtick won’t work to get Jace back just like that.

        1. When Jace was a baby I think she gave Babs temporary custody of him. She didn’d sign her parental rights away. And last year (or 2 years ago?) they went to court because Jenelle wanted full custody… the one case she didn’t win. But she got more visitation and it was formalised. With her vindictive personality I’m sure she will take Babs back to court. She basically said she would. I hope Babs keeps finding the strength to keep fighting – and that it doesn’t fall on a judge who has his or her head up Jenelle’s ass.

  22. THE ENTITLEMENT!!!….This is exactly why Nathan had no business inviting those 2 turds to Kaisers birthday party. The worst thing she has on him is his cell phone went off during court?? SERIOUSLY?? Last I checked, Ashley doesn’t beat Kaiser and Nathan didn’t kill anyones dog.

  23. I hate to say it, but she deserves every bad thing that happens to her from now on. I feel so sorry for those children. Her answers are so off. The sad part is that the world is now rewarding horrible heroin hater hags like her. She can abuse children and get away with it. She can do nothing for years, other than pop out kids, and gets paid more than hard working people like teachers. And she can dismiss the killing of a poor little innocent dog and be so delusional to think that ass she married is going to control his anger after one anger management class. What a joke she is. I am SO glad MTV stopped filming her.

    What can we do? BOYCOTT everything she’s associated with. Write to companies that she promotes and tell them you’ll boycott them too. Starting with that Shake company she’s promoting. Everywhere she goes to pitch a product…we’re there…boycotting and reminding companies she’s OK with a husband who would abuse her, her children and kill pets with overwhelming violence. Make it so she can’t make a dime and remind companies she does business with they shouldn’t!!!

    I once rooted for her, but no more. She’s evil just like lurch.

    1. The company is Flat Tummy Shake It Baby Protein Shakes. I am getting ready to file my complaint against her as a monster mom a married to a dog murderer!

    2. THIS IS WHAT I WROTE ON THEIR CONTACT FORM / Why are you using Jenelle Evans Eason to promote your product? Are you aware of any of their bad behavior? This for starters / (I LISTED THE LINK TO THE CHANGE PETITION / #justicefornugget

      Now lets go to this interview / Q: Was it a hard decision to stay with David after the dog incident? [David killed Jenelle’s dog Nugget several months ago.]

      Jenelle: “Honestly yes. We were on bad terms for
      almost a week. Didn’t talk much. He knows how upset it made me. Now that we are getting over this incident our relationship has got a lot stronger. David has completed anger management as well.”

      What is wrong with you!!! We are telling everyone not to buy your product because you support her! This is only a tiny tad of all they have done! Right now, Monster Mom and her Dog Murderer husband are the most hated people in America.

      ID Discovery named him as one of the top 5 worst Dad’s on Father’s Day.

    3. I have to say I thought her answers were odd too… but then I figured its because David is answering for her.

  24. It’s funny how, just before the girls were removed by CPS, Jenelle tweeted that things were good between her & Nathan and how she was “ready to give him unsupervised visits”. Didn’t she also say that there was no reason why they should continue to be supervised? Now she got her feelings all hurt so she’s back to saying he’s an awful person with hidden reasons why he can’t have unsupervised visits? She’s an ass. As for Ashley putting on a show at the party, wasn’t it David who acted all Mr. Niceguy? He showed his true colors 5 days later when the case was dropped and he went all angry gorilla again. Can the Easons please just fall into quicksand without their cell phones? Is that TOO much to ask?

    1. I was going to say that too. She also said that Barb was happy to give her back Ensley yet Barb said she wasn’t. She literally has to put a fake positive spin to undo all the crap that’s put out there. She has become a pro at gaslighting like David. Someone brings up how she felt when her kids were taken and she actually answers “what are you talking about they are in my arms” and I also find it funny now that they are back its all fun and games as if they are trying to gain back trust before blowing up on these kids again. She stated that both her mom and Nathan were against this custody thing then they win in court and back to hating each other. How can she say that her mom agrees with her about Nathan but she plans on getting Jace back full time soon? Makes no sense!

  25. No one asked her why she and David called 911 25 times in the last year or if either of them had to take a psych evaluation?

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
      People said they did but she got to choose what questions she wanted to answer

  26. I filled out the complaint form that Nathan asked for people to, against the judge. He has the link. The link is also on the US Magazine.

  27. Post your drug test Jenelle and David. I would love for the courts to give the kids a drug test.
    Hitting a child hard enough to leave bruises
    Beating a dog and then killing it in front of your kids
    Fighting and screaming in front of children
    Fighting over a fire and collarbone broken
    Holes in walls from fist
    Holes in walls from bullet holes
    Children left outside with no supervision
    Not feeding children regularly(look how much weight the children gained in that short amount of time)
    Children walking around with animal pee and poop everywhere(can cause disease)
    Not wearing appropriate clothing(some of the children have on coats and some have on shorts)
    Mom and Dad being high, drunk
    Pulling out gun to shoot someone(with child in car)
    Calling child a Liar
    Taking drugs while pregnant
    Having multiple men introduced to child
    Having child call multiple men Daddy
    Child needing helmet(didn’t get one now head is misshapened)
    Jace has mental problems(because of abuse)
    None of the kids that can talk expressed not wanting to be around parents… so now they’re being traumatized…

  28. It took her a whole week to get over her husband killing her dog violently in front of their kids?! I guess when he finally ends up (God forbid) killing one of her children she’ll be mad for a month? Or is that too much?
    Also doesn’t Barbara have full custody meaning he has no legal ties to jenelle?

  29. Some people should not have children. Maybe this is the reason so many kids end up screwed up by the time they turn 18.

  30. I’m honestly so fed up with this horrible people. I can’t believe they made the kids go back with them and now she’s acting like she’s a great mom. F*ckin POS I’m disgusted and sick of hearing about them. Judge had videos, phone calls to 911, testimonies and dismissed the case? They got rid of the other judge probably because they couldn’t buy him, I believe they succeed with the new one. Shame on her

  31. Woww, what a complete piece of ish Jenelle is. There’s a special place in, you know where, for narcissistica like her

  32. She is delusional. “Please pretend you never heard any of my 911 calls begging for help.”

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