‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Speaks Out in Instagram Post, Claims She’s Been Staying Quiet About Drunk Driving to “Protect People”

“There…that should thoroughly confuse everyone…”

Amber Portwood used Instagram on Sunday to throw out some pretty heavy accusations regarding drunk driving. Although the Teen Mom OG star didn’t specifically name anyone in her (now deleted) post, many of her followers assumed the message was about her estranged boyfriend/baby daddy, Andrew Glennon.

In the post (which Amber deleted only minutes after it went up), she showed a screenshot of some Google facts about drunk driving.

“Drunk driving remains the leading cause of death on our nation’s roads,” the posts says in part.

In her caption for the photo, Amber insinuated that she has been covering for someone she knows.

“Hmm…how long have I been quiet to protect people,” she wrote. “Read in between the lines and let me be! DONE!”

Amber’s now deleted post…

In a second post (which remains online as of press time), Amber seemed to be addressing her haters (which may or may not include Andrew).

“Remember who I am not what you hear. Your negativity can’t phase me anymore,” she wrote in the caption of a quote about paying attention. “I’ve learned this last month how ignorant people can really be. I’m going to be just fine in any aspect of my life! Still sending love to all my intelligent beautiful souls.”

Amber and Andrew have both been using Instagram to defend themselves lately amid their bitter battle for custody of their son James. Amber has thrown out a lot of vague accusations on Instagram since her July 5 arrest for domestic battery against Andrew. Last month, she posted a meme that talked about cheating, causing many fans to assume that Andrew cheated on Amber during their relationship. (Andrew has continuously denied that he was unfaithful to the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star.)

In his first, on-the-record interview since Amber’s arrest, Andrew stated that he was disappointed that Amber’s cheating post caused many people to point the finger at him, and that she had failed to clarify to her 1.8 million Instagram fans that the cheating post was not about him.

Let’s put Detective Gary on the case to find out more on this topic!

“People are just going to slap it on me,” he told DailyMail TV. “It’s a bashing of my character and what hurts I guess is the fact that she hasn’t come out and made a statement to say, you know, ‘I wasn’t talking about Andrew, I was talking about somebody else.”

“She’s trying to tell us something, folks!”

During that interview, Andrew also stated that he feels Amber needs to get help for her anger issues. 

Amber has yet to respond to Andrew’s interview…at least directly. (We can assume that this vague posting may be her way of responding, though.)

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Twitter: @morecheeseplz10)

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  1. She is a disgrace to being a mother for 10 years, a narcissistic her mask is off now.Teen moon and ppl need to stop cosigning this abusers.This is not mental health issues wake up she could have had the beat of treatment, and at least her brother could have 50-50 her to court order meds and her move there in the best interest, but no thats because its a narcissistic abuser like we have watch for years with 3 different men and her say same thing about them!! Its her,as a society wait till she kills someone or her child MTV u set the stage

  2. It is one thing to not come out and say something when you are being victimized due to domestic violence, it is another thing to not report drinking and driving and ESPECIALLY if he’s been driving under the influence while with baby

  3. Will Amber ever acknowledge her mistakes?! I assume no and this reminds me actually of a person who went bat shit crazy on me recently because I told them how I felt about them and what’s their problem. But some people just think they can do no wrong.

    F*ckin’ Amber! We are almost of the same age (I’m older) but man, I LEARNED from my mistakes while she is here still saying it’s everyone else’s fault and what a victim she is. THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU, AMBER, YOU ALMOST KILLED SOMEONE!!!

    1. Liz, I think you’re right. Amber isn’t very well educated, and Moya’s speech and grammar patterns seem very much like Amber’s.

  4. Right, you got me! I just want to be CLEAR that what I meant IS and you know damn well what I meant, that since I have time and the energy, I get all out what I want to say since a lot of the times I don’t have time nor the energy to comment but I do read articles when I can and the comments and there is the same people there every single day annihilating Amber. You say no one is that passionate about defending a complete stranger, funny that SAME thing can be said to all the regulars that come on here that annihilate and write long diatribes about Amber, a complete stranger to them. Every. Fucking. Article. and you have the nerve to tell me to get a gripe? They don’t miss a beat. You can go ahead and think what you want. I’m not going to shut up just because you think I’m Amber or someone she knows personally. Is that what you do to all the people who defend Amber? Is that how you scare her supporters away? Yeah, no. That won’t be happening with me, so fuck right on off with that bullshit. But hell I am not going to be here commenting on every article either like you all obsessed Amber haters are. Ain’t nobody got time for all that, but when I can, I will pop in here and defend her against you internet bullies.Trolls more like it. Seriously, GET A FUCKIN LIFE.

    1. Go you! Be a rill woman! Go hard or go home! I mean, stay! Defend Ambien till you’re blue in the face and foaming at the mouth. No worries, you don’t look like a fucking nutjob or anything- posting novel length rants with run-on sentences and maybe 1 paragraph under 5 usernames. ? ?

    2. for someone claiming to not be wamber you certainly went off just like her shitty language and horrible grammar

  5. I think she should Google “How many women attacked someone who was holding their child in 2019” OR “How many people were attacked by a machete in 2019”

  6. Anyway, I know I wrote a lot today so don’t waste your breath in pointing it out! Figured I’d get it ALL out instead of my email keep blowing up with replies because I already know what all of you will say in retort to my responses. You all are like wicked broken records so it’s easy to anticipate what you all will SAY, so I figured I’d say everything while I had the time because I definitely do not have time to stand by and wait for Amber articles like you all DO on the daily and no, I’m not Amber or her mother, or anyone that knows her personally! I’m just an Amber supporter who feels for her situation and I also hate seeing someone get outnumbered when they don’t deserve it! There are definitely snakes in her garden and they need to be called out just as much as she gets called out! It’s not right how much bashing and hate that she gets so someone has to level the playing field and I think I did a real damn good job at that. I’m not replying anymore on this article, so don’t even bother! Bye!

    1. Moya “definitely does not have time to stand by and wait for Amber articles like you all DO on the daily”…but she damn sure got time to write novels defending her. Sorry gurl…NO ONE is that passionate about defending a complete stranger. (And if you don’t personally know Amber, whew, get a grip.)

      Who wants to wager that Moya comes back in 5, 4, 3…

    2. Translation:

      Moya: “Turn off email notifications? Huh… wha…? SNAKES! Motherfuckin’ snakes on this motherfuckin’ article! !Fuck this! You guys are assholes! I’m taking all my personalities and we’re going home!! C’mon Staci, Lisa, Monroe, Olivia, and Moya

      *stomps out*

  7. She is grasping a straws trying to get the heat off of herself, this could be a time where she takes responsibility for her actions, instead she keeps throwing baby daddy under the bus, no matter how you viel it Ams, we know your the bad guy

  8. I’m so sick of them all. Amber, Janelle, Catelynn, all of them. Sick of Tyler, his dad, pretty much everyone involved with this show. Sad thing is, even if the show was cancelled I’d still have to see them making headlines. We still hear about Farrah all the time and she’s just a prostitute who used to be on tv. But I still have to see her nonsense antics.

    1. She is grasping a straws trying to get the heat off of herself, this could be a time where she takes responsibility for her actions, instead she keeps throwing baby daddy under the bus, no matter how you viel it Ams, we know your the bad guy

  9. Lol someone on here scrolling, voting down every comment… Cousing Krystal is that you?… Don’t forget to put the phone down once in a while and check on your younglings.

  10. I don’t believe her. She is such a drama queen. Ambie is just pissed because Andrew recently posted pics of a happy baby James on IG.

  11. STFU Amber!!! Protect your damn kids, they are the ones who need protection and that is what matters! Grow up! I hope the judge puts a gag order on them both.

    1. What kids?
      Just because you give birth doesnt make it YOUR kid.
      She gave birth to Leah & it looks like Leah has a great mom & dad (Kristina & Gary)
      She admitted to not being there for Leah because she was “SAD” (depression is no joke but neither is having a kid & not being there). She was so sad she could only hang out with her newest man & not her kid? (1 of the many reasons she is not considered as Leahs mom) i am sure there are many moms that are sad & depressed but have no choice but get out of bed for their kid. She had no problem have some new guy move in (After her & Matt broke up she didnt see Leah for months because she was so depressed but thatvis also when Andrew started dating & moved in…not to depressed for that.

      1. What? Unfortunately they ARE her biological kids and always will be. Is she a mother? Obviously not. My comment was in regards to her statement about “protecting people” when she can’t even do what is right for the kids she brought into this world. Kristina is the best thing that could ever have happened to Leah, but Leah still knows who her biological mother is, what she does and it will always affect her, no matter how great Gary and Kristina and the rest of her family is.

        1. Everyone says that Kristina is the best thing that happened to Leah. The only one in this world who can determine that will be Leah. we literally see a few minutes, IF that of Kristina in each episode. If Kristina and Gary were any type of good parents, they would have fostered a good relationship between Amber and Leah despite Amber’s mistakes. Not use Leah against Amber as weapon for whenever it suited them. Gary and Kristina are living pretty cushy off of Amber’s child support for Leah, this is definitely obvious. They would lose that if Leah went back to live with her mother. There is no doubt in my mind that and a lot of other people noticed this too, that Gary turned Leah against her mom when she had all those problems, the problems Gary definitely helped create and was guilty of too, he was no where near innocent in that relationship with Amber. He definitely provoked and instigated her A LOT, and look, now he got full custody of Leah, Amber out of the picture and a nice child support check for a long time and on top of that, he looks like the hero. The God of all Dads. He has a good deal going on here.

          In any case, a GOOD father would have nurtured a relationship between child and mother, DESPITE the bad decisions of mother. He could have done that and kept Leah safe at the time. He didn’t have to allow such a breakdown of relationship between his daughter and her mother but he did, and he did it to his own benefit. If it were the other way around, if Amber were a man and Gary were a woman, everyone would be slandering Gary (the woman) for speaking badly of Amber (the father) and not allowing and/or fostering a good relationship with Amber. Everyone keeps throwing the term “double standard around” not realizing they are doubling the double standard.

          I think if they had never been on the show and the same situation occurred between Amber and Gary, that Gary would have made his mother raise Leah while he was a part time father. No way, in my opinion, would Gary had have full custody of Leah and have her living with him. In fact, Leah would be back with Amber I think.

          Now I do want to say that I know Gary loves Leah. I don’t doubt this, but a super great father that everyone is making him out to be? That I laugh at. The same with Kristina.

          Everyone asks why Gary and Kristina were there at court supporting Amber. Well that’s because now if Andrew wins in court, now they will have to split that nice child support money and other monies from MTV with Andrew as well. Gary and Kristina certainly don’t want that.

          1. They will probably stop supporting Amber in court or in this whole Andrew situation entirely, once they are assured that their part of the child support and/or other monies won’t be effected. Also, in the future, they could possibly join up in cahoot with Andrew against Amber if it would mean more money for them or if they just want to make Amber look badly for whatever reason they needed to in the future. Do not doubt for a second that these people play these types of games. They surely, surely do. I feel very terrible for Amber and Leah because of this. Say what you want about Amber, but she NEVER did Leah wrong. Yes, she made mistakes unbecoming of a mother for certain, but she NEVER hurt that little girl. She wanted and wants to give Leah the world. She loves Leah just like any other mother loves her child and she doesn’t have her as much as Gary because Gary and Kristina made sure that relationship between Leah and her mom was broke down as possible and now I would have to intelligently assume that it’s hard for Amber to have Leah when Leah probably has so much resentment towards her mother and old enough to express it and use it against her when she doesn’t get her way and can run back to her father any time. When Amber has so much against her and so many people against her, I don’t blame her for giving up sometimes and not knowing what to do. She’s probably afraid all the time that Gary or Kristina will accuse of her of anything if she doesn’t do things their way (which I’m sure Leah is learning as well). Gosh, could you imagine the backlash Amber would get for anything? That’s exactly what Andrew was counting by the way, in my opinion.

            The good reason why Amber never recovered fully is because of all the hate from people in her life and people online that she gets on a daily. People with the best of efforts put forth couldn’t overcome such a feat.

          2. Kristina came into the picture once Amber put herself in jail the first time and MTV had stopped filming the original teen mom. She stepped up, as did Gary, and has continued to play a crucial role in raising Leah. The only one who “didn’t foster a good relationship” with Leah is Amber. You can’t hold Gary responsible for Amber not wanting to be around because she is “depressed” yet she jumps from guy to guy. It is completely ridiculous. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes and has flaws. The finger pointing is a huge part of her problem. She needs to accept her flaws, learn from them and grow or history will continue to repeat itself.

          3. “Kristina came into the picture once Amber put herself in jail the first time and MTV had stopped filming the original teen mom”

            Yeah, I know this and so does everyone else? What’s your point? What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? It negates nothing I have said, neither does what the rest of what you wrote.

            Point is, no one, not one single person on this earth can determine what kind of step mother Kristina is except for Leah. Not Gary, not Kristina, not Amber, not anyone in the family, not you or I or anyone on this earth can say what kind of a step mom Kristina is. ONLY Leah can be able to say that because she is the ONLY one who experiences it. Only time will tell. You all think you can speak for every single person in this world and you can’t. You all don’t know Kristina from a whole in the ground. You literally know a few minutes of her. As with Andrew, and many other reality stars and the human race in general, she could be putting an act on for the audience. I’m not saying she isn’t a nice person or a nice step mother, I’m saying there is NO way any of you can know that so stop praising her as such. How many times did we think someone was a good person but they turned out not to be. I’m just gonna stop right here. You all know very well what I’m talking about. You all aren’t dumb. You all just hate Amber so much that you will say anyone is better than her just to make her upset because you know she might read these comments. You will say anything to make her look bad and if she reads them, that is just a bonus to you all. You know exactly what to say to hurt her feelings. You all are nothing but BULLIES and try to get down on anyone who is a teen mother or has a mental illness or has other issues or maybe some girl in your past whooped your ass for being the bitches that you are and Amber reminds you of her. WHATEVER the case, you all just want to tear someone apart to make yourselves feel better and look better. Honestly, if anyone in your lives knew how much you frequent Teen Mom forums to tear down the cast members of that show, they would laugh at you and you know it. So stop with all this bullshit.

          4. HOT DAMN! ?

            * Wall of Text crits you for 384720709726364 hit points

            You die. Killed by Wall of Text. ?

      2. I totally agree that we ALL don’t consider Amber as a mother, but Leah 100% still does and probably always will. I can’t imagine what affect all this has on her, epecially after learning of her own anxiety and panic attacks. Plus at her age, kids can be cruel and this is all so public. That is why Amber needs to step back and shut up. Think about the kids for once instead of yourself, especially now, you know what I mean?

  12. In a second post (which remains online as of press time), Amber seemed to be addressing her haters…
    So those that pay her wages, on her very public lifestyle, opinion ( wether they are arse licking her, or have a different view than her, are called-haters) .

    Then amber get the fuck off tv, get your lazy ass off the couch/bed, and get a real job.
    You vile ungrateful bitch.
    You chose to be on tv, if you do not like opinions that are not liked by you, then fuck off and live a private life.

    You crazy nut job

    1. How dare you…
      To even suggest or think she should…
      She should…i cant even type it.
      Oh the horror you mean actually work?
      Do something productive & receive money for doing it?
      God forbid
      Unless a company is looking for a product tester for couches there is no way she can or will ever hold down a job. Her Caitlyn Jenelle are the few that could/would never be able to actually work. (Excluding posting click bait articles)
      If/when the MTV money is gone she will try to get permanent disability so we all get to support her lazy @$$

          1. Right? ?

            I told her down further below that she was swinging her paragraph machete with her long ass rants.

  13. You’re a convicted Felon, your credibility is zero, anything you say is deemed unreliable, your not to be trusted.
    This “ Let me take some heat off myself by accusing another” behavior is Criminal tactics.

    Before you call out viewers for being ignorant you should realize, it’s the viewers that pay you! All those commercials are aimed at US! What you need to do is sit down, shut the f**k up.. bitch, bough down!

  14. Bubby Darling probably filling her head with how fucked up everyone but his sloppy sister is, no doubt. No one that’s close to Ambien wants their gravy train to come to a stop. Even Gary is posting “watch this week’s episode!“. GARY, who knows full well that Ambien is a violent, unstable, terrible excuse of a mother.

    *sigh* The ones who are really gonna suffer for all this madness will be Leah and James though. They’ll see all the shit posted and filmed between their mother and their father(s) and the nasty ass, smegma riddled yuck mouthed con-man that came between them (Hiya Matt!) and they’ll be the ones embarrassed and ridiculed for the insane shit-show they were made a part of through no choice of their own. MTV needs to put the brakes on this. They’re all pushing 30. It’s time to shut down these “Teen Mom’s” and think of their kids that are getting ready to be teens themselves.

    1. It Seems Ambien, *GinAndTonya* and Bubby, are on here down voting, those that pay his sisters salary.

      Most of these entitled bitches, are messed up.

    2. You’re right! Their kids are actually closer to being teenagers than the Teen Moms are now! Ridiculous!

    1. Meds didnt kick in yet
      Once they did & she can see clearly she deleted it.

      Amber please wait until you take your meds to post things

  15. She needs to just shut up. Hi get some help. I hope all this b.s. she us spewing is 7sed against her when they go to court. She doesn’t deserve to raise that baby. Her mood swings are off the chain and putting that baby with her is a ticking bomb waiting to go off. Let’s not forget when she had Leah and she was very young, Amber laid in her bed as that baby had to occupy herself. That is until Gary got home. You made your bed so now you have to lay in it.

    1. All she does is lay in her misery. She needs to get off her ass and develop a routine. At least go volunteer somewhere, she loves to “help people so much” go do some outreach and find purpose in your life. It is infuriating!

  16. Everything Amber posts is going to be assumed about Andrew, just not post anything vague like that at all. If you want to make accusations, then don’t be vague and stand behind them instead of deleting a vague accusation minutes after. Amber is attention obsessed, she needs to see a therapist and stay off Instagram. She is exhausting.

  17. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Sorry but I believe there’s more to his story. It just doesn’t make sense. Not to say I think amber is innocent. She needs to be following her doctor’s orders. Therapy & medication. Be responsible for your 2 kids. I’m just saying that the story he gave originally struck me as odd & something is off. I mean, both Gary & Matt are standing by her. As a society, we don’t wait until all the facts are out before we convict in our minds. For her childrens sake, she needs love & support.

  18. Accountability is a noun that describes accepting responsibility, and it can be personal or very public. A government has accountability for decisions and laws affecting its citizens; an individual has accountability for acts and behaviors. Sometimes, though, taking accountability means admitting you made a mistake. Punishment may result, but accountability shows ownership and a willingness to admit mistakes.

    Amber has no idea what this means.

  19. Oh, for Pete’s sake. Amber, go put on one of your adult onesies, and sink back into your couch. (My sincerest apologies to Amber’s poor couch.)

  20. As usual Amber is trying to throw all the negative attention on some one else. If she’s trying to throw Andrew under the bus why is she waiting til now??? To try and make HIM look bad. Come on Amber be real.

  21. Um, the Ashley DID unearth that. Before he was with Amber, he had a DUI charge, among other charges as well. So there’s that….Andrew has a past of drug and alcohol addiction, so it wouldn’t surprise me about if he was still doing some things. I totally believe Amber on this.

    1. Amber also has drug addiction issues as well as violent tendencies. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did everything she is accused of, I believe Andrew.

      1. Duuuuude, thanks for stating the obvious. I think it’s been well covered that Amber had issues with both. I think it’s time to super focus on his like you all have been doing to Amber. Didn’t he have stalking protection orders taken out on him in the past by two different girlfriends? Last time I checked, that’s a form of a violence and/or emotional terrorism to say the least. But hey, let’s focus on Amber’s past all the time and just excuse and gloss over Andrews.

        1. Moya, Amber clearly still has issues, clearly. The only time we will focus on Andrew’s flaws and record when/if he is arrested and has pending felonies. Amber is the one going on trial here, so that is where the focus will continue, not her victim which in this case happens to be Andrew.

          1. “Moya, Amber clearly still has issues, clearly. The only time we will focus on Andrew’s flaws and record when/if he is arrested and has pending felonies. Amber is the one going on trial here, so that is where the focus will continue, not her victim which in this case happens to be Andrew.”

            LOL lol lol lol lol lol LOL. That is such bullshit and you know it…… and let it be known, those aren’t his only past charges one of which includes a DUI. ANYWAY. His past definitely applies to this situation. Don’t act like you don’t comprehend that. It applies to the very beginning of when he first started his relationship with Amber and it applies as to why a man in his thirties who never had children prior, knocked her up in 3 months of knowing Amber and it applies as to why he would quit his job and move to Indiana and it applies as to why he would move into her home and drive her vehicles and implies as to him now going after full custody, child support, health insurance, covering his legal fees, Amber’s house and her cars and a whole lot more, see where I’m going with this? Yeah, really sound likes a guy who has his own money and a job Gosh why ever would he instigate and exaggerate a fight between he and Amber? The world may never know……..

            You all literally will say ANYTHING to detract but you all aren’t that smart. Sorry to break it to you. So save your semantics for someone else because all you who play semantics, those types of games are powerless on me. Obviously, I’m way too smart for that.

    2. “Moya” hmmm, sounds a lot like “Tonya” ?? Tonya is that you? Stop defending your daughter and get her some help… But in all seriousness I’m team Andrew on this one.

  22. If Andrew or amber or any person in connection with amber had gotten a dui, the tabloids would’ve unearthed that info long ago. Possibly she’s just insinuating he maybe was tipsy and drove at some point. But no way has she “covered” for someone that has caused an accident, death or got a dui without someone else knowing about it.

    1. I am willing to bet that Amber will spin this into that they were both celebrating the July 4th weekend and that they both had a couple of drinks. Amber probably skipped her meds like she often does and has admitted to doing so she can have a couple drinks. She will no doubt claim Andrew was driving erratic or something absurd to justify her outrageous behavior. It all makes me sick.

  23. I think that this whole situation sucks for all involved Amber please take the meds and get that temper under control go to counseling and deal with all the pain. I think that who ever is out their drinking and driving stop think about what could happen how me lives could be affected I am sure you do not want to kill anyone are yourself someone in the car with you.

  24. Ok. So Andrew was drunk and Amber put James in the car to ride home with him being drunk. Amber don’t put your baby in the car with a drunk driver. If this is true Amber is to blame not Andrew. Common sense, right?

    1. And then Andrew dropped amber off at home and drove around for three hours while amber calmed down. If he was drunk driving that night, I highly doubt she’d be cool with him riding around with the baby for HOURS, while she just threw a fit at home. She locked them both out of the house, meaning they HAD TO at the very least, drive somewhere else to hang out for the night. So Andrew “drunk driving” that night being what set her off and “forced her” to assault him just doesn’t make any sense. She is seriously trying to deflect, to come up with some reason, any reason, to validate her actions. But she’s not confident enough with any of her lies to actually leave the posts up for any amount of time. She’s pretty much just throwing shit at the wall to see what might stick and make her look better by comparison. So far, she’s not having any luck.

    2. Don’t play coy. I think we all know what Amber means and she isn’t talking about that night. She is most likely saying that Andrew drives around while he’s been drinking on different occasions. She’s saying his far from innocent, so who is he he to say she isn’t taking her meds or other accusations that he is throwing at her. I mean he does have a previous DUI, so it’s not that far fetched…

      1. Surprise! Guess who is cheer-leading Ambien again, but this time under yet another name? Still hasn’t figured out that avatar issue though. ?

        Okay, so we have Staci, Monroe, Lisa, Olivia and now Moya? Got it, lol. ?

        So, in your head(s), Andrew saying Ambien isn’t taking her meds is an *accusation.. never mind the fact that Ambien has stated herself that she wasn’t, on numerous occasions. Derp. It isn’t an accusation when it’s been confirmed and admitted to.

        Further, who is the bigger piece of shit, the drunk (who likely thinks they aren’t too wasted to drive, as drunks do) putting others in danger or the person who “covers” for that drunk, knowing full well they’re covering for a drunk putting other people in danger? Personally, I think they’re both pieces of shit, but one of them was wasted and making piss poor decisions and the other was making sure her live-in childcare/punching bag was still available to be up with the baby so she could sleep all day.

        What mother in their right mind would allow their baby in a car with someone behind the wheel who they know is actively and habitually is drinking and driving? I’ll venture a guess, the same kind of mother who hacks at door her child is behind with a fucking machete. ?

        1. First, it is an accusation on Andrew’s part. It being true or false has no bearing on whether it’s an accusation or not. It’s only human for someone to call shit out about the other person who is accusing that person of stuff. You all put some high super human standards on Amber, one of many examples is saying she should just take all this shit from Andrew and from the hate online from people like yourself who are annihilating her without knowing for sure what’s true or not, and expect her not to defend herself or fight back. I don’t know anyone in her position who would not speak up and you hold Amber to sainthood standards that none of you would be able to achieve yourselves. In real life, you all would instigate the hell out of someone like Amber until he or she reacted. You’d be foaming at the chops for it. That is a horrible form of bullying. Back to the point. Don’t sit there and act like you all haven’t done some really horrible things in your lives and I’m not saying Amber did anything, I’m saying IF she did do something, can people in glasses really throw stones? And don’t give me the retort “I didn’t hit a door with a machete” which is just an accusation at this point and even if she did, don’t act like you all didn’t do something really f**ked up in your own lives. Do NOT expect me to believe that so don’t even try it. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT cheering for Amber in the stands and with the choices she’s made in the past and any supposed by choices she has currently made, especially her choice in men. I don’t have a problem with anyone condoning other peoples horrible behavior, I condone terrible behavior of others myself. What I do have a problem with is people who go way over the top with it and you can see the discrimination behind it. The amount of hate condemnation that Amber gets is way over the top and seems like it’s by a group of the same people that use different names. I don’t know what they have against Amber, is because they discriminate against teen mothers or women with mental illness? I really don’t know, but Amber is human like everyone else. Her situation is definitely not unique. There are plenty of fucked up parents in this country who aren’t teens or who don’t have mental illnesses. I’m sure we’ve all seen it. Fucked up families are a dime a dozen. I know parents who are hard workers, have no addictions, were not teen parents and don’t have mental illness who were terrible parents to their own kids and parents who were terrible with each other by doing nothing but fighting all the time in front of the kids and we all know for a fact sometimes those fights get a little violent. They are in the millions, we see it on tv every single day. So I seriously question why Amber gets the over the top hatred and she isn’t even a terrible parent.She mad some bad choices, but she never treated Leah bad. She always loves her daughter and wants the absolute best for her.

          Next, who says Amber let Andrew drive around with the baby while intoxicated? Even if she found out later on that he did, she isn’t a piece of shit for it. Once you have a live in partner and a baby with them, it’s hard to get them to stop what their doing. I mean how many millions of Americans at least are in this same predicament? I’m sure we all watched families just like this one a million times on Dr. Phil, Oprah, every other talk show that ever existed, not to mention the show Intervention. So please, don’t act like Amber invented this. If Andrew is driving drunk, especially with his baby, it’s his responsibility and his alone. You can’t in good conscience blame Amber for absolutely everything but not hold Andrew to the same standard. If Andrew is drinking and driving, that’s his fault and you all need to give him as much hell for it as you give Amber for everything else she “supposedly” has done, which she is innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law.

          1. First, if you expect anyone to read what you write, I highly suggest you use paragraphs. I won’t even bother reading that shit. It’s like your fingers took a deep breath then proceeded to shit words onto the page. Ridiculous.

            Second, we get it, you’ll rave like a lunatic (look, I used your favorite word!!) in defense of Ambien, even though we’ve all very logically explained the flaws in your defense numerous times.

            You’re rabid and it’s creepy. Get. A. Grip.

          2. The ones that matter will read it. You and you’re little bully tribe on here do not matter.

          3. Bruja, use paragraphs? Oh I don’t know, maybe I WOULD if this damn website didn’t make me reload every however every few minutes! Maybe I would be able to edit comments if I had didn’t have a time limit! I guess I will just have to write on a word document and copy and paste here if I have more than a one sentence comment, you know, like you all probably do. I’m sure you all have a book of word documents full of Amber epithets, diatribes and slander at the ready. Don’t worry, I aim to get as good as you all one day. You all literally had ten years of practice it seems. I just found This Ashley Reality Round up site. Give me time, I promise my grammar will get better LOL Like a I give two fucks. I’m SURE you can understand what I am writing even if it has grammatical errors, other people CAN.

          4. LOL! Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! ?

            Shut the fuck up with your incoherent ramblings.

            The ones that matter will read it. You and you’re little bully tribe on here do not matter.

            Oh, and it’s YOUR. Dolt.

          5. 1) There are no time limits.

            2) You JUST found this site, but have wracked up 2389574 usernames for it? ?

            3) No one here is reading your finger diarrhea-like rantings. Simply skimming over them is enough to launch most of us into maniacal laughing fits over how “rill you think you are. I thought you said:

            I’m not replying anymore on this article, so don’t even bother! Bye!

            Yet here you are, not even 24 hours later, stomping your feet and swinging your paragraph machete in a right proper tantrum. ??

            You’re a troll, plain and simple. Your lies on top of lies are sad and pathetic. You’re being laughed at. No one is taking you seriously, much like your hero Ambien. ?

          6. Yes there are time limits you fucking idiot, oh wait……does this website have a subscription you can buy so this way you can bypass the ad’s and time limits? And did you pathetic bitches buy that subscription so it’s easier to troll Amber??? Gosh, if there was an “I hate Amber Portwood” cruise line, you all be the first to buy tickets! You all would be VIPS with free souvenirs and rewards miles! LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Oh I feel so sorry for the men in your lives……poor fuckin bastards.

            and if you think that I am going to waste my precious time and energy editing for your stupid fuckin asses, you are sadly mistaken. My grammar is staying the way it is love or leave it twisted sisters. If you don’t like my diarrhea ramblings, here’s a simple fuckin idea, don’t fuckin read it! There’s a brain storming thought! Trust me, none of you will scare me away, you all ain’t jack shit. Please. No fuckin lives waiting on Amber Portwood articles like clockwork. Amber Portwood Posted: Oh look , there’s Bruja! Oh look there’s Dejesus! Oh look there’s the other fuckin dumb asses! How PATHETIC. LOSERS

          7. Psst… it’s called ad blockers.


            Some folks actually know how to use their browsers. I know, it’s rough for you with all your usernames and whatnot.?

            This site is totally free and no, there are no fucking time limits.

            Seriously, I can’t, you’re just too fucking dumb. We’re all laughing at you. You’re a spectacle. You’re to be pitied and pointed at and laughed at.


      2. Since Andrew has a previous DUI it is not far fetched he was drinking & driving…right?
        Does that mean his accusation about Amber isnt far fetched then?
        She had a previous conviction for domestic violence & we have seen her rage?

        Why only now is she so offended by Andrew driving drunk weeks or months ago? Why wasnt it an issue when he actually drive drunk. It only became an issue when they break up?

        1. “Does that mean his accusation about Amber isn’t far fetched then?
          She had a previous conviction for domestic violence & we have seen her rage?”

          Yes, because it becomes easy for people who have bad intentions to accuse her of false allegations *because* of her past in order to achieve whatever it is that they want. There comes a lot of suspicious of a grown ass man in his thirties who is obviously educated, to get involved with someone like Amber and her past. It’s not like he didn’t know all about her. I mean everything that you could ever know about Amber Portwood is in an google search and everything and anything pops right up. That’s all suspicious. Very suspicious. So yes, I take his accusations with a grain of salt unless there is solid and undeniable proof, as it should be in situations like these. Wouldn’t you think it would be wise to even have a bit of discernment about Andrew? You all cannot be THAT gullible and naive. Amber has a lot of fame and money and because of this people like her become easy targets. Everyone says that he has money and a job but a lot of people are doubting that and rightfully so. What would a rich, educated man from Malibu want with the likes of Amber? There was definitely something of hers that he could have wanted, even if it wasn’t money. Maybe more jobs will open up for him? Maybe Fame? With fame not only comes more money but, comes more women (albeit, not the top of the liter pick of women) throwing their selves at a man and I think we all can agree, he really isn’t a looker…..

  25. Deflection is a common method used by manipulators who want to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions. Just sayin’ Amby…

    1. She gets arrested for felony assault so she wants to start pointing out Andrew’s faults so she doesn’t look as bad. She had no problem with his “drunk driving” until she got in trouble herself. I know its not clear who she is talking about, but my guess is Andrew.

  26. Oh Amber Knick it off! What drunk driver have you been covering for? Macy? Catelynn? Yourself? You’d be better off shutting your fat yap instead of trying to make insinuations which are clearly lies and games for you to start shut that is more than likely not true. You have nothing on Andrew yet you try to make yourself look like the victim. Your friends and family are feeding you a ton of bullshit and it looks like you’re eating it. Shut your trap and take responsibility for what you did for fucks sake!! You’d make yourself look a whole hell of a lot better if you stop pretending to be the victim and accept responsibility for what you’ve done. Accept it, address it and get help. People would have a whole hell of a lot more respect for you if you did. At this rate you’re never gonna change and I honestly can’t see anyone who would want to be with someone like that. Except maybe a man who likes to beat up women. Not too cool. Think about it Ambie. You’re almost 30 time to GTF up!!

    1. Lol “Maci”.. it’s funny because it’s true. Maci’s alcoholism is so apparent yet people out there fight tooth and nail for her. They refuse to admit it and continue to hail her as “the best mom” out of the entire franchise. Anyways, that’s a story for another day.

      1. Yes, “Bud Light” Maci is probably what know as a “functioning alcoholic”. But that is usually only the beginning stage of alcoholism. Another 5yr or so and “Bud Light” Maci will start facing big consequences of her drinking. Her husband seem pretty bad also with his drinking.

  27. The drama these broads brought us used to be funny, as in, no way this is real. It’s not funny anymore, cuz mental illness is real and most of them are it.

  28. I saw the last episode of Teen Mom OG on youtube, and it’s the one that Amber is going to the doctor for her liver concerns. Her and Andrew took an UBER there and back. So it makes sense that he got a DUI, but does she have a DUI too? I wondered why they were taking an UBER in the town they live in when both of them can drive.

    1. He was driving the night of the attack, and also claimed to have driven around for hours until Amber could “calm down.” (So stupid…) Anyways, under your theory, I doubt he would be driving that night if he had the DUI.

    2. Girl if you’re gonna put this stuff out there then PUT IT ALL OUT THERE!
      I hate these vague posts they put up where they allude to talking about someone but you don’t exactly know who then they delete them a minute later. I’m guessing Andrew??

      1. But what if they get back together
        How else will she be able to deny its him.
        These people have to be vague otherwise they could file a defamation lawsuit.
        If you say i drive drunk you better have proof (a dui case from years ago is not proof that he is driving drunk now)

  29. This girl. No one believes you Amber and regardless of what ever that man could have done nothing justifies your actions. Grow the hell up already. I truly used to root for you and honestly I’m so tired of the damn victim act already.

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