Robby Hayes Reveals More About His Alleged Sex Tape with Lindsie Chrisley; Court Docs Reveal Lindsie Was Legally Separated at Time of Their Hookup (New Details!)

“Damn those puppy cams!”

Robby Hayes is denying Todd Chrisley’s claims that he made an actual sex tape with Todd’s daughter Lindsie, while she was married and court records seem to prove that Robby is telling the truth!

In an interview with the Bleav in Housewives and Vanderpump podcast on August 21, Robby discussed Todd’s recent claims that Robby had sex with Lindsie and it was caught on tape. (Lindsie recently filed a police report claiming that Todd and her younger brother Chase were trying to extort her by threatening to release the tape if she didn’t lie for them about an “incident.” Todd has denied those claims.)

When asked about the alleged sex tape, Robby clarified what happened.

“We did not make a sex tape,” Robby said. “We were not sitting there, with a camera aimed down, trying to get the angles. We got caught on a security camera, basically. It was a puppy cam of her friend’s who was living there [whose] couch we crashed on.”

Robby’s statement seems to prove that Todd was, indeed, hinting about Lindsie’s sex tape in 2017 tweets, as he hashtagged one of those tweets “#thxgodforpuppycams.”

Robby told the podcast host that he and Lindsie did not know they were being filmed during their tryst.

“There was no consent on either end, which kind of debunks the whole thing. We’re in the middle of dealing with it,” Robby said of the tape.

The Ashley reached out to Lindsie for a statement regarding the sex tape and her relationship with Robby.

“The first time I met Robby was the night that photo was taken,” Lindsie said in an emailed statement. “We did not hook up that night, and I was separated legally [from my husband] when we did, so there was no affair.”

(She is referring to the photo above, which was posted to Instagram by Josh Murray— the other man Todd claimed Lindsie had an “extramarital affair” with— on August 19, 2016 that shows him, Robby and Lindsie together with other friends.)

Based on court documents obtained by The Ashley, it appears that Lindsie was actually legally separated by the time that photo was taken. The documents for Lindsie’s divorce from her husband Will Campbell were drafted on August 8, 2016.

Lindsie and Will eventually reconciled, and the divorce filing was withdrawn on April 12, 2017, according to the court documents. They are still currently married. 

Robby did not seem surprised by Todd’s accusations, though. He confirmed that he and Lindsie have been in contact regarding Todd’s “sex tape” claims. He also confirmed that Todd has always disliked both him and Josh Murray.

“[Todd] gave me s**t one year on the red carpet at the ACM [Academy of Country Music] Awards,” Robby said.

Robby—- who hails from Atlanta as well— said he first met Lindsie when they were hanging out with mutual friends.

“I guess Lindsie and I just ended up connecting,” he said.

This marks the first time Robby has publicly addressed Todd’s sex tape and affair claims. Josh, the other man dragged into this puppy-cam-sex-tape-affair mess, released a statement soon after Todd’s statement went public. While he did not dispute Todd’s claims that he and Lindsie hooked up, he did scold the Chrisley Knows Best star for his actions.

“I know Todd and his family are going through some tough times right now and I pray everything works out in their favor,” Josh said in the statement. “They should probably focus on how not to be imprisoned for 30 years rather than spreading gossip to try and hurt their daughter. I truly believe they are good people and I wish them the best in however they choose to go about their actions.”

Listen to Robby’s full interview below!

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(Photos: ABC, Jason Kempin/Getty Images,Twitter, Instagram)

17 Responses

  1. If Todd were to release the alleged sex tape, would that violate any revenge porn laws? I don’t know if there are any where they live, but it doesn’t seem like he’s too concerned about breaking the law. Not to mention that extortion is also illegal. What kind of parent does this to their child?

  2. Holy CRAP!!!!!!!! I don’t follow this show ( THANK GOD) I think I just vomited in my own mouth ????

  3. I still dont understand how Todd and Chase found out about the video. If it was recorded on a puppy cam at Lindsie’s friends house did they watch it and call Todd and Chase??

  4. And just like that, people are forgetting Todd is facing tax evasion and financial crimes because he threw his daughter under the bus for a distraction. Good to see commenter here see through it, but I’m feeling sorry for Lindsie getting dragged in public. Now I really want the family to go to jail.

  5. “That’s what parents do”? I would really hate to be your child if you think maligning, and threatening your child is just what parents do. Buying and threatening to release video footage of anyone having sex without their consent and knowledge is disgusting, but doing it to your own child is disturbing. Defending this behavior is equally disturbing. Hopefully time behind bars gives Todd a chance to get off Twitter and think about who he is as a person.

  6. Who really cares whether she made a sex tape or didn’t? Well maybe her husband but no one else cares! Todd was just simply trying give back a little of what his daughter was giving him that’s what they do! Even though we are parents we are human & shouldn’t be disrespected by our children!

  7. Todd Chrisley is such a loser. What father gets so obsessed with their married daughters sex life? One that’s probably attracted to the men she’s sleeping with. No way is that dude straight.

    1. Holy CRAP!!!!!!!! I don’t follow this show ( THANK GOD) I think I just vomited in my own mouth ????

  8. Who cares about ANY of it? If she was married or not, if it even exists or not. Guaranteed, more people DON’T know who she is, than do. Is this going to hurt her image of podcasting with rode hard teen moms or something?

    1. @Katie ? this is the worst act of distortion I’ve ever seen a public figure do to their daughter and it’s sick. It makes dislike Chase and Savannah who are both on Todd’s side. He’s scared of her getting subpoenaed and telling the truth. He’s screwed way worse than he’s trying to screw poor Lindsay.

  9. Ok, so Lindsie wasn’t cheating on her husband. It is not cheating if they were already separated. Todd and Chase are just vile human beings.

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