‘Sister Wives’ Stars Maddie Brown & Caleb Brush Welcome Second Baby and Reveal Her Unique Name

“… and no, Christine didn’t help us pick out this unique moniker.”

Another Sister Wives baby is on the scene! And this one has quite an interesting name. 

Maddie Brown Brush, daughter of Kody and Janelle Brown, just gave birth to her second child. Maddie and her husband, Caleb Brush, decided to name the baby Evangalynn Kodi Brush, which you know made the Brown family patriarch ecstatic.

No word, however, on whether or not Maddie popped out baby number two in the bathtub as she did with Axel.  

Who could forget this magical moment?!

Maddie and Caleb, who are already parents to 2-year-old son Axel James, welcomed the little girl on Tuesday, August 20. She weighed in at 8 lbs., 12 oz., and measuring 21 inches long. Maddie and Caleb uploaded a video to TLCme.com announcing the birth of their daughter. 

“Baby girl Evangalynn Brush is here,” Maddie announces in the video. “We were trying to think of a family name. [Caleb’s] grandma’s name was Eva, my mom’s name is Janelle, and his mom’s middle name is Lynn, so we just put it all together and did Evangalynn.” 

The couple also looked for some family inspiration when selecting a middle name for their daughter, ultimately deciding on Kodi, in honor of Maddie’s dad. 

“Let’s hope she inherits my great hair, too!”

As for big brother Axel, Caleb says he is settling into his new role quite well. 

“Axel is doing really good as a big brother,” he said. “He loves Evangalynn. He doesn’t wanna let her go, but at the same time he wants to start playing with her. So, it lets me know that as a parent we are doing something right.” 

Caleb says he is excited to see how Evangalynn will be different from Axel. 

“I just want to see the difference between boys and girls and what the difference is in raising them, quality time, all that kind of stuff because I know with Axel quality time is to go hang out with him but with girls quality time is just sit with me, watch a movie, read to me. So, that’s what I’m kind of interested in seeing.” 

Maddie and Caleb went on to thank everyone for their support as fans took to Instagram to offer their congratulations to the couple, as well as their approval of their name choice. 

“I love the name and when she is older she could use Kodi if she wanted it’s a super neat girl name too. What a way to honor your Dad too,” one fan wrote.

“She’s beautiful! And that middle name just hits me right in the feels. Love it so much,” another fan commented. 

Proud grandmother Janelle shared a photo of Evangalynn and Axel to social media, expressing her excitement about the family’s new addition.

“Axel loves his new little sister Evie (Short for Evangalynn)! Please tell me that other grandmothers can stare at their grandkids photos forever,” she captioned the photo.  

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC)

15 Responses

  1. Love how one fan pointed out, “She can use Kodi too if she wants”… because your choice of first name is obnoxious. As soon as the Ashley said, “unique name” I was dreading it.
    It’s like all the Carols,Kares, Dianes, and Barbras had soaps to inspire their Ashleys, Jennifers, Ericas, Crystals… then when those had kids they wanted more unique names because they hated having 3 girls with the same name in every class. So you got your Maddisons, Alexises, Kaitlyns, Sydneys, Jasmines… then when those had babies they had to change it up even more to be *special*… Abcde anyone? Or abuse a normal name, like “Ashleeeigh” calm down Beyonce.

  2. My mom’s name was Edna and my daughter named her daughter Edan. Could not convince my father it was the same thing. We just didn’t want to name a baby Edna in this day and age.

  3. Why couldnt they have just called her evangaline. I know it doesnt have the exact representation they want but at least it wasnt a made up terrible name.

    1. Yeah, he might be surprised. My daughter is about to be three and she’s always wanted to be outdoors. She’s been begging all week to go fishing and she loves hunting (with her BB gun) with her daddy and checking traps and playing in the dirt. But then she’ll come in and want to play Barbies and babies. She rarely sits still and she is by no means quiet..lol.

    2. Girls are not always quiet. They like to run around and have fun too. Some boys like to be quiet also. The stereotypical crap that these people put out, has to stop. That especially goes for the Duggar family.

  4. How exactly is Jenelle recognized in the name? Evangalynn… Eva and Lynn for family and Jenelle is honored with the NGA portion!!

    1. Right?!? I was wonder how Janelle was represented… I don’t mind Kodi as a middle name, but poor Janelle. Also that’s a really long first name just to be called, what I assume, “Eva”. I honestly don’t know how’d you pronounce this, do parents even think of the poor teachers who have to call on this kid in school, or when the kid needs to learn how to write their name out… or future employers? They could have gone with “Evalynn Jodi” which I don’t like either, but basically does the same thing.

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