Farrah Abraham Says Any Man Who Wants to Date Her Must Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement Due to How Famous She Is

“They’re not exactly lining up to date you now, Ma. And those Urkel glasses certainly aren’t helping…”

Farrah Abraham says that a potential suitor of hers must agree to keep their trap shut!

During a new interview with Us Weekly, the former Teen Mom OG star revealed that she is now so famous, she makes any man who wants to date her sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Farrah, who is, after all, the self-proclaimed “Top Celebrity in Our Nation”, says that men just want to date her to mooch fame off of her.

“I definitely don’t need anyone dating me anymore because I’m famous or I’m a celebrity. I take that really serious now,” Farrah told the magazine.

Any potential gentleman callers must also agree to de-friend any members of the press.

“I definitely know what I’m looking at now when it comes to personalities and behavior and human behavior,” she said. “I don’t take any chances anymore. They sign an NDA. They’re not allowed to call press or other people, be friends with reporters. I take it really serious.”

“You can’t get any of this hotness until you sign, fellas!”

Farrah says any potential dates must also love her daughter, Sophia…and dogs. (She did not indicate, though, if they had to be OK with using Porta-Potties and being around mini horses.)

According to Farrah, the men she “dates” don’t mind having to sign an NDAs.

“For the majority of athletes and sports players that I date now, I haven’t had any of those issues these past two years,” Farrah— who seems to be unaware that an athlete is a sports player— said.

“I’ve been on wonderful dates around this globe, and in the meantime my Sophia is either vacationing with friends or she’s with grandparents,” Farrah added. “I have the luxury of some really great dates.”

That face you make when you realize you’ll forever be known as a ‘TEEB Mom’s daughter’…

Speaking of 10-year-old Sophia (who looked positively over it during the whole interview with Us Weekly), Farrah says Sophia is aware of her infamous ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’ sex tapes, which she made with adult film star James Deen back in 2013. She says she explained to her daughter that these things happen when you as big of a Hollywood superstar as Farrah is.

“I talk to her about me having sex with a p0rnstar, yes,” she said, obviously angry that she was asked that question. “I’m a celebrity, so it was taken way out of context, wasn’t it? It was sensationalized. So I think if you’re confused about something, my daughter is very much not confused about how the world sees it.”

Shockingly, Farrah says she hasn’t found any man worthy of being introduced to Sophia in the last two years, so it may be awhile before she finds a beau willing to sign her NDA.

“Sophia really hopes that she gets a brother or sister. I just hope I meet a human who’s great enough to do that with,” Farrah said. “But I’m in no rush. I’m OK being married to myself at this point.”

You can watch the entire interview below!

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(Photos: Us Weekly, YouTube)

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  1. She is really delusional she has no clue that she is making herself look desperate and thirsty. Shes not all that and her face is going to slide off. She is so plastic (literally)

  2. Lol this girl delusional. She thinks shes still relevant enough to have sports players (who might that be by the way?) Sign an NDA is absolutely ridiculas. You can tell her daughter is just like shut up Mom. You’re embarrassing me.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Farrah needs to find god !!!
    she has real issues. I’m not here to judge. Although I have worked in mental health for 14 years. What I hear from her mouth that she sees a relationship therapist. Not helping. Find god girl then and only then you will find a good MAN. Not one who you can change. Or conform to your rules and regulations. That’s a joke and falicy Get right with GOD and your life will change for the better. I believe that you should look into a book called ( WOMAN WHO LOVE TO MUCH). REALLY GOOD BOOK FOR YOU TO LOOK INTO.GOOD LUCK with all the other things that you feel is nessasary to find a man who will confirm to your demands. Like never married because of your ways.Also change yourself this seems to be a lot of the problem that your having with Getting a good Man. Another book you might want to look into is Redicover JESUS.This MAY help you see the LIGHT not just what you want to see. MAY GOD BLESS YOU in your endevers . Hopefully you will see the better side of things… and life. God bless you and yours

    PS: If you are so beautiful and famous.why haven’t we seen this for ourselves.

  4. She can’t find a boyfriend, because quality men avoid women like her like the plague. It sounds like she wants someone to love Sophia immediately. It doesn’t work that way. Hey dufus, they have to get to know each other first. Relationships take time to grow. If you had any normal ones, you would know that. No man wants you, because you’re a disgusting that!

  5. I’m doing all right, thank you. How are you, Andrea? I don’t think Amber and Farrah know the difference between fame and infamy. They should look them both up. They both seem a little confused.

  6. Omg. Did this crazy woman have her little girl’s forehead raised?! In the 9/11 video she posted, sofa had a distinct tan line across her forehead and her hair line is about half an inch back as opposed to wear it was before. I know this dingy witch did not have them remove hair from her forehead.

    1. I think the kid is spray tanned in a hue called ” filthy dirty brown” She looks like she needs a good bloody bath !

  7. Farrah is in no position to make ridiculous demands of potential partners. She is lucky for anyone to think of her as any more than a highly regrettable one night thing.

    1. The fact that she discussed get sex tape with her daughter is abusive. She’s fucking 10 and doesn’t need to know her mom is a sloppy whore. Child services should be warned about this.

  8. As a man, I admit I watched her infamous tape and thought she was quite good in it! Don’t hate me, I just thought it should be said!

  9. Good lord, she’s starting to look like a cross between Cruella de Vil and a cheap blowup doll. Did she really just basically admit to being a call girl? Also, she discussed her sex tape with her 10 year old child? On what planet is that even remotely appropriate?! I hope she is setting some money aside from her “dates” to pay for the intensive therapy Sophia will definitely need.

  10. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    “I’ve been on wonderful dates around this globe” as opposed to the other globe.???

  11. No one knows who she is unless you watch Teen Mom. Or I guess MTV because you could recognize her from Teen Mom commercials.

    Except I did date a guy once who knew who she was just because of her porn.

  12. Yes, ma’am, you did. And the thing is, she doesn’t see anything inappropriate about it at all. Meanwhile, all of us normal people are wanting to yell at her for it.

      1. What gets me is !!!???? WHY is that child still in her care. She’s treated Sophia as an 18 year old since Sophia was about 5

  13. And here we are again, Farrah being delusional as always. I really can’t understand how she thinks she’s “famous”. Girl, you’re not famous, you’re just known because you got knocked up at 16!

    It’s kinda concerning how she doesn’t really know where the whereabouts of her daughter are. But when you think of it…she probably dumps her to her parents or anyone who has few minutes of time all the time. She is the last person who needs another child (didn’t she once say she would only adopt and not give birth because it will ruin her body?)

    Anyway, whoever will date her crazy ass probably won’t even want to be seen in public with her so I think she has nothing to worry about.

    1. Farrah confuses infamous for fame. But WE are the ones confused about things…?

      She will forever be INFAMOUS as the word salad Backdoor Teen Mom that uses her poor daughter as an accessory.

  14. Also SoFarrahoff the planet she’s living in her world.

    The only man that wants you is the pump n dump guys with no interest in having a kid with you, this is why you’ve never had another kid since sociophia.

    Im sure all those Arabs have a non disclosures too, as in cut your fkn head off, to silence you.

    You really are tho most narcissistic deluded woman who ever had airtime on tv

  15. The only man that will want to be around you is a sheik, who will bring a burka with him and an orange ball.

    Your about as famous as the plague.
    The think fucking moron.

    Your a hookah ( had to spell it that way) for Arabic men who see you as a fuck and nothing more.

      1. Farrhoe and Slowphia are soooo messed up, hell the whole family are a bunch of, off the planet misfits.

        Debz and mykol have some seriously fucked up genes.

  16. I’m sure the NDA is a must have, but just NOT by Farrah’s dumbass! I’m pretty much positive that it’s the other way around! I sure TF wouldn’t want anyone knowing that I was with that white trash whore, who is doing literally anything possible to make it appear that she’s relevant! It’s also highly unlikely that anyone worth mentioning would consider being with her longer than a IG photo, that she probably paid for!
    One thing that I’m dyyyiiinnggg to know though… WTF is up with Sophia’s voice? She still sounds like she’s 2 years old or something! I mean… I know that Farrah’s dumbass is allegedly “homeschooling” her, but this is way beyond a travesty here! Where TF CPS when you need them?

  17. Ahahahahaha TEEB Mom

    Also. Her eyebrows didn’t move the entire time. No expression in her forehead. And I’m having flashbacks to when she had the allergic reaction and her upper lip swelled to the size of her face…it looked like it was halfway back to that

  18. She’s trying to pretend she’s been dating famous people and that they have to sign NDA’s thats why no one knows who she is dating. No one is trying to be in a relationship with Farrah. They’re having sex with her..and thats it.

  19. “For the majority of athletes and sports players that I date now….” ahahahahahaaa!! Good one Farrah. Where are these phantom men? Cuz we all know if an athlete….or ANY man… came within 3 feet of you, you’d be blasting it all over the internet.

    I notice she makes sure to state that Sophia is not with her when she’s effing the rich old men on yachts in Dubai now. What happened to purposely bringing Sophia with her to “let her see how other countries have cultural humans and world scenarios with positive behaviors”??!! That was a sharp turn Farrah, for someone who doesn’t listen to the haters. The same haters that told you to keep your freaking young daughter off of the yachts filled with shady men in Dubai….

  20. Farrah being delusional Farrah…Sophia is going to give the interview of a lifetime when she’s no longer a minor.

    On another note, isn’t Simon also getting sued? Im unsure for how much of your $101,000 from unpaid rent from failed businesses.

  21. No child or even adult wants to know about their parents sex life. How sickening?! She’s trying to have a girlfriend instead of raising her as a child. My daughter is around the same age and our big reveal was when she said she didn’t believe in the tooth fairy anymore.

  22. You’d think it would be the opposite – the guy would want Farrah to sign the NDA so she couldn’t go telling the world that he stooped so low as to date her.

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