‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Cheyenne Floyd Speaks Out After Cory Wharton Announces That Girlfriend Taylor Selfridge is Pregnant

“Cory knocked up another girl from MTV?! Shocker!”

No baby-mama drama for Cory Wharton–for now, at least. 

After Cory and Taylor Selfridge revealed this week that they are expecting a baby, many fans online began to wonder how Cory’s baby mama Cheyenne Floyd of Teen Mom OG would react to the news, being that she and Cory already share a daughter, Ryder, together. According to Radar Online, Cheyenne accepted the news just fine.

Cory took to Instagram Live to talk about he and Taylor big news, including Cheyenne’s reaction to it. 

“There wasn’t a big ‘get out of my house,'” Cory said. “Honestly, from day one [she] was supportive. [I’m] thankful for that.” 

Taylor agreed, adding that Cheyenne “was fine” when she heard the news. 

Although that doesn’t exactly sound like a glowing endorsement of the pregnancy, Cheyenne did later take to social media herself to share her congratulations with the couple. 

“Congratulations,” she posted on the couple’s pregnancy announcement photo. “Baby’s are a blessing. Can’t believe Ryder is going to be a big sister!” 

Luckily, fans may get to see the moment Cory and Taylor revealed the news to Cheyenne play out next season on ‘Teen Mom OG.’

“I think we’re filming right now,” Cory said in his Instagram video, before flipping his phone around to reveal the MTV crew at his house–with cameras in hand, of course. 

Cory confirmed that he and Taylor would in fact be appearing on the upcoming season, in which fans would be given “an inside look” at their journey. 

Pretty sure you guys gave us an “inside look” once before…

“I definitely think you guys should tune in,” Cory said. “It’s going to be more exciting than Teen Mom 2 this season.” 

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21 Responses

  1. I hate when people comment on their pregnancy being a “surprise” , “planned/unplanned”, “I was on birth control “. Taylor said to US Weekly (why is she being interviewed by a celeb magazine???) that the pregnancy was unplanned, So unclassy lol. Just announce your pregnancy and move on! We don’t want to hear that you were on birth control and are shocked by your pregnancy. We don’t need those details lol. Just keep it classy and that’s all ppl. I remember when Kayla from TM YP said she threw up her birth control then had sex while she had the flu. Who the f wants to know that info??? So freakin unclassy

    1. If you have sex- birth control or not (unless you have your reproductive organs removed) than you are running the risk of getting pregnant. It shouldn’t be a huge surprise. We all know how babies are made and Cory already has a kid.

  2. “This baby was a surprise”. That’s not likely. Either you weren’t on birth control or you have really bad luck. I truly can’t understand why people seem surprised to get pregnant if they are not doing anything to prevent it.

    1. “Bad luck”? Baby’s are not bad luck. A pregnancy…any pregnancy (planned or not) is a blessed event!!!

      Congrats Corey and Taylor.

      1. Apparently you’ve never been sexually assaulted and then found yourself not only coping with that, but also pregnant.

        It’s not a blessing, no matter what you end up chosing to do.

        Mine cost me my health (the pregnancy left me permenantly disabled)- I lost my career, my house went into forclosure, and at 30, I had to move back in with my family because I couldn’t work anymore in a career I had warned 2 degrees and worked very hard to be good at. All because I was assaulted and became pregnant.

        So don’t with that “all pregnancies are a blessing” garbage. Because no- they aren’t all a BLESSING.

    2. It’s pretty amazing how all these Teen Mom people keep getting pregnant while on birth control lol

      1. No, they are not always a “blessed event”. That’s why we have birth control, abortions and adoptions. If you don’t want to get pregnant, you try to prevent it and end up pregnant anyways that’s REALLY bad luck to say that least

        1. The ONLY way (outside of hysterectomies and vasectomies) is COMPLETE abstinence, abortion=murder, and adoptions are “blessed events” (at least for the couple who is receiving the baby).

          And rapes are NOT preventable!!

  3. corey is going to compare these two as mothers for the rest of their lives. he’s that much of a dickhead.

    cheyenne is not fine. she’s just accepting reality. she wanted corey because most women (normal women) want to have children with the same man. he was never going to be good FOR her though. he’s a great dad but he’ll never be a great boyfriend or husband.

  4. Corey is a fool for leaving Cheyenne. She has more class than all the other girls on the show put together. I think Cheyenne is a great mom and on of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

  5. Taylor agreed, adding that Cheyenne “was fine” when she heard the news.

    As a young man, who has spent my entire post puberty life getting with young ladies, she is not “fine”. Once any of them said “fine” the last thing they were was “fine”.

    Sir Nibs

  6. @ThAshley is there something happening with the greasy reasons they’ve been EXTREMELY quiet on social media over the last few days which I always find suspicious.

  7. This girl is a class act…I knew she’d handle the news with grace and dignity.

    And, I don’t think she wants to get back together with Corey. I truly do feel like she sees him as a friend, Ryder’s father and NOTHING ELSE. I believe the looks she gives when the question is asked are because she doesn’t believe Corey’s response.

  8. These 2 “stars” are really bad, histrionic actors. They should get real jobs and not capitalize on promiscuous, advertised and improper behaviour that MTV and other teens want to capitalize on.

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