‘Bringing Up Bates’ Star Tori Bates Smith & Her Husband Bobby Expecting Second Child, Less Than a Year After Welcoming First Son

“We Bates gals are even more fertile than the Duggars!”

The Bates Family baby bonanza continues!

Tori Bates Smith and her husband Bobby Smith announced on Friday that Tori is pregnant with their second child. This pregnancy comes less than a year after Tori gave birth to their son, Kade. (He will turn one in November.)

Tori and Bobby spoke to Us Weekly about their new bundle of joy, stating that, now that their son is a year old, it’s about time to add another blessing to their family.

“Our little Kade is almost a year old already, and these months have flown by so quickly,” Tori said. “It has been so much fun having him in our lives and we are absolutely thrilled to announce that God has blessed us with another baby boy coming April 2020.”

Tori, 23, revealed that the couple already has a name picked out for their second son and it’s, um, interesting…

“We are eagerly anticipating the day that we get to welcome to our family little Kolter Grey!” Tori said.

Tori and Bobby announced the pregnancy on their Instagram on Friday.

“Mischievous giggles, hilarious moments, heart-melting smiles, and cozy little hugs…all elements of our life for the past year with little Kade,” the couple captioned a photo of them with Kade. “We are so excited that our life after April 2020 will hold twice the adventures, giggles, grins, and hugs when we get to meet our second little boy, Kolter Grey! Most importantly, we are so thankful and in awe for the opportunity to raise two little boys that we already pray will become mighty men of God. We can’t wait to step into this next crazy adventure.”

Tori and Bobby’s extra-large family was thrilled to be adding another kid to their crew.

“Yahoo! Finally another boy in the family lol!!!!! We are so happy for you….boy or girl- every little child is a gift from Heaven,” Tori’s parents Gil and Kelly wrote in the comment section of the post.

“These photos are so cute! Congratulations! We can’t wait to meet our new little nephew,” Tori’s sister Alyssa Webster wrote.

Tori is not the only Bates gal who will have her feet up in the maternity stirrups in the next few months. Her sister Carlin Bates Stewart announced last month that she and her husband Evan are expecting their first child. (She got pregnant just a few months after her wedding, naturally.) Tori’s other sister Erin Bates Paine and her husband Chad are expecting baby number four, and Whitney Bates, the wife of Tori’s brother Zach, is set to give birth to their third child soon.

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(Photos: UP Network; Instagram)


  1. It’s east Tennessee…very affordable!

    Low taxes, very low unemployment. Beautiful mountains, 4 seasons, safe, good schools, excellent colleges.

    I’m bias though bc I live here and just love it!

  2. Honest question, how do these young couples afford all these kids + regular living expenses and health insurance?? (Duggar’s included) I’m guessing they just pass around clothes/baby supplies but I don’t understand how they afford food and rent and everything else?! I’ve got one child and it is impossible to find a 2 bedroom apartment for under $2000/month. If you want to live in a good area, tack on another $500/month. Between her dad and I, we are on a tight tight budget and could never have another kid unless we hit the lotto. How do you people do it !!

    1. I don’t know how The Duggars live the way they live, but as far as I can tell The Bates kids supply each other with hand me downs in the clothing and toy departments. As far as food, maybe they clip coupons. And I don’t think (I may be wrong) that they rent, as far as I can tell they own everything they have.

    2. It also depends on where you’re living – for instance, the Duggars are in Arkansas, which is fairly affordable. I have friends who live just a few towns over from them who purchased a brand new 1500 square foot home for under $100,000. The Bates’ live in rural Tennessee, which is also a state known for having a great cost of living. Affordable housing, cheap property taxes, low sales tax…it all adds up. Location, location, location.

      1. I was going to make a comment like this. I live close to the Bates family (same county). It’s an affordable area. Housing is not crazy expensive, and there’s no state income tax. Things like that can make a big difference. I still think it would be difficult to raise a very large family, but definitely not as hard as in some areas.

    3. $2000 to $2500 for a little apartment?! Where do you live? I could rent a three bedroom house for $400 to $800 in Alabama.

    1. It only takes one time (they’re called honeymoon babies). It’s not The Ashley’s fault that they waited 3 months to announce the pregnancy.

  3. Congratulations Tori and Bobby. May God continue to bestow his blessings to your family. I love watching your family every week. Much love and happiness to you all. Children are God’s greatest gift to us , they are such a joy to watch grow up. Treasure them with all your heart. Debbie Gilley

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Congratulations to all of you I pray that your sister Michaela gets blessed with kids one day too.I have been a fan of you all for years.

  5. I can honestly say that I get beyond excited when I hear about a new baby coming into this family.

    The seem so down to earth (nothing like the Duggars), the parents seem to also genuinely love their children (also not like the Duggars).

    Everything they do seems to be based on the wants of the children (and not at all forced).

    Yes, they marry young and reproduce quickly, but it seems to be by choice.

    1. I totally agree ABRA, the Bates are so much more down to earth than the Duggars! I really enjoy watching the Bates family!

    2. Preach! The Bates seem down to earth, genuine, kind and not force their beliefs down everyone’s throats. They are supportive of each other and are always laughing, smiling and enjoying life. I would want to be part of their family or have a family like that. I’ve never even sensed any tension between the people marrying into the family or in laws.

      1. Exactly. My skin crawls when see/hear ANYTHING about The Duggars. I don’t get that feeling with the Bates family

      2. Down to earth with that Confederate Room with the picture of “brave, wise, and godly military leader” who just so happened to be the first Grand Master of the KKK, Nathan Bedford Forrest. And his men massacred union troops. They only got rid of the picture after they became famous and got called out. Also, they are HUGE supports of Bill Gothard and Gil was on the board of directors when many complaints of inappropriate behavior with young women were reported and was most likely involved in keeping things hushed up for a while.

        1. I don’t know about all this KKK crap (I think maybe you have some prejudices against southerners because I have watched every episode of Bringing Up Bates and United Bates of America AT LEAST ONCE and I saw no such room or this picture you speak of). And when the inappropriate behavior allegations came to light, Gil IMMEDIATELY left the BOD. And I don’t believe for a second that he tried to cover anything up, because when I hear him speak or see how he is with his wife, children and grandchildren I just don’t get the feeling that he’s a shady character.

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