EXCLUSIVE! Corey Simms Releases Statement on Jeremy Calvert’s Claims of Him Missing Doctor’s Appointments & More; Plus Corey’s Mom Speaks Out

“I’m gonna say my piece!”

Corey Simms is defending his actions, as well as those of his wife Miranda after his ex-wife Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert bashed them during Tuesday’s Teen Mom 2 Reunion.

After taking to Twitter to defend himself on Tuesday night, Corey released an exclusive statement to The Ashley on Wednesday. In the statement, Corey addressed many of the claims made by Leah and Jeremy during the Reunion, including that he has missed many of his daughter Ali’s doctor’s appointments, and that Miranda doesn’t want anything to do with Corey and Leah’s twin daughters.

“I feel that I am on defense right now because of what was said when all I really try to do is be the best dad I can be to all of my kids,” Corey— who also has daughter Remy with Miranda— told The Ashley. “It felt as it was a personal attack on me and Miranda and it was upsetting.

“I feel that if these issues were so big [then] they should have been handled personally to protect the co-parenting relationship before throwing it out on national TV,” he added.


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Corey— who did not attend the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion and tweeted that he was not allowed to Skype in to give his side of the story— talked to The Ashley about the issue of Ali’s doctor’s appointments. During the Reunion, Leah claimed that Corey only attended Ali’s appointments while she was battling him for custody of the twins. In his statement, Corey explained this.

“The thing with me not going to doctors appointments with Ali is simple also,” he said. “When the custody battle was going on and [Leah and I] had no trust in each other and the co-parenting relationship was rough, if I couldn’t make it to the appointments I made sure someone from my family was there to relay the information to me so I knew what was going on with Ali’s condition.

“And at the beginning of our journey when we wasn’t sure what was going on [with Ali] I was at every doctors appointment that I could possibly be at. Now we know what’s going on and most of the recent appointments have been all positive, and ever since Leah and I settled our custody issues and we became better at co-parenting and we had more trust with each other, it was easier for her to take Ali to the appointments in Ohio while I worked and provided health insurance for the girls.”

Corey said that he and Leah were “both on the same page about it” and that if something came up with Ali that was unusual, he made sure he was at the appointment. Corey— who has custody of the twins for the majority of the week— stated that he has limited vacation time to use, unlike Leah whose only job is filming for ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“There were days throughout the year that Ali or Aleeah got sick and I would take off work to get them to a doctor which also calls for time off of work,” Corey explained. “As of right now I have two weeks of vacation time. One week is for the annual family vacation and the other week is spaced out through the year to make sure everything is done that needs to be done for the kids/family. Before the Jeremy issue came up, I had already planned on going to Ali’s appointments at the end of the year since vacation time will start over in January.”

Corey also defended his wife Miranda, who was another main topic of the Reunion conversation.

“Never once since Miranda has been in the picture has she mistreated the girls and she definitely hasn’t treated them differently since Remi’s arrival,” Corey said. “She loves and cares for them as her own and that should be noticed and understood. I don’t know why Miranda always has to be the scapegoat to get heat off someone else.

“When Miranda and I met and began our journey together she was aware of me being on the show and that I had twin daughters,” he added. “She took on the challenge anyway and has been there for all of us through the ups and downs. She wasn’t a big fan of being apart of the show from the beginning but did it to support me, not knowing that she was going to be called the ‘evil step mother.'”

After The Ashley posted the story about Corey taking to Twitter to defend himself and Miranda, Corey’s mother, Donna, sent in a comment. She also defended Miranda, stating that her daughter-in-law has been a great parent to Ali and Aleeah. (Donna has declined to film for ‘Teen Mom 2’ and has only been seen a few times in the show’s 10-year run.) 

“No one really knows all what Miranda does for the girls!” Donna wrote. “While their mother is traveling for her own selfish reasons. I know firsthand. I also decided not to be apart of the s**t show. And I have kept my mouth shut for 10 years not wanting anything but the best for my son and grandchildren. Miranda is first class all around. Our family was blessed beyond measure receiving her as a daughter-in law , and a stepmother for the girls! We have always cheered Leah on wanting her to do well for her girls. And for Jeremy shame on you!”

Leah and Jeremy have yet to speak out about Corey’s rebuttal of their claims.

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  1. As a step parent you have to go out of your way to make your children feel included as one of your own, that includes being mindful of how separating yourself and your biological child from the rest of the family in a family picture they might look back on and resent you for.

  2. Well, let’s see if MTV gets what they want. Cory to film more….they always get what they want. No matter at who’s expense…..

  3. Jeremy is a hypocrite. Leah is ridiculous. But this idea that any mother should be grateful because the father of their children is doing what a father should be doing (looking after his kids, being present in their lives & providing for them) drives me crazy. You’re not a hero just cuz you’re not an a**hole!

    1. I don’t think Corey and Miranda need to defend themselves at all. The twins are better off with them. Stability and structure are important. The girls are very much loved by their dad and stepmom.

  4. It’s a damn back pack not 50 pound bag of dog food. There are women out there that don’t act like a prissy B because they are pregnant. Many keep up the exact same routine during pregnancy that they had before. The people I used to buy my hay and horse feed from she packed 50 pound bags of feed, grain, dog food etc as well as bucked 160 lb hay bales PREGNANT. So save the she was pregnant excuse.

  5. I do think Miranda should make an effort to have a better relationship with Leah. Leah didn’t make a commitment to her, Corey did, and she managed to forgive him. Holding a grudge against Leah is only hurting herself and the kids.

  6. Like Streets Full Of Upper Cuts stated, it’s really tough finding decent jobs around there and therefor employees get the brunt of it by not getting much vaca and time off unfortunately. Sad but true.

  7. So. I think they all need to admit to their mistakes. They ALL have them…leah and Jeremy has already. Now it’s time for cory and miranda to step up to the plate. The balls in your court.

  8. Honestly if their biggest problem with Corey is a few missed doctor’s appointments and a less than helpful stepmother they have a pretty good co-parenting relationship. No co-parenting relationship is 100% harmonious each side thinks the other could be doing more.
    I’m currently in a situation where my husband and I are trying to get full custody of his kids. We currently have an arrangement not too different from what Corey and Leah have except ours isn’t working as well. Their mother has a filthy house, including an infestation of wasps that live in the walls. My husband was stung by one last time he was over there and both kids have told me they are scared of the wasps. Yet she will not call an exterminator. We’ve had a toddler dropped off for a 3 day stay with no shoes. The oldest, her favorite, seems to be well taken care of when he’s over there but the youngest does not. He often comes back to us without having had his clothes changed and she won’t buy new things for him. Even if it’s stuff he desperately needs… such as shoes.

  9. I believe Corey, let’s not forget that the reason he got custody of his girls was because Leah was abusing drug medications and not being a good parent to her children. Even Jeremy divorced her cud of the same reason! And Leah should be greatful to Corey for stepping in whenever she was struggling with her issues. Not every Father worries about thier children. So yes yes I believe what Corey is saying is true!!!!

    1. I agree that Leah & Jeremy are being ridiculous here but I just have to say she (or any mother) shouldn’t have to be grateful for a father being a father just because so many other fathers do a bare min or less. You’re not a hero just because you’re not an a**hole. This is just a general statement, not directed at Corey, I think he & Miranda are doing what they should be doing, parenting the children they are responsible for.

  10. What I will always remember is her laughing with her friends and ex-boyfriend at dinner about how she was going to let Corey buy her a car and then leave him….

    1. Let me start by saying, I don’t give a Rat’s A.. about Corey’s excuses. If my child had something like Ali has I would be at those doctor’s appointments. If my job can’t understand the situation, then time for a new employer. As for Miranda, I never liked her. She acts like she us above everybody. Suck it up you got Leah’s sloppy seconds. No one knows what the girls say to Leah, but Leah and the girls themselves. Kids are notorious for playing their parents against each other, and cause trouble. Since Leah and Jeremy get along, Ali and Aleeah my wish their mom and dad would have that relationship. IMHO as long as jealous insecure Miranda is around.

      1. Um, must be nice to have such an abundance of employment to choose from! If the doctors appointments are routine check-ins there’s no reason for both parents to be there if one of them has a job they need to be at, especially if that’s where the health insurance is coming from.
        I live in Canada and don’t have to deal with that bs but is it also possible that changing jobs could also mean changing insurance companies and having to go through all the bs of dealing with that?
        Regardless, Jeremy is the last person who should be beaking off about being available for the kids…
        I agree that Miranda is insecure about the relationship between Corey & Leah – I probably would be too if my husband had a history of cheating on me with his his ex-wife ??‍♀️ However, she doesn’t seem to have let that get in the way of her relationship the kids. I’d say the kids issues with her probably has a lot more to do with pushback around rules & structure they get at their place that they aren’t getting at Leahs.

  11. Does anyone else remember when Ali told Leah the Miranda wouldn’t help her with her backpack when she was really tired after school and made her do it herself? Like I remember Ali being very upset about it. That always rubbed me the wrong way.

      1. It’s a damn back pack not 50 pound bag of dog food. There are women out there that don’t act like a prissy B because they are pregnant. Many keep up the exact same routine during pregnancy that they had before. The people I used to buy my hay and horse feed from she packed 50 pound bags of feed, grain, dog food etc as well as bucked 160 lb hay bales PREGNANT. So save the she was pregnant excuse.

        1. She wasn’t pregnant, she was carrying the baby…as in, the child was born, present, in her arms. And your same logic could apply as to why Ali could carry the bag for herself – it wasn’t actually that heavy. I have a preschooler who complains about carrying her bag; sometimes kids just like to whine. Leah made a huge deal out of something that should have been a non-issue, at a time when Corey had plenty of real things to worry about when it came to her care of the twins.

  12. Does anyone remember a few yrs back there was an issue with Miranda. She wouldn’t carry Ali’s backpack to the bus or something. I dunno I always thought Miranda was fake as hell and hates those girls. Ali has medical problems and Gracie is a spoiled brat. Miranda just can’t handle it. I think she hides it well, and I also think Corey is whipped because he cheated on her so has to suck up now. He will defend her because he feels he has to. Waiting for that tell all book from Gracie in 8 years…

    1. That happened once and Leah blew it wayyyyy out of proportion. It seemed like a total non-event. Miranda had her hands full and couldn’t hold the bag. That doesn’t make her abusive. And never mind the fact that Leah was on drugs at the time and was fighting Corey for custody.

      We haven’t seen her on the show in years and was barely filmed when she was on the show, so it’s pretty bs to call her fake and accuse her of hating the girls.

      The only one who can’t seem to handle Gracie is Leah. When she threw a small tantrum last Halloween, Leah had to call Corey because she couldn’t deal. And that’s kind of strange since Leah and Jeremy want to act like Leah can’t talk to Corey because Miranda won’t let him. Gracie and Ali probably to deal with actual rules when they’re with Corey and Miranda. Given how Leah “parents,” the twins probably struggle with the transition.

      1. Also worth noting that Leah’s cousin (sister?) recorded Ali saying this and sent it to Leah. That’s shady af. Especially since the custody battle was still fresh.

  13. Notice how Coreys mom states they support Leah but then digs Leah by saying she travels for selfish reasons?

    They don’t like Leah and never will. They probably talk behind her back all the time. Jeremy just said his opinion out loud.

    1. I mean to be fair we watched her take like 6 tropical vacations within a few months this past season… But I guess because they were filmed those are considered business trips?

  14. I don’t think that Miranda dosen’t pick up the girls due to “not loving” the girls …. but more of a case of staying out of the drama and the bullshit !

  15. I don’t know to much about Miranda, it seems to me that she’s happy staying out of the limelight and concentrating on being a mother .

  16. i wanted to stop reading this hillbilly shit once i read “when we wasn’t sure..”

    probably would have been better for corey and his mom to not be triggered and continue living peacefully. if your daughter in law is so great, why care?

    the mother is too old for the petty bullshit. she didn’t have to throw in that she travels for her own “selfish reasons” she’s a single mom to three girls and one with a disability since she was very young! you claim to want her to be the best for her kids but if she enjoys herself it’s a problem? does she want her chained down in west virginia?

    i know Leah & Jerm are not perfect but i also know corey and miranda are not either so they should all shut the hell up.

    1. I agree. As a stepmother myself and mother of daughter with a stepmother, I can say with authority that the worst thing you can do is disparage your child’s other parent. These girls will be able to hear and see all of this and so will their friends. All of these hobos are wrong. I would have respected Corey Tyler more if he had not said anything in response. Or if he had said no comment for the sake of the girls.

  17. Two weeks of vacation time? And no possibility to sick leave if your kids are sick or have doctor’s appointments?? What kind of s hitty jobs you people have over there? Life is not worth living with jobs like that. Shouldn’t people with kids try to find better jobs? Isn’t that part of being a good parent????

    1. You apparently don’t live here, but a shocking number of jobs have poor paid time off policies. And West Virginia, where Corey and Leah live, is just about the poorest state in the country. Opportunities there are limited. Finding a “better job” isn’t always possible.

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      You do what you gotta do. That’s a pretty normal life for middle class. He could easily make buckets of money from MTV I’m sure but they choose to be humble and I respect that. If need be I’m sure his job offers medical leave compensation as he mentions having health insurance for the kids.

    1. I thought it was for a couple years…and I swear I remember her quitting so that she could help Corey raise his daughters….I could be wrong though.

      1. I don’t know to much about Miranda, it seems to me that she’s happy staying out of the limelight and concentrating on being a mother .

  18. When my 2 older girls spend time around their dad’s long-time girl friend and complain I tell them to have compassion unless it abuse in someway they can tell their dad. Same goes for their stepdad here. You show respect and if something doesn’t feel fair we’ll talk it over as a family. blended families are hard for kids with all the different parental dynamics.

  19. May this be a lesson to horny teenage boys everywhere. One unprotected bang could chain you to someone you can’t stand for the rest of your life… You lay with dogs, you’re gonna get fleas. Shame on Corey for hooking up with Leah while he was with Miranda (apparently Leah’s penis fly trap has mystical powers) but otherwise he’s been nothing but a stand-up guy and father.

    As usual, Jeremy needs to STFU. He pounds his chest about how hard he works but he’s total trash. Fits right in with the Messers. He’s only a tiny fraction of the man and father that Corey is. I figured the reason Corey didn’t go to Ali’s appointments was due to limited time off from work. That’s always Jeremy’s excuse for being a POS absentee father – he should get it. At least while he’s “banging Leah’s brains out” he is around more for Addie instead of running around with his latest floozie.

    1. FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Just gotta add that Miranda is absolutely STUNNING in that photo! And that baby girl of theirs?!! She is adorable!!

  20. Being a step mom is tough. I have 4 stepdaughters who I have raised from little. I’ve been the one who is the stable parent. But that also means I’m the one who keeps the routine and structure and discipline. My husband works out of town and their bio mom has struggled with an oxy addition (clean now 6 years) and mental health issues (bipolar) I made sure they went to school did their homework stuck to commitments they made (work, sports) all the while mom let them do whatever they wanted on her weekends, party, be disrespectful, literally anything they wanted. And everytime they would come home it was a struggle for a few days to get them back into the routine and structure of our home. When the second oldest turned 16 she told me she hated me and wanted to live with her mom. So she went and never went to school again, mom let her do whatever she wanted, party, sleep all day, have boyfriends sleep over… and now as an adult with a 10th grade education She regrets it but at 16 mom was the hero and I was the evil step mom. The one who did everthing for years without ever asking for anything back. I feel for Miranda it’s hard being the stable one while watching mom get all the love because she wants to be their friend and wants them to pick her… I hope Leah learns to be more than their friend and appreciates the hard work Miranda puts in

    1. I completely understand what you’re saying and I respect the fact that you are a good stepmom to these girls, but can we please not make it sound like her bipolar is the reason she is a shitty mom. Maybe that’s not what you intended, but I’m bipolar and many people have mental health issues. Most of us aren’t party animals or terrible parents.

      1. I wasn’t saying she was a shitty mom because she was bipolar. I don’t actually think of bio mom as shitty at all. She didn’t raise her girls so when they were with her it was always about trying to have fun and be their friend. That doesn’t make her a bad person. She loves them.

        I meant it was one of the reasons the girls were in my care. Because she struggled with addiction and mental health issues. It’s not usual for the step mom to be the primary parent was only trying to explain why.

  21. Jeremy needs to shut up!! Did he forget that he walked out on his wife gave up on their marriage while she was sick and struggling with addiction. He would also take off for weeks at the time for work,leaving Leah alone with 3 kids!!!! Then come home and criticize her for how dirty and unkempt the house was. And if I recall you haven’t been to Allies appointments either. And you Leah why are you backing him up?! Did you forget that he left you at your worst? And he is only back because you are doing good. He quit on you and his family. But he comes back and gives you some dick and you forgive him??!! Pathetic. Seems like you two are bored and are creating drama in order to stay relevant for MTV. Yall must really need them paychecks. RANT OVER!!!

    1. Uhm let’s not forget Leah was HIGH! HIGH! all the time and cheated on Jeremy. That’s why he left her. Leah is not an innocent victim here.

      1. You’re right. Leah has made her share of mistakes also. That’s why it bothers me that they are now trying to start up trouble with Corey and Miranda. Miranda didn’t want to do the show and didn’t want to film for this very reason. To avoid all the messy drama. I’m team Corey and Miranda on this one.

  22. Leah kept her mouth shut on alot of “The Queens Rules” Corey and Leah were caught getting jiggy at at drop off/pick up this is why “Queenie” is so distànt to the girls and Leah!!!

  23. Ahh classic Teen Mom cast having no idea how real jobs and in turn PTO work! Spoiler alert: it is usually limited.

    Jeremy really has no place to talk seeing as he was MIA often due to work claiming that he doesn’t need Teen Mom because of his real job. Not to mention Ali and Aleeah really don’t have anything to do with him – they’re not his kids. Real classy when Corey and Miranda are not there to defend themselves.

  24. I believe every word Corey has said. He’s been one of the most stand up members of the franchise from the beginning. I knew there was a reasonable explanation for him not going to every appointment. It’s disgusting what Leah and Jeremy are doing. They know her segments are snoozefests and that there is going to be some shaking up with the shows in the near future and they are trying to create drama with Corey and Miranda. She should thank her lucky stars that even though Corey was a random when she hooked up with him, he turned out to be a good guy (with a supporting loving family). She needs to grow up, try to find something to do with herself (school maybe?!?) so that she can have some kind of identity outside of TM.

  25. We’ve followed Corey’s story since he was 16, maybe 17 years old, and not once has he not been there for those children. Jeremy said he feels Corey takes advantage of Leah, but what is Jeremy doing banging Leah with no commitment, when all she wants to do is go out to dinner to talk about their situationship. If that’s not taking advantage of someone, then I’m not quite sure what is. I like Jeremy and I like Leah, but they can’t start throwing stones from their glass house(s).

      1. Gary, Corey, and Jo from the original Teen Mom dads are all great dads.

    1. Weirdly specific, but Corey was 19 when we first met him. I only know this because I remember from Leah’s 16 & Pregnant episode (where she was 17) that she said Corey “was 2 years older than me, but I’m definitely more mature” So let’s all LOL together at that comment.

        1. What I will always remember is her laughing with her friends and ex-boyfriend at dinner about how she was going to let Corey buy her a car and then leave him….

  26. I actually felt that Leah behaved very graciously in that interview. It was Jeremy who did all the bad mouthing. She stuck up for Miranda also. I can understand his frustration, as it’s unusual to not attend appointments for your child. Despite Jeremy’s lack of time spent with Addie, due to work, he was seemingly there straight away when she had her hospital scare. It’s easy to point the finger, and put blame on what people are doing wrong. Sadly, people seem to find presiding someone more difficult. I do agree that if Jeremy felt so strongly, he should have discussed it with Leah and Corey, in person, not on the show.

    1. Leah kept her mouth shut on alot of “The Queens Rules” Corey and Leah were caught getting jiggy at at drop off/pick up this is why “Queenie” is so distànt to the girls and Leah!!!

    2. Unusual to not go to your child’s appointments? I take my daughter to her cardiology appointments solo so that in the chance she has a hospitalization at some point my husband will be able to be there for that and not have blown his PTO on regular check ups or follow ups. Also, I rather him save PTO for things like chaperoning her field trips than sitting in the doctors office when it’s truly unnecessary to have both parents there.

    3. So? Jeremy came home and went to a single doctor’s appointment when there was a scare. Corey rushed Ali to the ER himself when she had trouble breathing because Corey actually has custody his children. Jeremy has absolutely no room to talk when it comes to being an involved parent.

    4. Is it really abnormal though for both parents to not be at an appointment? I often take my son to the doctor, dentist, orthodontist, and even the hospital for some testing on his heart by myself because his dad works. And when I’m at the pediatrician, I usually don’t see two parents with the kids. It’s usually one or the other. My husband will call or text and ask how it’s going and he’ll look at the doctors’ notes when he gets home from work. Especially for things like annual check ups, he’s not going to take the time off work for that because like Corey, he only gets 10 days or two weeks and he needs the time for his own appointments, sick days, and our planned-ahead family holidays and vacations.

      1. It’s perfectly normal. Leah doesn’t work, so she can easily take Ali. I remember on at least one filmed occasion that Corey kept Gracie at home with him, so she could go to school while Leah took Ali to Ohio. This makes perfect sense and is exactly how co-parenting should work. If there was something serious they were investigating, that’s one thing. But, Ali has many more routine check-ups than a typical child. Expecting Corey to take off work every single time is crazy. He would have to take unpaid time off if he went over the 10 days. That affects the whole family, which is crazy when Leah can just share what the doctor said. And him working from home means nothing. He actually has to work from home to get paid. Jeremy is acting like working from home means “do whatever you want.”

      2. THANK YOU! As a stay at home mom I take my kids to all appointments alone. And trust me there has been a lot because we have had many medical issues. MY husband HAS to work so unless it’s a serious appointment or surgery, he doesn’t come. No issue. Why Leah and Jeremy’s are bitching Is beyond me.

    5. Leah should have slapped Jeremy in the face with some bacon when he over stepped his boundaries.
      Iconic reality TV moment that I will never forget.

    6. I honestly don’t know if I would consider it “unusual” not to attend the appointments. He has a full time job with only limited vacation time. That’s real life, unfortunately. I’ve been a stay at home mom and a working mom. When I have stayed home I’m the one that handles appointments with the kids. When working, my husband and I have each done them, but almost never together. Now, I understand that they are not married, however it doesn’t change the circumstance with his job. And, yes, Leah is technically employed by MTV, by that doesn’t hinder her from any appointments or plans.

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