Damon Dash is Suing WeTV for Allowing His Son Boogie to Drink Alcohol on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’; Says Network Also Owes Him Money

“So much for keepin’ it clean, huh?”

WeTV is getting some heat for allegedly making at least one of its Growing Up Hip Hop stars consume some liquid courage while filming.  

According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Damon Dash is suing the network for requiring his 28-year-old son Damon “Boogie” Dash to drink alcohol on the show, despite promising his father they wouldn’t. 

Damon, who co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records along with Jay-Z and Kareem Burke, is claiming in his lawsuit that the Dash family suffered emotional distress as a result of WeTV’s insistence that Boogie drink on the show. Boogie’s addiction has been a main topic of discussion for the much of the show’s run, with Damon even trying to get Boogie off of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ at one point so he wouldn’t have money for drugs or alcohol. 


Damon is also claiming that the network owes him some money for work he did on the show, admitting in the documents that there is a court order directing the network to divert all money to his creditors. Damon said WeTV shouldn’t be withholding the cash in this case, however, because it is owed to his third-party company, Poppington. 

Back in November, Damon allegedly fell on some hard times financially, according to TMZ, claiming that he was unable to pay off a $2,400 debt. The site reports that as of December 2019, he owed approximately $950,000 in back child support, though a $5 million settlement between himself and Lee Daniels reached last month is reportedly covering that debt. 

In addition to Boogie, Damon has three other children and is currently expecting another child with his fiancé, Raquel Horn. 

WEtv has yet to publicly comment on the lawsuit. 

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(Photos: Instagram; WeTV) 

14 Responses

  1. Boogie is a 28 year old adult. WeTV nor his father can keep him from drinking alcohol or doing drugs. Dame may want to back off trying to control his adult children. His daughter even wrote a deposition against him where his youngest daughter is concerned. He owes so much in back child support that it is SO irresponsible to be having another child. Who needs to be micro-managed here?

  2. Boogie has refused help multiple times. This isn’t on WETV at all. Also Dame is super irresponsible for basically trying everything in the book to avoid paying child support while actively trying to have another child SMDH.

  3. Can we address the fact that he owes almost a million in back child support and is about to have his fourth child??

  4. Don’t watch this show at all, but his son is 28 years old!! It’s not like he’s a minor! Who cares that they served alcohol, he’s a grown ass man, he can say no!! Don’t blame the network for your sons addiction!

    1. In my (former) job, parents called in the name of their middle 20s children, I heard some even go to the professor’s office at the university to talk about bad grades, no REALLY. So this came as no surprise to me, it’s actually tragic how common it is.

      1. Well it’s the govt that says you have to keep “kids” on your insurance policy to the 26 years old, so not that far fetched here unfortunately. #okboomer

          1. @LUVZPUG2 The government doesn’t make people keep their kids on their insurance sweetie, if you’re still on mom and dads its because they love you and are paying for it now that they are allowed to keep you on the plan until age 26, it used to be age 19. Rest assured though if they didn’t want to insure you they could take you off the plan with just a signature and wouldn’t even need to tell you.

  5. Good for him. I would take the producers to task as well if I were a parent and they let my kid do something illegal on their watch. In this world of morally bereft producers and parent companies, someone should get their jaw jacked and not hide behind paperwork and a team of lawyers. Spirit of the law rarely beats letter of the law these days but I wish him luck.

    1. In every state I know of it is legal to drink if you are 21 years of age or older. He is 28 years old. Sounds like he is just as immature as his deadbeat dad.

    2. Nothing illegal was done, and nobody should lose their job over this. The “kid” in question is a 28 year old grown-ass man Damon’s lawsuit is because *he* is morally bereft and sees an opportunity to make some cash.

    3. LOL oh wow. Yeah I don’t watch this garbage. Sorry about that.
      Free Home Depot gift cards for everyone! 🙂

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