‘Unexpected’ Star Hailey “Hailey 2” Tilford Gives Birth to Son Without Baby Daddy Matthew Blevins; Matthew Questions Baby’s Paternity

Well, this played out about as well as we thought it would…

Hailey “Hailey 2” Tilford officially became the second Unexpected star to mother a child with Matthew Blevins on Thursday, as she welcomed son Levi Carter. 

According to Starcasm, even though Matthew wasn’t around to capture the moments leading up to and immediately following Levi’s birth, Hailey’s friend Harley was by her side to share updates on social media with Hailey’s followers (and possibly Matthew, if he bothered hopping out of his DMs long enough).

Not long after Levi’s birth, Hailey began sharing photos on social media and — possibly in an effort to prove to her baby daddy that Levi is in fact his child — she polled her followers on whether or not Levi looks like Matthew.  

She went on to confirm on Instagram that Matthew doesn’t see a resemblance between himself and Levi, as she responded to a comment noting the father and son’s likeness with, “HA, right. Tell him that please. Because for some reason he doesn’t believe so lol.” 

According to Soap Dirt, Hailey said in March during a live stream that Matthew wanted to get a paternity test following Levi’s birth, though she insisted it wasn’t necessary. The fact that Matthew already has a daughter named Kinsley by his ex-girlfriend (and Hailey’s former friend) Hailey “Hailey 1” Tomlinson, also of ‘Unexpected’, already proves that he’s fertile, so that certainly doesn’t help his case. 

For those wondering where Matthew was during Levi’s birth, Starcasm reports that he’s been off tending to more important things — aka road tripping and trying to pick up girls to impregnate

According to Starcasm, these photos were posted by Matthew on March 23 and March 28, respectively.

While missing the birth of his child is undoubtedly a bigger deal, it wasn’t the first Levi-related event that Matthew missed out on recently. Less than a month ago, Soap Dirt reported that Hailey celebrated her baby shower with friends and family, while Matthew was noticeably absent from the celebration. 


Someone who was present for the event was Hailey’s ex-boyfriend Cole, whom Hailey insists is one of the “supporters” in her life. Despite Hailey claiming that things between her and Cole are strictly platonic, Cole’s presence at the baby shower for Levi apparently rubbed Matthew the wrong way, as he allegedly texted Hailey, “Comedy, Cole doing the daddy work.”

Hailey responded by telling Matthew to “grow tf up” and asking that he stay away from her and Levi. 

Both Hailey 2 and Matthew previously said they would not be returning to ‘Unexpected’ next season; however, it appears that Matthew has reportedly been filming with Hailey 1 behind Hailey 2’s back. Shocker. 

UPDATE! Matthew responded to the criticism he’s received for not being present at Levi’s birth. In a message posted to Instagram Stories on Friday, he claimed the national health pandemic was the reason he wasn’t there.

“I can’t see Levi because of the C0rona virus,” Matthew wrote. “Quit bashing me about ‘not being there’ it’s not BC I don’t want to be it’s because I’m not aloud to be.”

Several people called him out for the explanation though, pointing out that Hailey’s friend Harley was allowed at the hospital and was present for the birth.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram; Starcasm

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  1. Stupid Mathew is ugly with his little beaty eyes and stupid mustache Haley 1 is beautiful and he lost out on all that. Jerk

  2. “I can’t see him because of the corona virus”, but he can go road tripping and hook up with random girls? I’m dead.

    Hopefully this girl grows the hell up and makes sure that baby is very well taken care without that boy.

  3. That’s what she gets sleeping with friends boyfriend, Hailey 1 should of whipped your ass ,but no you go an get pregnant on purpose now their will be two kids with out a father an one could of diffently been prevented

  4. Poor baby with idiot parents. I can’t believe she’s asking “fans” if the baby looks like it’s rat dad. Grow up.

  5. Matthew looks like such a pencil dick.

    “You complete me”

    Because she’s half-baked. Babies shouldn’t be born with a job.

  6. “Aloud” hahahaha oh come on !!! Dear god these fools are discussing whether the baby looks like him…. if you are both the same race chances are it’ll be hard to tell who the baby looks like for MONTHS. Also, people kissing belly pics are so cringey haha

  7. Newborn babies look like no one… they all look very similar and vaguely alien-like (I’m sorry, its true!)

    It’s hard to tell who a baby looks like for several months… she needs to chill out and just focus on connecting with her baby

    1. My grandson looked Asian when he was born. My daughter is white and her husband is Puerto Rican. He looks like his dad now at 7 mths.

  8. Hard to feel sorry for this girl, after all she saw exactly how Matthew treated Haley one! The only ones to feel sorry for here are Levi and Kinsley!

      1. Well Hailey1 did brag on the show she did the same thing Hailey2 did by stealing him from her best friend, then went all shocked pikachu when it happened to her.

  9. Hailey 2
    Karma’s a bitch.
    I can’t believe you have any girl friends left.
    How do these kids get tattoos? Do their “parents” sign off on them?

    1. Hello there Roast Beef, for your tattoo question in some states (depending on the child’s age) they can get a tattoo. When I was a freshman in high school (which was 9 years ago) I was dating this guy who had tons of tattoos and when I was a junior in high school a lot of the freshman to sophomore girls had them. As long as the parents signed the paperwork they can receive a tattoo even as young as 14-15 but that could be some places especially from small towns where I’m from.

  10. The boy can’t spell, can’t speak properly and clearly cares nothing about being a father! If you truly don’t care and are fine why are you polling people asking who the baby looks like? Deadbeat dads are just that, nothing you do or say can change that. You better grow up quick because you now HAVE to be that boys mother AND father! I know, because I’ve done it! My kids gave me cards for both mothers and Father’s Day because I was BOTH!

  11. Smart girl giving the baby her last name. One of my biggest regrets with my firstborn. And come on, “aloud”?!

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