‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 8 Episode 15 Recap: Getting Lit for Charity & Getting Leaked for Terrorizing

The face you make when you realize your life is becoming more and more like Amber’s each day…

The Ashley is realizing that all of our lives are slowly turning into those of the Teen Mom OG cast (without the millions of dollars, of course.) We sit on the couch all day (a la Amber), drink at inappropriate times, (hey, if Maci can have Bud Light for breakfast than so can quarantined you!), and don’t go to work (just like, well, everybody on this show.)

Our day planners are now emptier that the Ax Body Spray aisle after Tyler goes shopping!

Since we all have nothing else to do, why don’t we open the trash can and see what our favorite dumpster fires are up to this week, shall we?

We kick things off in Oklahoma because…somehow Mackenzie is still on this show. She recently fired up the ol’ dial-up in order to file divorce papers on her cheatin’, broad-buckin’ husband Josh. The AOL is still sizzling when Josh responds, saying he won’t sign the papers but is willing to trot his sorry, cheating butt over to the house to chat with Mack.

“Josh better hurry, ’cause I’m already sending out A/S/L feelers in the AOL ‘Divorced Cowgirls’ chatroom!”

The youngins have gone wild, running through the house with laundry baskets on their heads, screeching and tearing up random boxes and throwing them on the floor (as you do.) Mackenzie can’t be bothered to scold them, as she’s busy trying to figure out what she’s going to say to her cheating cowboy husband when he arrives.

“Sitting at home with screaming kids all alone and going through a divorce, this is not my plan!” Mack wails to Producer Kristen. (This Producer Kristen is not the same Producer Kristen from Jenelle‘s segments, though. That one’s probably still locked in a padded cell, trying to recover from the trauma she suffered at the swamp.)

The sound of wrestling, wailing kids continues to boom through the halls of the McKee house as Josh arrives.

“All y’all kids hush up, ya hear! Mama’s fixin’ to git yer daddy back!”

Josh sits down and makes fun of Mackenzie for getting her divorce papers off The Interwebs. (Is there some sort of like off-brand online divorce paper store you can go to? If so, I predict it’s almost surely owned by the same company that owns Gary‘s favorite DNA testing location, “Any Lab Test Now!”)

Mackenzie assures Josh that her “Great Value” divorce papers will hold up in court. Josh mumbles his way though an apology…sort of.

“What do you want from me?” he asks. “I’ll do anything, seriously, just to get this to end.”

Awww…you should send that one to Hallmark, Joshy! They’re always looking for great romantic sentiments to write in their apology cards!

Josh keeps throwing out generic statements like “I’m gonna work on things” but is not giving any actual examples of the changes he’s planning to make (such as…I dunno..not letting random bar ho-bags do “reverse cowgirl” on him out by the dumpsters at Billy’s Bob’s bar…)

He must be paying attention to his ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars because he then suggests they go to counseling. (Is anyone else hoping that counselor Cate and Ty used to go to comes back? The one who looked like Matt Baier in a wig?)

“I’m available to come to Oklahoma…just sayin’…”

Mackenzie is skeptical that Josh— the man of 3 words, one of which is “Ugh”— came up with this idea to get couples as well as individual counseling. 

“You ain’t gonna know until you actually do it!” he protests. “I’ve already done told you that I will spend my last breath fighting for you!”

(It’s helpful when these people actually speak in the way The Ashley writes their captions!) 

Next, we swing up to Tennessee, where it’s Game Night at Maci’s Mansion. They’re busy filling the Oopsie Babies with whipped cream.

“I got this recipe out of the Leah Messer cookbook!”

Maci talks about how much she loves being a mom, and how having the Oopsie Babies has motivated her “to make the world a better place”…or something. Maci’s first step in achieving this goal is to order a bunch of multi-colored lights from Amazon to “light the world up” teal to bring awareness to her hormone condition PCOS.

This year, Maci’s got her sights fixed on getting her hometown “lit.”

“My goal is to turn Chattanooga teal!” she tells Taylor.

She plans to take her 12-pack of teal lights to random companies to put in their windows for a few days.

“I want every person in the great state of Tennessee pissin’ teal by the time I’m done!”

She also has plans to get the tallest building in the city to “go teal” for a few days.

Taylor looks skeptical that a few Amazon garden lights can accomplish such a big task, but Maci is unfazed. She tells Taylor that her plan to get this idea activated is simple: she is going to “bug the s**t out of people” until they do what she wants.

“I can attest to the fact that she’s really, really good at doing that, y’all!”

Maci says that by the time her daughter Jayde gets to spawin’ age, she wants there to be a quick test to let her know if she has The PCOS or not. Taylor is proud of Maci for using her ‘Teen Mom’ fame to bring attention to PCOS. 

(Usually ‘Teen Mom’ just brings attention to POS baby daddies…)

Next we head to Indiana, where Amber is reeling after seeing her estranged baby daddy Andrew doing an online interview about her and The Great Machete Caper. She says it’s “really stressing her out”…which basically equates to her going on Instagram Live and ranting and raving like a lunatic. (‘Member this?

We are then treated to a few choice Instagram Live rant clips, one of which is Amber denying being abuser, and insisting instead that Andrew is the abuser. 

Then, once again, they use The Ashley’s headline to move their story along. They post the headline to this story, in which The Ashley wrote about how Andrew filed a motion to take Baby James and move back to California.

Just once, MTV, show The Ashley’s creepy cartoon mug when you show her headline. JUST ONCE.

Naturally, Amber’s “mental health” is taking a hit, so they send over Producer David (who has apparently borrowed Cory‘s adult Pugsley Adams shirt from last week) to sniff around and see if Amber is going to pull any more weapons on anyone.

Amber says that when she found out Andrew wanted to take her son to California, it felt like a train (or…you know…a machete/closed fist/shoe) hit her. She says she’s lost 9 pounds in one week, due to the stress.

“So will you have to move down in the Gel Fight Club weight class or…?”

Amber says her psychiatrist is asking her if she feels she needs “to be put in a mental hospital.”

(Um…shouldn’t the doctor be determining that, not Amber?)

Amber adds that her doctor is worried that she is suicidal, but she insists she is not. She does admit, though, that on the night she found out about Andrew’s plan to take James to California, she was going through it. She called up Gary, because last time she felt like that, she had called him and he had saved her. 

(In case you’re wondering about the incident Amber is talking about, it was back in 2011. You can read The Ashley’s report from that incident here.) 

Amber vows to keep fighting and to not let Andrew take James away. 

We then go to the currently-Andrew-and-James-less California to check in on Cheyenne. She’s sitting in a pile of giant Ryder portraits (while wearing an MTV T-shirt…as you do), and planning an event for the nonprofit organization she started. Chey is still not happy with Cory for saying she’s an unfocused/bad mother, but she’s going to let him come over and beg her forgiveness because she needs his help at the weekend’s event.

“Start groveling, peasant!”

To Cory’s credit, he actually apologizes to Cheyenne for saying what he said, and explains that he didn’t intend for it to come out the way it did. He commends Chey for being an amazing mother and asks her to forgive him for speaking out of his ass.

Cheyenne accepts Cory’s apology and they agree to move forward. 

“I’m also here to suggest that, next time we fight, we do it on Instagram Live. Think of the jump in followers we’ll get, yo!”

Cheyenne tells Cory she wants him to help her with the nonprofit event for Ryder. The event will be a fundraiser that will include workout classes, and Chey wants Cory to teach a few classes. He agrees to Jazzercise to raise funds, and to bring Ryder to the event for Cheyenne. 

They talk about how Cory knocking up Cheyenne has resulted in them being “stuck” with each other, but admit that they make a good parenting team. (I mean, neither of them are chasing the other with sharp weapons so they’re already ahead of some people on this show…)

Finally, we head to Michigan. Surprisingly, Catelynn and Tyler aren’t jumping on any planes this week to go on spontaneous vacations or “support” trips. Instead, they’re on the Octagon Farm, being “present for their family.” 

Later, April packs up her Virginia Slims and comes over. All of a sudden, Cate gets a mysterious phone call. As soon as April hears the location the call is coming from, she immediately knows it’s someone calling from jail.

“My Tracfone is always blowing up with calls from the clink! I know that number!”

Cate soon finds out that Tyler’s best friend Ashley is the one currently behind bars and looking for a bailout. (Raise your hand if you are surprised it wasn’t Butch?) 

In case you’re unfamiliar with who Ashley is, she was Tyler’s best woman at his wedding, and has made frequent appearances on the show over the years. Catelynn informs us that Ashley’s been struggling with drug addiction and she’s on felony probation. 

“I’m certainly on the right show, huh?”

Cate claims that Ashley is allegedly sober now, but she currently has a warrant out for her arrest because she missed a drug test. 

The call is connected and a tearful Ashley asks Cate if she can “do her a favor…”

Gee…I wonder what she could want?

Naturally, Ashley asks Catelynn to come spring her from the clink. Ashley says that her bail is $3,000 and, since Cate and Ty have bundles of MTV cash lying around, Ashley knows that they have the ability to bail her out if they want to. She predicts she’ll be behind bars for six months.

Ashley says she is not allowed to have the meds she needs in there, and April chimes in that the county jail Ashley’s in “sucks.” 

“Take it from me! I’ve dated men in every county jail from here to Kalamazoo!”

Catelynn and April try to do “The Math” and figure out how much cash they’d need in order to bail Ashley out, and April thinks it’s 10 percent, which would be $300 (or…in Cate/Ty terms, one bushel of therapy horse feed or a new tattoo. 

We are then treated to a video montage of the Baltierra Family’s various experiences with jail. We see footage from the fight between April and Butch that led to Butch going to jail, as well as clips of Butch talking about his various trips to the slammer. 

When Tyler returns to the Octagon Farm, Cate informs him that Ash is in the clink.

Tyler is not happy to hear his pal is locked up, but he suggests that her imprisonment may be a “blessing in disguise” since she can’t get her “medicines” in there. Catelynn suggests that her friend could “have seizures and s**t and f**king die and stuff.”

“Dying would suck…and stuff…”

Tyler tells Catelynn she can bond Ashley out if she wants, but anyone with a “logical brain” would know not to do that. He is implying that their experiences with bailing out Butch have not gone well, and that Butch has always gone back to the crack. Cate insists, though, that Ashley is committed to her sobriety. 

Back in Oklahoma, Josh is coming over again to talk about saving this ding-dang marriage. Before he strolls up the steps to the house, though, a bouquet of red roses arrives for Mackenzie. She’s confused as to who sent them to her.

“These can’t be from Josh. Usually when he gives me something, it has to be treated with antibiotics!”

She opens up the card and they’re from Josh. He’s even written a poem on the card for the occasion.


“Roses are red, violets are blue, will you marry me again, please say ‘I do,'” our tobaccy-spittin’ Shakespeare has written.

Mack’s sister Whitney says it looks like Josh is really trying to make a change, but Mack is skeptical. Later, Josh comes to the house and pats himself on the back for sending Mackenzie the roses.

“That was a nice one!” he tells himself. 

Both Mackenzie and Josh are speaking like they were just shot with a tranquilizer dart. Both seem to be having trouble keeping their eyes open and are muttering.

“Josh, you truly are the humanized version of Ambien!”

Mack tells him that, if he does really want to marry her again, he’ll have to shell out the big bucks and buy her a new ring. Grocery store roses ain’t gonna cut it, pal!

Josh says it will take him a few days to do that, but in the meantime, he suggests they go on a couple’s retreat. (Or, at least I think that’s what they said. MTV should do us a solid and provide subtitles on Josh, just like they do with Corey Simms. It’s the right thing to do.) 

Meanwhile in Tennessee, it’s PCOS Awareness Day, and Maci’s itching to see if her Chattanooga connections have lit their buildings up teal for awareness. She wants the whole city “lit” so she and Taylor drive around to see what buildings are “tealed.” 

She’s excited to see that many of the local bars are displaying their teal lights. (I mean…they kind of owe it to Maci at this point; after all, her and Taylor probably account for 85 percent of their annual business.) 

You know Taylor’s totally wondering if he should ask if they have time to stop for a couple of beers…

Maci is overjoyed to see that the city’s tallest tower is also lit up teal. We haven’t seen her this happy since she zinged Ryan’s wife Mackenzie on-stage at the Reunion by telling her she’s so “full of s**t that her eyes are brown!”

Taylor–who has somehow acquired a beer (in a Things That Matter koozie, natch)— congratulates Maci on a job well done. 

In Los Angeles, it’s the day of Cheyenne’s non-profit event. The guests and celebrity workout trainers are on their way, so Chey is frantically trying to set up the event area. Cheyenne has called in all the troops to help— Matt, her parents and even her sister, R. You Sure I Can Workout For Free

“Oh my God, Mackenzie won’t stop calling me and asking to be one of the ‘celebrity’ trainers!”

Cheyenne is busy trying to do “The Math” but Matt won’t stop talking to her so she’s getting annoyed. And, even worse, Cory (and Ryder) are still Missing in Action. 

She calls up Cory to see where the hell he is, and he tells her nonchalantly that he’s 45 minutes away. Cheyenne is not happy. After all, the first class is supposed to be starting soon and Cory is scheduled to teach it! 

“Oooh Lawd…I’m about to go all ‘Amber on Fourth of July’ on this man!”

The “influencer” girls (in their branded leggings and sports bras) have already started pouring in, and Cheyenne is panicking. She tells Producer JC that she’s tired of Cory “dropping the ball.” 

Um…is anyone else going to point out that these poor girls paid for a workout class put on by a ‘celebrity’ trainer….and they were going to get CORY? They’re the ones that are getting the raw deal if you ask me!

“I thought they’d at least hire Debz OG to teach a rap ‘n’ run course!”

Meanwhile in Michigan, Ashley calls Cate again, tearfully begging to be let free. She says she feels like she’s going to die “in this place” (she means “Gel” by the way), and again asks Catelynn to bail her out. Cate is afraid her pal will ditch out on her court date and run, taking their bond money with her. Ashley insists she won’t, and even offers to shack up at the Octagon Farm with Cate and Ty so they can keep an eye on her!

(Hey, she may have to serve as Nova’s pony, but at least it beats that three-hots-and-a-cot life she’s livin’ now!) 

Catelynn tells Ashley she’ll call the bondsman.

Tyler side-eyes Cate as she dials up the bonds bailsman (whom she probably has on speed dial at this point.) He tells her that she’ll need to shell out $350 and to send someone who is employed to “sign responsibility” for Ashley. 

“He just said two words I don’t understand… ’employed’ and ‘responsibility!'”

Tyler knows the drill. He knows that if Ash ditches her court date, he and Cate will be on the hook for her full $3,000 bail! He feels bad that he doesn’t want to help his best friend, but he’s heard it all from Ashley before about how she’s changed. Tyler is tired of being everyone’s life line (and cash line) every time they find themselves in trouble— or in jail!

Tyler says that he’s still going to bail Ashley out, but he’s going to make her wait another night before he does. 

The next day, Ty heads off to fetch his friend— with Cate calling out the door “Don’t end up in County!” (I guess in this family’s that’s probably a smart thing to say in these situations.) He grabs some fist-fulls of MTV cash and hits the road.

Soon, he arrives at the jail and picks up a grateful Ashley, who will be staying with him and Cate until her court date. On the drive home, a producer asks Ashley over the phone how she landed in the clink, and Ash explains that she got caught with heroin two years ago (as you do). She said she was supposed to “drop” randomly once a week (that means provide a urine sample for a drug test) but she missed one and got a warrant.

“Gosh Ashley, if you had a rattail, you’d be Butch!”

Finally, we head back to Indiana, where Amber is dealing with the leaked audio recordings of her yelling, cussing out and threatening Andrew. (These are the ones that were released back in the Fall of 2019.) Amber tells us that the tapes were recorded “without her knowledge” and she is not happy about them! Amber claims the recordings are from months ago when she was “going through post-partum depression.”

To MTV’s credit, they actually do play a few clips of the audio recordings, including one part in which Amber can be heard telling Andrew he “deserved it” after she hit him. They also play one in which Amber threatens Andrew’s life. 

“Those horrible comments and hits were meant for Andrew’s ears and face only! How dare they!”

However, MTV states that the recordings were made in 2018, which isn’t exactly accurate.

Soon, Amber is sobbing on the phone with Gary, who doesn’t look the least bit surprised that his abusive ex went all “Mike Tyson” on another one of her baby daddies.

“Yup…sounds about right…”

Amber is mad— not at herself for doing and saying the horrible things heard on the recordings. She’s mad that Andrew recorded her without her knowledge while doing/saying those things.

“He’s just smearing me!” Amber wails. “He makes me sound horrible!”

Gary, who doesn’t want to be bothered during his Lazy Boy relax time, can barely muster an “Mmm-hmmm” for his ex.

Later, he does attempt to console Amber.

“Everybody makes mistakes. The only difference is that yours are on national TV and broadcast through social media,” Gary said.

Amber is crying because James will someday learn how awful she was…while she was going through post-partum. She’s worried he will blame himself.

“Don’t worry Amber…James will know that you were a raging trainwreck LONG before he was even born…”

That’s all for this week! Until next time– keep your audio recordings out of the public and don’t miss one of your pee “drops!” 

To read The Ashley’s recap of the previous ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode, click here

(Photos: MTV) 


  1. So I have officially joined the not watching the show, just read the Ashley’s recaps club. I haven’t watch the OG season yet and tried watching the latest episode tonight, hoping to have missed a bunch of the Amber court bull shit. My gawd this show has become absolutely unwatchable. I had to turn it off not even half way through. Every single story line is fabricated and just absolutely nauseating. I’ve been a a fan since the beginning but it’s like to stop beating a dead horse.

  2. So I have officially joined the not watching the show, just read the Ashley’s recaps club. I haven’t watch the OG season yet and tried watching the latest episode tonight, hoping to have missed a bunch of the Amber court bull shit. My gawd this show has become absolutely unwatchable. I had to turn it off not even half way through. Every single story line is fabricated and just absolutely nauseating. I’ve been a a fan since the beginning but it’s like to stop beating a dead horse.

  3. I can’t stand Maci and her bs “PCOS diagnoses”.

    Not even going to touch Amber’s fake PPD, there’s always an excuse for her actions.

    Cate & Ty have GOT to stop bailing people out, I was with Ty on this one. She should have stayed locked up. Oh and “I’ll stay with you guys so you know I won’t run”, she probably had nowhere else to live. SMDH

  4. Amber has been trash since day one. All her talk about her “growth” and progress is a crock of shit. She’s still an abuser. She still doesn’t take responsibility or accountability for any of her actions. And she still plays the victim card. Plenty of people deal with the same illnesses and don’t have anywhere close to the same help and resources she has at her disposal. She’s done absolutely nothing to help herself, change her life, or take advantage of the opportunities that have been handed to her. Sick of the same old sob story and I feel sorry for those that think she’s any type of role model.

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Amber,needs kicked off the show…What are you teaching your children and showing them how you act…GET HER OFF THE SHOW…right away..Plus look who is STILL HAVING Babies….Katlin,Going too have 4 babies and not setting a good example for teenagers….Kick Amber and her to the curb….MTV paying these 2 for what,they are discussing to Teen Mom

  6. Well, well,well its the deflect and blame game again! It sounds like Amber will never truly grow up and take accountability for her actions. I wish Tyler would stop letting people walk all over him, but in the end u hurt yourself worse than the people u tell no too.

  7. As someone with PCOS, every time Maci talks about it I get upset. She always changes her tune about what it means, literally makes up symptoms, makes up treatments, changes her whole story, and really does not take care of her own condition. She is so inconsistent with it. When she needs a storyline, she decides it impacts her day to day life (it doesn’t, btw) but the very next episode she’s drunk on a patio living life with no problem.

    I appreciate when public figures do bring awareness to it, as there is a strong disconnect and a lot of work to do, but Maci’s way of doing it paints the wrong picture.

    1. I completely agree. From the beginning I felt like her people told her she needed something to beef up her storyline because talking about Rhine 24/7 was starting to negatively impact Bentley. I think they were going to try to make something out of the fact that the youngest had a stutter, but that went nowhere, so they came up with PCOS. Clearly she just leads a normal life, so maybe it’s time to sell the mega-mansion, downsize to something normal and go on with her life and focus on the children and clothing line.

  8. A group of wommen who had a baby at age 16 and think they are wise for some reason, MTV needs to stop filming Amber Poerwood…two times guilty of domestic violence and blaming everyone else for her actions

  9. In our State you can print off divorce papers from the official state government website. The local Library keeps pre-printed divorce papers on hand for $4.00 each.

  10. Amber, you are afraid of James finding out about these recordings when he’s older, really, that’s the only thing you care about?! How about he hearing how crazy his mother is, never taking blame for anything, always playing the victim card “It’s my mental illness” “It’s PPD, I swear”,…?! Gosh, I hate her. Her blaming everything on her mental illness is EXACTLY why some people still think anyone going to therapy must be avoided at all costs.

    And I’m sure by the time James is old enough to hear them, Andrew will already tell him what happened and why his mother is not living with them. By that time I am afraid she will snap at baby daddy #3 or 4,… because we all know this won’t end soon. Unless if she kills one of her partners. And considering how her escalations with men are becoming more violent by the man I do see her ending in jail for murder. (And of course she will say “I wasn’t thinking reasonably when I killed him!”)

  11. Here goes Amber again with her pity party…Weaponizing her mental health, and blaming her beating someone on postpartum depression this time instead of her bipolar…at this point is there anything left in the DSM this broad HAS NOT blamed her mental illness on?? We might as well start calling her Cybil, with how many different personalities/mental illnesses she claims to have. And at the end of every mental breaking episode she’s like THATS NOT ME!!!!! Ok trick, then who is it?! I’m sick of her.

    I couldn’t help but laugh when Cate and April were laughing about how April had to sleep on a roll of toilet paper next to a toilet in jail, while using the toilet paper as a pillow. To think just a few months ago, toilet paper was dispensable enough to use as a pillow in jail….But in all seriousness, I really felt bad for Cate and Tyler during that whole thing…yea they get paid handsomely for being on TMOG, but the moochers that ALWAYS seem to come out of nowhere asking them for money, and then putting them on guilt trips if they don’t literally pay for their friends/families mistakes is disgusting to me. I saw both Cate and Tyler’s side of that…she’s a friend they’ve had since the very beginning, but it’s also not their problem she decided to violate probation.

  12. Hmm I really wonder what Maci, Catelynn, Tyler, and Cheyenne truly think about Amber’s recordings? 🤔 And Andrew was smart af for recording those

  13. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Amber is the worst person and always making excuses. I’m done with this show forever. Hope others decide the same! Quit paying her!

  14. Amber’s crisis management team surely told her to scream “MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES” from the rooftops every single time her feet are held to the fire in regards to her disgusting behavior, this time it was post partum depression. I suppose the next time she’s caught acting like a thug she’ll blame the flashbacks she suffers from her time in Vietnam. Ever since she was caught on tape beating Gary’s ass she’s never taken responsibility for her disgusting, anti-Christ behavior and Mtv needs to finally stop rewarding her for it.

    1. I think some people are just nasty human beings. And Amber is one of them. Mental health issues and whatever else aside, she is just an evil person.

  15. Look I’ve had PPD horribly after giving birth to my daughter. It is absolutely no picnic and it makes you think some crazy stuff. But in no way would I take it out on a spouse like Andrew who helped care for the baby, took care of my every need, and lived in my house. Doesn’t make sense! Yes, PPD makes you act irrationally, but going as far as telling your child’s father he deserved to be hit and wishing him dead is NOT what PPD is. For amber to blame it on that is just doing a disservice to women who actually suffer and need support.

    1. Plus she acted the same for allllll the years she’s been on the show – NOT just when she is post-partum. Even say, 8 or 9 years after she gave birth to Leah and before she even got pregnant with James, she was acting the same. So how is that PPD’s fault? Oh right during those years she blamed it on her mental illness. Girl, like 80% of the people I know have mental illness and none of us have EVER acted like you! Stop with the excuses, it’s been like 2 decades now! Get some serious anger management help and work hard at changing.

  16. “Postpartum depression.” Really, Amber? REALLY?! Oh, no, honey. That is not postpartum depression. That is your violent, unchecked temper rearing its ugly head. Dry those crocodile tears and go get some help for your multiple issues.

  17. Anyone else see Gary smirk when talking to amber. Because she’s finally getting what she deserves 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  18. I’m so tired of hearing these girls blame everything on postpartum depression. Yes it’s real but it’s not an excuse to be a horrible person. Amber would be better off apologizing and seeking help, not blaming PPD and acting like it’s a valid excuse. Obviously the help that she has been getting was not enough if that was the way she acted. Those recordings were truly disturbing.

    1. I 100% believe Mackenzie sent those flowers to herself. Josh can barely muster the energy to spit out a whole sentence, I doubt he’s buying flowers and writing out a card.

  19. That pic of Cate and the two words she doesn’t understand…I am still on the floor!!! Good one, The Ashley, oh lawd, good one!

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