Another Lawsuit! Nicole Lewis Becomes the Seventh “My 600 Lb. Life” Star to Sue Megalomedia: Accuses Show’s Production Company of Fraud

“Can I join you guys?”

The lawsuits keep piling up for reality TV production company Megalomedia!

Nicole Lewis has become the seventh former cast member from TLC’s My 600 lb. Life to sue Megalomedia, Starcasm reported on Friday. Nicole, who starred on the show’s fifth season back in 2017, is now suing the production company for many of the same things that other cast members are, including the company’s refusal to make good on alleged promises to pay the participants’ medical bills.

Nicole is also claiming, though, that Megalomedia defrauded her, and that producers promised to pay for her skin-removal surgery, as well as six months of living expenses in order to convince her to film another “Where Are They Now?” segment.

Starcasm got their mitts on Nicole’s legal paperwork, which states that Megalomedia made a “material representation” to Nicole that it would cover the bills from her surgeries and other medical expenses if she participated in the show. 

“[Megalomedia] knew the representation was false or made it recklessly as a positive assertion without any knowledge of its truth,” the legal papers state. “Defendants intended to induce the Plaintiff to act upon the representation. Plaintiff actually and justifiably relied on the representations. Defendants failed to pay for the surgeries and medical care and this has caused her injury and damages.”

While Nicole didn’t provide an exact monetary amount in her lawsuit, other former “My 600-lb. Life” stars have stated in their own lawsuits that their medical costs amounted to about $70,000.

It appears Nicole may be featured on the in-the-works “My 600 lb. Life” spin-off— a “Where Are They Now?” show that catches up with former participants. Starcasm reports that Nicole (who also filmed a catch-up segment in 2018), went to Houston to see Dr. Now, and agreed to film the new segments after, according to her lawsuit, Megalomedia promised to “pay for a skin [removal] surgery, move her to Houston and cover her rent for six months.”

Nicole during her first “Where Are They Now?” segment, which was filmed in 2018…

After the scene was filmed, though, Nicole claimed that no additional follow-up appointments were scheduled, and neither was her allegedly promised skin-removal surgery. 

As The Ashley has previously reported, Megalomedia has so far responded to two of its seven pending “My 600 lb. Life”-related lawsuits. Last month, the company issued statements regarding the lawsuit filed by Season 6 cast member David Bolton and the lawsuit filed by the family of late cast member L.B. Bonner. Megalomedia has yet to publicly respond to the other pending lawsuits against it, which were filed by Maja Radanovic of Season 7Gina Krasley of Season 8, Dottie Perkins of Season 4 and Season 7’s Jeanne Covey.

According to her Facebook page, Nicole has worked hard to continue to lose weight since we last saw her on the show. In February, she applauded herself in a Facebook post and discussed how far she’s come.

“I may not be even close to where im suppose to be!” she wrote. “But This comparison shows me… that im sure as heck not where i began in 2016!.. Proud of how far iv come in this journey! I have been soo focused on how much weight iv gained,… when i should be focused on how much iv lost!. 2020 is my year! Hate on me all you want.. because its just static.”

Megalomedia has yet to respond publicly to Nicole’s lawsuit.

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(Photos: TLC, Facebook) 

16 Responses

  1. She’s no where near small enough for skin removal! They are invalids, they can pay their own rent. These lawsuit just reenforce their victim mentality and irresponsibly

  2. Always somebody else’s fault never theirs. Always excuses you didnt get that way by eating salad no one held a gun to their head. Would be a bit more sympathetic if they took responsibility for their weight. . You know who should be suing are the poor camera men who cant unsee the things that they have seen!

  3. So let me understand. Are they sueing the production or Dr. NOW. What would he have with what production wants. And half these people want all this help but don’t follow Dr. Orders. So in right they aren’t following production wants. I am just asking. What are the small readings of the contract. Why didn’t they follow the diet and lose what they could have.

    1. I think all the lawsuits are ridiculous. And of course they are filed by Dr. Now’s failed patients not by the successful patients. They couldn’t follow the diet or the process, so they sue. All of them should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I feel like you all for help just lose the weight its not hard to lose the weight the same way you eat all day to gain the weight.

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    This is the problem when you work with victims with constant victim mentality. One gets on the gravy train and they’re all going to get on the gravy train, no pun intended.

    Now the show will be canceled and ruined because of a bunch of people who do not have any self control of their lives. They’d rather sue for millions of dollars rather than deal with their weight. Oh and by the way, I’m not making fun of anyone because I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life. I don’t take advantage of other people though and sue production companies because I can’t help myself.

  6. You know what a personal trainer would have cost her to knock that 1/2 ton off of her? I think she owns TLC some cash

    stay lit

  7. Stop looking for handouts. All these cast members are wanting their medical bills paid for and skin removal paid for. It’s not anyone’s fault but their own, that they require such drastic medical intervention surgeries.

  8. Nicole! I’m sooo very proud of you!! You’ve done it….. you CAN do this. See it through. God Bless you and know that people are and always will be praying for you

  9. These people were delusional on the show. Hard to believe anything they claim. And I’m sure medi caid paid for their surgery. Being that big and considered disabled they would get help through the state. Its really disgusting how money hungry people can be. Smh. Nicole does need to focus on the weight shes gained, you have to lose a specific amount for skin removal, and wby would anyone offer to pay for her to move? You chose that Dr. He happens to be in TX. It is your responsibility to make arrangements not the show. I doubt she was promised this. Or if she was it was with the condition of her reaching a certain weight and she missed that goal. These people always blame everyone else.

  10. She needs to wake up and give her kids a different life than what she had. Her daughter is so overweight already and when people try to tell her she’s all how dare you she’s beautify you’re a hater!

    As for the lawsuit, it seems their contracts prey on them not understanding what they’re signing. So while scummy, is not illegal. Maybe I’d take them more seriously if someone more successful from the show filed one.

  11. They are all unappreciative of Dr Now. They’re just mad cause they failed the surgery at their choice and didn’t loose weight. Look at the ones during. That says it all.


  13. They may not have done the skin removal surgery because it doesn’t appear she lost even close to the required amount of weight to do so!

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