“90 Day Fiance” Star David Toborowsky Blasts Nicole Nafziger for Relationship with Azan Tefou: “That Is Not True Love!”

“Something isn’t right here.”

David Toborowsky did not hold back when he was asked to share his thoughts on the relationship of fellow 90 Day Fiance franchise couple Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou.

David spoke out about Season 4 couple while promoting the upcoming series 90 Day Fiancé: Self Quarantined, telling Us Weekly that he doesn’t believe the pair are actually in love with one another. David also mentioned some alarming rumors that he’s heard about Azan.

“Who, me?!”

“I’m not a fan of the way [Nicole] does things,” he said. “I wish her the best of luck. I don’t know what [Azan’s] story is. I mean, I’ve heard rumors that he might be married with three kids with his cousin.” 

(And we thought the lies about the beauty shop were bad!) 

David’s criticism of how Nicole “does things” were made in response to the 26-year-old’s decision to travel from Florida to Morocco last month despite C0VID-19 concerns and the United States already beginning to issue advisories to Americans about traveling abroad.


During her trip, all flights were suspended due to the pandemic, resulting in Nicole currently being stuck in Morocco and separated from her young daughter May, who has been staying with family.

Are you low-key glad your mom didn’t bring you along for this “vacation,” May?

During his interview, David blasted for traveling to see Azan, despite warnings, and for being with Azan in general. 

“Why she would plan to go there in the middle of a pandemic and it was hitting at the apex worldwide, especially in Europe?” David asked. “I think Nicole is barking up the wrong tree. Maybe she’ll find somebody else while she’s there and find true love. That is not true love.” 

Those who have watched Nicole and Azan’s train wreck relationship unfold on the show know that Nicole is notorious for making excuses for her man and ignoring the concerns of others and it appears that not much has changed. Despite the hate she’s received on social media for getting herself stranded overseas, far from her daughter and reality, Nicole shared a photo of herself and Azan a couple of weeks ago, seemingly happy about her current location.

“I never want to leave your side my love,” she captioned the photo. 


Unfortunately, Nicole and Azan are not slated to take part in the upcoming ’90 Day Fiance: Self Quarantined’ spin-off, but fans of the show will get to see quite a few of their favorites (including David and his wife, Annie Suwan) holding it down from the comforts of their own homes. The show premieres April 20 on TLC.

Nicole has yet to respond publicly to David’s statements.

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 



  1. He’s not wrong. She has no concept of reality, and he uses her. However, I’m always amazed at the cast of 90 Day Fiance and how quick they are to criticize each other. Almost every couple has their flaws. David was infamous for being a lazy mooch who lived off loans from his friend because he didn’t want to work. Work on yourself, David. None of your castmates reserve the right to bash each other.

  2. My husband was stationed in Thailand with the USMC back in 2009. This was before we were married and I flew out to visit. All the karaoke bars there are whore houses. We made the mistake of going with some other Marine friends of his and their partners. The hookers there will come up and proposition men even when they are clearly with partners. I was sitting on my husband’s lap outside in a porch area and a hooker came up and offered him oral sex for a hundred bot which is a CHEAP hooker in American dollars. One of the other Marines wives actually asked the owner of the bar, “How do you say back the fuck up off my husband or loose your teeth?” Don’t go to those places if you go there. They love Americans, Brits, and Canadians because they spend the most money.

    1. Exactly! That’s why they’re not in the place to blast anyone. Annie was probably looking for an American client and David was taking advantage of this situation because let’s face it: not many 20 something women would wanna date him outside of a 3rd world country.

  3. I didn’t know where Annie Exactly came from Until I read these comments I only started watching last season since I kicked Teen mom to the curb. I have seen some repeats of years past and agree that Nicole is a born idiot… among the most of them.
    As far as Annie goes , she hardly spoke before marrying David , now she’s on pillow talk with this BIG mouth making fun of everyone and doesn’t understand a damn thing .. David explains everything to her after she makes her stupid comments… perhaps he should tell to to shut up as she doesn’t look much smarter than those she’s making fun of.

  4. Nicole is such a moron. If the rumors are true about Azan (which I believe they mostly are), then she was fully aware of his cousin wife and his 3 kids, and that money she sent for that “beauty store” or whatever it was, was actually used to bribe his wife into divorcIng him. She’s chasing this loser around the world who thinks she’s a little bit big and is only 55% attracted to her, instead of taking care of her kid.

    Robalee seriously needs to cut this girl off after this stunt, and while Nicole is in Morocco with her “love” Robalee needs to file for primary custody. Nicole is totally unfit. She is a joke and a laughing stock.

    1. Agree 💯 I believe he married his family member and had kids. There are rumours that Nicole’s family know this so why aren’t they getting on her case too? Maybe they want TLC $$ too?
      So sad for Mae…thank god she’s with family that’ll (hopefully) look after her.

  5. David married a prostitute with his friend’s money, while hiding from his parental responsibilities in the US. (I’m sure David has something on that American couple that helped him.) That being said, it’s obvious Azan is a lazy loser who is taking advantage of a dumb, single mother.

  6. Azan has never cared about Nicole and it is totally obvious to anyone that has ever watched the show, therefore I have no sympathy for her. If you are an adult and want to act like an idiot, I for one believe you should be able to do so as long as you don’t hurt other people in the process. The sad thing is that her daughter really loves her and will follow her anywhere, hopefully the grandparents can get custody of the baby because they have her best interests at heart while Nicole clearly does not.

  7. Nicole is grown, and she’s an all-star idiot, whatever happens to her at this juncture is well deserved. I just feel sorry for her family and the child that she’s used as leverage to fund her horrible decisions.

  8. Says the 50 something old who literally purchased a hooker from a karaoke bar with his friend’s money. Like theirs is true love… Watch any REAL documentary about karaoke bars in Thailand, all the “professional singer” girls there are prostitues. Annie just wanted a better life and this slob wanted a young p*ssy. Yes, Azan and Nikole are ridiculous but David should just stfu.

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