‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 8 Episode 19 Recap: A Belgian Boyfriend & Blown-Up Vet Tech Dreams

“Don’t act like you have something better to do than to watch this crappy show.”

It’s Teen Mom OG time! Guzzle down a few Bud Lights because, if you’re anything like Maci and Taylor, you’re going to need a crapload of alcohol to get through this!

The Ashley does want to stop before we get into the ‘Teen’ Trashery of the episode and note that she will not be recapping Mackenzie‘s segment this week. Mackenzie’s mother Angie passes away in this episode, and there is nothing remotely funny about that, so The Ashley will just be skipping her part. 

Anyway, on with the recap….

We kick things off in California, where it’s almost time for Cory to throw on some gym shorts with his name written across the butt to compete for some camera time money on The Challenge. Before taking off and leaving his responsibilities behind, he spends some obligatory time with family trying to convince everyone how necessary it is for him to leave the country to appear on another crappy MTV show. 

“You better not do anything too camera-worthy while I’m away!”

Cory’s cousin, Mitch who has also appeared on ‘The Challenge’ with him in the past, delivers one of the most-cringeworthy, scripted lines of the season thus far.

“So, bro…are you, like, ready to crush this season on ‘The Challenge,’ or what?”

I can’t…

When your cousin keeps getting asked to be on shows and you don’t….and it’s no fair…

Of course, because this is Cory, family time quickly turns into Cory talking about how much he’s sacrificing to go on yet another MTV show. Mitch quickly reminds us that Cory pretty much sucks every time he goes on ‘The Challenge,’ so they aren’t planning on him being gone too long.

“He’s gonna get eliminated and be home in a week,” Mitch tells her.

Still, Taylor runs down the list of rules Cory needs to follow while he’s away.

“Don’t fight people, don’t get into drama,” she says. 

“If you could refrain from climbing into bed with anyone, that would be pretty cool, too.”

While Cory gets ready to say his goodbyes, Cheyenne contemplates whether or not she’s ready to say some of her own to her boyfriend, Matt. Ultimately, Cheyenne tells her sister, R. House is Now Free of That Couch Surfer, that she and Matt have ended things. 

Cheyenne tells her sister she wasn’t really into Matt blindsiding her after his move to LA with the news that he didn’t have a place to live lined up, basically forcing her to invite him to live with her. (I mean…this is ‘Teen Mom,’ though; if you don’t move your boyfriend into your home within the first few months of your relationship are you even dating?)

“So basically I have a few months before I’ll have to share the perks of sponging off you with another guy?”

Cheyenne says she’s going to focus on herself and stay away from men who take advantage of their girlfriend’s houses and take part in nonsense like eating asparagus. 

“Whew! I’m getting so heated just thinking about this that I might actually show some inflection in my voice this episode.”

To further prove her point of swearing off all things men and dating in general, Cheyenne tells R. You Kidding? No One Asked that she’s no longer shaving her legs or her vagina. 

Seriously…WTF are we watching? And why? 

When your sister swears off men, thus securing your free housing situation for the foreseeable future.

Next we chug up to Michigan to catch up with Catelynn. She’s Febreezed the ciggie smoke off herself that was leftover from her recent trip to Florida with her mom April and is feeling good. Riding on dolphins and sucking down Tequila Sunrises with Ape has helped Cate resolve some of her childhood traumas. On top of that, things with Tyler are “better than ever.”

Now that her 7-point quesadilla and zebra hoodie days are behind her, Cate decides that maybe it’s time to actually become a functioning member of society. She even talks about getting— gasp!—- a job.


Ladies and gentlemen…we have just entered…The Twilight Zone.

Cate needs to take her dog to the vet, so she decides to corner the vet tech there and ask what school she went to. Tyler looks shocked and a little scared.

“Wait….would I have to get a j-j-job too? How would I find the time to bail out random friends and design super hip kids’ clothes?”

Catelynn says she’s always enjoyed “working with animals.”

Um…clearly. I mean, just look at her ‘Teen Mom’ cast mates!

Catelynn explains for all the half-brainers at home what a “vet tech” is.

“It’s like a nurse for animals!” she says in the voice-over.


Cate says that she hears it will take two whole years of schooling to become a vet tech. She then asks Tyler where he sees himself in 10 years. He realizes he’ll be almost 40, and their oldest daughter, Carly, will be 20. Cate says that, if Carly’s anything like them, she’ll have already gotten knocked up and they’ll technically be grandparents. 

I think that’s nice…

“In 10 years, I’ll still be hopefully milking this ‘Teen Mom’ cash cow for all it’s worth! Oh, and I’ll still be wearing my hat like this, probably…”

Not surprisingly, Ty has no ambitions for himself for the next decade. He tells Catelynn to stop stressing him out with all this “future” stuff.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, it’s been two weeks since Bentley’s zoo birthday/Halloween/Santa-Con party and it’s still the only thing Maci has to talk about. Maci says she’s worried about Ryan’s sobriety and reminds viewers that Bentley is only allowed to see Ryan if Jen and Larry are present. 

“Dang, do I need to pull some Food City shenanigans to liven this show up?”

While spending time with the Edwards, Bentley gets to bond with his dad listen to his dad complain about family outings and his step-mom remind everyone that pregnant women shouldn’t ice-skate. 

Ice sports are covered in Chapter 4 of What to Expect When You’re Expecting the Spawn of Ryan Edwards, FYI…

Meanwhile, Maci tells Taylor about Ryan and Co’s plans to take Bentley ice-skating the next day, only to then bring up that she doesn’t believe Ryan was “100 percent sober” at Bentley’s party.

“That reminds me, we’re all out of beer.”

Taylor says he wouldn’t be surprised, given Ryan’s less-than-stellar track (no pun intended) record. 

Finally, we head up to Indiana to see what Amber is up to (so…basically if she’s resting comfortably on the couch or bed). She’s chatting with Producer David about how great her kids are doing. She insists that James and Leah are her “numero uno” and that anyone who wants to get into her floral kimono will have to understand that.

She then reveals that she has been “talking to” somebody, much to Producer David’s glee. 

“I mean I HAVE been single for like two whole months!”

She says that chemistry matters to her and in terms of who’s a good person, “you can tell.”

Um…no YOU can’t, Ambie!

Meanwhile, Producer JC sits down with Andrew for another chat. Andrew says living that single dad life has been hard, since he’s stuck out in Indiana on his own. Unlike Amber, Andrew says that he has no interest in finding someone to date. In fact,the thought of having another woman wearing a kimono and a tight bun who’s screaming at him is a “turn off.”

Go figure.

This seems to make Producer JC a bit upset.

“Wait…this wasn’t like a ‘Teen Mom’ Blind Date set-up or something, right? Briana DeJesus isn’t around the corner right now, is she?”

Andrew says he’d like to take Baby James to California to live, so he can work in the entertainment industry again. 

Across town, Producer David is chatting with Amber about her new man. He’s curious to know how Amber met the guy– Dimitri. (He’s probably also wondering what jail he’ll have to drive Amber to for her to go visit him.)

Amber reveals that— shockingly!— she met Dimitri on Instagram (in between screaming rants, we can assume.) 

Amber makes sure to let us know that she had the pick of the litter— the real cream of the crop— when it came to guys trying to hit her up to date them. She chose Dimitri, though, because he wasn’t trying to send her photos of his penis on the regular.

I think that’s nice…

What’s next for Amber and Dimitri….?

She says Dimitri is 39, handsome and from Belgium. And, of course, because it’s Amber, she’s ready to fly her new man out to Indiana so he can sit on her couch with her.

Producer David asks if she’s trying to do things differently this time around, given that her last few relationships have ended in s**tshowery.

“I just don’t think I could do f**king anything normal!” Amber says gleefully. “Now it’s some Belgian guy who speaks French! I don’t know!”

She shows Producer David a photo of Dimitri’s Belgian mug and they quickly cut away (presumably because Producer David probably had a scared look on his face after viewing the pic.) 

Back in California, it’s just about time for Cory to leave for ‘The Challenge.’ Before heading to the airport, Cory stops by Cheyenne’s house to talk (once again) about how nervous he is about the upcoming season of ‘The Challenge’. Cory tells Cheyenne he’s worried about being away from Ryder for an extended amount of time and Cheyenne does nothing to relieve his worries, and instead tells him how much Ryder is going to grow up while he’s away.

Realizing he’s not going to get the coddling he’s looking for, Cory switches the subject to Cheyenne’s love life, or rather lack thereof. Cheyenne tells Cory that she and Matt have ended things and Cory happily declares, “I saw this coming!” Cheyenne then tells Cory her plan to focus on herself…although not her hair removal.

“No, I don’t want to feel your legs!”

She also tells him to go win some money on ‘The Challenge’ and to be his “best self” — one that doesn’t fight, fornicate or act a fool.

Haha, yeah right…. that will happen about the same time that Amber barrel-rolls herself off her couch and gets a real job, and/or Gary starts teaching Jazzercise classes…

When we next see Cory, Taylor and Ryder are dropping him off at the airport.

“Seriously dad, keep it in your pants while you’re gone. It shouldn’t be hard… they’re the pants that say ‘Cory’ across the ass.”

Back in Michigan, Tyler’s criminal pal, Ashley— who is still squatting at Casa de Baltierra— is watching the rugrats so Cate can go to the vet. (We can assume Tyler is busy for the day, color-coordinating his sneakers or something.) Cate tells us that, because she activated her baby chute at a very young age, she had to give up a lot of her career asiprations. Still, she’s hopeful she can become a vet tech.

Cate watches jealousy as the vet tech sticks the thermometer up her dog’s butt, and dreams of the day that she, too, will be inserting temp gauges into animals’ rear ends. (Was anyone else uncomfortable that they filmed the poor pup getting her butt prodded? I felt the same way watching Gary get his vasectomy.) 

“Um, do you mind? This is a private moment! No cameras, please! Woof!”

Catelynn then starts to do some prodding of her own, asking the vet tech how long she had to go to school to get her “vet tech.” The tech tells Catelynn that vet tech schooling is no joke and that it’s “pretty intense.” Catelynn looks horrified to learn that vet techs even have to take English and math, as well as pharmacology to learn the “ins and outs” of all the drugs.

“Oh I wouldn’t need to take any drug courses. I learned everything I needed to know about that from Butch and my mom!”

Catelynn looks really terrified as the vet tech explains that, in school, they had to dissect cats, draw blood out of cows’ tails and do abdominal surgeries on animals. She also reminds Cate that she would frequently have to put animals down as part of her vet tech job.

“It is not all puppies and kittens,” she tells Catelynn.

Narrator: “Catelynn did think it was all puppies and kittens…”

The vet tech then tells Cate it will be harder for her to get through school, being that she’s married with kids (and an MTV crew too!) She eloquently tells Cate that it will “be a challenge.”

“Did someone say ‘Challenge?’ I’ll go! Where do I gotta sign?!”

That’s all Cate needs to hear to basically shatter her dreams of playing with kittens. She goes home to report back to Tyler that going to school and getting a real job would be “hard and stuff” and would leave very little time for impromptu tropical vacations.

She says that she’d also have to learn every single dog breed. (We know Cate is great at breeding, but that skill probably won’t help here.) 

When someone says the word ‘job’ on this show…

Tyler calls Catelynn out for being afraid to fail. Cate agrees that she is, and says that she would rather be a receptionist at a vet so she could see puppies and kitties but not have to do any math or science or cat-dissecting or whatnot.


The revelation that she hates hard work “triggers” Catelynn into announcing she needs more therapy. Tyler looks like he’s been triggered by Catelynn’s trigger. However, Cate doesn’t want to go pet therapy horses this time around, no sir. Instead, she wants to use therapy to find out what she— as a nearly 30-YEAR-OLD WOMAN WHO HAS NEVER HAD A REAL JOB– wants to do with her life.

Sigh. I should have gotten knocked up in high school….

Anyway, Cate tells Tyler that her goal in life is to “rescue hundreds of chihuahuas” and Tyler, once again, looks triggered. Still, he encourages her to make money off her passion for the dogs. 

“I mean…whatever it takes to get you to stop all this ‘job’ talk nonsense!”

Meanwhile in Tennessee, Bentley hits the ice with Hudson and Jen, while Ryan and Mackenzie sit on the sideline looking bored and miserable — much like us when watching this show. 

“Who the heck is that little guy skating with Brantley?” “His name is Bentley, Ryan.” “No it aint…is it?”

Later on, Jen and Bentley’s stand-in “Huddle” drop off Bentley with Maci and the two of them discuss plans for Bentley’s upcoming winter break. Back at Ryan and Mackenzie’s house, Mackenzie says the ice skating outing was kind of “a waste of time” because she couldn’t get out on the ice herself. Ryan — who was perfectly capable of throwing on a pair of ice skates — agrees and says his mom always calls the shots. 

As opposed to Ryan, who prefers to take them…

Ryan says he never asks Bentley to “do much of anything” but he wants him to have “simple rules.” According to Ryan, Jen lets Bentley run wild and clearly, he wants to be the only one in the Edwards family who doesn’t have to follow rules.

“It ain’t fair!”

Finally, we head back to Indiana, where Gary is maxin’ and chair-laxin’ and telling Kristina about Amber’s latest boytoy. Gary— who is obviously not so good at the geography and such— says that Dimitri’s from “the France area…more so, Belgium.” Kristina, being the saint that she is, doesn’t inform her husband that Belgium and France are not the same country.

Kristina brings up the fact that Dimitri living across the world will be a problem, as will the language barrier. (Like, how the hell will Dimitri know what “gel” is?) 

Gary, forever the philosopher, informs Kristina that a language barrier is no problem.

“There is one language that we all speak. It’s love,” he says.

“I’m basically Socrates in an Indiana Fear Farm cap!”

The next day, Dimitri is arriving from Belgium/France/whatever the hell country these people think he’s from. Amber calls him up on the phone and Dimitri (and his bulging eyeballs) make their ‘Teen Mom’ debut.

Amber tells Dimitri how cute he looks, and we get to watch them try to communicate despite the fact that Dimitri barely speaks English. (To be fair, Amber barely speaks English.)

Dimitri says he’s nervous to come to Indiana and sit on Amber’s couch. We then find out that this will be no short visit. Dimitri will be parking his Belgian butt on said couch for THREE MONTHS.


Well, it took a while, but we finally have someone on this show whose eyeballs bulge more than Ryan’s…

That’s all for this episode! Next week, we will get to meet Ambie’s Belgian waffle in person! 

To read The Ashley’s recap of the previous ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode, click here!

(Photos: MTV) 



  1. Who would have guessed after 16 and pregnant and the first season of Teen Mom that Gary would turn out to be on the best parents on this show? I thought he was lazy and lacking ambition but he seems to be a loving father who picked an excellent wife to help him raise Leah. Given all the ways her life could have gone left from birth, I hope Leah one day recognizes that she was very fortunate to have a good father and a stepmom who loves and respects her.

  2. When Matt was living in his home state and only flying out to visit Cheyenne & they talked about him moving to LA Cheyenne was the one pushing for him to move in with her instead of his plan which was to get an apt with a roommate for a year or two then move in with Cheyenne. Cheyenne didn’t much like that plan when Matt first told her it & when he was looking for places but the minute he moves to LA her whole story changes!!

  3. It’s great to see Cheyenne dump her boyfriend, “Baltimore Matt” after she figured out he might be using her. She is by far, the best mother on this $hit show. As a male, I admit that I have never seen anyone more beautiful than her either.

  4. You know, I like when Gary is maxin and chairlaxin since he’s the only one that is an actual parent and the only one with an actual job. You get that recliner time Gary lol

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Glad you cleared up the geography! LOL, NOT! Thought I missed out on a class or two.
    Just how the hell did any of these kids make it this far?!!

  6. Not sure what makes me want to puke more, Cheyenne’s unkempt snizz or that Euro Trash creeper blowing out Ambers back with a Gary Time dong bag on.

    stay lit

    1. It’s good to see another male poster here. I wouldn’t mind if Cheyenne didn’t shave for 6 months! That bathing suit she wore at her pool party was AMAZING!!!!

    2. So is Mitch Corey’s cousin or friend? On the Bloodlines Challenge he was Corey’s cousin but on Teen Mom he was Corey’s friend. Weird.

  7. Amber really is no better than Jenelle. She can’t seem to exist without a man, and she keeps bringing random men around her children. It’s definitely a good thing that Gary and Andrew have primary custody because Amber is incapable of making good, responsibility choices. I hope her new soulmate is good at dodging flying shoes and machetes.

    1. remember when tween Leah pointed out her mom wouldn’t have time for her now that she has new boyfriend? Or mabe it was after Matt left and Leah commented that instead of spending time with her, she was “sleeping all day.?” Oh waoit, both happened!

    2. LOL-you’d have to figure he’d gotta be… with those big bugged out eyes of his, he’d definitely see them coming a mile away & have enough time to react!!! Creepy!!

  8. Hmmm, 3 months? You mean, like, 90 days? Dating someone from a foreign country? Sounds like a marriage is what Amber is looking for next. Smart move, since Teen Mom’s ratings are in the dumpster and the 90 Day Fiance franchise is still booming. Great way to keep your storyline interesting.

    1. Who dafuq talks to a random online for a short period of time, then has them come stay for 3 months? Amber is so sick.

    2. He has kids too. Leaving them for 3 months? So he’s just as much a deadbeat parent as she is. Something to bond over.

  9. No, Cate doesn’t get to use the excuse “I had a child young, so I had to give stuff up.” Yes, she had a child as a teen, but she gave that baby up for adoption so that Carly could have a better life AND SO SHE COULD BETTER HERSELF AND GO TO COLLEGE! SHE chose to sit on her ass all day and do nothing. SHE chose not to go to college. SHE chose to have more children without first getting to enjoy her life. She does not get to blame getting pregnant at 16 for why she hasn’t done anything with her life. She hasn’t done anything with her life because she’s lazy.

    1. Yeah, there’s like 5 years between Carly and Nova. Did they do anything besides Teen Mom during that time?

      1. Not really, they bullshitted about going to college and becoming social workers and spokespeople for adoption, but that never happened. They vacationed and rehabed and then popped out more kids. They have no excuse for not following through, they had the means to do so and just flat out didn’t do anything with their lives.

  10. It’s not Gary’s knowlegde of geography, the guy is indeed from the French (speaking) part of Belgium.
    Every so many years, the debate starts again to separate the two parts. Many want the two parts of Belgium to become two seperate countries. Has to do with finances because the Dutch part complains they have to pay for the French part and because there are cultural differences.
    The people from the French part used to refuse to speak Dutch or English, even when they could because they had lessons at school. That’s a lot less now.
    However, Dimitri should have had English lessons, at least a couple of years but I don’t remember what kind of education he finished.

    1. And the Dutch speaking people call themselves Flemish not Belgian. It is almost like two different countries.

  11. Wait. I thought Amber only “dated” people in the industry.
    Is it really dating when they stay for 3 months?
    AND last. Funny how her anxiety, postpartum, and triggers all disappear when she get a man.
    Leah is so lucky to have a real mom Kristine.

  12. as usual cait wants to do something realizes she will actually have to do some work so nope not doing it. Of course her anxiety is flaring up must be time to leave tyler doing it all why she goes to her spa rehab. Must be time to have another crotch rat so she can sit on her ass all day

  13. All of these people still act and dress like teenagers. They’re all mentally stuck in 2008

  14. The vet tech didn’t need to go through a list of course requirements, all she needed to say was the clinic opens at 8 AM and its physical Work.

    As far as the guy from Belgium little does he know he’s Next in line to be “he just used me #3”

  15. Remember when you had to appear on 16 and Pregnant to be on Teen Mom and Road Rules/Real World to be on The Road Rules/Real World Challenge?

    1. Cory was actually on the Real World (San Fran) sooo not sure what you’re getting at there lol

  16. I wouldn’t even trust Catelyn to dog sit. That would be a great career for her, but she neglects her own children and Tyler has to pick up the slack. Catelyn needs to be well first, and I do think she is on her way.

    After Teen Mom is over, I see Tyler going into a business profession, part ownership or a business degree. If he didnt take all the time the last decade caring for other people he shouldnt have thought he needed to care for, he’d have more career accomplishments.

  17. I’m confused about how shocked Cate was when she learned she’d have to know ALL the dog breeds. Like that would be the easiest part of becoming a vet tech yet she’s amazed and flabbergasted that she’d have to know what breed a dog was when it walked into the clinic. JFC. “Oh wow yeah math would be hard, and pharmacology and dissection, whew… DOG BREEDS?! WHAT?” That really put the nail in the coffin for this career dream.

    1. I guess as shocked as a wife was once who expected me to list off a million bacteria possibilities that her husband might have instead of waiting for a result from lab. “Well what do you think it is?”

  18. I mean, what Amber did isn’t so unusual…we all fly people we met on Instagram to our country for them to stay here for three months…RIGHT?!

    I don’t think this woman will ever learn. Hopping from man to man, especially after all that happened…like I’m trying to get in her head and otherwise that she is so desperate to be with someone, doesn’t matter who, is my only answer. She isn’t used to being alone (most of these girls aren’t!) so why not fly a dude from Belgium to stay with her, WHAT CAN GO WRONG?!

  19. Omg “who is the little guy skating with Brantley” HAHAHAHA!!! also, why wouldn’t Ryan go skate with his kid?? Mack referring to it as a waste of time?! Umm hello!! As a PARENT, sometimes we must take our kiddies to do activities that THEY enjoy! And, sometimes, joining in on the fun is a good bonding moment! Good god!

    Amber is an idiot. Nothing says “stability & responsible paren t” more than moving a random, non English speaking foreigner into your house for three months! Sigh. She will never learn. Once again, we must be thankful for the fathers her kids have.

    1. Cate looks like she’s 40. I thought it was April on the pics, a bigger April than I saw last time I watched this show.

      1. @TheFrenchkrys…Yes, I thought the same thing! When Cate was younger I always thought she must look like her father … I seen no April in her.
        They both look older than their age , I don’t know if it’s the weight gain, genes, or just beat , I’f someone said they’re sisters ( and I didn’t know better) I’d believe it.
        It’s really a shame that Cate doesn’t take more pride in her outer self, she was cute when she was younger and her daughters are beautiful.

    2. I love skating with my kids…even though I bruised my ass last time by accidentally falling backwards out the emergency door. In my defense, I’m a klutz and was trying to avoid landing on mu nephew. A waste of time? No. Its called being a parent. Sometimes our kids enjoy things we don’t. Maybe pick an activity that pregnant women and junkies can enjoy too next time.

  20. I think they might cancel this soon, they are paying them, nearly half a million each per series for a distinct lack of entertainment. No one is watching it, and we are locked in our houses with nothing better to do. Honestly the teen moms in which they are paid a lot less are so much better. More entertaining. If I wanted to watch a fat slob sit on the sofa I would just film myself. Love Gary and Kristina though, and theses recaps.

  21. I think it’s hilarious that Cate pretends she wants to actually get a job, then when she finds out she’s not special when it comes to the real world and will actually have to go to school to be a vet tech and her credentials as a reality tv teen mom won’t suffice she just decides she wants a bunch of chiuahuas to sleep with instead. God help them when the money runs out, they already owe the man 800k, so my prediction is they’ll be completely broke within a year of the show’s cancellation.
    I literally don’t care about Cheyenne, her manufactured storyline, her polished, pretty boy no real desire to actually work baby daddy and weirdly named sister, so I skip her segments.
    As for Amber, she will never ever change. I don’t care how many single day anger management classes she goes to, how much therapy she gets, she literally takes blame for nothing. Her m.o. is to simply blame the fact that her brain doesn’t work right, she’s a delicate flower that no one can understand (basically the devil made me do it defense). We’ve been watching her for 1 plus years and the story is the same. She has never gone more than a month without a dude (any dude will due). I remember from her 16 and p episode she found something to fight with Gary about, broke up with him every episode then literally met a guy at the WalMart and he was living with her, driving her car and (changing Leah’s diaper *great mothering), within a week. People like her never change because they don’t take accountability. It won’t be long until we’re hearing horror stories about her relationship with Belgian dude (even though he’s totally different). Also, her last dude is still on her couch, so does that mean Belgian dude is going to marinate with her on the rental couch?

    1. Flashback to Ambie chasing her bd around the house screaming ‘I want to be dainty!’

      I don’t get why d*ck of the month is coming for 3 months? What happened to a 2 week holiday where you stay in a hotel in case your new gf turns out to be batsh*t crazy? No way he’s got 3 months of savings to live off while in the US….best give him the backpack money now, Ambie.

  22. I just binged the last 7 episodes (including tonight’s) in the last 4 hours. OBVIOUSLY there was a lot of fast forwarding because I couldn’t be bothered actually watching the same drivel come out of their mouths. That’s why I love the ‘caps!

    When Caitlyn said J.O.B., I was surprised because I didn’t even realize she knew that word. #growth

    I had some thoughts as I was watching this whole thing play out:
    1) Tyler probably was afraid she was announcing she was going to school for 2 years and was going to live on campus so she could focus on her studies.
    2) How did Caitlyn think she could become, like, a nurse for animals without having to actually, you know, learn about animals?
    3) The second that vet tech said “math” you could tell from the look on Caitlyn’s face that she was all “eff this shit, I’m out”
    4) I wonder how long the in patient rehab is for you to figure out what you want to do when you grow up? Luckily, they have Ashley there now to help with the kids? Or (spoiler alert), do they? Mystery for next week!

    Also, I don’t know if Gary is just in it for the money or is just a really nice guy. Either way, I’m positive that he’s putting up with all of this because he wants Leah to (unfortunately) figure out on her own that her mother is an epic trainwreck and it would serve her well in the future to keep Amber at arm’s length. If that’s what he’s doing, he’s got the receipts when Amber inevitably yells all strong-and-wrong that Gary poisoned Leah against her. I think she’ll have a claim against Andrew for that with James, but not with Gary and Kristina. Granted, we don’t know what happens when the camera isn’t there with Gary and Kristina, but neither seem like great actors to be able to pull it off that they aren’t way more nice to Amber than they have any right to be.

  23. “ Narrator: “Catelynn did think it was all puppies and kittens…” “

    I actually snorted. Best line ever.

    1. That line got me too but so did this one:
      “Who the heck is that little guy skating with Brantley?” “His name is Bentley, Ryan.” “No it aint…is it?”
      Say it in the Ryyyannn and Maaaccccc voice…it’s fun!😁

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