‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown & Son Paedon Ordered to Pay $30,000 for to Victims in 2017 Las Vegas Car Accident

“Hey Christine… feel like selling some more leggings?”

The Brown Family bank account is getting a lot of attention this week… 

Days after Kody Brown‘s third wife Christine publicly announced she was raising $50,000 for her daughter’s surgery, The Sun reports that Kody and his son Paedon (whom he shares with Christine) have been ordered to pay $30,000 following a 2017 car crash.

As The Ashley told you last August, the Sister Wives patriarch and his 21-year-old son Paedon were named in a lawsuit filed in December 2018 by plaintiffs Stefannie Gonzalez and Mirella Flores.

At the time, Kody and Paedon were sued for an amount in excess of $15,000 for injuries reportedly sustained when Paedon rear-ended the two women in Las Vegas while driving a vehicle owned by Kody. In February 2019, attorneys for the Brown family filed a response to the suit, disputing Kody and Paedon’s responsibility for damages.  

Raise your hand if you’ve also been personally victimized by Kody and his inability to take responsibility for his actions…

Despite their efforts to dispute the suit, the case was resolved in arbitration on May 27 with the arbitrator ruling in favor of the plaintiffs and against Kody and Paedon. 

Stefannie, the driver of the vehicle, was awarded medical specials in the amount of $8,774.28 and damages for pain and suffering for $3,000; passenger Mirella was awarded medical specials in the amount of $13,521 and damages for pain and suffering for $4,500. Kody and Paedon have also been ordered to pay $60.11 in fees.

“Do you know how many moving trucks that could’ve paid for?!”

Court documents obtained by The Sun state that the plaintiffs accused Paedon of following their vehicle too closely as they stopped for an emergency vehicle when the collision occurred. As for Kody’s role in the accident, they claim he was “jointly and severally liable” as he “knowingly entrusted a vehicle to an inexperienced or incompetent person.” 

The news of Kody’s $30,000 bill comes days after the ‘Sister Wives’ star was criticized for seemingly not contributing to his daughter’s medical costs. (While Christine did not specify which of her daughters needs the surgery, ‘Sister Wives’ fans assumed it is 17-year-old Ysabel, who suffers from scoliosis and has hinted that her journey with the condition will be covered on the next season of the show.)

While Christine has been active in her attempts to raise money for the surgery (which she stated costs $50,000 for the down payment alone), Kody has yet to mention it at all.

“Wait, Christine, I just have one question. Who’s Ysabel?”

According to online court records, a Status Check has been scheduled for December 7 by the arbitrator.

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  1. I’ve had back surgery well 2 back surgeries so far and I did have insurance to cover it, thank the Lord!! But after seeing what was paid out for the anesthesia doctor and there needs to be at least 2 of them so they can frequently switch off, the surgeons and there is more than one surgeon in that room, the nurses, the equipment used just for that surgery, her post surgery stay in the hospital, rehabilitation in the hospital and then to a rehab if she needs further help after surgery and all the medications they use $50,000 is just a small dent in what could be the cost of that surgery!!

  2. geez I have lousy insurance, had surgery and treatments and I’m in so much medical debt I will never out live it did I ever once think let me go beg for someone else to pay for it???? Not only did I not beg I didn’t have the luxury of being on tv making big bucks and could afford this if they managed their money better . Never once have I begged or asked anyone for help its called real life and being an adult

  3. I thought $50,000 seemed extremely excessive for just a down payment on a surgery. Now I’m starting to understand. I guess it’s plausible that Christine is trying to raise enough money for a surgery and a lawsuit, and using the surgery as a cover because people would definitely be more sympathetic to that. I hope I’m wrong and she’s not being deceptive because Christine and Janelle are the only 2 I can tolerate.

  4. Roll out another request from Christine asking for donations….I feel horrible for the car accident victims! I have a feeling the Browns would rather blow their money paying a lawyer to fight or appeal the judgement than they would to accept responsibility.

    1. The Arbitrators decision is final, these poor people will get paid . They obviously all agreed to let it go to arbitration.
      I didn’t watch back then, only the last two seasons.. was there no insurance?
      I’m just lost for words reading this, all of them have money to compensate and they didn’t care a bit.. how terrible.
      If I’m missing something huge here, let me know if you will ?

      1. @bailee Ooohh good! I’m glad they will get paid! Tbh, I’m not sure about the details on the accident…it may have been covered on one of the seasons but if it was I missed the episode. The way we are learning how the Browns manage money, I wouldn’t be surprised if they skimped and didn’t get car insurance or only had liability.

        1. @ Gemma, TY!
          I think Kody pulled something shady here . At any rate, they will get paid. I’m sure it was Kody willing to roll the dice with arbitration . If they have to, the courts will grant these victims the right to go after bank accounts and assets to collect…this decision holds as sound. However , why they are waiting so long to do a status check on it , that’s beyond me. I’m not from out west, maybe something working a bit different in this state.
          Anyway, thanks again ?

          1. Uh-oh…Coyote Pass may have some new owners!??Wonder If poor Meri will still be stuck in the ? trees?

    1. And bad decisions led by Kody! Let’s all leave our paid for houses in our comfy cul-de-sac and move blindly to fricking Colorado so we can purchase and rent four separate houses, pay for Coyote pass that we will park our uhauls on from our various moves and simultaneously pay mortgages on the houses in Las Vegas that we didn’t sell before we moved on a wing & a prayer! And all 4 women close their eyes, grab their kids and follow this meatheads decisions knowing it’s stupid!

        1. @Kristina Thank you, love! It’s been one of those days! I don’t know where I got Colorado from because I know they live in Flagstaff. I may need a nap.?

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