MTV Reportedly Puts An Indefinite Hold On Production of ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Season 2 Despite Producers Taking Extreme Pandemic Precautions

Let’s have a moment of silence for Spencer Pratt who we know is not taking this news well.

Production on Season 2 of The Hills: New Beginnings has hit another bump in the road. 

Last month The Ashley told you the MTV reality series— which was three episodes into production when filming was halted in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic— was set to resume filming at the end of July or in early August. Now, despite the show’s production company, Evolution, taking extreme precautions and adhering to county and network guidelines, Page Six reports ViacomCBS and MTV have put an indefinite hold on production – a decision that has left cast members angry, according to an insider.

“Look, I’m willing to let this all go if MTV agrees to scrap my divorce story line this season.”

“Evolution has hired an outside consultant, an infectious disease doctor and a team that will be doing the testing – and, if need be, contact tracing – if someone was to get COVID-19,” the insider told Page Six. “They’ve been in touch with LA County Health officials on a regular basis as well.” 

Reportedly, filming locations for the show were to be cleaned prior to shooting and, because the cast does their own makeup/hair and wardrobe, there would have been fewer people on set than a scripted series would require. Still, this plan will not go into effect just yet, due to MTV’s call to put an indefinite hold on production. 

“I’ll be over here guzzling wine until we get the call back!”

“The network has not told the cast why they were put on hold,” the insider said. “Evolution spent months getting ready to start filming and now MTV has gone silent on them. It’s shocking when the world is starving for new content, they won’t allow ’The Hills’ to safely return. Everyone is perplexed.”

“Please God. These people need to see me sitting on the beach wearing combat boots!”

“‘The Hills’ is a flagship staple for MTV and the cast is ready, willing and able to pick up filming again with LA County signing off on it,” the insider continued. “People are starving for content and they can do a ton of filming outside and in people’s homes without going into public spaces.” 

“Wait, we can still set up some sort of outdoor recording studio, right?”

‘The Hills’ cast members have yet to comment on the change of plans regarding the show’s production. 

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  1. “It’s shocking when the world is starving for new content, they won’t allow ’The Hills’ to safely return. Everyone is perplexed.”

    Say what? I think the most “perplexing” thing is that they think people are “starving” for new content, when they’re using the same washed up content from the early 2000’s. Audrina and Justin, Spencer and Brody still don’t like each other, Spencer still doesn’t like Stephanie, Whitney is still boring, blah blah blah…I think we’ll all be just fine with newer and fresher content from other shows. Crazy they really seem to think that this show has the potential to be as big as it was back in the day.

    I’ve said it over and over…Just keep on Kaitlynn, Brody and Brandon, and get rid of everyone else. They wouldn’t be missed.

    1. This reboot is a snooze anyway. They fired Mischa and kept Whitney who (no offense to Whitney…) in my opinion is sooo boring. It’s been two years since they filmed the first season (I think they started filming in 2017-2018) so it will be almost two years between seasons by the time they resume filming and it airs. Just hang it up. Lol

  2. I guarantee you if the world really was “starving for content” The Hills Part 2: Land of the Lost would not be what everyone would be tuning into. Talk about people having a very overinflated ego!

  3. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, people are unemployed, being evicted, DYING and they are complaining that MTV won’t film them. Get outta here.

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