TLC’s ‘My Pregnant Husband’ Follows First-Time Trans Fathers Who Are Carrying Their Own Babies

Ari is preparing to give birth to his first child…

TLC’s three-part Extraordinary People series will conclude next week with My Pregnant Husband, a special highlighting the unique pregnancy journeys of two different couples. 

‘My Pregnant Husband’ will follow Myles, who is currently six months pregnant, and his wife. Myles explains in the preview that he identifies as trans-masculine.

“I’m masculine all the way down to my core, I just happened to have the equipment to birth a child,” Myles says in a new sneak peek clip of the show which was posted to the TLC Facebook page on Friday.

“I always wanted to be a father, but I never thought I would be the one who actually carried the child,” Miles says. 

Viewers will also get to meet Ari, who is eight months pregnant, and his wife.


“I was assigned female at birth, but I am transgender,” Ari tells the camera.

Ari’s wife tells us that, while she’s excited that Ari has been “connected and close with the baby,” during the pregnancy, she’s having some trouble processing it all.

“It’s hard not to feel jealous [of his pregnancy],” she says.

Throughout the episode, both Myles and Ari face challenges. In one part of the clip, Myles explains that he was arrested while out shopping because his baby bump was mistaken for stolen items he had hidden under his shirt. 

In another part of the clip, Ari and his wife try to figure out a way to reveal Ari’s pregnancy to their new neighbors, who do not know that Ari is transgender.


Both husbands face issues with their pregnancies. In one clip, we see the doctor telling Myles that he’s at risk to lose the baby.

“My husband is carrying our child and if I crumble we are not going to make it through this,” Miles’ wife tells the camera.

‘My Pregnant Husband’ is the finale to TLC’s Extraordinary People event, which began July 9 with the docuseries World’s Smallest Woman: Meet Jyoti— which documented the life of a woman who stands 2 feet tall and weighs only 12 pounds. Part 2 of the event, Conjoined Twins: Inseparable, documented conjoined twins Carmen and Lupita as they prepared for college. 

‘My Pregnant Husband’ airs next Thursday on TLC. Watch the sneak peek clip below!


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(Photos: TLC; YouTube)


  1. Fr€ak show at its finest😂this lady needs to be on the Barnum and Bailey circus tour the go around the country. “The B€arded lady gives birth”

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Sorry, it’s still a woman being a man. Not a show for my family.

  2. I wish REAL men could get pregnant and give birth. They really got lucky on that part. All they do is bust the goo and their job is done.

    This show is just about mental ill women giving birth. Shame on tlc.

      1. Phobic means you’re scared of something. Nobody is scared of these weirdos. And frankly I couldn’t care less. Educate myself? Sweetie only BIOLOGICAL women can get pregnant and give birth. None of my brothers nor father has ever gotten pregnant. Why is that? Oh because biological men do not get pregnant.

        1. They may have been assigned a female body at birth, but that does NOT make them mentally ill… Also, being transphobic has nothing to do with being scared, but it has everything to do with being prejudice and spewing mean comments like yours.
          So yeah “sweetie” you do need to educate yourself!

  3. Two women with all the necessary reproductive parts are giving birth. That’s hardly extraordinary just because they dress up like men.

  4. I think it’s really awesome that these couples have the opportunity to have a biological baby of their own.

    Also, preemptively saying…fuck any transphobic comments.

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